Two Meatballs: Hips Don’t Lie!

Sooooo, right after we worked out with Sandra, we  enjoyed a lovely little Whole Foods breakfast date! Starting the day off riggggggggghhhhhht! #getitrightgetittight #ohsarathathair


Then,  I skidaddled home, hopped in the shower, packed, scooped up my sweet dad and we headed to the Beard home away from home….the beaaaaaaaaach!!!!!!! First we stopped at Trader Joe’s to stock up on healthy food!  #homerunnumbertwofortheday Nothing makes me happier than being at the beach with my family. I have been really unable to disconnect my brain from learning my new job at work and my constantly growing to do lists.  My mind races at a thousand miles per hour lately, so quiet is very hard to come by and sleeping has become a thing of the past! #manic I am really striving to create balance in my life.  I am trying to learn how to be organized and how to prioritize and my ultimate goal this year is to find a way to keep my energy a little more even. And  I don’t know, try to smile when I talk so I don’t sound like a fucking bitch when I’m overwhelmed.  I have also been feeling so guilty and frustrated with myself over gaining weight and not really being able to get my mind back in the health game. I crept all the way up to 291.8. This is what I’ve felt like since I got pneumonia in January.


Which then made me feel like this!


Which made me feel like this!


What is happening.  This is happening fast.  Am I going all the way back to the beginning.  I can’t make it to 300.  Why am I flirting with danger!?!?!?!? I am a huge believer in fake it till you make it.  But I was never really making it and I was just eating terribly and not working out that much and hoping for a miracle that wasn’t going to come before each weigh in!  It is extraordinarily hard to fake it when you are naked behind a chalk board and your weight is clearly printed on it.  The cost was beginning to add up and fast.  So I had a lot of eggs riding on this long weekend at the beach.  Last year when we came down we did amazing as you’ll remember from such posts as Two Meatballs: Memorial HEyyyyyyy #gahImfunny!  We cooked and worked out as a family every single day and I ended up losing weight.  I was so scared last year because it was my first vacation without drinking, smoking and trying not to eat every fried piece of seafood on the island.


We had so much fun and even though I’ve been in a really bad place lately I thought this would be the perfect restart.  After all we started the day off right; right?!  My dad and I have a tradition of driving to the beach together!  It used to be because we both worked Saturdays but now it’s because we both have the most flexible schedules in the fam!  I love this guy so much! WE love talking about everything and singing Led Zeppelin.  We got to the beach in the blink of an eye…because of my overly aggressive driving skills 😉 #movebitchgetoutthawayyyy and guess what the first thing we did was!? EEEEAAAAATTTTTT!  And we DID NOT make good decisions.  We shared chicken and shrimp nachos and a patty melt with fries and ranch….dammit! #firstfailoftheday  Then we checked in, got our keys and hauled our stuff up to Summer Winds!  We immediately got our bathing suits on and hit the beach!


Look at that view.  I could feel myself instantly relax and start breathing.


One win, one fail! #nipple

Then, Aunt Deb and Uncle Steve…you remember, my moms sister who is married to my dads brother #notincest invited us out to dinner!  A hell of a storm had erupted so we scurried to the car and went to The Crab Shack on the sound side.  Another terrible decision was made…softshell crab sandwich with fries and ranch!  #faileo The conversation was great.  I was completely distracted by the dark clouds rolling over the sound.  I love looking at everything and people watching.  It was nice to catch up.  Then as we were leaving it seemed like a great idea to go to DAIRY QUEEN! Holy shit, all hell has broken lose!  It was mediocre at best and I had the worst heart burn that kept me up half the night.  #servesyarightdummy Day two, we made bacon and eggs for breakfast…starting out right!  Then we hit the beach for the better part of the day.  We snacked on popcorn and pistachios #goodnotgreat and waited for mom to arrive!  She got there and we were so excited! We ended up going back to the Crab Shack bc the traffic was getting nutty.  This night I enjoyed the Scallop Burger….with fries and ranch.  Yikes.  Again, it was great and the conversation was great but my decision making capabilities were not.  Ok Day Three has to start better.  I woke up and dad and I did some circuit training…


First great decision! Then, mom and I went and got coffee at our favorite place 4J’s!


Instead of a latte, I got a black iced coffee! Great decisions number 2!  Then dad made bacon and I made eggs!  Great decision number three!


Thennnnn, Kelly showed up and we hit the beach hard! #marathontanning #tanwars #finally


Then we took a break and cooked a super healthy lunch as a family!


Yummmmm!!!!  Murdering healthy decisions!  We grilled all ready marinated pork tenderloin, roasted asparagus with panchetta,  roasted broccoli and had a carrot broccoli, cabbage slaw with a yogurt chive dip from trader joes!  Feeling so much better already.  Then we did what we do best.  We told stories, sat around and talked and died laughing!


#stevvvvvv #brothsquirts #alwayspoopstories

I actually went back on the beach with everyone until it got dark!


I usually stay in bc I’m Irish.  Then me, mom, Kelly and dad made a simple dinner of sausage, eggs, sweet potato fries with sriacha ketchup and some leftover pork!


