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Two Meatballs: Eat Your Heart Out!!! (aka the 11th Weigh In)

Oh hey, we didn’t see you there.  Don’t mind us…we’re just enjoying a good snuggle!


And then a little chat before we really get going…



A little behind action…


And then a quick pillow fight…



Time to wait for the bus…


Then a little lay down for the sick baby…


Ok time to play…


Switch it up…


Time for an outfit change…


The clothes keep comin’ off…


A little snuggle on the stairs…don’t mind if we do!


Eat your heart out…


Ok boards down…


Sara, you’re up Kitten…


I actually gained like 6 pounds this month and fought so hard to get back to zero….damn you  delicious cake pops and poor planning!!!  It’s been crazy busy and I’ve been sooo sick.  But it was also the best month ever so who can complain!? I also have never looked or felt this amazing in my entire life.  I am so excited about being halfway through my journey…90 pounds are gone and I will never see them again!!!  I cannot wait to get to 100 pounds lost. (This feels like verbatim what I said last month haha but nothing changed so I guess it still applies!) I have really had to readjust my mathematic weight loss time tables.  I really didn’t factor in that I am a human with emotions and struggles…I just went straight carry the one on it! Things are not happening at the pace that I had hoped for but such is life. I have the rest of my life to do this…hopefully it won’t take that long though.  I love my support system soooo much and you guys make this so much more exciting. It’s fun to share our results instead of depressing and intimidating!!! Sometimes maintaining in a busy month is the win and it will just motivate me to bust more ass in February. I finally feel like I’m in a healthy place.  Thank you to every single one of you for sharing this lifestyle change with us.  I’m really starting to feel like the world is my oyster and I can do anything I put my mind to! Ps…Jenny!!!!  Congrats on breaking the dreaded 164!!!  You look amazing and I’m thankful to have you in my life every single day.


Ok Jenny, you’re up Bunny…


Yay!!!  Another great month!   I’m just so grateful to be aware of what I’m doing to my body these days.  I have never cared so much before.   I’m learning this is just about being Good to yourself and finding balance.  Haha a libras dream!! I love my new life style and I hope I continue having integrity and success.  I would love to be down a full 60lbs by March.  The mark of our one year!!! No pressure !!! I have never done anything for a year.  That’s exciting!!!  Thank you for all the support!!! I’m down 4 from last month!!!!!  Finally out of 164!!!! Yay


We love you guys soooo much!!!!  Thank you for keeping us honest and giving us a platform to get healthy.  You inspire us everyday.





And Kelly!!!!  Thank you so much for all that you do and for shooting these beautiful pictures.  We love you!!!


And now, as always…here are your outtakes!  #stairfail #weirdtoe #thetagsarestillonjenny #lilwaynescoughsyrup #babysick #ionlyhaveoneface #jennyhas1000cutefaces#thatsmyvagina #lookhowbigmylegslook #whydoiwanttositonthetoilet #salmonfarts #donthurtchoself #exhausted #beautyshots #grabafork #guesswhatthetaginmypantiesisalwaysout #cutthatshit #yourenotgoingtolikethatone #sarayoulookdumb #yussssssssss #doyouwantanythingfromstarbucks…yeahacakepopsoundsgood #sittingisntmyfavorite #bubbleguts #jenny’sbreath #imjustgonnadieonthestairs #whatif #isthatwhatmybellylookslikesmashedintotheground #oooooph

