Two Meatballs: Beach, Please!

It’s that time of year again!  The annual Beard week at the beach!!!!  I look forward to this week so much every single year.  I love the beach and love the uninterrupted family time…I mean a whole week with my nephie nuggets!? #heaven  Before we left, I made it to Pure Barre a few more times and saw so many friends!!!! #meetmeatthebarre #newdatehotspot I love exercise dates!


Soon fun!  Then, we drove down to the coast on Fathers Day and as I waited in line for the key to our getaway, I found this!


v76 by Vaughn, our mens grooming line at Samuel Cole Salon and part of the Luxury Brand Partners family, reposted my ode to my dad! I could have DIED right then and there.  And honestly, look at that picture.  I clearly adore my dad and always have.  We are so alike and so different.  We get along so well and so easily.  We fight when we need to and then its over and we are stronger for it.  He has taught me so much and it’s so nice that our relationship has evolved into an amazing friendship!  JB, you are the ultimate.  I am so thankful to have you in my life and so lucky to call you my dad. Who gets to be this lucky?! Love you. #clankclankclank #mygymbuddy #wheresthecheese?! #imtheleastveinpersoniknow  #maintainyourlane #sufffffahhhhh #youryoungyoullgetoverit #idontorderdessert #beardsforlife #peytonsplace

Once I recomposed myself, we got our key and arrived at Summer Winds!  This time we rented a place we had never been before…and it WAS GORGEOUS!  Everyone threw on a bathing suit and headed down to the pool!


At first I thought this pic looked like I was birthing Wyatt, but now I like to think he is launching me in the air ala synchronized swimming style!


Then we went down to the beach to poke around…you know, look for sharks!  Even though we brought down so much food to be healthy, it was already 6 and no one wanted to fire up the grill!  So we went to El Zarape and enjoyed a lovely little mexican meal together!


Followed by some Life!


We all crashed pretty early that night and Wyatt slept in my bed!  WE woke up early the next morning and me, dad and Wyatt went to the gym after a light warm up in the room with Chase!


So cute!  Wyatt was a beast in the gym and we all got a hell of a workout and finished off with a haul up 4 flights of stairs…64 stairs to be exact! Shew!  Then we had healthy smoothies and promised that today would be better than the mexi fest last night!


Then more games with Nanny!


And we were off to the beach!

wpid-20150622_120226.jpgwpid-20150622_124530.jpgwpid-20150622_124532.jpg wpid-20150622_124616.jpg


My fair skin can only take so much sun, so Chase, my lovely little snuggle bug and I had a snuggle fest/Sponge Bob marathon/spy session/shoot em up target practice in my room!


Then we were responsible and made a yummy and healthy dinner!


We had spicy grilled chicken, jalapeño sausage, cumin corn, roasted sweet potato chips with guacamole and veggie kabobs!  Yummmmmmm!!!!  Then it was off to bed!  We woke up the next morning so sore and in absolutely no mood for a work out…we then made an every other day pact!


This was a lazy snuggle morning, Kelly made breakfast everyday!  Thank you Kelly! #icookwhenIwanttocook


Then lunch was left overs…so yum!


We pooled it up…chicken fight style!


and then made a yummy Zoodle and meatball dinner with spicy aspargus!



Then Wyatt and I drew it up…Simpson’s style!



This kid is so talented!  He asked me if he could edit some photos on my phone and created this!


He blurred the background and changed the lighting!

Smart and creative and oh so sweet! And then we all yucked it up with America’s Funniest Home Videos. Knee slapping it up!


Then we got up the next day, worked out and had a healthy breakfast!


Then, I just felt bad so I laid down to take a nap…I ended up sleeping for 5 hours!  Little did I know I was working on raging sinus infection and bronchitis!  When I woke up it was 3 and the house was empty, I threw on a suit and met the gang down at the pool.


Wyatt gave me a piggy back ride and then we had a handstand contest!



And then we did our favorite…try to catch us mid air jumping in the pool!  Thanks for your patience mom!


A few family pics!



Chase had the dirtiest feet known to man so he and mommy got showered and pretty together!


Dinner was crock pot bbq and slaw!


The next day was the hottest, most humid day of life, so we went putt putting! Ugh, holy first circle of hell folks!  And it was packed like a mother!


There were lots of hole in ones, met downs, swamp assyness and duck hunts!


This is how over it everyone was at the 15th hole!

Then it was over and we saw this hilarious van!


The boys wanted to water bumper car it up and I’ve never been more jealous…I wanted to hurl myself into this 3 foot pool!


Then we went to lunch at the Crab Shack, for the second day in a row and also for the second day in a row, I made yummy bad decisions!


Don’t even ask me what is going on with my hair bc I don’t know!  So much fun!  Then Chase was unintentionally transformed into Cornholio from Beavis and Butthead! #tpformybunghole



Then there was much much needed lounging!


