Two Meatballs: This Barre is Purrrrrrrre and Our Third Meatball!

You guys (this is Sara)…I have found my exercise spirit animal, and it is Pure Barre North Raleigh.


I have been having the hardest time getting myself motivated to work out again! My stylist and buddy Natalie was doing my hair the other day and telling me the key to life is getting up at 5am and going to workout at a class and getting it done…having the rest of the day ahead of you.  At the time it sounded like crazy talk! This is Sara from the future…Natalie!!! You were so right! #lifechanger

The girls at Samuel Cole Salon have been going to classes and Pure Barre specifially forever and I finally got begrudgingly persuaded into going.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but classes were my worst nightmare.  I found the thought of them soooo incredibly intimidating!  I talked myself into a tizzy over this last year of fitness and wellness that classes weren’t for me.  They were for experienced, fit girls.


I convinced myself the instructors would yell at you and I would fall or cry or break my leg and knock myself out and lose all my front teeth or fly off an exercise ball and take out a row of old ladies!?!  What a silly girl I am.  So when Sandra had to unexpectedly leave town just as I was getting my healthy groove back AND Jenny was out of town for the Bee Wedding I had several realizations.  #1 I am completely dependent on Sandra!  It is such an amazing and challenging workout and I was in such a bad place for so long that I convinced myself that the once a week with her was enough.  So when I got my shit back together I decided to start seeing Sandra twice a week #accountabilityiskey We made it through one week before she had a family emergency. #loveyouandyourfamilysandy I was feeling so connected again, I had to find a way to keep going! #2 I need a buddy, I am codependent as hell! #3 I hate wearing shoes…especially sneakers. #4 The world has a wonderful way of presenting you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

So reality came crashing down that I would be solo in the exercise game last week and I thought, Sara you better steel yourself up for this!  Lauren, my next door neighbor at work and the love of my life,


said you should try Pure Barre.  I’ll help you sign up!  She walked me to the computer, we found a time together and it was a 6am class last Wednesday.  Everything felt very fate.  I worried about waking up, being on time, would I die…all the normal stuff!  But we got there and Grogan was there too!!!  I was feeling the love and support and it helped me feel comfortable and excited!  Claire was our teacher and it was go go go from word go!


After lots of air humping, pulsing, bending and lets of tiny, controlled movements and music blasting, an hour flew by!   Claire was so nice and encouraging and helped me understand how to do things!


An hour flew by and I survived!  Grogan really pushed me to sign up for an unlimited month!  So I did and she helped me download the app and I started signing up for so many classes.  They have a 40 classes in 60 days and I want to see if I can do it!  So, Grogan and I went back on Friday…at 6am!  Today we had Kim!  She was so challenging and supportive!


Haaaa!!!  Look at that couch love!  Her class was an ass kicker for sure!  Then I did something I NEVER thought I would do…I went by myself on Sunday and met the sweetest, most lovely little Paige!


She gave me tips on how to do some things that I can’t physically do yet differently so I still get a good workout…I love modifications!  I set myself up and everything and survived solo workouts!


Then I made it to number 4…reunited with Grogan on Monday!


So early, so ugly! Today was with Christina!  She had a great energy and again was super encouraging!


You guyyyys!!!!  I’m in love with this place and this lifestyle! Getting up early and going to bed early feels great.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing something, it’s booked, it’s in my calendar, and I don’t have to wear shoes!!!!!!!!!!  I already feel better in my adorable new bathing suits from MonifC! I love this one piece and fringe fatkini!


I was oh so wrong about classes.  The instructors have been amazing, this class style is so challenging and different.  They are small classes and everyone is friendly.  It’s so hard you don’t have the energy to see what everyone else is doing.  And the warm up is the same.  So the first day I felt like I couldn’t do anything and now I already feel like I am more capable…how motivating is that!?  To the girls at work…I love you guys so much I could cry.  Thank you for the support and encouragement and the glowing positivity!  I really needed you and y’all were at the right place in the right time in my life!Love times a milly.  Second, thank you Pure Barre North Raleigh…this has been life changing and such a happy edition to my life!!!  Thank you to every single instructor and I can’t wait to meet everyone and for us to all fall in love.  My goals is to hit 40 classes and to be able to eventual plank on my toes!  Love isn’t a strong enough word!  Sign up today, conquer your fears…its feels incredible! Here is some closing PB inspiration!


