Two Meatballs: Why are my THIGHS burning?!?!?!

Holy shit!!!!!  We haven’t all worked out together in three weeks!!!!!  We were so scared………What were we in for?!?!?!  I was so excited to pick Sara up this morning!!!!!   so we jackassed around!!!!


And then we began this hard ass workout!!!!  And these pictures suckkkkkkk!!!! Love you Sandy 😉

We did A whole bunch of little circuits, our fav!!!!!! But first  we started with a warm up on the treadmill!!!!


Looking tiny SARA!!!!!!

One of us did squats while the other did a held a weighted bar over head while doing lunges.

wpid-20141009_081734.jpg wpid-20141009_081617.jpg

Well we have no pictures of our extremely attractive squats, bummer for you guys!!!!

Then we did push ups and kettle bell sumo squat lifts!!!!

wpid-20141009_083044.jpg  wpid-20141009_083013.jpg wpid-20141009_083059.jpg

Then TRX Low row, while the other squatted and did lifts to the sides.  And then we did this whole thing again.


Number two!!!!! Crazy straight arm push ups, and side lunges with weights

wpid-20141009_083051.jpgwpid-20141009_082955.jpg wpid-20141009_083209.jpgwpid-20141009_083347.jpg

Then wide rows and


more push ups!!!!’ M a diamond one?!? Step back weighted lunges

wpid-20141009_084641.jpg   wpid-20141009_084919.jpgwpid-20141009_084813.jpg




Then we did this frog thing and side to Side balls slams




Sit ups ………looking done!!!




Climbers and abdomals with the weighted bar

wpid-20141009_085212.jpg wpid-20141009_085156.jpg


Sooo tired!!!!!!  We had our asses handed to us today, but it feels good to be back in a familiar routine!!





The we cleaned up and went to work! Thanks Sandra, you are the best!!!!!




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