Two Meatballs: Splurge!!!! You Deserve It ;)

As you heard from me last week, I will not be defined by a number.  I love the momentum that Jenny and I have created for ourselves lately.  I am feeling so proud of this progress that I want to celebrate.  My refinance went through this week and I shaved off a project from my renovation list so that I could splurge on some smaller sized fall wardrobe pieces…



A new workout outfit…


My dream rain boots and a bag that I’ve been eyeing FOREVER courtesy of our newMarket at  Colonnade neighbor, Dress! (I didn’t totally splurge, this is a consignment piece!)


It feels so nice to buy myself things that I need and to be able to let loose a little.  So no 3rd bedroom turned into a closet, but yes to a revamp for my master bedroom closet…a great swap!  Another way I’m choosing to celebrate is by treating myself to a class at Durham Yoga Company


with my yoga heroes Jessamyn Stanley and Dana Falsetti!!!


I could not wait to be in the same room as these women!!! I mean, somebody like at them!!!


I love powerful, brave women and I can’t wait to soak in every lesson they have to share.  Their message is that yoga is for everyBODY!!!!  I love the idea that one day, with lots of practice, I can work on getting into (and out of haha #pigeonfail #fuckbirds) any one of these poses.  Plus I love their distinct styles!!!!  I am so excited to be going on this adventure with my client and friend, Gabi!!!! You guys, this class was everything!!!  We got there super early bc we both have that unsettling fear of new things; where will we park, what if we get lost, what if we are late!?  This only gave us lots of time to talk and meet new friends!


When I saw Dana and Jessamyn walking towards us, I felt very fan girl!  They greeted us warmly and we went inside to wait for the previous class to end!


And then it was time.  There were only 6 people in class so it was super intimate and just so fucking amazing.  It was everything that I dreamed of and more.  You know me, I asked for a picture right away and Jessamyn kindly obliged!


Look at those yoga pants…jelly as helly!  Then we jumped right in.  They both talked a lot about how sometimes the hardest part about yoga is just getting yourself to the mat.  Then we did wrist exercises like crazy bc little did we know we were going to hit down dog, high plank, chatarunga, up dog over and over and over and over again.  It was great to watch someone in yoga pants and a sports bra do these poses bc you could really see what they meant.  My alignment and body position changed immediately and ultimately made everything, especially my plank 100 times easier.  This was so challenging, it was just as much mental as it was physical.  I for sure got to a point where I thought, there is no fucking way I can do down dog again!!!  But we finally moved on to half moons and warriors and attempted crow on my part haha.  I was pouring sweat.  But it was so fun and just so damn inspiring.  These women are incredible…like every woman I have met on this yoga journey!  All of the sudden, two hours were up, my arms were shaking but I didn’t want to end.  I felt so much closer to Gabi, we have decided to do something fun and challenging once a month since we made such a great team!  #nosharktanksipromise By this time I had made my blogging wants and needs known and everyone totally obliged for the funnest picture sesh!


It is so bonding to sweat and learn with people in this intimate of a setting.  Plus I just love when people are onboard…look at this fun bunch of nuts! #mypeople  And the fun didn’t stop there.


Look how sweaty and in love!  I wanted to be a part of the skins team! #noshirtsneeded


And then we got crazy!


Look at them!!!


Look at us! Hahahahahah!  Sooooo fun!


Gabi!!! Thank you so much for coming with me!!!  I love you so much!  Jessamyn and Dana, I feel so lucky that I got the chance to practice with y’all.  You guys are amazing and I loved every single second of this time together.  I literally can’t wait to do it again. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ps, lets be friends forever!

The next morning my mom and I started Nancy’s Beginners Series at Bliss Body!!!


I thought it would be a breeze considering it was my second go round, silly bird!  It was so fun seeing familiar faces, two of my fellow graduates decided to retake the series!!!  And then my client/bestie Carol and her mom decided to come as well!  This class was packed and I found a whole new family to love.  Mom, this time together means so much to me!!!  Can’t wait for Saturday! Love you.