In other news I went on a thousand dates while my meatball was gone! My bff’er K Tizzle came to town and we Zested it up!



Then I reconnected with my old partner in crime Lauren!  We hadn’t seen each other in ages and I was giddy and nervous for our date…hahah!!!  Lauren is the living embodiment of adorable


and down for anything!  WE met at Coquette and I had the duck…it was gross.


We laughed and caught up on everything…i love reminiscing!


I literally didn’t want the night to end…Love you Lauren, can’t wait to do it again!


On the work front… my adorable sister and her kids came in to the salon!


We got the hot new summer products in from Oribe…could not be more obsessed!


This showed up in my Facebook time hop thing!


This was from Oribe’s La Fama in Miami 2 years ago…this was very motivating!  Love these people!

Then a super inspiring stylist, Katie Manselle started at the salon!  This woman is incredibly talented and such a gem!  I love our growing family!


And finally…my meatball came home and we have been bonding our asses off!  We are finally both in the same place in so many ways in the longest time!



Then, the cherry on the paleo PIE (get it Reuben?! winky face)…Reuben Carranza, President at Luxury Brand Partners and  Group President of R+Co and v76 came back to the salon on Monday to give us all an inspiring class on branding!  Reuben is the self proclaimed third meatball and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  You may remember him from such posts last year as Two Meatballs: Is There a Cloud 10?!?!?  We fell  in love with this mogul from moment one…I mean look at us!?





I came in early to help set up for class


and when we saw each other it felt like a slow mo run in the airport!  Reuben has a glow to him, a calm energy and a power!  He is enigmatic and so engaging.


He looked great and said that he had started his own journey to health and lost 25 pounds since we last saw one another. Wahoooooo!  This powerful, pop culture loving and busy man has been so supportive of this meatball adventure and we are so grateful and humbled! #lbpfamily He reached out to us today!


Haaaaa!!!  But class and I’m guessing that you are sensing a theme with this post…was so inspiring and thought provoking and relevant and buzzy with good vibes and hilarious imagery!


Look at this man go!



I learned so much about how to remove myself from negativity and exploring what my reputation is!  Reuben, I literally can’t wait to see you again in Miami.  You are a treasure and we are so lucky to know you.



I feel like the universe has come together to put all the right people and support in place to help Jenny and I find the way again.  And you guys, we are so thankful for each and every one of you who help us along the way.  We will pay it forward.  We love you all.  I’ll be at the beach next week and then we will see y’all at weigh in!  XOXO,  I miss you guys already!




Two Meatballs: My Cup Runeth Over!

This is the tale of a lovely little girl from Greensboro, NC who grew up to become the most wonderful mom.  She deserves to be celebrated, this is her story!  Her parents Bob and Janet Apple awaited their second child’s arrival.


The year was 1956 and the wait was over on April 22nd.  She was born Anna Margaret Apple.  She came home to an older sister named Deborah…


and soon after, two brothers joined Team Apple; Marty and then David completed this happy, close knit family.


(Thats her in the chair!)

She said that  her childhood was full of fun. “Mother (Grandma Apple) would play with us all the time.  She was a good mother.  She let us play in the pouring rain and let the spring at the end of the street wash over us when it was really coming down!  We had adventures in the woods, through the creek.  She would hang quilts  over clothes lines like they were tents…she even let us sleep out there sometimes. We were surrounded by pets, siblings and cousins.”


Anna was a shy child, very timid.  She loved to play but really valued her alone time.  “I loved to be left alone. I loved to read and ride my bike.”  She also had a penchant for running away #spicytaurus in the most adorable way. #isaidilikealonetime Look how adorable!


She loved babydolls and said she always dreamed of being a mom.  “My teachers would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I would always say that I wanted to be a mommy and they would always try and coax me into being a teacher or a nurse…I would tell them what they wanted to hear, but I knew what I wanted.”  In high school, my mom and the Apple gang moved to Little Washington.


