Two Meatballs: NoMo FOMO!!!

Sara here!  For those of you who don’t know, FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out!!!  And girl, I got it bad!!!  My whole life I haven’t wanted to miss a single thing.  I wanted to know what the grown ups were talking about, I wanted to play, I wanted to know the gossip, I wanted to be at the sleepover once I got over being shy.  It carried on into my adulthood.  I never missed a work event.  If people were going out, I was there.  My social, work and family calendars were so jam packed with the funnest things that my personal needs- including but not limited to-sleep, nutrition, exercise, cleanliness of home, personal appointments and so much more; suffered big time!  But who cares, I’m in the know, am I right ladies?!  Now, with my current health situation and my need to find peace inside of my own life, FOMO seems so silly for me.  I am important. I am a priority. I am worth taking care of. I am peaceful.  These are hard things to get on board with when all of life has been about putting others first; either bc you are a giver OR bc you aren’t comfortable dealing with your own needs or both!  But this is where I find myself.  And as it so often happens, when I need to get onboard with something, it just keeps popping up in my life.  In yoga this weekend with the greatest instructor, Nancy…


She introduced the idea of setting intentions.  Joelle and I took a class last year that was a ll about setting intentions and I loved it.  Now it is back and has crept its way into my peaceful yoga practice.  Nancy asked for us to reflect on why we found our way to the mat.  Was it bc we were in pain (physical, mental, emotional, all three?) and we wanted to find relief? (yes) Was it  bc we feel pretty good but want to feel an expansion, to learn more, to gain more with ourselves? (yes) Was it to find a community to grow and learn and share this amazing experience with? (yes) Or was it to find a deeper connection with the Divine? (yes)  As I lay in corpse pose contemplating all of this while practicing my breath and being in the moment, I found that all of those things brought me to yoga! #overachiever  Next, Nancy said, now set an intention.  If you want to be loved, say in your mind, I am loved.  Whatever the want, set the intention as if it were already happening.  So for me, I want peace, so my intention became, I am peaceful.  We talk a lot on this blog about how your own self talk affects you so greatly and let me tell you…this one sentence truly set my intentions and set me up for a very peaceful, very uneventful, antiFOMO weekend.

In very normal conversation leading up to this wonderful holiday weekend of Labor Day, everyone was asking me what I had planned.  It is so deeply in my nature to plan.  Partly bc I’m disorganized and it helps me stay focused, partly bc I love having things to look forward to, partly bc I overcommit so planning and putting in my calendar prevents that and mostly bc I used to love to be busy all the time…less time alone with my own thoughts I guess.  So, in total opposite of usual Sara fashion, my response was NOTHING!  For once, I had absolutely nothing planned .  No trips out of town, no committed social engagements, I didn’t even have anything planned with my family!  I made this weekend about myself.  I went to beginners yoga at Bliss Body Yoga as you read above, my new favorite Saturday morning ritual!


I went to Pure Barre….three times this week!


I saw my mom and dad and went shopping for an adult coloring book!


I ordered some new cookbooks and read them cover to cover!


I made these brussel sprouts with crispy shallots from Nourish!  They were amazing!


And bc I didn’t over schedule myself and I live with a little more flexibility now, I was able to hang out with the fam (mom, dad, Kelly and Chase) on Sunday for a healthy cookout


and arts and crafts with my twinny!


I thought it would be fun to paint…with our hands and you guys, it was the living funnest!


Which ultimately became paint Chase!!!! #murderers #justbutcheringcowsoverhere He is so much fun, we explored the attic, went for walks, spied on people, made up games, he let me play his legs like a musical instrument, we were zombies,


then we came together for a weird indoor ball game and story time!


There was so much laughing and so much fun!  Wyatt was at a movie with a friend which was a bummer, but with two nephews, you hardly ever get alone time with them!!!  Chase!!!  You are a ball of sunshine, energy and creativity.  I was worn out in the best possible way.  Time with family is such a gift.  I spent the rest of the weekend going to see my chiropractor and acupuncturist which always leaves me feeling rejuvenated and totally relaxed.  So unlike any other holiday in my left, I am starting this work week without a hangover, feeling healthy and nourished and well rested.  Adios FOMO hello Namaste.  Hope your holiday was lovely and full of love and peace.  See you all tomorrow! XO  Here are a few closing memes that I’m obsessed with!


Two Meatballs: Do What You Sayyyyyyyyy

I feel so much better now that I’ve told on myself.  The truth really does set you free am I right ladies!?  After realizing that no matter how much I wanted nuggets, fries, ranch and diet dr pepper and Zebra Cakes and zero exercising to be my gateway drug to weight loss success, it was just was never going to be the case. #dammit


And realizing that this was indeed never going to be easy and that that was ok, I decided that it was time to put my money where my hungry for sweets mouth was.  I woke up Friday morning pumped!  I went to Whole Foods and got my reset breakfast of wakey wakey, eggs and bakey and a cherry chia seed Kambucha for my little Tina (for all you new readers, Tina is my vagina).  Yuuuuuummmmmm.  I’m not sure there is a more satisfying breakfast in this world.  Something in my brain kept saying call your mom, so I did and ended up taking my breakfast to her house.  You guys…I love my mom.  I mean look at her…don’t you just love her!? Anna Beard is the living cutest!


