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Two Meatballs: Primpin’ Ain’t Easy!!!

Jenny and I talk a lottttt about The Bobies as you read yesterday on her post…so for those of you who don’t know what they are all about, here is a little run down.  Being stylists, December is an extremely busy month for us, so Samuel Cole Salon has always had its holiday party in late January.  But 7 glorious years ago Joelle decided we should do superlatives.  So I wrote up a ballot,


had everyone in the salon vote each other a Most Likely To situation (but more like a good ribbing not like best smile!) and we wrote skits about each person and then I thought what if we gave out an actual award (cover a gatorade bottle in tin foil and glue a pic of their head on a spoon Kids in the Hall style) and thus the Bobies were born!  Here are a few of my own personal ones…


Over the years I’ve gotten Most Likely to Make out with you, your best friend and your boyfriend all in one night (#imalover), Best Mentor/Worst Influence Ever and (stop reading now mom and dad) Most Likely to Show you a dick pic whether you want to see it or not!  Haha…all true!  Over the years things have changed and evolved and our company has grown so much.  Each year, Joelle and I spend probably 40 hours compiling, writing, getting our comedic genius on and practicing our skits! And this year has been no different!


And honestly this is all of my dreams coming true.  One night a year I get to live out all my Saturday Night Live fantasies of singing and making people laugh.  It has turned into a full on roast!  So let’s take a little stroll down memory lane…our first Bobies was at the restaurant formerly known as South in North Hills…everyone got dressed up to the nines…spray tans, makeup done, evening attire and fake hair galore!


This is our first performance!


Year two we had at Bone Fish…much to every other diners dismay…I got hammered before we started this year so it was a struggle!!!


This was also Jenny’s first Bobies and she joined the decorating commitee and also sang opera for everyone!  The next year we upgraded to a hotel…bc it was the only place that would fit us anymore.  Joelle and I also instituted a one glass of wine pre Bobies policy…the show went much smoother this year.  Welcome to the Marriot Downtown…


Then we switched to the Renaissance at North Hills for the following year and Howard McLaren came…we all died! #whoseshe?!


Then we gave The Sheraton Downtown a go and we’ve been loyal ever since! This is three years ago…




Two years ago…


And last year…


Joelle and I decided it would be hilarious to rock the same dress…and spoiler alert…it was! My dress didn’t fit anymore but I tried on her dress that was 5 sizes smaller than mine and it almost fit!!  #progress #majorADD


But it’s more than just getting dressed up and getting a Bobie…there are lots of awards of recognition for performance and commitment…they are called The Biggies…



Then there is dinner and dancing…


Photo boothing it up…




And some serious love…


I don’t know if you’re picking up what I’m putting down but basically it’s the living greatest night of the year!  We literally countdown every year…


People get hotel rooms and the party lasts all night long.  It’s so great o be together outside of work and hang out with everyones significant others who have become family.  Being part of this incredible company is a gift that I am thankful for everyday, but nothing brings that out more than The Bobies.  The whole night is a high.  My sister has been my amazing date for 6 of 7 years (My bestie Katie came year one!) if you couldn’t tell from the pics above and we have the best time! #sistersleepover


This year will be a totally different experience bc I won’t be drinking or epically hungover the next day.  I know there was some trepidation from my coworkers…part of the bonding is drinking together.  But I have come to learn that I am actually wayyyy more fun sober and this night will be no different!!!!  I’ll also be only 16 days away from a year of sobriety from the night of the Bobies…ahhhhhh!!!!  I have my spray tan booked, extensions in, dress in my closet, spanx purchased, nails with Lee, makeup booked with Krystal, hair booked with Jenny, and practice booked all week with Joelle.


This year has flown by and as crazy as it sounds, this Saturday is the big show!!!!  I literally can’t wait!!!!  Now, I’m off to bed to rest up for this crazy busy week…fingers crossed that I can maintain my weight this month…right now I’m up 4…eeeek!!!  Xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo


Two Meatballs: Don’t Worry TV…We Brought Our Own 10 Pounds!!!

Wellllll….it happened! We made our big tv debut on Wral!


I wanted to barf allllll day long on Friday…what did we say…how did we look…what pictures did they choose to use…how can we look thinner if the camera adds ten pounds!?!? Jenny called me around 2 and we decided…duh we should watch this together.  So I brought some coffee and all my nerves over to her house at 5.  We were both sweaty and soooo excited.  Adorable Bill Leslie posted about the interview on his Facebook page and we just couldn’t wait!


That alone felt huge!!! So at 5:30, we turned the tv on to the news!!!  Jenny’s daughter London was def not in love with this idea!!! She was jonzing for Peppa Pig…so we played some games to distract her!


We took some selfies to calm our nerves…bahahahaha!



Soooo many emotions; waiting is the living worst #anxiety…and then David Crabtree did the Good Things spoiler…


Ahhhhhh, this is really happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And then it happened!


