Two Meatballs: Girls day!!!!!

Ok so I don’t want to beat a dead horse or anything but did you guys know I turned thirty?!?!  It was such an amazing week and why stop there?!? Let’s have a girls day this weekend!  Ahhhh done. Sunday afternoon I met my sister at my moms house for figs, cheese, pears, pita and champagne!  Yummmm

wpid-20141005_133935.jpg    wpid-20141005_134306.jpg wpid-20141005_134353.jpg


So Fall ish!!!!!! Love this time of year!   And my family is amazing they all gave me the gift of shopping!!!!! I can’t wait for my next day alone to go shopping.  Shopping alone is my favorite thing!  I can think clearly or something.   Funnnnn!!!!!  Now let’s go get some facials!!!!!!!!!!  We got to Skin Sense in brier creek and got naked and put our robs on.

wpid-20141005_144842.jpg So cuuuuuttte!!!  Getting ready for my 4 layer facial! So we headed into the relaxation room and jackassed around!!!! Thank god no one else wAs in there!!

wpid-20141005_144932.jpg  wpid-20141005_145041.jpgwpid-20141005_145048.jpg


Then I met Paula!!! She is adorable and took great of me and my face!!! Omg you guys….. She extracted every black head out of my face.  It was fucking painful!!!!!  She kept reassuring me how gorgeous I would be when we were done!!!  Ummmm ok!!!!


Then the first layer went on!!




And then finally the fourth layer




Paula thanks for the pics!!!!!!!    That shit was so hard, my face was feeling soooo tight and warm , it was awesome!!!!  We have decided we need to do.   this semi annually .  It feels good taking care of myself.  And we deserve this amazing quality time together!!!!  Not to mention my face never felt so good.   Well let’s just make it a perfect day and get some sushi!!!!!!

Yuri in Cary!!!!




wpid-20141005_180835.jpgOh yeah and I will have a tiny piece of that whole foods cappaccino cake!! I’m trying not to feel guilty for indulging today. Not to mention, sushi is a slippery slope for me!!! Ekk I always over eat it and want it for the next three days!!!  Self control please!!!!




wpid-20141005_183325.jpg      This was an amazing day!  My family is so thoughtful and just absolutely great!  I love being with them and sharing this special birthday with them.  Thanks guys no loves you more then me!!!!! Now it’s Monday……hello paleo!!!!!! Focus focus!!!!!!!  #reallife #nooneisperfect #soworthit!!!!!!






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