We chatted it up about all the ideas she has for her house as I scarfed down my healthy breakfast. Then we decided we needed to go to Target asap. There are so many fun decorating ideas in Target…it makes me want everything!!!  And then we were off to Printers Alley for ideas for curtains for her craft room. #whendoesthefunend!? #neverwithyourmombestie

Then we picked Chase up from school!


He said, “I saw you and said yessssssss a thousand times!” #swoon #bestillmyheart #triplets

And we took a look at his art show!


What preschoolers get to do a Jackson Pollack like painting…my childhood and current adult fantasy!


Then went to lunch (a healthy salad fro me thank you very much) and played at North Hills and then I took a page from Jenny’s book …lets play hard #activity points at All Children’s Park.


Chase loves the park.  Wyatt always wanted to go to movies but Chase wants to play…and more specifically…SWING.


Look how happy!


He kept saying higher and squealing…ugh I love him! I did a squat with every push…hello upper and lower body; it’s Sara, it’s been awhile! #whatisthisSWEAT!? Then he wanted to go on the tire swing!  He had several demands…go fast, go high, go in circles and spin, be kind of scary but make me laugh and use both hands.  Yes sir!  And here we go…



What a work out!!!  I got him going good and fast and then I stepped in too close and got slammed in the chest!  I’m always trying to sensor myself around the kids so I yelled….Ahhhhhh!!!! A ninny masher.  Well this totally unhinged him and every time he came around I yelled it again…a real Ninny Masher…not my precious ninnies!?  Oh this kid was dying and yelling I’m going to pee!  Then I got hit in the lady, (my downstairs neighbor Tina) and started yelling….right in the nuggets…you hit me square in the front yard.  This went on for at least 30 minutes and we were both dying…and getting a little burnt. #irish So we finally stopped the tire swing…ouch! And he hopped down and instantly ate sand.  That kid went down and was just a giggling.  Time to regain your equilibrium and for Mo to stop sweating!



He loves him some Nana…and who wouldn’t!?  Then we picked up Wyatt and played ball on the porch at Nana and Paw Paws house.  We literally spent the entire day together and had thaaaaa best time.  The next morning I met my parents at the gym for the first time in a longggg time.  It felt great!


Jenny and I both go to the Fitness Connection at Celebration at Six Forks and they are running a great special…$10 down and $10 a month!  Call this guy and come work out with us!!!


Then we parted ways.  But then my mom called and asked me on a coffee date!!!!


I got the Flat White on a suggestion from my client…I added cinnamon and loved it!  We had so much fun talking about our home makeover dreams.

Next we stopped by Whole Foods and I picked up some supplements thanks to some tips from one of my longest time clients, Carol.  She left me a womens essential oil supplement as my tip and I was instantly hooked!  It tastes like a grasshopper!



She said I need a multivitamin and my probiotic had run out!


Sooooo excited about all my new stuff!  I also picked up some vitamin d, oil of oregano bc everyone is talking about it and turmeric oil…its a great anti-inflammatory that I can add to my new juices I’ve been making.  I also picked up some grain free maple bacon granola and greek yogurt for quick and easy breakfasts!



I’m trying to arm and surround myself with healthy things to stay focused and motivated.  And I just love spending time with my mom.  I spent the rest of the day making egg salad and roasting veggies.


Then Jenny came over and we had a fun date!  We had some Haute Cash to spend at Torrid and we had a blast doing it!  Shout out to my friend Christie who we ran into while shopping! Love you!


We love the don’ts jut as much as the do’s!  So much fun!  And we even got a shout out pic on torrid’s Facebook page!


Then we went out to dinner and I just love this girl!  We never stop laughing and that is my dream.  Then Sunday morning was here before you knew it and it was time for cousin Kristina’s baby to turn 1!  I love a kids birthday party…the fun, the family, the presents, the cake face smashing!  Kristina married into the Weeks family and they are a joy.  Three boys with three kids a piece…i thought our family was big!  It has been so long that we all feel like family which I love…so great to see everyone and celebrate!  Seeing all these cousins playing together reminded me of our childhood!



And then came the epic first birthday cake!!!  My favorite part!


Somebody look at this baby!  Trace is the sweetest!!!!  And Harper, the love of my life and a kid right after my own heart did the obligatory face smashing!!!  My dream!


I managed to avoid the cake but I did eat a rice krispy treat!  What a weekend!!!  Glad to be active and eating healthy again!!!

Two Meatballs: Nobody Skips to a Cockfight!!!

Hey you guys!!!!  How are those New Years resolutions going?!?!  We are in such good places with food and exercise that we decided to kick off 2015 New Years Day with a full circle field trip!  My old next door neighbor and bff Katie’s little #verytall brother Joe, invited us to tour Coon Rock Farm; the place that he works and lives.  So me, Katie, Jenny, Brandon, London, Kelly, Wyatt and Chasey Poo piled in for a road trip to the beautiful town of Hillsborough for an awesome day!!!



I drove Katie, Kelly and the boys!


We had a lovely ride and literally couldn’t wait to get there!


45 fun filled minutes later we arrived at Coon Rock Farm…aptly named after a Coon Rock, which what the hell is that!?  #bleepbloopshit #madewyatt’slife

We were greeted by Farmer Joe and his hugenormous elk of a dog, Snowflake…our respective tour guides for the day.


So much to do and see already!!!