Her first job was at Dr. Moore’s office where she checked patients in and got their charts ready.  She loved it.  Soon after in 1972, she met a cute boy on the street in Greenville.  His name was John Beard.  In her words…”He talked, he was funny, intelligent, so cute, had a great sense of humor.  He wasn’t like any boys I knew.  And he wanted to talk to me.” (I loved that line…the cute boy who wanted to talk to the shy girl #swoon)


Look at those hippies! This one is my favorite!


It wasn’t long before they tied the knot in a small ceremony at Grandma and Grandpa Apple’s house.



They moved to Raleigh, the first time being away from her mother whom she adored and soon it was time to start their own family!  She stayed very close to her family, no matter the distance!


In February of 78, my bester was born and all my mom’s childhood dreams came true!


That is Gigi holding Kelly Courtney and my parents circa that time!

My mom said she was so nervous being pregnant.  She was so scared of the delivery.  But that her sister Debbie was so excited that it was contagious and the joy overtook the fear.  ” I loved being a mommy.  To me it was so much fun.  I loved holding you girls, rocking you, bath time was always fun.”      She said, “Kelly taught me patience.  She was a headstrong kid, more like your dad.  Seeing her so happy now, it’s just so great to see. We loved playing babydolls together and she loved for me to read to her and put together puzzles. She loved bath time and was always so fun.”  Then I ruined Kelly’s cush only child existence by showing up five years later in the fall of 82.


I was a mischievous little sweetheart


and I inherited my mothers shyness…at least back then! We were buds from the start! By the way, this is my dream way of sitting with people!



“I think I came into my own when you were born.  You wanted me, you would cling to me.  We had so much fun, singing, laying in your bed.  I understood you because you were like me.”  What I remember from growing up is that our mom made everything an adventure.  We would have picnics outside in our own yard,


or if it was raining , carpet picnics inside. We were always at a park or museum!


She would play with us and let us help cook.  I always remember her rubbing my arms and singing me to sleep in my teeny little bed.  Wherever we went she never met a stranger.  She was so kind and so into letting her kids discover life and explore and be creative.  She never spoke to us like we were children.  You never questioned whether you were loved.  She talked to us and really listened.  I would literally cling to her, follow her into every room and it was so comforting.  I spent the first five years of my life hiding behind my mothers skirt!  We were one cute family!



Our only professional family photo to date!  Look at  this fun, family filled life this gorgeous woman led!



wpid-20150510_174200.jpgwpid-20150510_173838.jpgwpid-20150510_162320.jpgwpid-20150510_175626.jpgwpid-20150510_173213.jpg wpid-20150510_173751.jpgwpid-20150510_170504.jpgwpid-20150510_170641.jpgwpid-20150510_163335.jpgwpid-20150510_170556.jpg



When we were a little older she went back to work at SSI with her sister and eventually Kelly.  “I got to party plan which was right up my alley, I got to travel a bit and it was a lot of fun.  It was like a big family there.”  Noticing a theme!?  Much like Grandma Apple, family is this womans life!!!



Now her career is literally Nanny to her two adorable grandkids…a dream come true! She spends her days playing school, war, Monopoly, Mine Craft, ball, bikes, drawing and has entirely new boy adventures with Wyatt and Chase! Kelly had this to say, “I never realized until I had kids of my own how amazing and hard of a job it is!   And it made me appreciate my own mom a million times more than I could have ever imagined.  The fact that she helps me raise my kids and seeing her as a grandmother is one of the greatest joys of my life and makes me forever grateful.”


Much like her mothers house was, moms house is covered with pictures of her little ones!



She has now been married for over 40 years to my dad.  I asked him what his favorite things about her were and he had this to say, “Anna is a great mother, wife, person, caregiver.  She is compassionate and caring.” I asked what he likes to do with her. “We like to do crossword puzzles, go out to eat, work in the yard, we like to do projects together, play with our grandkids, do stuff with family and we love to go on vacations together.”  So sweet.




With all this life experience I asked her a few questions…this is how we spent the afternoon after celebrating mothers day.  Snuggled up on a bed, interviewing my super best buddy and pouring over old pictures! #heaven


I asked her to describe herself in 5 words.  She chose: Happy, contented, excited, peaceful and purposeful.