We both totally failed at capturing each other watching each other on tv!!!



We couldn’t have asked for a better story.  We had no idea the angle they were going to take and to focus so completely on our amazing friendship was incredible.  We sat on the couch holding hands and I found myself getting really chocked up.  Sometimes bc we live it every single day, you can’t see someone else’s perspective of the situation.  We have an AMAZING bond and we really love each other so much.  It feels so nice that someone captured that and was able to articulate it so well.  Bill Leslie, we are so grateful to you for this gift and opportunity!!!  Once the initial shock of it wore off we watched it again and were relieved!  We looked great, sounded smart, were very true to ourselves (I could have been a tad less intense but what’s new there winky face).  The pictures that they chose…we loved!  Everything went great!!!!!  And the outpouring of support on social media and in real life has been so humbling!


First tv appearance…check!!!!  Thanks to everyone who tuned in and reached out. And thanks again Melinda!!!  The next morning at the gym a guy recognized me…he said…were you on the news!?!!!!


My life is complete!!!!  And Jenny’s clients on Saturday could not get enough!!!  You guys are the living best.  Now…Ellen should be calling any day right!!??  What better way to celebrate the greatest meatball accomplishment than getting all gussied up for our Samuel Cole Salon Education Team Christmas Dinner (I never know when to capitalize and when not to…i’m certain its not right but it works!).  We got ready together and then headed over to Cara’s to scoop her up on the way downtown!


We walked into Gravy…we were the last ones which for the three of us is COMPLETELY unheard of but like every street was closed off dt!  Can I just say, I love this group.  We are all educators at the salon and we have such an awesome relationship…and amazing bosses! Our table wasn’t ready so we packed in at the bar and annoyed everyone around us with a million pictures….love this little sammie cole fam!



After two inspiring speeches from our fearless leader Jack and Joelle….


some cocktails and some cheersing…some of us with water…


Our table was finally ready!!!


The food was fabulous…just ask Jack!!! Bahahahaha…


The drinks were lovely…


But the company was the best!!! The stories abounded…the laughter never quits…



To everyone that we work with on the education team, Alley, Cara, Katie, and Carolyn…we love you guys so much. Teaching is such a gift and we couldn’t ask for a more fun group. It is a joy and a pleasure. Tonight was sooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so lucky. Looooove y’all.






And to Jack and Joelle…thank you for the guidance, the love, patience,opportunites, the fierce conversations, the knowledge, the effortless leadership, the laughs and belief that we all had a teachers heart.  #gratefuleveryday #sammiecoleforlife


We may have dabbled in a few desserts and risotto ball bites but we capped off the night with a few flights of stairs!!!  #sorryiflashedyouguys  Meatball nation is never far from our minds!  Love you alllllllll….



Two Meatballs: Tiffy Turns Thirtyyyyyyy!!!!

Knock knock…whose there!?  I love alliteration!!!!!!!  You guyyyyys!!!!  Jenny and have the living best jobs with the living best people #sammiecoleforlife and one of our super best buddies turned 30 this week!!!  So some of the girls organized a surprise dinner and Jenny and I decided that we could not miss it!  We love Tiffanie…or Tiffy as we call her.  Tiffy has been on her own amazing meatball journey for the past couple of years and was a huge inspiration to these Meatballs.  She has lost over 70 pounds through healthy eating and couch to 5k!!!  Look at her!!! Insert whistle noise!


She is gorgeous on the inside and out!!!  She is also responsible for the amazing makeup job from our last weigh in…so talented!!!!


And we have been friends and partners in partying for quite a few years now!


These last two photos are actually from her birthday last year…this girl is so loved and for good reason!!!  So onto the surprise…

This is how both meatballs feel about any celebration but especially a surprise party…


Everyone met at Dos Taquito’s on Glenwood South a little early so as not to spoil the fun!


This place is so full of Chachki’s it’s ridiculous…so you know we love it!  It was packed as per yush but we got sat pretty quickly on the adorable patio!!!  And what a turn out!!!!


Now wait….let us take some selfies!!!



Then the guest of honor arrived and was totally ambushed and met with cheers, chants and birthday love!!!


Then everyone drank lots of margaritas…cause when in Rome am I right ladies and ate lots of yummy mexican food!!! Except for me and Jenny…we tried to be good!!!


We weren’t sad…


Or mad about not joining in the reindeer games, we’ve got a weigh in coming up…


Just super excited to be able to be out with our salon family and celebrate Tiffy!!!



What a fun group of people!!!!  We love you guys sooooo much!!!


