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Two Meatballs: Let’s Give Em Pumpkin To Talk About…and AnnaVersaries!

Hiiii you guys!!!  Things have been so busy lately that I completely forgot that last Thursday was my 11th anniversary at the salon!!! That is a third of my life people!!!


You guys….to quote my friend Cara, this is the longest relationship (besides my family) that I’ve been in.  And the most joyful and inspiring one.  And like all relationships, it has been challenging, rewarding, ever changing, full of growth, patience (on their side not mine haha), and so much fucking fun. I literally grew up in this place. I’ve had so many incredible opportunities to meet and work with the biggest names in the industry and to learn, create and observe living art!!!


It’s so cool to look back over all of this!!!  I meeeeeeeean I have so many reasons to be thankful.  My bosses are the most wonderful people a girl could ask for…is it me or are we all starting to look alike!?




#actualtwinning #laurenaandiaremorphingintotheameperson #garthpartyoftwo #howdidthisgetinhere #idigress

Last year for my big 1oth anniversary everyone in the salon dressed up like me!!!  It was so funny and touching.  I didn’t know that I had such a distinct style that it would be so easy to emulate but they murdered it right!?!!!


Animal print, a bow with a side braid or bun, leggings and a cute little top and boots #nailedit It was so funny bc I walked in and thought gosh is it me or does everyone look amazing today!? bahahahaha Matching is my dream. To everyone that I work with (best team of life), my meatball and to all my clients and my bosses, every educator and brand members…ugh I could just cry every time I think about how lucky I am to have each one of you in my life. I learn something new everyday and I am forever grateful for y’all. Coming to work is a dream and it’s because of all of you.  I love you guys soooooo much and again to quote my genius friend Cara…thank you will never be enough!!!


So after my love bath at work I celebrated my Anna-versary with my sweet pal Anna…get it now?!?! Anna was coming to my house so we could make dinner together! With this new winter like blast that ascended upon us today…what should we make!?


Duuuuuhhhh…its time for soup!!!I love an at home cooking date with an old pal! Get ready for a little cooking segment called Pumpkin Garlic Soup Extravaganza!!!


Let me start off by saying that we subbed out the white whine for white vinegar and just like 1 tblspoon of that and 1/2 can of coconut cream instead of the heavy cream.  Also, we added garlic powder in addition to the minced and I would highly suggest lots of texas pete and green onions to garnish! Here is us in action.




And the result…


The yummiest, most fall-y, comforting soup of your life!?! Best let it cool off before you try!


Last suggestions…try it with Plantain Chips instead of crackers for a paleo pairing!


Also, I dumped the rest of the carrots and mushrooms with thyme that we cooked earlier in the week and it made a good thing even better!  Thanks for celebrating in a healthy way with me Anna…I love our cooking segments and more importantly…you!!!  Seriously make this soup! #hikelly

For the rest of the weekend I hung tight with family and hibernated!!! I made more yummy food…


Went to the gym and hung out with family alll weekend!!!  You guys should def go see Big Hero 6!!!


This last one is my favorite!  My grandma has the first water bed…it has tubes filled with water that over time stretch and need to be refilled!  I asked her to pose on her bed when it was all said and done and this is what she did! Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!  She said put that on your Space Page!

Best weekend of life! xoxo