Anna’s thoughts on marriage: You have your bad times but the good times outweigh it.

Thoughts on Parenthood: The hardest part is always thinking, Am I doing this right!?

How have you changed: “I’m more comfortable in my own skin which I wasn’t when I was little.  I was so shy.  It’s not easy when you’re the shy one…you are just constantly thinking, I’ve got to get up on that stage and you want me to do what!?”

What helped you find your voice: “Time, having children. Knowing that you literally aren’t going to die of embarrassment.  I don’t think I’m shy anymore.  I prefer one on one but I do ok in crowds.”

How do you like to fill your days now: “Adventures, Spending time with family, puzzles, pinterest, crafts, reading…”

My mom is the craftiest little Martha Stewart. She can make anything, she can draw, sew, write, make cards, pillows, curtains…she has an entire room devoted to crafting!


She loves making dolls and gifts for others, but especially the kids in the family!  So that is the epic life and time of Anna Apple Beard.  I am so eternally grateful that my mom is my best friend.  She was such a loving and giving mom growing up.  She is fiercely loyal to this day and continues to place family first.  Her home is the site of most Apple family gatherings and today, Mothers Day, was no exception.  The Beards got together to celebrate her and my sister for being the great moms that they are!


We ate a healthy lunch and played with the kids, told stories on the porch and did our favorite thing…spend time together!


Mothers Day was amazing, but a little bittersweet!  It was the first one without Gigi.  It ws especially hard on my mom.  I can’t even imagine.  To my mother…Mom, I hope you know that You are doing her so proud!  You now have an epic back porch complete with a swing…what is more Gigi than that.  You are the center of this family and your love is so warm.  You create such a snuggly family gathering that people will always want to flock to you and associate holidays with your lovely, inviting home.  You remind me of  her everyday.  You are so very strong and very loved by your little Beard bunch and countless others. When you were talking about all the fun things your mom did with you, all I kept thinking was…that sounds exactly like the wonderful childhood you gave us!  You are the best mom.  Kelly and I are oh so lucky and I hope we make you feel as special as you have always made us feel.  You are so sacrificing of yourself for others.  You have taught me what hard work, sacrifice and joy look like. You are the most giving person.   You deserve to be pampered and celebrated all the days of your life.  Your laugh gets me so tickled.  I cherish every moment that I get to spend with you and I will never take our time together for granted. Thank you for being my mom, best friend, champion, cheerleader, rally-er, comforter, supporter, psychiatrist, partner in crime #wecangetourownchristmastrees and most of all, thank you for being you. #donteverchange  Cheers to you Anna, my cup runeth over.



And Happy Mothers Day Gigi and Grandma Beard.  You were both very missed but certainly not forgotten! Xoxo Much love to all the moms out there!



Family first for life!



One last Anna!



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Two Meatballs: Don’t Worry TV…We Brought Our Own 10 Pounds!!!

Wellllll….it happened! We made our big tv debut on Wral!


I wanted to barf allllll day long on Friday…what did we say…how did we look…what pictures did they choose to use…how can we look thinner if the camera adds ten pounds!?!? Jenny called me around 2 and we decided…duh we should watch this together.  So I brought some coffee and all my nerves over to her house at 5.  We were both sweaty and soooo excited.  Adorable Bill Leslie posted about the interview on his Facebook page and we just couldn’t wait!


That alone felt huge!!! So at 5:30, we turned the tv on to the news!!!  Jenny’s daughter London was def not in love with this idea!!! She was jonzing for Peppa Pig…so we played some games to distract her!


We took some selfies to calm our nerves…bahahahaha!



Soooo many emotions; waiting is the living worst #anxiety…and then David Crabtree did the Good Things spoiler…


Ahhhhhh, this is really happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And then it happened!


We both totally failed at capturing each other watching each other on tv!!!



We couldn’t have asked for a better story.  We had no idea the angle they were going to take and to focus so completely on our amazing friendship was incredible.  We sat on the couch holding hands and I found myself getting really chocked up.  Sometimes bc we live it every single day, you can’t see someone else’s perspective of the situation.  We have an AMAZING bond and we really love each other so much.  It feels so nice that someone captured that and was able to articulate it so well.  Bill Leslie, we are so grateful to you for this gift and opportunity!!!  Once the initial shock of it wore off we watched it again and were relieved!  We looked great, sounded smart, were very true to ourselves (I could have been a tad less intense but what’s new there winky face).  The pictures that they chose…we loved!  Everything went great!!!!!  And the outpouring of support on social media and in real life has been so humbling!


