Two Meatballs: (singing) These Are a Few of Our Favorite Placessss!!!


This is everyone who made it down to the beach this vacay! I feel so lucky to look forward to my family vacation and actually totally enjoy it.  If I read my posts and didn’t know me I would think barrrrrfff…this bitch is full of shit.  No family likes each other this much and has so much fun together!  But you guysssss…it’s totally true! #whydontyoubragaboutit?! The weather has been super up and down but that didn’t stop the fun! Our family has been coming to Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach forrrr-ever and for the last long while, we always stay at Summer Winds!  We’ve gotten to know the place well and have several favorite spots in and around the island.


First on the beach tour is the best little gem on the island.  Every single day we trek it to our favorite coffee shop and bakery, 4J’s in Emerald Isle…I really needed to lose those three pounds so Joe the owner let me bring in my own unsweetened coconut milk for lattes…thanks JOE!!! It should also be noted that Joe is lovely! He has a kind word for everyone who walks through his doors and you just know that he remembers each and every person that pops in. He is clearly passionate about what he does…I’m not kidding when I say that the coffee is unbelievable.  He makes his own bagels using NYC water, he also has a bakery in Newport and makes muffins, cakes and every goody I needed to stay away from. Who looks forward to their favorite coffee shop on vacay…the Beards! 4J’s actually just won Best Coffee on the Crystal Coast!!!  Thanks so much to Joe and all the girls at 4J’s…if you guys find yourselves on the coast do yourself a favor!




Sidebar…a guy comes here everyday and parks his car and his two dogs climb into the front seat and look like a married couple driving the car…adorable and a great way to start the day!!!


This next stop was a first for us.  We spent almost every single morning at a place we had never tried before…Mike’s Place for breakfast!!!  The sassy hostess set the tone for our mornings…everyone always has a smile and the food was yuuuuuumy!



And another little diner gem in Swansboro called Yana’s! #50’sdiner


Another family favorite is The Sweet Spot…the living best ice cream shop…confession I ate so much ice cream down here you guys!  Another reason I pulled a big fat zero for weigh in #worthit


Dinner at The Spouter Inn on the waterfront in Beaufort is the loveliest place!!! You should def get the crab cakes!!!



As you saw last week…Fort Macon is always a hit…


We also love stopping at all the fresh produce stands along the way..this one was in Cedar Point and it helped me get back on track food wise!!!


This literally became farm to table!



We spend 90% of our time on the beach or at the pool so I know this list is really food heavy….but that is what we do!

Here are some final honorable mentions…Flipperz was a new place that we tired this year and ended up going 3 times!  Normally I wouldn’t trust something that ended in a Z in that manner…but this place was yummy and had a cute gift shop! Also they had a million side options and healthy salads!


We had lunch at the Crab Shack one day…they had grilled seafood in a land of fried seafood!!! #healthyoptions


And a couple of nights at Amos Mosquito’s in Atlantic Beach….I LOVE THIS PLACE! I had the biggest cheat meal here one of the nights and probably the healthiest meal I ate on my entire vacation on the second night!








So if you find yourself on the coast visit any one if not alllll of these places you will have the living best time!!! Best two weeks of my life…can’t wait to see you Raleigh!!!


Two Meatballs: We ahhhh Fam-a-leeeee!!!

I feel like I haven’t seen my family as much lately #busybusygirl and I was in desperate need to reconnect. #ilovemyfamily So over the past week…I have been datin’ it up with the dam fam.  First up… a pre bedtime snuggle and story session with the little bunnies…


I cannot get enough of these kids.  They are soooo fun and sooooo funny and I want to smash their faces in with my crushing amount of love.  The feeling you get when two little ones want to hear every story that you have and want 5 more minutes and then 5 more more minutes…ugh I just can’t handle it!!!  #cohabitate

Next up…a rare solo date with my mom!  My dad was in the hospital for a procedure…all went well…and look how presh!?



He needed rest and we needed dinner…so we went to a Beard family favorite…Winston’s or Winnies as we all refer to it!  It was so nice to be together and we even grabbed coffees and sat on her backporch talking for hours #myfavoritethingonearth after dinner was over. #cantgetenoughofmytwinny


Thennnnn, Kelly and I went to Poole’s for dinner…have I told you guys that I know the chef?! #jkwinkyface #likeerrryday Much like Jenny, Kelly had met, but didn’t really remember meeting Zan, so it was a sweet little do over!  And ohhh emmmm geeeeee you guys the food was amaze.  I was soooo not paleo tonight!!!


We had lobster cakes and they sent out a proscuitto and melon thing….both soooo yummy!


Then we had an eggplant puree with tomatoes and balsamic and this yummy cheese on a baquette…ugh sooo good #whatcanttheydo


Thennnnnn, we ordered the pork loin and corn and mushroom dish and Zan sent out a salmon…everything just kept getting better.  And then I joined the rest of the free world and become utterly obsessed with Poole’s mac and cheese.  When my clients find out I’m dating someone from Poole’s the first thing they do is graphically…almost pornographically describe the orgasm that is the mac.  So I had  to see what all the fuss was about…and they were oh so right.#duhmyclientsareamazing Ps I don’t give a shit about mac…but as you probably already know since I was the last person on earth to try it…it’s the fuckin heat. #annnndhecancook #babymac


We were stuffed!!!  And honestly I just looooove being with my sister!!!  She is hilarious and so fun and supportive!!!  Zan popped out for a second bc they were slammmmmmed while we were there and they got to have a sweet litlle nice to meet you again moment. #whatsnottolovefromeitheroneofthem  We joyfully ate our weight in delsihy food and were stuffffed.


Then it was on to the gym with my parents #beastmode, lunch at Big Burger Daddy #ihadthesaladthankyouforasking annnnd coffee at a new place in Seaboard Station called Brew…fun yum  and yum!!! Ummmm, Brew is my new obsesh.  I ordered my usual, very boring iced black coffee.  Annnnnd they said I had options!!!  Yay, I love options!!!!  I could either have a traditional pour over orrrrr I could try this nitrogen infusion cold brew coffee….option 2 please! And it was sooooo great! #illbeback #youshouldgo



Then the next morning we had family gym time again!!!



Which resulted in a little segment I like to call….am I getting taller!?!?


You guyssss…I have been 5’3 since 5th grade!!!  But lately Jenny has been telling me that I have height dysmorphia and so my dad busted out a yard stick and I AM 5’4!!!!!!  I have been feeling soooo tall and there is a reason…look at what an amazon I am in this picture!!!


Then it was n to a big family dinner at the Beard’s second home…The Ale House!!!


#kellythereissomethinginyourhair #lookatchase’smuscles #itstooloudduringfootballseason

Then we went back to Kelly’s bc the boys wanted to show off their bike and scooter skills…


Then we started grown up selfies…


Then Wyatt tried to photobomb us…and he fell in a hole and took Nana down…


Holy shit you guys….we have never laughed harder…I love my family…


So grateful for these fun, funny people.  I couldn’t love my family any more if you paid me!!! #gratefulerrrryday