First up…tractors and equiptment…


Then we took a nice, muddy walk through the fields to find the new baby piggies!!! #exercise #newyearnewyou #activitypoints


A few selfies for the soul…


And then my favorite thing on earth…little snarfly, snorty, babelicious, wilbury piggie wiggies!!!!


I want to openly weep when I see those cute little wiggly butts and curly tails and how they prance and they have hair…ugh!  I heart pigs #hipearlovepeach This momma pig gave birth to these even littler even cuter angels just last night!  How lucky are we!?!


Dey are sooooo wittle and precious bittle baby porkies!!!!  If this place wasn’t a mud pit for days and surrounded by an electric fence and if I didn’t think that Momma Sow would murder me I would have been all up in that piggy wiggy mix!!!  #dream #bucketlist #snugglewithbabypiglets

Then we slipped and slid up a murky muddy hill to find a sea of veggie greenery!!!



Looks like somebody dropped their tiny sombrero #speedytherat


Then we continued down the path to a sea of swirly twirly chickens!!!


#ohthatsfreerangechickensmeans #eek

We came to a chicken party and a cockfight broke out!!!  The boys excitedly skipped in that direction to see the action take place…hence the title!  Then we meandered (waded) through more mud (quicksand) to get to the super serial grown pigs #manbearpig #pigbearman


They were terrifying and aggressive as hell…how could my sweet little angles turn into these brutes?! Time to jet!  This is how muddy Chase got…


This is how happy he was to be in the mud!


Conversely, this is how I felt…


Thanks everyone for holding my hand…literally! Onto the greenhouses!!!


An impromptu Smowflake photo op…


Another walk to more greenhouses…


#farmerjoeleadingtheway #sweetboys

Another impromptu family photo shoot…


Then into a haunted barn with one hundred thousand cobwebs…ie spiders…


And finally…to where the magic happens!!!


The meat, eggs and veggie storage!!!  You can purchase farm, fresh local goods straight from the source!!!


We made our final purchases…I walked away with bacon, breakfast sausage, a dozen eggs and a skirt steak for $35!!!  Then we learned some more!



We even learned how chickens lose their feathers #ick


Took a few more selfies…


Some classic photobombs…


And some last minute farm love before this train left the station…


What an amazing day spent with loved ones, getting exercise, learning where our food comes from, connecting with nature and walking away with healthy, local food.  Farmer Joe!!!!!  Thank you so much for taking the time to give us such an awesome, educational but mostly just the most funnnn tour ever!!!  It has been so great seeing you Tedrows so much over this holiday season…I don’t ever want it to end!!!  Best way to celebrate a New Year yet!  Love y’all to the moon…to the moon I say!!!



Between the meat I bought today and the delicious veggies Joe gave me for Christmas…I made this lovely meal.  Literally farm to table! Xoxo


Two Meatballs: Go Ahead and Say It…I’m a Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through my place…everywhere you look is a warm, loving face.


Hiiiii you guyyyys!!!  Rhyming is my favorite!!!  For the first time in the history of the Beards, we had a Christmas Eve sleepover at mine house.  Also for the first time ever, we weren’t going to be with my sister’s kids on all Santa’s eve so to lighten the mood I invited everyone here for a yummy and healthy dinner, a screening of Elf annnnnnnnnd matching Christmas jommers!!!  Me and my bright ideas!  So, I woke up early Wednesday morning and went to the gym with JB from DC…victory one #survivalmode #noplussignsonmychalkboard, then I came home and set the mood #haha…


and started the pork in the slow cooker.


My house smelled amazing!!!!  I even made some healthy desserts from the blog last week!!!


I have always loved Christmas baking…as evidenced by the ghost of Sara past!


Then I did some last minute cleaning and more dinner prep and all of the sudden it was 5:30 and my family arrived!!!  I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys, but I like LOOOOOOVE my family soooooo much.  Words can’t describe the feeling I get being around these amazing, loving, supportive, caring, funny, joyful, always on board,  adorable people.  Thank you to my family for letting me host…it really helped me stay on track with food!!!  What did we have for dinner you say?!  Well thanks for asking!!!  We had Paleo crock pot maple mustard pork tenderloin from the Preppy Paleo, roasted garlic cauliflower, southern style green beans, a kale and brussel sprout salad and my first stab at paleo dinner rolls!!!! #umyummmmmmm


All of these recipes are pinned on our Pinterest account..Sara and Jenny BeardSmith and under the board Paleo Christmas Eve Menu.  You guys…everything was sooo goood!


Here is our reindeer gang for the evening…my parents, John and Anna, Grandma Apple and my sister Kelly!!! I like to rank food and for sure my favorite was the roasted cauliflower!!!  The dinner rolls turned out well too…more salt next time though but it was so nice to have guilt free bread for once…


and the pork was the living best!!! Now, it’s dessert time!


Then it was time to slip into something a little less/more comfortable!!!  You may recognize these jommers from such posts as our last weigh in!


This brilliant idea came to me a month and a half ago while I was trying to fall asleep…spoiler alert, that’s when I have allll my best ideas and I just knew it would be a home run!!!  Here is a little segment I like to call Awkward Family Christmas Photo…


We also call Grandma Apple, GiGi…isn’t GiGi the cutest!!!  That face, those socks, that little teeeee-iney body…ugh!