What wonderful ways to celebrate a healthier me.  Now, time to stop spending money since my renovation starts the first week of November…more things to be excited about and grateful for.  I love all of you and always remember to treat yo’ self!!!!


Two Meatballs: Baby, You’re a Fireworkkkk! (aka The 16th Weigh In)

Greetings from my amazing client, Jen Wickline’s backyard!  You may remember her place from the inception of the Meatballs…her and her husband Ryan’s epic Halloween bash is the Two Meatballs cover photo!wpid-2014-11-25-18.39.03.jpg.jpeg


It’s almost the 4th of July, time to celebrate America and our 16th weigh in!



Flags up, denim on! Overall, we had a great time! (Did you see what I did there?!)


A little R+R by the pool!


Look at this view!



A little swan foolery (did you see what I did there?!)


Some vitamin C with our snuggles!


Time for bathing suits!



Sarongs off!



Let’s ride that swan into this beautiful pool…what could go wrong?!


Meatballs overbird! (You had to see that one!)


Ok, enough swan play (somebunny stop me!)!!!  Jenny, you’re up bunny!


Hellloooo!!   Im holding strong at 174!  Thats ok…..I worked out a lot this month!  Working hard again feels good!!! I felt so much more confident going into this weigh in this month then i did last month.  I had a lot of events this month too!!  San Diego, my sisters bday, and brothers bday!  I am always reminded at the end of the month that my lifestyle has changed so much.   And i have more control then i have ever had.  But also, tomorrow is a new beginning and i look forward to being better. Cant wait for july!!  Best month ever!!!  I have to say my husband has been fabulous and incredible supportive.  He has actually kept my really motivated this month to be better!! Love you babe.  Love you Sara for always being there!!!   Love my family and life!!!!  Thank you guys for being my therapy.  this is the best release!  love you!


Sara, you’re up Kitten!



I feel great! I have learned so much about myself, patience and trying new things this month! I’m obsessed with Pure Barre. I am so excited to see Sandra this week. I was overall having a fantastic month. Having my quarterly period, going on vacation and going to a lavish wedding the night before weigh in derailed my numbers, but I’ve honestly never felt better. I weigh exactly what I did for the June weigh in last year, but my scale, body, mind and life are finally moving in the right direction and thank goodness for that.  I find myself in a more peaceful, positive and accepting place in my life and it just feels so fucking good. On to August and the rest of this fabulous life.  I will never stop being eternally grateful for my family, friends and the meatball nation. Xoxo to y’all! Enjoy the summer.

What a fun day!


We love you guys so much! We couldn’t do it without you!



Or each other!!!


And thank you Tiffanie for another beautiful shoot and sacrificed Sunday!  We love you!  Also, thank you so much Jen!!!  Your house is a lovely as you are.  Thank you for providing such a gorgeous backdrop! Xoxo


As always, here are your outtakes!  #flagyou #eyesopenbeard #swanfail #wealmostpoppedtheswan #nothingmakesyoufeelfatter #jennyisademon #saraisatorsoonlyperson #imaginaryfriend #sparklershurt #welooklikerednecks #kellyiworeoverallsforyou #merica #fuckyeah #ihaveonlyoneface #itwaswindythatday #hairhorns #complicatedmath #somanychoices #everyonelooksgoodinaflag #swansong #thepoolwaslovely #layinginwetgrass #thereweresecuritycameraseverywhere #wicklinesdontwatchthefootage #fullonnaked #weweretooshorttoopenthegate #somuchfun #backfat #embracingit #flagdick



See you in August!