First tv appearance…check!!!!  Thanks to everyone who tuned in and reached out. And thanks again Melinda!!!  The next morning at the gym a guy recognized me…he said…were you on the news!?!!!!


My life is complete!!!!  And Jenny’s clients on Saturday could not get enough!!!  You guys are the living best.  Now…Ellen should be calling any day right!!??  What better way to celebrate the greatest meatball accomplishment than getting all gussied up for our Samuel Cole Salon Education Team Christmas Dinner (I never know when to capitalize and when not to…i’m certain its not right but it works!).  We got ready together and then headed over to Cara’s to scoop her up on the way downtown!


We walked into Gravy…we were the last ones which for the three of us is COMPLETELY unheard of but like every street was closed off dt!  Can I just say, I love this group.  We are all educators at the salon and we have such an awesome relationship…and amazing bosses! Our table wasn’t ready so we packed in at the bar and annoyed everyone around us with a million pictures….love this little sammie cole fam!



After two inspiring speeches from our fearless leader Jack and Joelle….


some cocktails and some cheersing…some of us with water…


Our table was finally ready!!!


The food was fabulous…just ask Jack!!! Bahahahaha…


The drinks were lovely…


But the company was the best!!! The stories abounded…the laughter never quits…



To everyone that we work with on the education team, Alley, Cara, Katie, and Carolyn…we love you guys so much. Teaching is such a gift and we couldn’t ask for a more fun group. It is a joy and a pleasure. Tonight was sooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so lucky. Looooove y’all.






And to Jack and Joelle…thank you for the guidance, the love, patience,opportunites, the fierce conversations, the knowledge, the effortless leadership, the laughs and belief that we all had a teachers heart.  #gratefuleveryday #sammiecoleforlife


We may have dabbled in a few desserts and risotto ball bites but we capped off the night with a few flights of stairs!!!  #sorryiflashedyouguys  Meatball nation is never far from our minds!  Love you alllllllll….



Two Meatballs: Will Cook For Labor!

You guyyys?!  Little inside scoop on me…I am not handy! I have great ideas and I’m a good worker but the inner workings of the executions are lost on me. I am also co-dependent.  I feel very capable but I just think all things are more fun when you do them together…am I right ladies!? (hello TWO meatballs!)  Being single, vertically challenged, overweight and without a ladder of my very own makes even simple tasks like changing a lightbulb for instance DIFFICULT! So what’s a single gal to do…sweetly ask for the help of her family and friends!!!  Lately I have been receiving soooo much help and just support in general and I couldn’t appreciate it more!  I’ve been hooked on HGTV for awhile and needed a summer makeover at casa del Beard.  If you saw my house you would say…yep that looks about right.  It is chock full of neon pink bathrooms with dead doll chandeliers, tons of quirky art and one hundred thousand million pictures. BUUUUUUUUT there were some areas that were lacking.  I think bc of my continual hangover that lasted all weekend every weekend from my former life…there were just a lot of things on my list to do that never got ta done.  Well with a clear head and my new budgeting skills this girl went out and bought a grill, patio furniture and gave my prison inspired bedroom a much needed facelift.  Home Depot, Target and Home Comfort are my new looooves. So I called in the troops and offered a barter system of food for labor and they oh so sweetly agreed!


Who is cuter than these two!?



Oh wait…maybe this little shark!


20140531_131439 20140531_11071420140531_110318-1

This was our oh so helpful buddy Doug at Home Depot who I think would rather be gored by a bull than take this picture!

Obvi I needed help and a wayyyyy bigger car than Jane Honda.  My parents are total life savers.  Now time to assemble this mess!!! Sidebar…I was helping not just snapping 1000 photos!  Thank goodness my family likes the camera!


It wasn’t the easiest project but the end result was totes worth it…I can live outdoors now!!!!