#seemstomelike #youfraud

The ideas just kept coming…



And here are your outtakes!!!!


So hard not to laugh when you are having this much fun! It was so hot and sweaty…we turned on the AC and hopped on the couch for snuggling snacks and Elf! #dreamsreallydocometrue


All of the sudden it was 11…time for bed!!! I can never sleep on Christmas Eve…usually it’s because I’m sleeping with my nephews who moved constantly all night, but I think tonight was just excitement! This is what our childhood Christmas Mornings looked like…Santa left our gifts out!!!


In the wink of an eye, it was morning and time to make the yummiest breakfast of all time!  But first I jumped into my mom’s bed…we woke up like this!



On the menu for breakfast, Roasted Asparagus with Eggs, Bacon, Sweet Potato Hash Browns with Sriachi (sp!?) Ketchup and for a sweet treat, Coconut Pecan Bars.  Again all of these delish recipes are super paleo and pinned under the Christmas Morning Board on our Sara and Jenny BeardSmith Pinterest account!


Dad helped with the bars, mom with the hash browns and Kel with the asparagus!!! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork



I mean who can feel deprived when it’s this good!?!


Everything was a hit! You know I love ranking so Asparagus all the way!!!



Now, it’s almost time for the kids to get home!!!  Let’s part ways and get showered!!!


That’s more like it!!! #iloveahomealone #youcantreaditbcitsamirrorandimdumb #merrychristmasyafiltyanimal And off to my mom’s house for Christmas!  It never feels more like Christmas than at Anna Beard’s house.


Finally the boys have arrived!!! Hi Chase, hi Wyatt!


The adults in my family don’t exchange gifts…we just do for the kids and they wanted to do stocking first!


Uncle Marty and Aunt Retha came…


with sweet Harley…


And as always he stole the show! #matchingbows #someonestopmefromgettingadog!

wpid-img_20141225_151811.jpg wpid-img_20141225_151906.jpgwpid-img_20141225_152147.jpg

Now on to the presents!!!


I got the kids matching jommers…Awkward Christmas Family Photo part deux!!!


Somebody look at these sweet angels!



They even made some ornaments for us…with the help of Santa Anna…


Look at all these fun toys!


Now it’s time to play!!!



We ate another amazing and healthy paleo meal courtesy of my super supportive mom!



Lemon roasted chicken with spicy roasted brocoli, balsamic glaze carrots and hasselback potatoes and the living best gravy!!!  I survived Christmas without temptation thanks to my amazing family.  We had such a great time together and the kids wanted to continue the tradition, so I ended up spending the night with them!  Best holiday of life.



My sweet sweet family…I just love y’all to the moon!


I learned a valuable lesson this year. I can celebrate and enjoy the holidays sober and healthy and still enjoy every single minute with the ones I love the most.  Hope your holidays were bright and shiny and full of loved ones. Xoxo…see you in the new year for our 10th weigh in!!!

Two Meatballs: Go Home December, You’re Drunk!!!

Holy hell you guys!!!  I guess in my former life I over indulged allllll the time so I just didn’t realize how excessive and over the top December was. I did not mentally prepare myself for the parties, pot lucks, goodies, traditions, celebrations, dining out and outings…why does this month want me to stay fat!?!?!  I have officially gone into survival mode. I just keep telling myself you cannot have a plus sign on that chalk board!!!  I really needed a plan considering the weekend I had ahead of me.  Saturday morning I met up with my ladies who lunch and ballet group!!!


You may remember us from such past posts as Two Meatballs: The Surprises Keep on Coming and  a Sexual Ballet!   This group consists of my sister Kelly and her friends who have adopted me; Sarah, Ashley and Laura! Today we went to my favorite thing on earth…THE NUTCRACKER!!!


Thank you so much Sarah!!! My parents got me this cd when I was a kid and I listened  and interpretive danced to it until the grooves wore slam off! #nerdalert I know every song by heart….every harp pluck, every bassoon crescendo!!!!  My Bff Katie and I went to go see it with our moms when we were 7 and I’ve been hooked ever since. We walked into Memorial Auditorium and right off the bat saw a hilarious opportunity!


Bahahahahahahhahahahahaha! I love Santa…this guys was such a great sport!  Then I had an even better idea.  Whose mom doesn’t want a pic of their thirty something daughters with Santa sans grandchildren ?!



#burningthighs Merry Christmas mom!!!  Her reaction was hilarious.  We thought she was going to get choked up but instead she started hysterically laughing!!!! An even better reaction!!! I guess some of the sentimental magic fades over the years…


And it becomes two crazy grown ups on Santa’s lap! Ha!  Ok onto the show.  The dancing, costumes and scenery are so beautiful but truth be told…I’m here for the music!  I started playing piano at 7 bc my dad played and I thought it was amazing!  #hellobusterfamily And from the moment I was able, I played something from The Nutcracker for every Christmas performance!




Look how excited we are…a what a fun group! #imareindeer #elfyou



We had amazing third row seats and even got to meet some of the orchestra!!!


I feel like I’m wearing the same outfit I did when I was 7!!!!  Ps I love my Silpada necklace Aunt Carole…thank you so much!!!  The show was amazing!


And bonus, My client Nina’s daughter was a dancing cupcake…she’s living out allll of my childhood fantasies!!!