Two Meatballs: Do What You Sayyyyyyyyy

I feel so much better now that I’ve told on myself.  The truth really does set you free am I right ladies!?  After realizing that no matter how much I wanted nuggets, fries, ranch and diet dr pepper and Zebra Cakes and zero exercising to be my gateway drug to weight loss success, it was just was never going to be the case. #dammit


And realizing that this was indeed never going to be easy and that that was ok, I decided that it was time to put my money where my hungry for sweets mouth was.  I woke up Friday morning pumped!  I went to Whole Foods and got my reset breakfast of wakey wakey, eggs and bakey and a cherry chia seed Kambucha for my little Tina (for all you new readers, Tina is my vagina).  Yuuuuuummmmmm.  I’m not sure there is a more satisfying breakfast in this world.  Something in my brain kept saying call your mom, so I did and ended up taking my breakfast to her house.  You guys…I love my mom.  I mean look at her…don’t you just love her!? Anna Beard is the living cutest!


We chatted it up about all the ideas she has for her house as I scarfed down my healthy breakfast. Then we decided we needed to go to Target asap. There are so many fun decorating ideas in Target…it makes me want everything!!!  And then we were off to Printers Alley for ideas for curtains for her craft room. #whendoesthefunend!? #neverwithyourmombestie

Then we picked Chase up from school!


He said, “I saw you and said yessssssss a thousand times!” #swoon #bestillmyheart #triplets

And we took a look at his art show!


What preschoolers get to do a Jackson Pollack like painting…my childhood and current adult fantasy!


Then went to lunch (a healthy salad fro me thank you very much) and played at North Hills and then I took a page from Jenny’s book …lets play hard #activity points at All Children’s Park.


Chase loves the park.  Wyatt always wanted to go to movies but Chase wants to play…and more specifically…SWING.


Look how happy!


He kept saying higher and squealing…ugh I love him! I did a squat with every push…hello upper and lower body; it’s Sara, it’s been awhile! #whatisthisSWEAT!? Then he wanted to go on the tire swing!  He had several demands…go fast, go high, go in circles and spin, be kind of scary but make me laugh and use both hands.  Yes sir!  And here we go…



What a work out!!!  I got him going good and fast and then I stepped in too close and got slammed in the chest!  I’m always trying to sensor myself around the kids so I yelled….Ahhhhhh!!!! A ninny masher.  Well this totally unhinged him and every time he came around I yelled it again…a real Ninny Masher…not my precious ninnies!?  Oh this kid was dying and yelling I’m going to pee!  Then I got hit in the lady, (my downstairs neighbor Tina) and started yelling….right in the nuggets…you hit me square in the front yard.  This went on for at least 30 minutes and we were both dying…and getting a little burnt. #irish So we finally stopped the tire swing…ouch! And he hopped down and instantly ate sand.  That kid went down and was just a giggling.  Time to regain your equilibrium and for Mo to stop sweating!



He loves him some Nana…and who wouldn’t!?  Then we picked up Wyatt and played ball on the porch at Nana and Paw Paws house.  We literally spent the entire day together and had thaaaaa best time.  The next morning I met my parents at the gym for the first time in a longggg time.  It felt great!


Jenny and I both go to the Fitness Connection at Celebration at Six Forks and they are running a great special…$10 down and $10 a month!  Call this guy and come work out with us!!!


Then we parted ways.  But then my mom called and asked me on a coffee date!!!!


I got the Flat White on a suggestion from my client…I added cinnamon and loved it!  We had so much fun talking about our home makeover dreams.

Next we stopped by Whole Foods and I picked up some supplements thanks to some tips from one of my longest time clients, Carol.  She left me a womens essential oil supplement as my tip and I was instantly hooked!  It tastes like a grasshopper!



She said I need a multivitamin and my probiotic had run out!


Sooooo excited about all my new stuff!  I also picked up some vitamin d, oil of oregano bc everyone is talking about it and turmeric oil…its a great anti-inflammatory that I can add to my new juices I’ve been making.  I also picked up some grain free maple bacon granola and greek yogurt for quick and easy breakfasts!



I’m trying to arm and surround myself with healthy things to stay focused and motivated.  And I just love spending time with my mom.  I spent the rest of the day making egg salad and roasting veggies.


