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Two Meatballs: Primpin’ Ain’t Easy!!!

Jenny and I talk a lottttt about The Bobies as you read yesterday on her post…so for those of you who don’t know what they are all about, here is a little run down.  Being stylists, December is an extremely busy month for us, so Samuel Cole Salon has always had its holiday party in late January.  But 7 glorious years ago Joelle decided we should do superlatives.  So I wrote up a ballot,


had everyone in the salon vote each other a Most Likely To situation (but more like a good ribbing not like best smile!) and we wrote skits about each person and then I thought what if we gave out an actual award (cover a gatorade bottle in tin foil and glue a pic of their head on a spoon Kids in the Hall style) and thus the Bobies were born!  Here are a few of my own personal ones…


Over the years I’ve gotten Most Likely to Make out with you, your best friend and your boyfriend all in one night (#imalover), Best Mentor/Worst Influence Ever and (stop reading now mom and dad) Most Likely to Show you a dick pic whether you want to see it or not!  Haha…all true!  Over the years things have changed and evolved and our company has grown so much.  Each year, Joelle and I spend probably 40 hours compiling, writing, getting our comedic genius on and practicing our skits! And this year has been no different!


And honestly this is all of my dreams coming true.  One night a year I get to live out all my Saturday Night Live fantasies of singing and making people laugh.  It has turned into a full on roast!  So let’s take a little stroll down memory lane…our first Bobies was at the restaurant formerly known as South in North Hills…everyone got dressed up to the nines…spray tans, makeup done, evening attire and fake hair galore!


This is our first performance!


Year two we had at Bone Fish…much to every other diners dismay…I got hammered before we started this year so it was a struggle!!!


This was also Jenny’s first Bobies and she joined the decorating commitee and also sang opera for everyone!  The next year we upgraded to a hotel…bc it was the only place that would fit us anymore.  Joelle and I also instituted a one glass of wine pre Bobies policy…the show went much smoother this year.  Welcome to the Marriot Downtown…


Then we switched to the Renaissance at North Hills for the following year and Howard McLaren came…we all died! #whoseshe?!


Then we gave The Sheraton Downtown a go and we’ve been loyal ever since! This is three years ago…




Two years ago…


And last year…


Joelle and I decided it would be hilarious to rock the same dress…and spoiler alert…it was! My dress didn’t fit anymore but I tried on her dress that was 5 sizes smaller than mine and it almost fit!!  #progress #majorADD


But it’s more than just getting dressed up and getting a Bobie…there are lots of awards of recognition for performance and commitment…they are called The Biggies…



Then there is dinner and dancing…


Photo boothing it up…




And some serious love…


I don’t know if you’re picking up what I’m putting down but basically it’s the living greatest night of the year!  We literally countdown every year…


People get hotel rooms and the party lasts all night long.  It’s so great o be together outside of work and hang out with everyones significant others who have become family.  Being part of this incredible company is a gift that I am thankful for everyday, but nothing brings that out more than The Bobies.  The whole night is a high.  My sister has been my amazing date for 6 of 7 years (My bestie Katie came year one!) if you couldn’t tell from the pics above and we have the best time! #sistersleepover


This year will be a totally different experience bc I won’t be drinking or epically hungover the next day.  I know there was some trepidation from my coworkers…part of the bonding is drinking together.  But I have come to learn that I am actually wayyyy more fun sober and this night will be no different!!!!  I’ll also be only 16 days away from a year of sobriety from the night of the Bobies…ahhhhhh!!!!  I have my spray tan booked, extensions in, dress in my closet, spanx purchased, nails with Lee, makeup booked with Krystal, hair booked with Jenny, and practice booked all week with Joelle.


This year has flown by and as crazy as it sounds, this Saturday is the big show!!!!  I literally can’t wait!!!!  Now, I’m off to bed to rest up for this crazy busy week…fingers crossed that I can maintain my weight this month…right now I’m up 4…eeeek!!!  Xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo


Two Meatballs: Let’s Give Em Pumpkin To Talk About…and AnnaVersaries!

Hiiii you guys!!!  Things have been so busy lately that I completely forgot that last Thursday was my 11th anniversary at the salon!!! That is a third of my life people!!!


You guys….to quote my friend Cara, this is the longest relationship (besides my family) that I’ve been in.  And the most joyful and inspiring one.  And like all relationships, it has been challenging, rewarding, ever changing, full of growth, patience (on their side not mine haha), and so much fucking fun. I literally grew up in this place. I’ve had so many incredible opportunities to meet and work with the biggest names in the industry and to learn, create and observe living art!!!


It’s so cool to look back over all of this!!!  I meeeeeeeean I have so many reasons to be thankful.  My bosses are the most wonderful people a girl could ask for…is it me or are we all starting to look alike!?




#actualtwinning #laurenaandiaremorphingintotheameperson #garthpartyoftwo #howdidthisgetinhere #idigress

Last year for my big 1oth anniversary everyone in the salon dressed up like me!!!  It was so funny and touching.  I didn’t know that I had such a distinct style that it would be so easy to emulate but they murdered it right!?!!!