Ugh-dorable!!!!  What a fun day!  And what date is complete without a bathroom selfie fail…




Then we went to lunch at Raleigh Times and I had a somewhat healthy salad and a calorie free selfie win


#lovemysister #whatdopeoplewithoutsisterbestiesdo!?!

…then Kelly and I had to run bc we had our family Christmas party at my house in just a few hours!!!  Thanks Sarah, Laura and Ashley for including me!!! Love y’allllllL! You guyyyyyysssss…plan b of survival mode is control #ilovecontrol #missjanetifyourenasty Offering to throw our family holiday function is killing two birds with one stone for me…first, I LIVE TO THROW A PARTY and second, it gives me a little more control over the menu!  I know I will make yummy paleo offerings and my sweet and supportive mom and sister did the same!!!


Now all I have to do is avoid dessert


#thatface #seriousaboutsweets and cram 40 people into my 700 square foot downstairs!!!  Take a look at my family whom I adore…did you guys know I love my family!?  I’m not sure if I had mentioned that before, winky face!


Uncle Marty and Aunt Retha brought their dog Harley and I have never seen my nephews more in love!


Then our life long family best buddies of thirty plus years and former next door neighbors for half that time, The Tedrows stopped by!!! #friendswhoarefamily #framily



Now…the time has come…for the kids to open up their gifts!!!



#success Is their anything more exciting than watching kids tear into wrapping paper and squeal with delight at toys!?!  I think not!  I hit a total home run with Chase and a Paw Patrol game…so me and him, Wyatt and Auntie Katie went to my room to check it out and play!


And dance…


And cheers…


And take some fun selfies…


Shew…Christmas is exhausting!!!


Well, I ate pretty healthy and avoided desserts!  I also got to catch up with family that I hadn’t seen in years #loveyouandy My heart and home were bursting at the seams tonight with family and love.  To my family, I love you all so much!  Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas.  I literally can’t wait to do it again.



Two Meatballs: Happy Thanksgiving Back!!!

Name that line from a movie…go!!!!  If you got it right we are for sure soul mates!!!  You’ve Got Mail is a Beard family favorite…no judgment! #152insightsintomysoul #evennowdayslaternothing #ialwaystakeittothenextlevel Another sidebar before we get started…as a single girl…I found this HAAAAA-LARIOUS!


And sadly true!!!!

And as a chubby girl with a weigh in around the corner I found this tempting! #thanksjill!


How was y’alls Thanksgivings!?  We hope they were happy…and maybe healthy!?!?  Jenny and I were on the ball for this holiday.  Monday we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s!


We decided to cook a few dishes together so that we could come prepared for our family Thanksgivings!  Holidays can be such a slippery slope and this holiday IS LITERALLY only about food!  Planning…check!  Then we ran into some not good for us snacks!


Ironically we both ended up buying these bc we forgot about our potluck for work the next day!  Sorry work friends…we did not contribute anything healthy!!!  Thank goodness for Nikki…she brought the living yummiest paleo stew!!!


Thennnnnnn we took a little bit of an unfortunate turn!  We went to Shaba Shabu for take out BOGO sushi.  #wolfpackrolllllllllsfordays Not our best decision…right before Turkey Day annnnnd weigh in.  Gah who planned this month!?  The next couple of days were tricky as well! #flirtingwithdisaster Something inside of my brain said…it’s winter, you better pack on those pounds you little bear…it’s hibernation time! #fatandjolly #tenpizzas Yikes. But I have been feeling really thick in the middle as evidenced by this winter weighty pic from yesterday…


It certainly doesn’t help that my sweet runner friend is 11 feet tall and slender but I have been fast and loose with eating and working out lately!!!  And right in time for all of our Good Things (wink wink) with Bill Leslie and Fleet Feet…perfect time to gain weight am I right ladies!?

So we had a great little heart to heart on Wednesday and have I said lately how grateful I am for Jenny?! She always helps me get right back on track and reminds me to be more nice and less intense hahahahaha!!! #lovehersomuch


She came over that night and we cooked all the yummy, healthy food that we bought! She started in on an Apple Crisp that we have made before…it’s the living yummiest and now we will both have a dessert that won’t tip the scales in the wrong direction!


Ugh!!!  Everything is so much more fun together!  We also took a break to sing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…I was Marvin Gaye and she was Tammy Terrel (sp!?)!



I was in charge of our veggies!  We decided to do a roasted sweet potato chipotle salad!!!


You guyssss…this smelled like soooo smokey which is not my fav…but it was DELLSH!!!



Then it was on to some spicy asparagus with panchetta!

1 bundle of asparagus

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes

Salt and Pepper

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1 small package of Panchetta

Put oven on at 350, take a baking sheet and line with asparagus…drizzle olive oil over the veggies and sprinkle on dry ingredients.  Then pour the panchetta over the asparagus.  Roast for 20 minutes…or longer depending on how done you  like it!!!


Sooooo fun!!!  We also got deep about getting back on track and how excited we are to team up with Fleet Feet for the #tonoffun challenge.  This happened at the perfect time!  All the cooking was done around 11 and we were pooped!!!  Now it’s Thanksgiving morning and since I’ve been such a psycho about doing whatever I want in the most unhealthy way…I started today off at the gym!  My mom, dad and myself did a hell of a workout…Sandy you would have been proud #startingthedayoffright! We did rowing, chest, tri’s, and a million stations of planking, frogs, ball slams, bosu sit ups and tabata abs!!!