Then Jenny came over and we had a fun date!  We had some Haute Cash to spend at Torrid and we had a blast doing it!  Shout out to my friend Christie who we ran into while shopping! Love you!


We love the don’ts jut as much as the do’s!  So much fun!  And we even got a shout out pic on torrid’s Facebook page!


Then we went out to dinner and I just love this girl!  We never stop laughing and that is my dream.  Then Sunday morning was here before you knew it and it was time for cousin Kristina’s baby to turn 1!  I love a kids birthday party…the fun, the family, the presents, the cake face smashing!  Kristina married into the Weeks family and they are a joy.  Three boys with three kids a piece…i thought our family was big!  It has been so long that we all feel like family which I love…so great to see everyone and celebrate!  Seeing all these cousins playing together reminded me of our childhood!



And then came the epic first birthday cake!!!  My favorite part!


Somebody look at this baby!  Trace is the sweetest!!!!  And Harper, the love of my life and a kid right after my own heart did the obligatory face smashing!!!  My dream!


I managed to avoid the cake but I did eat a rice krispy treat!  What a weekend!!!  Glad to be active and eating healthy again!!!

Two Meatballs: #Fatkinis For Everyone!!!!

*All photos used in the post are for entertainment purposes only and were all obtained from google image searches.

My name is Sara and I am hopelessly addicted to fashion and I always have been.


I mean…this girl means business! #babysara

When I was little I would make collages of models.  I grew up in the heyday of The Super Model #heyoribe and I was hooked from image one.


I’ve had subscriptions to Teen Vogue, Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, In Style, V, W, Nylon and anything else I could get my hands on since the dawn of time.  House of Style on MTV was my jam. #amberandshalom   My best friend Lyndsay and I would play a game where we were designers and we made sketch books of our collections  and would sell them to celebrities! #nerds I watched the George Michael’s Freedom video 1 million-ty times.  I knew every single model and I fantasized about being in that video.  I love love love clothes and styling.  My secret dream job is to be a personal shopper/stylist…you know if my arms ever rip off and I can’t do hair winky face.  #moveoverstaceyandclinton My ultimate dreams came to fruition a few years ago when thanks to my bosses and Oribe and Kien, I got the chance to work Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC.  I had the opportunity to work  Skaist-Taylor’s premier show! #dreamsreallydocometrue


I even had the privilege of helping with the WWD Look Book #ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

But back to childhood…Since I was always bigger, I lived (and still do to this day) to dress my normally sized friends and family!!!  #letmelivevicariously This was what models looked like when I was a kid.


It was hard to find a role model…or positive imagery for plus sized women…or even a place to shop! It was ok for big women to be funny (Roseanne) or successful (Oprah) but they couldn’t dare have the audacity to be thought of as sexy and they had the constant pressure to talk about dieting and the struggle. This shaped my childhood and a few of my teen years.


But it was even worse before my time!


Yeesh! Ouch!!!! I was so envious of my friends who could shop at The Limited Too, 5-7-9 and later The Express #hikelly #itsthisskirt,igotitfromexpress.  I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t make the same clothes, just in bigger sizes.


I found Lane Bryant when I was 16.  For the very first time in my life there was a store that had somewhat fashionable (but possibly not age appropriate) clothing that actually fit my body.  Before 16 I just put on whatever fit…literally.  So, it certainly wasn’t fashion freedom by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely felt better about my self, my choices, my body and my ability to be sexy.  As I got older, other options started popping up…Torrid became a huge go to for me.  Department stores started having better plus size options that weren’t matronly hell; Nordstrom, Belk, Macy’s to name a few.  Then in my very late 20’s, early 30’s something happened.  The population as a whole averaged around a size 14.  And people were getting tired of not having options.  It wasn’t so chic anymore that clothing companies only offered size 00-8.  The majority consumer base was sized out of most clothing stores.  To quote Pretty Women…”I have money to spend”.  And you know what it became for companies who wouldn’t adapt from their antiquated sizing limitations…”A big mistake…HUGE!”  H&M, Forever21, Charlotte Russe all started carrying plus.  Online empires like Eloquii, Igigi, Evans, ASOS Curve, Mod Cloth, Monif C, Simply Be, Evans, BooHoo Official, and so many more offer amazing styles that I could have only dreamed up as a child. Now I really feel like I can craft my own style that represents who I am and what I love instead of being pigeon holed into something bc it’s all I was offered. (i.e.: boxy ill fitting button ups and capris)  Ever since the dawn of social media and bloggers and brave magazines who embraced what the average American woman really looked like…the world started changing…my world in particular. This segment is called…Holy Role Models.