We had leftovers for dinner and then a BLIZZARD, also for the second night in a row!  So good and totes worth it!  All of the sudden it was my very last day! Ugh!  We had a leisurely morning. Then hung out at the pool, playing board surfing, safari ride, shark, hey mister, matchey matchey and the ABC game #marshmellowchips We had a late lunch of hamburgers, chicken legs, spinach salad and zucchini and onions!  Everyone made lunch while I packed up! Thanks guys!!!  I had to skidadle early bc Anna Broome was getting hitched! It was hard to sat goodbye but I was excited to go to the wedding of the century!



To my family…oh how I love thee.  Sleepovers and snuggles wit the kids, laughter and inside jokes with the adults, as much pool time as one can handle, watching Hope Floats #birdie, working out, being healthy, being bad, but mostly being together! Cant wait to do it again!  More on Anna’s wedding tomorrow!!!! Glad to be back in a routine!

Two Meatballs: (singing) Thiiiiis Is Howwww We Do It!!!!

Last vacation post I swear!!!  As you’ve seen we spend a fair amount of time eating on vacay…but we spend the other time splashing around in the pool or beach…cannon ball contests, handstand contests, breaking each others noses, taking 1,000 car selfies, sleepovers, working out, playing dress up,  playing with aunite Jenny, and being obsessed with technology when it rains!  Here is where the magic happens…THE BEAAAACH!!!



The pool…and The Incident!!!


In this last picture Wyatt and I collided underwater and resulted in a sexy broken nose and two black eyes!!!  But Wyatt and I are super best buddies til the end!

wpid-20140925_164507.jpgwpid-20140925_164501.jpg wpid-20140926_213757.jpgwpid-20140925_171422.jpgwpid-20140925_171455.jpgwpid-20140927_132340.jpg

Hahahahahahaah those pathetic face…what a drama queen!  It hurt like a bitch but after lots of ice and advil the swelling went down and the black eyes faded to a yellow-ey/greenish color and looked one million times better!  But a broken nose  didn’t stop the fun sleepovers!!!




Fun with Auntie Jenny…


Hours of technology due to a fair amount of rain…


A little dress up…


A million selifes…or usies!!!


Car usies…



This was our genius idea to get everyone in the same shot!!!!  Love my family!

Best vacation everrrrrrr… love you guys so much!  Couldn’t be more glad to be home though!!!!

Two Meatballs: (singing) These Are a Few of Our Favorite Placessss!!!


This is everyone who made it down to the beach this vacay! I feel so lucky to look forward to my family vacation and actually totally enjoy it.  If I read my posts and didn’t know me I would think barrrrrfff…this bitch is full of shit.  No family likes each other this much and has so much fun together!  But you guysssss…it’s totally true! #whydontyoubragaboutit?! The weather has been super up and down but that didn’t stop the fun! Our family has been coming to Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach forrrr-ever and for the last long while, we always stay at Summer Winds!  We’ve gotten to know the place well and have several favorite spots in and around the island.


First on the beach tour is the best little gem on the island.  Every single day we trek it to our favorite coffee shop and bakery, 4J’s in Emerald Isle…I really needed to lose those three pounds so Joe the owner let me bring in my own unsweetened coconut milk for lattes…thanks JOE!!! It should also be noted that Joe is lovely! He has a kind word for everyone who walks through his doors and you just know that he remembers each and every person that pops in. He is clearly passionate about what he does…I’m not kidding when I say that the coffee is unbelievable.  He makes his own bagels using NYC water, he also has a bakery in Newport and makes muffins, cakes and every goody I needed to stay away from. Who looks forward to their favorite coffee shop on vacay…the Beards! 4J’s actually just won Best Coffee on the Crystal Coast!!!  Thanks so much to Joe and all the girls at 4J’s…if you guys find yourselves on the coast do yourself a favor!




Sidebar…a guy comes here everyday and parks his car and his two dogs climb into the front seat and look like a married couple driving the car…adorable and a great way to start the day!!!


This next stop was a first for us.  We spent almost every single morning at a place we had never tried before…Mike’s Place for breakfast!!!  The sassy hostess set the tone for our mornings…everyone always has a smile and the food was yuuuuuumy!



And another little diner gem in Swansboro called Yana’s! #50’sdiner


Another family favorite is The Sweet Spot…the living best ice cream shop…confession I ate so much ice cream down here you guys!  Another reason I pulled a big fat zero for weigh in #worthit


Dinner at The Spouter Inn on the waterfront in Beaufort is the loveliest place!!! You should def get the crab cakes!!!



As you saw last week…Fort Macon is always a hit…


We also love stopping at all the fresh produce stands along the way..this one was in Cedar Point and it helped me get back on track food wise!!!


This literally became farm to table!



We spend 90% of our time on the beach or at the pool so I know this list is really food heavy….but that is what we do!

Here are some final honorable mentions…Flipperz was a new place that we tired this year and ended up going 3 times!  Normally I wouldn’t trust something that ended in a Z in that manner…but this place was yummy and had a cute gift shop! Also they had a million side options and healthy salads!


We had lunch at the Crab Shack one day…they had grilled seafood in a land of fried seafood!!! #healthyoptions


And a couple of nights at Amos Mosquito’s in Atlantic Beach….I LOVE THIS PLACE! I had the biggest cheat meal here one of the nights and probably the healthiest meal I ate on my entire vacation on the second night!