Now it’s off to Aunt Deb’s for a real test in commitment!!!  I do not want a plus sign on my chalk board this Saturday when we shoot the weigh in so I need to be fuggin serious! And guess what…I did!!!!  Did you guys know that I like…LOOOOOOVE my family!?  I love a holiday and then add my amazing family and my preparedness…today was heaven!


Just call me a pilgrim bc I murdered Thanksgiving this year!  #killingthisoutfit Me, Kelly and the kids rode out together to Aunt Debby and Uncle Steve’s in Smithfield.  The car ride was full of singing…Katy Perry, Taylor Swift…every young boys dream!  Chase passed the f out!  Pre turkey nap!


When we got there the house smelled amazing!


I ran into my old roomie…Grandma Apple…look at this sweet angel!


She asked me what happened to my shirt…


I said, nothing happened and she proceeded to tell me that it looked like…A LOT OF QUESTIONS! bahahahahahha!!!  Guess she was not a fan! #fail #notmurderingturkeydayaccordingtojanetapple Anywho…It’s so nice seeing everyone and catching up!


But now it’s time to eat!!!


Will I be tempted by my favorite…stuffing!?


Da da…


Da da…da da…


Nope!  And I didn’t even miss it!  I had turkey,


ham, gravy, a bazillion deviled eggs,


cabbage, mashed potatoes, collards and my sweet potatoes and asparagus!!!!  Yuuuuuuuum!!!!



The dishes we made last night turned out gorgeous and so colorful!


But…did dessert take me down…my mom made her famous pecan pie and there was an array of goodies!


But again…I was VICTORIOUS! (sang like biggie’s notorious) ugh why didn’t I do this all month!  This feels so much better haha The apple crisp was delightful!



Now it’s time to sit around, chat, tell stories, play games and keep that fire going! Family time is the best!


Soooooo fun!!!  It was over in a flash!!!  Love y’all soooo much!  Then we headed home…my shirt had gotten considerably tighter…



Then we got to Kelly’s house and played dress up, did some exercise, watched Ms. Doubtfire and sent each other selfies…or usies!



Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of all the things that make you the happiest!  I’ll leave you with one final Turkey thought! xoxoxoxoxoox times a mil!


By the by…we will be shooting our weigh in Saturday and posting it on Monday night at 7!!!!  Can’t wait to see y’all there!


Two Meatballs: We ahhhh Fam-a-leeeee!!!

I feel like I haven’t seen my family as much lately #busybusygirl and I was in desperate need to reconnect. #ilovemyfamily So over the past week…I have been datin’ it up with the dam fam.  First up… a pre bedtime snuggle and story session with the little bunnies…


I cannot get enough of these kids.  They are soooo fun and sooooo funny and I want to smash their faces in with my crushing amount of love.  The feeling you get when two little ones want to hear every story that you have and want 5 more minutes and then 5 more more minutes…ugh I just can’t handle it!!!  #cohabitate

Next up…a rare solo date with my mom!  My dad was in the hospital for a procedure…all went well…and look how presh!?



He needed rest and we needed dinner…so we went to a Beard family favorite…Winston’s or Winnies as we all refer to it!  It was so nice to be together and we even grabbed coffees and sat on her backporch talking for hours #myfavoritethingonearth after dinner was over. #cantgetenoughofmytwinny


Thennnnn, Kelly and I went to Poole’s for dinner…have I told you guys that I know the chef?! #jkwinkyface #likeerrryday Much like Jenny, Kelly had met, but didn’t really remember meeting Zan, so it was a sweet little do over!  And ohhh emmmm geeeeee you guys the food was amaze.  I was soooo not paleo tonight!!!


We had lobster cakes and they sent out a proscuitto and melon thing….both soooo yummy!


Then we had an eggplant puree with tomatoes and balsamic and this yummy cheese on a baquette…ugh sooo good #whatcanttheydo


Thennnnnn, we ordered the pork loin and corn and mushroom dish and Zan sent out a salmon…everything just kept getting better.  And then I joined the rest of the free world and become utterly obsessed with Poole’s mac and cheese.  When my clients find out I’m dating someone from Poole’s the first thing they do is graphically…almost pornographically describe the orgasm that is the mac.  So I had  to see what all the fuss was about…and they were oh so right.#duhmyclientsareamazing Ps I don’t give a shit about mac…but as you probably already know since I was the last person on earth to try it…it’s the fuckin heat. #annnndhecancook #babymac


We were stuffed!!!  And honestly I just looooove being with my sister!!!  She is hilarious and so fun and supportive!!!  Zan popped out for a second bc they were slammmmmmed while we were there and they got to have a sweet litlle nice to meet you again moment. #whatsnottolovefromeitheroneofthem  We joyfully ate our weight in delsihy food and were stuffffed.


Then it was on to the gym with my parents #beastmode, lunch at Big Burger Daddy #ihadthesaladthankyouforasking annnnd coffee at a new place in Seaboard Station called Brew…fun yum  and yum!!! Ummmm, Brew is my new obsesh.  I ordered my usual, very boring iced black coffee.  Annnnnd they said I had options!!!  Yay, I love options!!!!  I could either have a traditional pour over orrrrr I could try this nitrogen infusion cold brew coffee….option 2 please! And it was sooooo great! #illbeback #youshouldgo



Then the next morning we had family gym time again!!!