First off..swooooon!  Sexy images of curvy women.  Scantily clad images of plus sized beauties started cropping up…


High fashion images of women who looked a hell of a lot more like I looked (minus the height of course…and the model status …and cheekbones haha)…And even gasp…naked lovelies who weren’t waif-ish and who weren’t ashamed in the least.


Look how sexy these women are!  There is beauty in everything…everywhere you look.  I believe in building people up, not tearing them down….certainly not for their size or looks.  It finally felt like the world was evolving and coming around to the idea that beauty, confidence and sex appeal comes in every shape, color and size. And if you’ve been living under a rock, you may not know this but a pretty powerful thing just happened in the world of fashion…MILK Modeling Agency has signed sized the stunning beauty that is Tess Munster.



Thank goodness the world is evolving!!!! This community is so powerful and so able to be heard immediately thanks to the ever present and growing social media, that clothing giants are listening and bringing in theses bloggers and giving the people what we have wanted all along.  Fashionable, attractive, sexy, on trend clothing. When I found clothes that made me feel good, I started feeling very empowered and feeling empowered is addictive and …empowering.  You want to pay it forward.  You want for every woman, man and appropriately aged child to feel amazing in their own skin and for me the start of that is liking your clothes, seeing people who look like you and embracing the beautiful gifts you’ve been given.  Your sexiness comes from you…others just have the pleasure of taking it all in.  So now we come to today.  The world is full of positive body imagery, powerful body acceptance blogs and tons of clothing options.  It’s also full of women who want to be referred to as simply women, instead of plus size.  I am so guilty of this bc it is a label that has defined me forever.  I find no shame in it, but I can for sure get behind a campaign to unite everyone.  We are women, hear us roar no matter our differences.


But my favorite trend of late is #fatkini.  This trend started last summer in an attempt to have nothing off limits, a ton of very differently shaped and sized ladies decided that ANYONE can wear bikinis…I mean why not…they’re so adorable.  I love this movement and everything that it means.  It means that women are embracing their bodies and loving them and wanting to put them on display.  Yes we can!!!  So today, for the first time in my life I joined the rest of the world and bought my first…several bikins  and you guyyyyyyys….I’m in love!


With three bottoms and three tops I have so many options!!!!  And I’ve never felt cuter!!!! This is my all time favorite trend and it’s more flattering than almost every single one of my one pieces. #fatkinisforall Here are some other real life people embracing this fashion takeover…



And these are my favorite models reppin’ like champs…


This is Fluvia Lacerda.


Ashley Graham…


Tess Munster and friends… And these are my favorite bloggers…


Nadia Aboulhosn This girl changed my whole world…her fashion game is on point and now she has a line with Boo Hoo Official!!! #dreamsreallydocometrue #styleicon #myhero


Danielle Vanier


Gabi Fresh-she has a hell of a sexy swim wear line




Garner Syle is my current obsession (on the right) Chastity Garner-Valentine you should check her out today!!!!  So when I posted my pic from Torrid today with #fatkini on it, I tagged basically everyone I mentioned above and these three awesome things happened…


