Two Meatballs: A Meatball Makeover, ProHairKit.com, Dinner annnnd a Show…Oh MY!

So we did the shoot for our weigh in!!!  It’s always so exciting but it is def getting harder to think of new things to do!!! But we are super excited with our progress! #sneakypeeky!


While editing the pictures I noticed that my hair had suddenly gotten dark and I was ready for a change!  I always have these brilliant ideas AFTER we take the pictures!!!! #ohwell So thanks to my buddy Lauren Munns  who is the living best…I got a little summer pick me up yesterday!!!


I blew my hair out with my new amazing blow dryer and flat iron that I got from our buddy Alejandro and his new amazing company Pro Hair Kit!!!  If you are a stylist you should be getting all of your tools directly from this incredibly talented hair genius.  We love you Alejandro!!!! #hairhero

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Oh gosh…how did that get in there! #throwbackwednesday #wegowayyyback

http://www.prohairkit.com has literally everything you need!!! I just ordered the gold line and I could not be more excited about it arriving!!!  It arrived as I was typing this….ahhhhhhh!!! #realtime


Please support our friend!!! Ps thank you so much for supporting the blog Alejandro!!! WE love you so much and congrats on your new adventure!  We love everything that we have gotten from you!

Nowwwww…my sweet little baby boo turned 8 yesterday!!!  Wyatt is so mother flippin grown and wayyyyy too cool for school.  We went to Kanki as we have EVERY single year of this kids life…what a fun little family tradition! This is us last year! #iamawalrus


So let me just take a second to talk about this kid!  I had no idea kids were soooo much fun before Wyatt came along.  This kid cracks me up on a daily basis and I love our dates!!!  We have seen 1,000 movies, had a million sleepovers, did a trillion science experiments, inside jokes galore thanks to Mad Libs and so much more!!!  I can’t believe you are 8 already!!!!!  I love you to the moon!!!! Here is a montage of the adventures of WoMo!!!


Nowwww…onto the celebration!


This is his 8!!!  Here is another montage of the family all together celebrating this sweet nugget with Shirley Temples, Hibachi and fire galore!!!  #thefunneverstops #kingkongrice #soysaucefakeout #myfamilyhatesbeingsangtobystrangerswheredidicomefrom!!?!? #nogiftspleasei’lljusttakethecash #flyingriceballs #firsttimenoonegothurt #parentsusingchopsticks #8goingon16 #helithisfingersonfire #thatsignsaiddontthrowfoodinthere #buthedid #chopstickbattles

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This kid hoarded all his money and bought himself an iPad mini….ugh-dorable!


Oh how I love my family!!!  Wyatt and I have another tradition of having a sleepover at a hotel (gahhhhh this kid is spoiled!) so that post will follow soon!!!!  This is him snuggled in his robe last year!


Happy birthday 1/2 of WoMo!!!

Countdown to weigh in officially begins…we will be posting on Thursday…so get ready!!!!  We cant wait!!!!  Love you guyyyyyysssss!!!!