Which resulted in a little segment I like to call….am I getting taller!?!?


You guyssss…I have been 5’3 since 5th grade!!!  But lately Jenny has been telling me that I have height dysmorphia and so my dad busted out a yard stick and I AM 5’4!!!!!!  I have been feeling soooo tall and there is a reason…look at what an amazon I am in this picture!!!


Then it was n to a big family dinner at the Beard’s second home…The Ale House!!!


#kellythereissomethinginyourhair #lookatchase’smuscles #itstooloudduringfootballseason

Then we went back to Kelly’s bc the boys wanted to show off their bike and scooter skills…


Then we started grown up selfies…


Then Wyatt tried to photobomb us…and he fell in a hole and took Nana down…


Holy shit you guys….we have never laughed harder…I love my family…


So grateful for these fun, funny people.  I couldn’t love my family any more if you paid me!!! #gratefulerrrryday

Two Meatballs: A Meatball Makeover,, Dinner annnnd a Show…Oh MY!

So we did the shoot for our weigh in!!!  It’s always so exciting but it is def getting harder to think of new things to do!!! But we are super excited with our progress! #sneakypeeky!


While editing the pictures I noticed that my hair had suddenly gotten dark and I was ready for a change!  I always have these brilliant ideas AFTER we take the pictures!!!! #ohwell So thanks to my buddy Lauren Munns  who is the living best…I got a little summer pick me up yesterday!!!


I blew my hair out with my new amazing blow dryer and flat iron that I got from our buddy Alejandro and his new amazing company Pro Hair Kit!!!  If you are a stylist you should be getting all of your tools directly from this incredibly talented hair genius.  We love you Alejandro!!!! #hairhero

wpid-img_4497382340892.jpegwpid-img_4506018276304.jpegwpid-2014-07-15-13.48.10.png.pngwpid-screenshot_2014-07-29-09-54-38.pngwpid-img_5367871403423.jpegwpid-img_5362974321029.jpeg wpid-img_121657910421839.jpeg

Oh gosh…how did that get in there! #throwbackwednesday #wegowayyyback has literally everything you need!!! I just ordered the gold line and I could not be more excited about it arriving!!!  It arrived as I was typing this….ahhhhhhh!!! #realtime


Please support our friend!!! Ps thank you so much for supporting the blog Alejandro!!! WE love you so much and congrats on your new adventure!  We love everything that we have gotten from you!

Nowwwww…my sweet little baby boo turned 8 yesterday!!!  Wyatt is so mother flippin grown and wayyyyy too cool for school.  We went to Kanki as we have EVERY single year of this kids life…what a fun little family tradition! This is us last year! #iamawalrus


So let me just take a second to talk about this kid!  I had no idea kids were soooo much fun before Wyatt came along.  This kid cracks me up on a daily basis and I love our dates!!!  We have seen 1,000 movies, had a million sleepovers, did a trillion science experiments, inside jokes galore thanks to Mad Libs and so much more!!!  I can’t believe you are 8 already!!!!!  I love you to the moon!!!! Here is a montage of the adventures of WoMo!!!


Nowwww…onto the celebration!


This is his 8!!!  Here is another montage of the family all together celebrating this sweet nugget with Shirley Temples, Hibachi and fire galore!!!  #thefunneverstops #kingkongrice #soysaucefakeout #myfamilyhatesbeingsangtobystrangerswheredidicomefrom!!?!? #nogiftspleasei’lljusttakethecash #flyingriceballs #firsttimenoonegothurt #parentsusingchopsticks #8goingon16 #helithisfingersonfire #thatsignsaiddontthrowfoodinthere #buthedid #chopstickbattles

wpid-20140728_180158.jpgwpid-20140728_180551.jpgwpid-20140728_180533.jpgwpid-20140728_174519.jpgwpid-20140728_174356.jpgwpid-20140728_174250.jpgwpid-20140728_174040.jpgwpid-20140728_180652.jpgwpid-20140728_180703.jpgwpid-20140728_180719.jpgwpid-20140728_180726.jpgwpid-20140728_180809.jpgwpid-20140728_181143.jpgwpid-20140728_181149.jpg wpid-20140728_174028.jpgwpid-20140728_174017.jpgwpid-20140728_173732.jpgwpid-20140728_181209.jpgwpid-20140728_182451.jpgwpid-20140728_182459.jpgwpid-20140728_182925.jpgwpid-20140728_183105.jpgwpid-20140728_183111.jpgwpid-20140728_183117.jpgwpid-20140728_184210.jpgwpid-20140728_184217.jpg



This kid hoarded all his money and bought himself an iPad mini….ugh-dorable!


Oh how I love my family!!!  Wyatt and I have another tradition of having a sleepover at a hotel (gahhhhh this kid is spoiled!) so that post will follow soon!!!!  This is him snuggled in his robe last year!


Happy birthday 1/2 of WoMo!!!

Countdown to weigh in officially begins…we will be posting on Thursday…so get ready!!!!  We cant wait!!!!  Love you guyyyyyysssss!!!!

Two Meatballs: An Ode to the Irreplaceable Krilfistilfina!