It was so good and super easy.  Then Kelly and I stayed up all night talking!  Oh how I love the rare alone time I get with my did. #hikelly Bedtime!  The next morning the girls got coffee…dad cooked bacon, mom made eggs and we hit the beach…late start today but what a gorgeous day!


We stayed out until the late afternoon and ended up just having an early dinner of flank steak, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower with garlic and lemon, and a squash, zucchini, onion dish that my sister makes that I swear tastes like mac and cheese…and a salad that Deb brought over!


I got wayyyyy too much sun so I was freezing after dinner and being blinded by the sun…gotta be resourceful when you aren’t at home am i right ladies?!


And honestly, can you smell me!?  I love being filthy at the beach and never showering and never putting on makeup and pickling myself with seawater!!!!  For dessert my sister makes her own Larabars and they are deeeeeeeee-licious.  These tasted like blueberry donuts!  Oh my gahhhhhh, who are we!?  So healthy!  The trip was a blast and by the end a healthy success!  The day my sister arrived we made a family pact.  We are all going to lose 10 pounds by our next family beach vacation which is the last week of June!  We all weighed, wrote down our numbers and are going to report every Saturday morning our progress until we get to the deadline!  I love another level of accountability!  I also love doing things with my family and we all do so much better when we are all on the same page.  We all also came to the conclusion that we alllllllll feel so much better when we cook, eat healthy and work out!  Imagine that!?  Why is it so hard to remember!?  Any who….we left with a great plan for June…we even started planning menus!  I love my family so much!


Monday morning we left bright and early and Kelly and I went grocery shopping so that we could have a Memorial Day Cookout and a great way to prepare some healthy meals to start the work week out right!  What’s more American than a Mexican fiesta!  And another excuse to hang out. #seperationanxiety


We grilled carne asada, spicy chicken, jalapeno sausage and pineapple.  Then we roasted sweet potato chips and had guacamole, pan roasted corn and green chilis with cumin, and caramelized peppers and onions!  Dad kept saying…it’s the perfect combination…I love everything on my plate! Kelly and I still had not showered!




Honestly you guys, the bottoms of my feet were jet black #dirtybird #overit We even got to play with the kids!



Overall, what an amazing and much needed break from Raleigh, time with my precious family and finally recommitting to my new life.  It is so hard not to beat yourself up for gaining weight.  But it has also given me time to reflect.  My life really has changed.  It’s been over a year and I am still down from when I started this weight loss adventure.  No matter what ups and downs we’ve had we still work out with Sandra and we are still committed to the change and our end result.  I thought to myself the other day, how many times are you going to restart this.  And I had a moment of clarity and answered myself with…as many times as it takes.  There is no time line on this journey.  My hope is that I find myself back at a place where there are more good days than bad, and that I find ways to be active all the time.  I love cooking.  I love goals.  I love my other meatball. I love my family and all of you who read our story.  This is going to happen.  Crossed out last line.  This is happening!  You know I love a before and after…so here are some last year to this year pics.  It’s only about a 10-15 pound difference but it makes me feel better!



I can really see the difference in my face from last year!



And while I was at the beach, Facebook showed me a memory from 4 years before!  That difference feels huge!



Progress!  It feels great to be moving in the right direction and for the scale to be going back down.  For the first time since January, I can’t wait for weigh in! Xoxo



Two Meatballs: Nobody Skips to a Cockfight!!!

Hey you guys!!!!  How are those New Years resolutions going?!?!  We are in such good places with food and exercise that we decided to kick off 2015 New Years Day with a full circle field trip!  My old next door neighbor and bff Katie’s little #verytall brother Joe, invited us to tour Coon Rock Farm; the place that he works and lives.  So me, Katie, Jenny, Brandon, London, Kelly, Wyatt and Chasey Poo piled in for a road trip to the beautiful town of Hillsborough for an awesome day!!!



I drove Katie, Kelly and the boys!


We had a lovely ride and literally couldn’t wait to get there!


45 fun filled minutes later we arrived at Coon Rock Farm…aptly named after a Coon Rock, which what the hell is that!?  #bleepbloopshit #madewyatt’slife

We were greeted by Farmer Joe and his hugenormous elk of a dog, Snowflake…our respective tour guides for the day.


So much to do and see already!!!



First up…tractors and equiptment…


Then we took a nice, muddy walk through the fields to find the new baby piggies!!! #exercise #newyearnewyou #activitypoints


A few selfies for the soul…


And then my favorite thing on earth…little snarfly, snorty, babelicious, wilbury piggie wiggies!!!!


I want to openly weep when I see those cute little wiggly butts and curly tails and how they prance and they have hair…ugh!  I heart pigs #hipearlovepeach This momma pig gave birth to these even littler even cuter angels just last night!  How lucky are we!?!


Dey are sooooo wittle and precious bittle baby porkies!!!!  If this place wasn’t a mud pit for days and surrounded by an electric fence and if I didn’t think that Momma Sow would murder me I would have been all up in that piggy wiggy mix!!!  #dream #bucketlist #snugglewithbabypiglets

Then we slipped and slid up a murky muddy hill to find a sea of veggie greenery!!!