wpid-20150127_200709.jpgwpid-20150127_203610.jpgwpid-20150127_200447.jpgwpid-20150127_200713.jpg wpid-20150127_205438.jpgwpid-20150127_184148.jpgwpid-20150127_195833.jpgwpid-20150127_200318.jpgwpid-20150127_200324.jpgwpid-20150127_200854.jpgwpid-20150127_201450.jpgwpid-20150127_210202.jpgwpid-20150127_200447.jpgwpid-20150127_200709.jpgwpid-20150127_200713.jpgwpid-20150127_200844.jpgwpid-20150127_200901.jpgwpid-20150127_200953.jpgwpid-20150127_201005.jpgwpid-20150127_201026.jpgwpid-20150127_201055.jpgwpid-20150127_201545.jpgwpid-20150127_201729.jpgwpid-20150127_201745.jpgwpid-20150127_202049.jpgwpid-20150127_202308.jpgwpid-20150127_202321.jpgwpid-20150127_202225.jpgwpid-20150127_202235.jpgwpid-20150127_202508.jpgwpid-20150127_202518.jpgwpid-20150127_202721.jpgwpid-20150127_210843.jpgwpid-20150127_210917.jpgwpid-20150127_202801.jpgwpid-20150127_202816.jpgwpid-20150127_203746.jpgwpid-20150127_202952.jpgwpid-20150127_203436.jpgwpid-20150127_203456.jpgwpid-20150127_203649.jpgwpid-20150127_204504.jpgwpid-20150127_204546.jpgwpid-20150127_204642.jpgwpid-20150127_204923.jpgwpid-20150127_204806.jpgwpid-20150127_205127.jpgwpid-20150127_205135.jpgwpid-20150127_205857.jpgwpid-20150127_205901.jpgwpid-20150127_210253.jpgwpid-20150127_210300.jpgwpid-20150127_210433.jpgwpid-20150127_210446.jpgwpid-20150127_210741.jpgwpid-20150127_210733.jpgwpid-20150127_200953.jpgwpid-20150127_211139.jpgwpid-20150127_211147.jpgwpid-20150127_211311.jpgwpid-20150127_211315.jpgwpid-20150127_211318.jpgwpid-20150127_211321.jpgwpid-20150127_211325.jpgwpid-20150127_211329.jpg

Love y’all so much…11th weigh in down!!!  See you next month!!! Xoxoxoxoxox.


Two Meatballs: Pounds and Clothing…Just FALL’in Off!!! (aka the 8th Weigh In)

It’s weigh in time and what beautiful weather we’ve been having!!!  Until today…


It’s realllllly coming down out there…


Woahhhhhhhhhhhh…better change locations!


That’s better, but it’s still so cold!  Should we do the shoot outside!?


Nooooooo….it’s freezing!  Let’s get in that house and snuggle for warmth!!!! #meandmybrightideas #myneighborsaresoconfused


Muchhh better…but what should we do for the weigh in!? A little chair action, a little stair action!


But now it’s chalkboard time!


Shirts offfffff…


Boards down…


And butts out!!!


Let’s head upstairs…


You may ask yourself, how do these meatballs get ready for a weigh in!?  Well, it all starts in the morning #wewokeuplikethis


We wishhhhhhhh!!!!  Prep looks  little more like this…


How did that get in there!?  #findthemeatballs Ok seriously…



Enough fooling around…you guys ready for the result!? Sara…you’re up kitten!



You guyyyyyysssss…I cannot believe that I lost weight this month!!!  Especially 7 pounds.  This feels like such a huge victory.  This month was rough but I feel amazing now and I couldn’t be more recommitted!!! Not only do I feel physically healthier but I feel mentally and emotionally at the top of my game.  I can really feel and SEE such a big difference in my body. I have lost 80 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOLY SHIT! That is the most weight I have EVER lost and you know what…I’m never turning back.  This will be a roller coaster of a journey but I am crossing that finish line no matter what.  Healthy life…here I come! I am grateful everyday for the people in my life.  Thank you to each and every one of you who take the time to follow our ups and downs.  We love you.  And Jenny, I couldn’t do this with anyone else and I certainly wouldn’t have made it this far alone!!!  I love you soooo much and I’m so excited for what’s to come.


Jenny…you’re up kid!!!


Ok so it was only one pound………that’s ok. I made some bad decisions this month so I am just grateful to be down.  But I need to get my ass in gear here…losing one pound a month is not at all satisfying considering all the effort I am putting into this new lifestyle….so my junk food weekends were not worth it looking back now.   But I feel great, I love working out and I feel even better when I am eating all the right things ! It truly is a journey and I’m ready for November !  I don’t have the holiday fears at this moment.  I Will not let my sweet tooth get the best of me!!! So here’s to powerful not pitiful!!!!!


Whew!!! Time to colllapse!!!



Again, Thank you guys soooo much for your support…it just means so much to us BING BONG….oh wait someone’s at the door!!!  Trick or Treat!?  Aren’t you girls a little old for Halloween!?


Happy Halloween from the Siamese Cat Twin Meatballs!!! #twomeatballsonesweatshirt #wearesiameseifyoupelase #wearesiameseifyoudontplease #halloweentradition #whydoilovehatecatssomuch

Cara Dempsey!!!!!  Thank you so much for taking these beautiful pictures!!!  You are a life saver and we appreciate it so much!!! xoxo


And as always…your outtakes!!!  We love y’all!