On to my sad sack of a bedroom.  I repainted awhile back and I wanted everything gray…I went full 50 shades…but then because of my intrinsic laziness and before mentioned challenges when it comes to projects…i never hung any of my artwork back up …and I chose a gray bedspread…and I felt super bummmmmed every single time I looked around!  It so did not feel homey to me…time for change!

aa20aa22aa24aa23 aa25tmb1aa21


Ugh….sooooo much better!!!!  Now I just love waking up in that beautiful room every morning!


On to the grill  which was assembled minus the propane tank which I had to call my buddy and old roommate Matt over to help me bc it made a terrible…I’m gonna describe it as explosive…like impending death sound when I attempted to hook it up!  He seemed to have no trouble at all…thanks Matttttt!


Loving this outdoor lifestyle now and grilling will open up so many more cooking options so that i wont get bored and my child like mind can stay entertained! Which brings me to my next segment called…how do you repay all these acts of kindness!?  With healthy delicious food made with your love and appreciation…ding ding ding! So I invited my family over on Sunday to thank them and show off my new grillin skillz (yeah I did a z…what).  So what’s on the menu today???

Chimichurri Ribeyes, Garlic Roasted Green Beans, Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Butter Roasted Corn on the Cob!!!!  Holy yum balls this was sooo good!


Here are the recipes:

Chimichurri Marinade:

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 cups fresh cilantro chopped

1 cup fresh parsley chopped

4 cloves of garlic minced

1tsp sea salt

combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until blended.

Pour 80% of this over your steaks…we had 6 ribeyes in a glass cooking dish and cover and let marinate for at least an hour.  Take steaks out of the fridge 45 minutes before cooking to let get to room temp.  Turn grill onto medium high heat and cook for 3-4 minutes per side depending on your preference.  yum yum yum


Then I preheated the oven to 450 degrees…where is the degrees symbol on a laptop!? hmmm….i digress.  Take the husks and silky stuff off your corn, butter it and wrap individually in tin foil then place on a baking pan and roast for 30 minutes.  Then toss your green beans with EVOO and garlic salt, place on a foil lined pan and place them in the oven next to the corn.  Then slice 3 medium sweet potatoes and toss with sesame oil, sea salt and black pepper and place directly onto a baking sheet that you have sprayed with coconut oil and throw those bad boys into the oven as well!  My house smelled like HEAVEN.


Reserve the last 20%…see there is the percent sign but I still don’t know where the degrees button is!?..of the chimichurri sauce for dipping that yummy steak and everything else in and blam…lunch is served!


I cannot explain to you what a total 180….where is that god forsaken degrees button!?!?!?… this is for me.  I used to only be responsible for showing up at gatherings bc it was common knowledge that I could NOOOOOOT cook.  At most I could be trusted with bringing a soda…maybe a store bought dessert.  I’m def the baby of the family.  And I know that this post sounds like I am helpless damsel in distress but really I’m just a lover of great company…I just want to spend endless amounts of time together! And I want to pay back the years of never contributing food to the family cause.  And look at those faces…this was yumo!  After lunch the kids were full of Urkle entertainment and we enjoyed the new outdoor options at Mo’s house (that’s me you guys)..


Chase is really good at going potty solo but just has no idea where those pants are supposed to go’s too high or too low…and Wyatt is always down to entertain.  He will kill me one day for these pics!


Those hiney’s…those wedgies…I love these kids…they are so fun and soooooo funny!  I hope that you try out these recipes and love them as much as we did.  Have the living best day!  Love you all…and thank you again to all my family and friends who help me out allll the time!  PS JENNY I MISS YOU COME HOME!!!!


Two Meatballs: An Ode to the Irreplaceable Krilfistilfina!

I talk a lot about my friends and family…they are my life!  But my cousin Kristina was mos def my first built in friend.  I had the greatest childhood and Kristina is a huge contributing factor to that happiness !!! Look how sweet we were!?!? And Uncle Marty…those shorts…hellllo!