Looks like somebody dropped their tiny sombrero #speedytherat


Then we continued down the path to a sea of swirly twirly chickens!!!


#ohthatsfreerangechickensmeans #eek

We came to a chicken party and a cockfight broke out!!!  The boys excitedly skipped in that direction to see the action take place…hence the title!  Then we meandered (waded) through more mud (quicksand) to get to the super serial grown pigs #manbearpig #pigbearman


They were terrifying and aggressive as hell…how could my sweet little angles turn into these brutes?! Time to jet!  This is how muddy Chase got…


This is how happy he was to be in the mud!


Conversely, this is how I felt…


Thanks everyone for holding my hand…literally! Onto the greenhouses!!!


An impromptu Smowflake photo op…


Another walk to more greenhouses…


#farmerjoeleadingtheway #sweetboys

Another impromptu family photo shoot…


Then into a haunted barn with one hundred thousand cobwebs…ie spiders…


And finally…to where the magic happens!!!


The meat, eggs and veggie storage!!!  You can purchase farm, fresh local goods straight from the source!!!


We made our final purchases…I walked away with bacon, breakfast sausage, a dozen eggs and a skirt steak for $35!!!  Then we learned some more!



We even learned how chickens lose their feathers #ick


Took a few more selfies…


Some classic photobombs…


And some last minute farm love before this train left the station…


What an amazing day spent with loved ones, getting exercise, learning where our food comes from, connecting with nature and walking away with healthy, local food.  Farmer Joe!!!!!  Thank you so much for taking the time to give us such an awesome, educational but mostly just the most funnnn tour ever!!!  It has been so great seeing you Tedrows so much over this holiday season…I don’t ever want it to end!!!  Best way to celebrate a New Year yet!  Love y’all to the moon…to the moon I say!!!



Between the meat I bought today and the delicious veggies Joe gave me for Christmas…I made this lovely meal.  Literally farm to table! Xoxo


Two Meatballs: (singing) These Are a Few of Our Favorite Placessss!!!


This is everyone who made it down to the beach this vacay! I feel so lucky to look forward to my family vacation and actually totally enjoy it.  If I read my posts and didn’t know me I would think barrrrrfff…this bitch is full of shit.  No family likes each other this much and has so much fun together!  But you guysssss…it’s totally true! #whydontyoubragaboutit?! The weather has been super up and down but that didn’t stop the fun! Our family has been coming to Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach forrrr-ever and for the last long while, we always stay at Summer Winds!  We’ve gotten to know the place well and have several favorite spots in and around the island.


First on the beach tour is the best little gem on the island.  Every single day we trek it to our favorite coffee shop and bakery, 4J’s in Emerald Isle…I really needed to lose those three pounds so Joe the owner let me bring in my own unsweetened coconut milk for lattes…thanks JOE!!! It should also be noted that Joe is lovely! He has a kind word for everyone who walks through his doors and you just know that he remembers each and every person that pops in. He is clearly passionate about what he does…I’m not kidding when I say that the coffee is unbelievable.  He makes his own bagels using NYC water, he also has a bakery in Newport and makes muffins, cakes and every goody I needed to stay away from. Who looks forward to their favorite coffee shop on vacay…the Beards! 4J’s actually just won Best Coffee on the Crystal Coast!!!  Thanks so much to Joe and all the girls at 4J’s…if you guys find yourselves on the coast do yourself a favor!




Sidebar…a guy comes here everyday and parks his car and his two dogs climb into the front seat and look like a married couple driving the car…adorable and a great way to start the day!!!


This next stop was a first for us.  We spent almost every single morning at a place we had never tried before…Mike’s Place for breakfast!!!  The sassy hostess set the tone for our mornings…everyone always has a smile and the food was yuuuuuumy!



And another little diner gem in Swansboro called Yana’s! #50’sdiner


Another family favorite is The Sweet Spot…the living best ice cream shop…confession I ate so much ice cream down here you guys!  Another reason I pulled a big fat zero for weigh in #worthit


Dinner at The Spouter Inn on the waterfront in Beaufort is the loveliest place!!! You should def get the crab cakes!!!



As you saw last week…Fort Macon is always a hit…


We also love stopping at all the fresh produce stands along the way..this one was in Cedar Point and it helped me get back on track food wise!!!


This literally became farm to table!



We spend 90% of our time on the beach or at the pool so I know this list is really food heavy….but that is what we do!

Here are some final honorable mentions…Flipperz was a new place that we tired this year and ended up going 3 times!  Normally I wouldn’t trust something that ended in a Z in that manner…but this place was yummy and had a cute gift shop! Also they had a million side options and healthy salads!


We had lunch at the Crab Shack one day…they had grilled seafood in a land of fried seafood!!! #healthyoptions


And a couple of nights at Amos Mosquito’s in Atlantic Beach….I LOVE THIS PLACE! I had the biggest cheat meal here one of the nights and probably the healthiest meal I ate on my entire vacation on the second night!








So if you find yourself on the coast visit any one if not alllll of these places you will have the living best time!!! Best two weeks of my life…can’t wait to see you Raleigh!!!