Animal print, a bow with a side braid or bun, leggings and a cute little top and boots #nailedit It was so funny bc I walked in and thought gosh is it me or does everyone look amazing today!? bahahahaha Matching is my dream. To everyone that I work with (best team of life), my meatball and to all my clients and my bosses, every educator and brand members…ugh I could just cry every time I think about how lucky I am to have each one of you in my life. I learn something new everyday and I am forever grateful for y’all. Coming to work is a dream and it’s because of all of you.  I love you guys soooooo much and again to quote my genius friend Cara…thank you will never be enough!!!


So after my love bath at work I celebrated my Anna-versary with my sweet pal Anna…get it now?!?! Anna was coming to my house so we could make dinner together! With this new winter like blast that ascended upon us today…what should we make!?


Duuuuuhhhh…its time for soup!!!I love an at home cooking date with an old pal! Get ready for a little cooking segment called Pumpkin Garlic Soup Extravaganza!!!


Let me start off by saying that we subbed out the white whine for white vinegar and just like 1 tblspoon of that and 1/2 can of coconut cream instead of the heavy cream.  Also, we added garlic powder in addition to the minced and I would highly suggest lots of texas pete and green onions to garnish! Here is us in action.




And the result…


The yummiest, most fall-y, comforting soup of your life!?! Best let it cool off before you try!


Last suggestions…try it with Plantain Chips instead of crackers for a paleo pairing!


Also, I dumped the rest of the carrots and mushrooms with thyme that we cooked earlier in the week and it made a good thing even better!  Thanks for celebrating in a healthy way with me Anna…I love our cooking segments and more importantly…you!!!  Seriously make this soup! #hikelly

For the rest of the weekend I hung tight with family and hibernated!!! I made more yummy food…


Went to the gym and hung out with family alll weekend!!!  You guys should def go see Big Hero 6!!!


This last one is my favorite!  My grandma has the first water bed…it has tubes filled with water that over time stretch and need to be refilled!  I asked her to pose on her bed when it was all said and done and this is what she did! Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!  She said put that on your Space Page!

Best weekend of life! xoxo


Two Meatballs: The Surprises Keep on Coming…and a Sexual Ballet!

It is so nice to get out and celebrate other people and be with friends when your personal life feels a little shitty…everyone needs a distraction am I right ladies!?  Time for the meatballs to hit the town!!!  So what better to do than surprise your loved ones on their birthdays!!!  We had two milestone birthdays at the salon this week.  First up…Michael Knight!!!  This guy shockingly turned 50 this week!  No one is younger or more bad ass than this guy! We love you Michael!!! PS…standing with Michael, cigar in hand is one of our bosses, Jack, who also turned 50 this year. You guys are making 50 look amazing. #50isthenew40


Our bosses lured him out to dinner at Gravy…


While we waited excitedly a few doors down at Landmark!!!


Then it was time to take our places and get ready to surprise the birthday boy!


And what a surprise it was…


Nothing like turning a corner and being bombarded with songs and soooo much birthday love!  Time to celebrate!


What a fun night!!!  Happy happy birthday Michael!!!!!  We love you so much.  Then while Jenny was at work Saturday I was invited to the ballet with my sister and her friends Sarah and Ashley whom I adore!  We met at Buku for lunch…


#alwaystimetojackassaround #thatcouchwascallingmyname

The company and conversation was amazing…the food left a lot to be desired!!!  I have been here several times but this time was wah wah for sure!!!  But that didn’t stop the fun. #imlightneningonmyfeet #lifechangingdessert #toomuchcoffee #ablacktoilet!!! #polishthighs  #aruba!?

Then it was on to The Fletcher Center for The Masque of the Red Death and Dracula the ballet!!!  You guyyyyys….Dracula was the most sexual thing I have ever seen on the stage!  The only other ballet I’ve seen is The Nutcracker so I had nooooo idea it could be this steamy…literally it was so hot in there but my goodness…the vampire sirens…the drinking of the blood.  It was super fucking hot so do yourself a sexy favor and go see this for sure.  It was also beautiful.  My sister and I  are big dance fans even though neither one of us ever took a class…we are just experts from So You Think You Can Dance!!! It’s so gorgeous to watch and I love the symphony and watching it all happen.  I also realized that I am not  grown up or sophisticated enough for a ballet crowd and I can’t stop talking or making inappropriate noises when a ballerina bends over and grabs her ankles…hey oh…am I right ladies?!  What a fun afternoon with people I love!!! Can’t wait to do it again! #lovemydid



Then Jenny got off work and we got dolled up to go to our sweet bunny Lauren’s surprise 30th birthday party!!!  Her sweet and adorable boyfriend Cameron surprised her at Tobacco Rd.  We were late because I couldn’t get my shit together! haha so we missed the surprise aspect but not the celebration!  Lauren is such a big supporter of the blog that we had some meatball sightings which always makes us feel like one million dollars!!!  Lauren is someone everyone should have the pleasure of knowing….no more positive, joyful person exists on this earth.  She is the living funnest.


Sooooo fun to see everyone from work outside of work so many times in one weekend!!!!  Happy birthday y’all and can’t wait to do it again!!!!!