Two Meatballs: (singing) Thiiiiis Is Howwww We Do It!!!!

Last vacation post I swear!!!  As you’ve seen we spend a fair amount of time eating on vacay…but we spend the other time splashing around in the pool or beach…cannon ball contests, handstand contests, breaking each others noses, taking 1,000 car selfies, sleepovers, working out, playing dress up,  playing with aunite Jenny, and being obsessed with technology when it rains!  Here is where the magic happens…THE BEAAAACH!!!



The pool…and The Incident!!!


In this last picture Wyatt and I collided underwater and resulted in a sexy broken nose and two black eyes!!!  But Wyatt and I are super best buddies til the end!

wpid-20140925_164507.jpgwpid-20140925_164501.jpg wpid-20140926_213757.jpgwpid-20140925_171422.jpgwpid-20140925_171455.jpgwpid-20140927_132340.jpg

Hahahahahahaah those pathetic face…what a drama queen!  It hurt like a bitch but after lots of ice and advil the swelling went down and the black eyes faded to a yellow-ey/greenish color and looked one million times better!  But a broken nose  didn’t stop the fun sleepovers!!!




Fun with Auntie Jenny…


Hours of technology due to a fair amount of rain…


A little dress up…


A million selifes…or usies!!!


Car usies…



This was our genius idea to get everyone in the same shot!!!!  Love my family!

Best vacation everrrrrrr… love you guys so much!  Couldn’t be more glad to be home though!!!!


  1. Love!!!! Will you send me the one of me & you & the kids in the car!!!! They look so sweet back there!!!!

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