Can’t wait for next weigh in!!!  #holidaysurvivalguide



#jumpingNEVERworks #cantstoplaughinever #catswillplay #whatitreallylooksliketoputonmakeup #mydisembodiedhead #jennyspowerbeddumpstance #peekaboo




Two Meatballs: Guess What I Did You Guys!?

Heyyyyyyyyy!  It’s Sara!!!!  So, you guys have been following us for awhile now and over the last 7 months Jenny and I have drastically changed our lives in an effort to find our way to a healthy life .  Together we have lost 121 pounds and we truly look and feel like different people!


The gym, cooking healthy meals at home and digging deep and finding out why we ate poorly in the first place are all a part of this success and a part of our daily lives now.


We have hit many challenges along the way…like what to do when you are out with friends and tempted (hello steak frites!)


But the progress has been amazing!!!


Soooooo, guess what I did!?!  With all this progress and knowledge, this month I decided to reward myself for losing 73 pounds by….gaining 3 pounds!!!


You guys…I have been doing whatever the fuck I wanted allllllllll month long and now it’s the 18th!!! I’m not going to lie…it has been so fun and temporarily freeing…but it is also something I know how to do really well and not somewhere I want to stay.  Which means at best I can maybe lose the weight I gained…hopefully!  My new nightmare is that my chalkboard has a plus sign on it!  I got cocky…like really cocky!!! I mean I’ve been buying all these adorable outfits which makes me think that there is no wayyyy I gained weight…look at this leather circle skirt!!!


But my body is starting to feel lumpy again and I don’t feel as beast like at the gym and I’m stuffy and not sleeping as well so I knowwwwww it’s def time to get back on track!!! But I  just kept thinking…it will be fine!!!  Silly rabbit…a lot of sex doesn’t burn enough calories to keep up with all those fries and the 3 batches of cookies you made in 3 weeks! (I finally found one that is healthier and amazing!!!)


But I digress…so getting back in the kitchen with Jenny and cooking felt amazing and tasted great and my body felt so much better.


Having healthier dates with Zan have been great and I’ve actually been learning how to cook sans recipe…


I am leaving Sunday for 2 weeks at the beach which could be an even slippery-er slope, but I’m not going to fold!  I know that this is not new information coming from me but it has further solidified for me that this will always be a battle that sometimes I will be on top of and sometimes I will be underneath!!!  It’s time to get back on top!  I got myself some healthy snacks!!!


And am ready to recommit to Paleo and the gym!!!  I do not want to go back here…this picture was one of the happiest days of my professional life.  I was working backstage at New York Fashion Week at the Skaist-Taylor show and I was 356 puounds…my heaviest ever.  I will not go back, this is a bump in the road.  I ate a piece…or three pieces of pizza the other night and thought…oh shit, this is rock bottom!!!  So I’m back!!!!  And fucking serious!!! My mind is strong and I just have to lead it in the right direction…my body doesn’t neeeeed cookies but my mind sure did!!!  I want to keep pushing through!


Thanks for letting me vent and supporting me!!!  Love you all…somebody push the weigh in date back please!!!  Haha time to bust ass!!!

Two Meatballs: A Meatball Makeover,, Dinner annnnd a Show…Oh MY!

So we did the shoot for our weigh in!!!  It’s always so exciting but it is def getting harder to think of new things to do!!! But we are super excited with our progress! #sneakypeeky!


While editing the pictures I noticed that my hair had suddenly gotten dark and I was ready for a change!  I always have these brilliant ideas AFTER we take the pictures!!!! #ohwell So thanks to my buddy Lauren Munns  who is the living best…I got a little summer pick me up yesterday!!!


I blew my hair out with my new amazing blow dryer and flat iron that I got from our buddy Alejandro and his new amazing company Pro Hair Kit!!!  If you are a stylist you should be getting all of your tools directly from this incredibly talented hair genius.  We love you Alejandro!!!! #hairhero

wpid-img_4497382340892.jpegwpid-img_4506018276304.jpegwpid-2014-07-15-13.48.10.png.pngwpid-screenshot_2014-07-29-09-54-38.pngwpid-img_5367871403423.jpegwpid-img_5362974321029.jpeg wpid-img_121657910421839.jpeg

Oh gosh…how did that get in there! #throwbackwednesday #wegowayyyback has literally everything you need!!! I just ordered the gold line and I could not be more excited about it arriving!!!  It arrived as I was typing this….ahhhhhhh!!! #realtime


Please support our friend!!! Ps thank you so much for supporting the blog Alejandro!!! WE love you so much and congrats on your new adventure!  We love everything that we have gotten from you!

