Two Meatballs: Tiffy Turns Thirtyyyyyyy!!!!

Knock knock…whose there!?  I love alliteration!!!!!!!  You guyyyyys!!!!  Jenny and have the living best jobs with the living best people #sammiecoleforlife and one of our super best buddies turned 30 this week!!!  So some of the girls organized a surprise dinner and Jenny and I decided that we could not miss it!  We love Tiffanie…or Tiffy as we call her.  Tiffy has been on her own amazing meatball journey for the past couple of years and was a huge inspiration to these Meatballs.  She has lost over 70 pounds through healthy eating and couch to 5k!!!  Look at her!!! Insert whistle noise!


She is gorgeous on the inside and out!!!  She is also responsible for the amazing makeup job from our last weigh in…so talented!!!!


And we have been friends and partners in partying for quite a few years now!


These last two photos are actually from her birthday last year…this girl is so loved and for good reason!!!  So onto the surprise…

This is how both meatballs feel about any celebration but especially a surprise party…


Everyone met at Dos Taquito’s on Glenwood South a little early so as not to spoil the fun!


This place is so full of Chachki’s it’s ridiculous…so you know we love it!  It was packed as per yush but we got sat pretty quickly on the adorable patio!!!  And what a turn out!!!!


Now wait….let us take some selfies!!!



Then the guest of honor arrived and was totally ambushed and met with cheers, chants and birthday love!!!


Then everyone drank lots of margaritas…cause when in Rome am I right ladies and ate lots of yummy mexican food!!! Except for me and Jenny…we tried to be good!!!


We weren’t sad…


Or mad about not joining in the reindeer games, we’ve got a weigh in coming up…


Just super excited to be able to be out with our salon family and celebrate Tiffy!!!



What a fun group of people!!!!  We love you guys sooooo much!!!


And to you Tiff…happy 30th birthday!!!  We couldn’t love you more and thank you for being such a great and constant inspiration to us!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


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