Two Meatballs: Third Meatball, Transformations and Trick or Treating!!!

It’s time for our third meatball to weigh in!!!  Brandon you’re up!!!





Here we go…….






Yessssss!!!!! Feels good.  I worked hard this month.  I chose to eat better and workout when I really didn’t want to.  Jenny and I had so much going on this month. We were surrounded by celebratory food all month….It was hard, but making the right choices  felt good physically and  emotionally.  Feeling great and ready to take on November.  I’m just so inspired by these ladies everyday and couldn’t be more proud.


Brandon!!!  That’s so amazing!!!! Congrats on your incredible progress!!!  You are murdering it!!! XOXOXOXOXO

You guyyyyys….Thanks so much for the support!!!  We can’t believe that another weigh in is behind us!!!


We are feeling great.  Who knew getting healthy would make you feel so good!? jk winky face.  We thought we would take a minute and do a 8 month retrospective!  Get ready for some epic before and afters.  It’s so crazy to look back and see the changes!

Jenny you’re up first!


And here’s the kicker!


Holy progress Batman!!!  You look amazing Jenny!!!

Alright, I’m next!


And the start to now…


Who am I!?!?!  I feel soooo good!

Now The Meatballs together!

wpid-mycollage_3.pngwpid-mycollage_350.png wpid-mycollage_347.pngwpid-mycollage_349.png

Are you even ready for this!?


But thiiiiiis is my favorite!!!


We had the best time!!!  Now, is it obvious that we LOOOOOOOVE Halloween!?!?!  I have never said no to dressing up!!!  Here is a little stroll costume lane!!!


These are from this year!


Hope your Halloween was amazing and the candy didn’t do too much damage!!! xoxo





  1. Brandon!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

    The before and afters are truly amazing!!!!

    Sara you were the living cutest prettiest child in the whole world! And nothing has changed!!! I love you!

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