Two Meatballs: Third Meatball, Transformations and Trick or Treating!!!

It’s time for our third meatball to weigh in!!!  Brandon you’re up!!!





Here we go…….






Yessssss!!!!! Feels good.  I worked hard this month.  I chose to eat better and workout when I really didn’t want to.  Jenny and I had so much going on this month. We were surrounded by celebratory food all month….It was hard, but making the right choices  felt good physically and  emotionally.  Feeling great and ready to take on November.  I’m just so inspired by these ladies everyday and couldn’t be more proud.


Brandon!!!  That’s so amazing!!!! Congrats on your incredible progress!!!  You are murdering it!!! XOXOXOXOXO

You guyyyyys….Thanks so much for the support!!!  We can’t believe that another weigh in is behind us!!!


We are feeling great.  Who knew getting healthy would make you feel so good!? jk winky face.  We thought we would take a minute and do a 8 month retrospective!  Get ready for some epic before and afters.  It’s so crazy to look back and see the changes!

Jenny you’re up first!


And here’s the kicker!


Holy progress Batman!!!  You look amazing Jenny!!!

Alright, I’m next!


And the start to now…


Who am I!?!?!  I feel soooo good!

Now The Meatballs together!

wpid-mycollage_3.pngwpid-mycollage_350.png wpid-mycollage_347.pngwpid-mycollage_349.png

Are you even ready for this!?


But thiiiiiis is my favorite!!!


We had the best time!!!  Now, is it obvious that we LOOOOOOOVE Halloween!?!?!  I have never said no to dressing up!!!  Here is a little stroll costume lane!!!


These are from this year!


Hope your Halloween was amazing and the candy didn’t do too much damage!!! xoxo




Two Meatballs: Pounds and Clothing…Just FALL’in Off!!! (aka the 8th Weigh In)

It’s weigh in time and what beautiful weather we’ve been having!!!  Until today…


It’s realllllly coming down out there…


Woahhhhhhhhhhhh…better change locations!


That’s better, but it’s still so cold!  Should we do the shoot outside!?


Nooooooo….it’s freezing!  Let’s get in that house and snuggle for warmth!!!! #meandmybrightideas #myneighborsaresoconfused


Muchhh better…but what should we do for the weigh in!? A little chair action, a little stair action!


But now it’s chalkboard time!


Shirts offfffff…


Boards down…


And butts out!!!


Let’s head upstairs…


You may ask yourself, how do these meatballs get ready for a weigh in!?  Well, it all starts in the morning #wewokeuplikethis


We wishhhhhhhh!!!!  Prep looks  little more like this…


How did that get in there!?  #findthemeatballs Ok seriously…



Enough fooling around…you guys ready for the result!? Sara…you’re up kitten!



You guyyyyyysssss…I cannot believe that I lost weight this month!!!  Especially 7 pounds.  This feels like such a huge victory.  This month was rough but I feel amazing now and I couldn’t be more recommitted!!! Not only do I feel physically healthier but I feel mentally and emotionally at the top of my game.  I can really feel and SEE such a big difference in my body. I have lost 80 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOLY SHIT! That is the most weight I have EVER lost and you know what…I’m never turning back.  This will be a roller coaster of a journey but I am crossing that finish line no matter what.  Healthy life…here I come! I am grateful everyday for the people in my life.  Thank you to each and every one of you who take the time to follow our ups and downs.  We love you.  And Jenny, I couldn’t do this with anyone else and I certainly wouldn’t have made it this far alone!!!  I love you soooo much and I’m so excited for what’s to come.


Jenny…you’re up kid!!!


Ok so it was only one pound………that’s ok. I made some bad decisions this month so I am just grateful to be down.  But I need to get my ass in gear here…losing one pound a month is not at all satisfying considering all the effort I am putting into this new lifestyle….so my junk food weekends were not worth it looking back now.   But I feel great, I love working out and I feel even better when I am eating all the right things ! It truly is a journey and I’m ready for November !  I don’t have the holiday fears at this moment.  I Will not let my sweet tooth get the best of me!!! So here’s to powerful not pitiful!!!!!


Whew!!! Time to colllapse!!!



Again, Thank you guys soooo much for your support…it just means so much to us BING BONG….oh wait someone’s at the door!!!  Trick or Treat!?  Aren’t you girls a little old for Halloween!?


Happy Halloween from the Siamese Cat Twin Meatballs!!! #twomeatballsonesweatshirt #wearesiameseifyoupelase #wearesiameseifyoudontplease #halloweentradition #whydoilovehatecatssomuch

Cara Dempsey!!!!!  Thank you so much for taking these beautiful pictures!!!  You are a life saver and we appreciate it so much!!! xoxo


And as always…your outtakes!!!  We love y’all!


Can’t wait for next weigh in!!!  #holidaysurvivalguide



#jumpingNEVERworks #cantstoplaughinever #catswillplay #whatitreallylooksliketoputonmakeup #mydisembodiedhead #jennyspowerbeddumpstance #peekaboo




Two Meatballs: From Farmer’s Market to Table

I’ve been really struggling through this break up!!!  Logically I know that it’s for the best but somebody tell my irrational emotions that!!!  I feel like a Cathy cartoon strip…I’m wearing sweats but not working out and all I can think about is eating chocolate and ice cream…Aaaack! #whoIam!?


I am soo not used to feeling like this and no one really told me that even though you have mentally processed everything that a little mourning period follows where it’s not an option to just snap out of it…you kind of just have to feel it and give yourself a little hug.  My mourning period required lots of alone time.  On Friday my mom called and invited me to the Famer’s Market with her and the kids that afternoon.  I neeeeeeded to get out of the house so I gladly accepted! And look at this little blue crew…we didn’t even plan this! #matchingismydream


The Farmer’s Market is the living funnest…so much to explore!


Look at these excited faces!


But the first stop is for fresh squeezed lemonade with limes and cherries for the boys!



Yum!!!  There are lotttts of temptations here!  Not today ice cream!


And look at all this candy!!!


Then it was off to the land of soft pretzels…these kids know what they want!


Temptation got me this time and mom and I shared some kind of a plum crumble….#umyumplum


Then some horsing around!!!


A little more exploring…


I bought some veggies to get back on track!


But now is the time to get down to business…we were here for pumpkins!!!


We found some winners…Chase opted for a tiny baby!


While Wyatt searched for the weirdest one…


He eventually found one that looked like a big ol’ butt. Wyatts was heavy and I kept telling him to smile but he wouldn’t.  Then I took the pumpkin to carry it and he told me…Mo, it just wasn’t the time for smiling…bahahahahahaha!  Gah I love these kids!


What a fun afternoon at the Farmer’s Market!!!


Then it was back to Nanny and Paw Paws…they have a neighbor who goes allll out for Halloween and we had some more exploring to do! #thelandofpuns


Then a little bike and scooter riding was in order!


And then dinner at Kelly’s with more yummy Farmer’s Market finds…yum!!!


But what is a day full of Halloween prep without a little dress up?!



Thanks family for dragging me out of my glass case of emotion!!!  Love y’all!!!  And to everyone else…go to the Farmer’s Market…support your local farmer and eat healthy! Xoxo