So if you find yourself on the coast visit any one if not alllll of these places you will have the living best time!!! Best two weeks of my life…can’t wait to see you Raleigh!!!


Two Meatballs: One Piece, Tankini, Bikini…Oh My!!! (aka the 7th Weigh In)


It’s that time again!!!  This month we knew I was going to be on vacation for our weigh in…so we had the most genius idea ever…Jenny came down and we did the shoot on the beach!!!! We are soooooo smart!  So let me just say before we get started…when two super grown women are being photographed in bathing suits on the beach frolicking and holding hands…people assume that you are a happy couple taking engagement photos!!!  We were cracking up!  But now onto the main event!  Lets see that chalkboard!!!


A little change in scenery would be nice!!! #meatballnationtanks


Beach Time in our favorite swimwear!!!


Off the pier and onto the sand…


This is def the shot that got the rumors going…



More adorableness…


Time to Plaaaaaank!!!  This one is for you Sandra!


Our lives have changed sooooo much that the rest of the shoot was super active!!  We cartwheeled…


Jumped for joy…



Splashed around…#ifyoureabirdimabird


More planking…


A little sprinting…



Here we come…



You hate to see us go…



Buuuut, you love to see us walk away winky face…


Off to the pool….onto those ‘Merica bikinis!!!


Time to lounge!?


But not for long…


Time to get a little less comfortable haha…#illfittingsuits #meandmybrightideas #itshilariousandtotallyworthit


Time to get wet!!! #activitypoints #cannonball


Time to jackass around!!!


Time to dry off!!!


Then a quick game of find the meatball before we reveal the results!!!


Now….the moment we’ve all been waiting for…how did we do!?!

Jenny, you’re up first!!!


I am so grateful to be doing this with my best friend!  She is always there to listen and get deep about weight loss.  We need each other in so many ways!!!  Love you Sara!!   I am so grateful to be down 5lbs this month!!!  More often then not I am making the right decisions .  Im choosing the right foods and Im at the gym when my day seems done.  The hard part is staying focused.  I struggle some days to see the long term goal because of my momentary success.  I feel great!!!!  I think I feel most great because of the hard work it took to get here.  I’m feeling proud and excited!  I want to always feel that way!!!  I am ready for October!!  I turn 30 on the 2nd, and i am beginning to see what 30 looked like in my imagination.  It is looking better everyday! I loved hanging out with the Beard’s this week,  I had the best time!!!  And I love my own family so much!!! Thanks for putting up with my ups and downs and being my inspiration and my comfort!!


Congrats Jenny!!!!  Sara, you’re up!!!


You guyyyyyyssss!!! I wish I could say that I have no idea how I ended up with a big fat zero for my weight lost this month…but I thoroughly enjoyed checking out for a few weeks and living a little fast and loose!  I remember every fry and every single morning that I slept in instead of going to the gym.  And I had to fight just to get to zero…gaining 3 pounds was super humbling.  But between vacation and a surprise  broken nose and two black eyes #thankgoodnessforconcealer I felt super unmotivated!!! I really needed a reminder of the hard work that it took to lose 73 pounds.  So now it’s bust ass time…I have a timeline and a plan so getting back on track is a must.  This is real life…I checked out and now I’m paying for it!!! I don’t feel discouraged, I feel refreshed and ready to reengage!!!  Jenny, thank you so much for being strong for both of us when I was weak! Also thank you for always being game and playing into my crazy ideas…especially baring all in a piece of shit, flimsy, super unflattering Old Navy bikini and jumping into a freezing pool one thousand times….you are the living best. I’m back and I’m fucking serious. It feels so good to have this weight off of me and I can’t wait to keep  working hard and feeling better.  #notdrivingbackfromthegrandcanyonEVER #toococky #thisisnoteasy Love you guys to the moon.


We really appreciate you guys going on this bumpy but ultimately successful road with us!!!  We really really really love y’all!


Another weigh in down…time to start getting ready for November!!! #nomessingaroundthismonthbeard


And Kelllllllllllllly…thank you so much for taking these beautiful pics and always being so supportive!  You make everything a million times more fun!!! Xoxo


As always…here are your especially heinous outtakes! #yourwelcome #mybottomscameoffinthepool #eeeek

wpid-20140927_162011.jpgwpid-20140927_162012.jpgwpid-20140927_162104.jpg wpid-20140927_132340.jpgwpid-20140926_213757.jpgwpid-20140927_162204.jpgwpid-20140927_162219.jpgwpid-20140927_1622210.jpgwpid-20140927_160046.jpgwpid-20140927_163417.jpgwpid-20140927_163432.jpgwpid-20140927_164409.jpgwpid-20140927_164404.jpgwpid-20140927_164529.jpgwpid-20140927_164617.jpgwpid-20140927_164622.jpgwpid-20140927_164723.jpgwpid-2014-09-27-21.26.50.jpg.jpegwpid-20140927_162301.jpgwpid-20140927_162250.jpgwpid-20140927_162109.jpgwpid-20140927_162114.jpg