Nowwwww…my sweet little baby boo turned 8 yesterday!!!  Wyatt is so mother flippin grown and wayyyyy too cool for school.  We went to Kanki as we have EVERY single year of this kids life…what a fun little family tradition! This is us last year! #iamawalrus


So let me just take a second to talk about this kid!  I had no idea kids were soooo much fun before Wyatt came along.  This kid cracks me up on a daily basis and I love our dates!!!  We have seen 1,000 movies, had a million sleepovers, did a trillion science experiments, inside jokes galore thanks to Mad Libs and so much more!!!  I can’t believe you are 8 already!!!!!  I love you to the moon!!!! Here is a montage of the adventures of WoMo!!!


Nowwww…onto the celebration!


This is his 8!!!  Here is another montage of the family all together celebrating this sweet nugget with Shirley Temples, Hibachi and fire galore!!!  #thefunneverstops #kingkongrice #soysaucefakeout #myfamilyhatesbeingsangtobystrangerswheredidicomefrom!!?!? #nogiftspleasei’lljusttakethecash #flyingriceballs #firsttimenoonegothurt #parentsusingchopsticks #8goingon16 #helithisfingersonfire #thatsignsaiddontthrowfoodinthere #buthedid #chopstickbattles

wpid-20140728_180158.jpgwpid-20140728_180551.jpgwpid-20140728_180533.jpgwpid-20140728_174519.jpgwpid-20140728_174356.jpgwpid-20140728_174250.jpgwpid-20140728_174040.jpgwpid-20140728_180652.jpgwpid-20140728_180703.jpgwpid-20140728_180719.jpgwpid-20140728_180726.jpgwpid-20140728_180809.jpgwpid-20140728_181143.jpgwpid-20140728_181149.jpg wpid-20140728_174028.jpgwpid-20140728_174017.jpgwpid-20140728_173732.jpgwpid-20140728_181209.jpgwpid-20140728_182451.jpgwpid-20140728_182459.jpgwpid-20140728_182925.jpgwpid-20140728_183105.jpgwpid-20140728_183111.jpgwpid-20140728_183117.jpgwpid-20140728_184210.jpgwpid-20140728_184217.jpg



This kid hoarded all his money and bought himself an iPad mini….ugh-dorable!


Oh how I love my family!!!  Wyatt and I have another tradition of having a sleepover at a hotel (gahhhhh this kid is spoiled!) so that post will follow soon!!!!  This is him snuggled in his robe last year!


Happy birthday 1/2 of WoMo!!!

Countdown to weigh in officially begins…we will be posting on Thursday…so get ready!!!!  We cant wait!!!!  Love you guyyyyyysssss!!!!

Two Meatballs: Does This Make My Butt Look Big?!


From December '13 to May '14...what a difference!

From December ’13 to May ’14…what a difference!

Soooooo, we had the big weigh in last week!!!!  You guyyyys!  Your support and love made our successes that much sweeter!  We both had our goals in mind going into this big weigh in.  The first big goal that Jenny wanted to knock out was to get under 200lbs….BOOOOOM.  She made it in at 194…wahooooooo!  My big goal was to finally move past the obligatory 30 lbs…BOOOOOM. I lost 31, finally past that dark cloud!  We feeeeel ah-mazzzzzing!!!! Normally we would have celebrated with a ridiculously decadent dinner, and tons of drinks and 1000 cigarettes until 3 in the morning.  But this called for something new.  How do we celebrate now!?!  So we decided that the greatest/healthiest thing we could do for ourselves would be…A SHOPPING SPREE! We both desperately need new clothes that actually FIT us! So we trekked it out to Cary and went to Torrid.  If you are a plus sized girl, you should totally know about this place because it is great!  So here is a little sampling of the gorgeous clothes that we found!!!

Torrid Shopping Spree

Different body shapes

Obviously we shared a dressing room…everything is more fun together!!!  But this is the exact same shirt in two different sizes….its amazing how totally different clothes look on us!









As you can tell….we had sooo much fun and we found 1000 things that we loved and needed immediately if not sooner.  Our sales associates were super friendly and totally helpful.


So it may not have been super budget friendly, but I think that we have found a new way to treat yo’ self.  Here’s what we came home with!  Yay for new clothes and retail therapy!!!



As always ….here are the outtakes. #yourwelcome