And to you Tiff…happy 30th birthday!!!  We couldn’t love you more and thank you for being such a great and constant inspiration to us!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Two Meatballs: The Many Hats…

Hiiiiiii!  It’s Sara!!! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before #seriously but I have several jobs at Samuel Cole Salon. One could say… I wear lots of hats…did you see what I did there!?! #figuratively #onaccountofmygianthead #noonelooksworseinhats #asevidencedbelow



I’m a master designer, a Bumble and bumble Network Educator, a mentor, Director of Mentoring, Co-Host/Co-Creator of the Bobbies, Editorial Styling Team Member, I’m in management annnnnnnnd I’m on the education team. #someonejustcantsayno #couldntbehappiertobeayesgirl


Busy is a great thing for me…it keeps me out of trouble!!! #idlehands I love a full plate, I love the challenge of juggling lots of things and due to my crushing ADHD I need something new going on all the time or I will get bored and inevitably find myself in trouble.  #destruction Each one of these positions feeds a different part of me.  I find so much joy in mentoring bc being a cheerleader for others and helping them find their own success is incredible.  I love EVERY single person that I work with and I want nothing more than to help them reach the top!


I love managing bc I get to spend even more time learning from my own mentor, Joelle which is my dream everyday!!!  She is so wise and so amazing  and super sexy with her glasses on top of her head and I’m thankful everyday that they didn’t fire the over confident asshole that they hired 11 years ago!!! I have learned soooo much from this woman!!!  I have learned that you can have the career of your dreams by having a giving, teaching heart and a fierce business sense all while having the most fun possible.  I have learned about finances, just being honwst with people, being a true leader, forgiveness, allowing people to grow, loving someone enough to have  the tough conversations. #myinterventionist We’ve learned together that the conversation is the relationship…and I’ve loved every conversation with you Joji. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. Joelle sat me down in February and said what I think everyone else had been thinking.  She told me that it would be a shame for me to work this hard and save so much for my future, to not be around to enjoy it.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  But she knows me so well that she followed it up with humor.  She said it would be a shame to spend your retirement on…a jazzy scooter.  She was so genuine and her words were so heart felt that I knew I had to make a change in my life and get healthy.  She managed to do what no one else could which was confront me about my weight and partying ways.  I had such a hostile vibe protecting my lifestyle that I don’t think anyone but her could have gotten through to me and I’m grateful everyday. Literally ten minutes after this life altering conversation, Jenny came up to me and said that she was miserable and feeling terrible.  This was the final sign to me that a change was eminent.  Thus…Two Meatballs Get Fit  was born.  #grateful



#twinning #dreamsdocometrue #literallycouldspendtherestofmylifethankingyou

Joelle and my other mentor Jack  whom I learned everything I know about cultivating a lasting relationship with your clients among a thousand other things like what a real gentleman lives his life like, literally everything I know about color came from this man, he has taught me how to grill, appreciate fine wine, scotch and food I never would have tried #sweetbreads, everything I know about golf, how to live everyday bursting with passion and enthusiasm and how to be an incredible educator, he taught me how to fill up a room and captivate an audience;  have let me grow up at Samuel Cole Salon and  have given me the greatest career opportunities and life advice that any girl could ask for.  #gushing #lovemyjoberrrrrrrrrrrryday #thankingmyluckystars #sammiecoleforlife #mybossesarethelivingbest #partofthefam


I love being a hair dresser soooooo much.  Seeing my clients everyday and being so entrenched in their lives and helping people look and feel their best is a dream come true.  I love these people…between my clients, my coworkers and my bosses, they have all become my family and it feels so amazing to be surrounded by people that you truly love. #luckiestgirlintheworld And beyond all of that I loooooooove cutting, styling and most of all COLORING hair.  Which brings me to my last job…being an educator!  This week marked another exciting Color Boot Camp for our current immersion class.


I’ve learned through this process that my strong 2 LOVES making a power point!!!  I mean look at those slides!!!

This 2 day, 18 hour grueling course in all things color is where my passion really shines.  Carolyn and I created this class and it is our child….we are proud parents!



Carolyn is a color genius…she is a chemist and she knows the inner workings of literally everything.  She also teaches one hell of a consultation class and an amazing 5 section foil!


This class has evolved so much since the days of working on Newton or at The Annex!!!  This year we had 5 associates in class. I live for seeing light bulbs go off and watching the AH-ha moment happen.


They learn the art of the consultation, the color wheel, formulation and hands on application!!! This go round we added a new segment of Hair Painting and had a guest educator contribute!!!  Natalie you were AH-mazing!!!


Also, another thing I love about my job is that I work with my living bestie…my other half…my mini meatball Jenny who also happens to be on the education team, a Bumble and bumble Network Educator and part of Color Boot Camp!!!! Jenny is so passionate and talented and her ombre class is always a highlight (get it!?!?!?!)



We made these slides last year and so we got to see an old friend!!!  Love and miss you everyday at the salon cuzzy wuzzy!



My strengths lie in communicating effectively with your clients and  color formulation!



We had the such a great time!!!  The educators were amazing and inspiring and the students blew my mind.  What a super talented group of women. Gahhhhhhhhhhhh I love my career. Hope you feel the same about your daily grind. XOxoxoxoxoxo