We are only 2 1/2 years apart and we spent soooo much time together that she was always another sister to me…


Another sister that would actually play with me! (yeah I’m talking to you Kelly! xo)


This is us on Christmas morning at our Grandma Apple’s…we spent a ton of time together with our grandparents splashing in puddles during storms, spending countless hours at the library and in the cemeteries, sitting outside of haunted houses, playing in the camper, playing Old Maid and Chutes and Ladders on repeat, going to the Piggly Wiggly and playing at the park across the street.  They even took us to Disney World where we spent more time in the motel pool than in Disney and we created our own language to fit in with the international fans of the park! Look at those fanny packs! #toocoolforschool #shegotgumstuckinhersantradedwithme #peopledontforget #sneakysnake  #sushihead


We also went to Sea World…we didn’t know back then…no judgement!


We put on little plays for our family…


But mostly we just played…for hours on end…


We even Trick or Treated together…

IMG_20140530_081136 IMG_20140530_080115

And around this age there was  just tons of driving around in her car, smoking Newport Mediums…woof and singing Fiona Apple, No Doubt and the Dixie Chicks…and being completely inseparable! We went to 100,000 movies, the zoo, watched Miss America while eating chocolate chip mug cookies (which Kristina invented), forced ourselves to watch every scary movie ever made, had one bazillion sleepovers, beach vacations, riding on the nose of Uncle Al’s boat singing Walking on Sunshine, getting whelps from sitting in Jellyfish poison,  rv-ing in the mountains, seeing outdoor plays, played Family Feud non stop on our ancient computer, she would call me sushi head and I would cry(this was on the way to Disney so I was much younger but it still stings! haha), playing on our bicycle built for two and our super cool crutches, we played every game and put together every puzzle known to man and sooo much more! Like any family relationship/friendship there were def rocky times and lots of games where we hit each other violently but the good times always outweighed the bad and I always knew she had my back and I knew I always had hers.

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We just remained really close and eventually our circles of friends all merged into one.  Kelly and Katie, Kristina and myself were together most weekends….we celebrated recitals, birthdays,  graduations, weddings, babies and just generally enjoyed spending time together.

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Then the most amazing thing happened…we both became hairstylists and ended up both working at Samuel Cole Salon…for the past nine years!  Who is this lucky to get to work with their best friend cousin sister Kri Kri K-Dog X-Tina five days a week…every week!?!?  Working together has afforded us so many opportunities that we got to share together.  We have trapesed all over NYC together taking the best classes at the House of Bumble, going to Broadway shows, MOMA, eating at some of the best restaurants, performed Thai Chi in Times Square, created a living art instillation,  almost got murdered at the Hotel Chelsea #rapeportal #theshiningmeetscsi,  and stalking…I mean bumping into Rihanna at the W #thereisnophotobcwereidiots!

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We’ve been through promotions and title changes, countless Bobbies, Grand Re-openings, salon moves and newer Grand Openings, awards, she was even my model for an editorial submission…but most importantly we just got to spend time together!  When Kris first came to work at Samuel Cole, I was so excited I found myself hugging her everyday…no shocker for me right Melinda,  but for those who don’t know my cuz that well…hugging is not her jam.  She had to impose a once a week hug mandate on me…bahahahahahaha! I tried but failed!

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Kristina has the most contagious laugh…she literally cries she laughs so hard, she has unbridled joy for cookies, she so fucking smart and I believe she could perform surgery just through sheer will and determination, she is the best mom and an awesome sounding board with great advice.  Those are the things I’ll miss the most…because my sweet friend  after having her third child has decided to stay home with her  kids.  I love hate this decision soooo much.  But I couldn’t be happier for her and I will just have to trek it out to Wake Forest a little more often…to see her…and her fun kids…and her husband Tim whom I adore #winwinwin!!!  So, to Kristina…I have cried at least three times writing this.  I feel so lucky that we are sooo close and have all this amazing history together. I love you to the moon and back and then back to the moon again.  So many of my fondest memories involve you and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  You are the reason I went to hair school and I just couldn’t thank you enough.  I’m so glad that we get to be a part of each others lives forever.  Love you cuzzy wuzzy.


Ps if you are wondering about the title…Our Grandma Apple made up her own pig latin and that is how you say Kristina…Krilfistilfina…Mine is Sarlfara.   Get it..nope we don’t either but we can all speak it fluently somehow! I LOVE YOU KRIS! #bffffffffffffffs #bestcousins #luckytimesinfinity