I talk a lot about my friends and family…they are my life!  But my cousin Kristina was mos def my first built in friend.  I had the greatest childhood and Kristina is a huge contributing factor to that happiness !!! Look how sweet we were!?!? And Uncle Marty…those shorts…hellllo!


We are only 2 1/2 years apart and we spent soooo much time together that she was always another sister to me…


Another sister that would actually play with me! (yeah I’m talking to you Kelly! xo)


This is us on Christmas morning at our Grandma Apple’s…we spent a ton of time together with our grandparents splashing in puddles during storms, spending countless hours at the library and in the cemeteries, sitting outside of haunted houses, playing in the camper, playing Old Maid and Chutes and Ladders on repeat, going to the Piggly Wiggly and playing at the park across the street.  They even took us to Disney World where we spent more time in the motel pool than in Disney and we created our own language to fit in with the international fans of the park! Look at those fanny packs! #toocoolforschool #shegotgumstuckinhersantradedwithme #peopledontforget #sneakysnake  #sushihead


We also went to Sea World…we didn’t know back then…no judgement!


We put on little plays for our family…


But mostly we just played…for hours on end…


We even Trick or Treated together…

IMG_20140530_081136 IMG_20140530_080115

And around this age there was  just tons of driving around in her car, smoking Newport Mediums…woof and singing Fiona Apple, No Doubt and the Dixie Chicks…and being completely inseparable! We went to 100,000 movies, the zoo, watched Miss America while eating chocolate chip mug cookies (which Kristina invented), forced ourselves to watch every scary movie ever made, had one bazillion sleepovers, beach vacations, riding on the nose of Uncle Al’s boat singing Walking on Sunshine, getting whelps from sitting in Jellyfish poison,  rv-ing in the mountains, seeing outdoor plays, played Family Feud non stop on our ancient computer, she would call me sushi head and I would cry(this was on the way to Disney so I was much younger but it still stings! haha), playing on our bicycle built for two and our super cool crutches, we played every game and put together every puzzle known to man and sooo much more! Like any family relationship/friendship there were def rocky times and lots of games where we hit each other violently but the good times always outweighed the bad and I always knew she had my back and I knew I always had hers.

IMG_20140530_080906 b20


We just remained really close and eventually our circles of friends all merged into one.  Kelly and Katie, Kristina and myself were together most weekends….we celebrated recitals, birthdays,  graduations, weddings, babies and just generally enjoyed spending time together.

IMG_20140608_062328 IMG_20140530_080137


IMG_20140608_062048 IMG_20140530_081312 IMG_20140530_080841






IMG_20140608_062112 IMG_20140608_061636 IMG_20140530_081625

Then the most amazing thing happened…we both became hairstylists and ended up both working at Samuel Cole Salon…for the past nine years!  Who is this lucky to get to work with their best friend cousin sister Kri Kri K-Dog X-Tina five days a week…every week!?!?  Working together has afforded us so many opportunities that we got to share together.  We have trapesed all over NYC together taking the best classes at the House of Bumble, going to Broadway shows, MOMA, eating at some of the best restaurants, performed Thai Chi in Times Square, created a living art instillation,  almost got murdered at the Hotel Chelsea #rapeportal #theshiningmeetscsi,  and stalking…I mean bumping into Rihanna at the W #thereisnophotobcwereidiots!

IMG_20140608_062528 IMG_20140608_061858 IMG_85293678919319 k3 IMG_85260052925531 k7 k6 k4

We’ve been through promotions and title changes, countless Bobbies, Grand Re-openings, salon moves and newer Grand Openings, awards, she was even my model for an editorial submission…but most importantly we just got to spend time together!  When Kris first came to work at Samuel Cole, I was so excited I found myself hugging her everyday…no shocker for me right Melinda,  but for those who don’t know my cuz that well…hugging is not her jam.  She had to impose a once a week hug mandate on me…bahahahahahaha! I tried but failed!

IMG_20140608_062313 IMG_20140608_062300 k01 k5 IMG_20140608_061833 IMG_20140608_061742 IMG_182458976479030 IMG_182507357216408 IMG_182492949087507 IMG_85384853456003 IMG_85244811766891 IMG_20140608_062516 IMG_20140608_062508

Kristina has the most contagious laugh…she literally cries she laughs so hard, she has unbridled joy for cookies, she so fucking smart and I believe she could perform surgery just through sheer will and determination, she is the best mom and an awesome sounding board with great advice.  Those are the things I’ll miss the most…because my sweet friend  after having her third child has decided to stay home with her  kids.  I love hate this decision soooo much.  But I couldn’t be happier for her and I will just have to trek it out to Wake Forest a little more often…to see her…and her fun kids…and her husband Tim whom I adore #winwinwin!!!  So, to Kristina…I have cried at least three times writing this.  I feel so lucky that we are sooo close and have all this amazing history together. I love you to the moon and back and then back to the moon again.  So many of my fondest memories involve you and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  You are the reason I went to hair school and I just couldn’t thank you enough.  I’m so glad that we get to be a part of each others lives forever.  Love you cuzzy wuzzy.


Ps if you are wondering about the title…Our Grandma Apple made up her own pig latin and that is how you say Kristina…Krilfistilfina…Mine is Sarlfara.   Get it..nope we don’t either but we can all speak it fluently somehow! I LOVE YOU KRIS! #bffffffffffffffs #bestcousins #luckytimesinfinity