Swoooooooooooon!!!! My life is complete.  My blogging/fashion idols are the shit.  Garner Style, Gabi Fresh and Fluvia made my whole life!  Thanks y’all.  So in closing, I hope you find the inspiration or trend you need to make you feel as great as you already are. Stop waiting for perfection to happen, no one cares about your stretch marks or bat wings and if they do, it’s really just a reflection of how poorly they see themselves. Hug your judgmental friend…she needs it and go out and get that bikini/romper/jumpsuit/overalls!!!  Check out those blogs.  And if you aren’t plus sized it’s ok…this post is about everyone feeling great about who they are…not just girls that look like me!  Jenny and I are still fighting the fight for health and we choose to be proud and confident during the entire process.

wpid-img_20150327_072618.jpg wpid-photo_2015-03-27_07-59-11_pm.jpg


And in closing this is a little segment called…trends that don’t work for me!!! Hahahahaha!!!  I believe that you should never limit yourself, but I also believe that some things look better on my body than others!  These made the don’t list and had me cracking up in the dressing room. #yourwelcome #camelwoahhhhhh #iveneverlookedshorter #babydenimvest #sorrykelly


I love ugly almost as much as I love things that work!  #anythingforalaugh Lovey’all!



Two Meatballs: Eat Your Heart Out!!! (aka the 11th Weigh In)

Oh hey, we didn’t see you there.  Don’t mind us…we’re just enjoying a good snuggle!


And then a little chat before we really get going…



A little behind action…


And then a quick pillow fight…



Time to wait for the bus…


Then a little lay down for the sick baby…


Ok time to play…


Switch it up…


Time for an outfit change…


The clothes keep comin’ off…


A little snuggle on the stairs…don’t mind if we do!


Eat your heart out…


Ok boards down…


Sara, you’re up Kitten…


I actually gained like 6 pounds this month and fought so hard to get back to zero….damn you  delicious cake pops and poor planning!!!  It’s been crazy busy and I’ve been sooo sick.  But it was also the best month ever so who can complain!? I also have never looked or felt this amazing in my entire life.  I am so excited about being halfway through my journey…90 pounds are gone and I will never see them again!!!  I cannot wait to get to 100 pounds lost. (This feels like verbatim what I said last month haha but nothing changed so I guess it still applies!) I have really had to readjust my mathematic weight loss time tables.  I really didn’t factor in that I am a human with emotions and struggles…I just went straight carry the one on it! Things are not happening at the pace that I had hoped for but such is life. I have the rest of my life to do this…hopefully it won’t take that long though.  I love my support system soooo much and you guys make this so much more exciting. It’s fun to share our results instead of depressing and intimidating!!! Sometimes maintaining in a busy month is the win and it will just motivate me to bust more ass in February. I finally feel like I’m in a healthy place.  Thank you to every single one of you for sharing this lifestyle change with us.  I’m really starting to feel like the world is my oyster and I can do anything I put my mind to! Ps…Jenny!!!!  Congrats on breaking the dreaded 164!!!  You look amazing and I’m thankful to have you in my life every single day.


Ok Jenny, you’re up Bunny…


Yay!!!  Another great month!   I’m just so grateful to be aware of what I’m doing to my body these days.  I have never cared so much before.   I’m learning this is just about being Good to yourself and finding balance.  Haha a libras dream!! I love my new life style and I hope I continue having integrity and success.  I would love to be down a full 60lbs by March.  The mark of our one year!!! No pressure !!! I have never done anything for a year.  That’s exciting!!!  Thank you for all the support!!! I’m down 4 from last month!!!!!  Finally out of 164!!!! Yay


We love you guys soooo much!!!!  Thank you for keeping us honest and giving us a platform to get healthy.  You inspire us everyday.





And Kelly!!!!  Thank you so much for all that you do and for shooting these beautiful pictures.  We love you!!!


And now, as always…here are your outtakes!  #stairfail #weirdtoe #thetagsarestillonjenny #lilwaynescoughsyrup #babysick #ionlyhaveoneface #jennyhas1000cutefaces#thatsmyvagina #lookhowbigmylegslook #whydoiwanttositonthetoilet #salmonfarts #donthurtchoself #exhausted #beautyshots #grabafork #guesswhatthetaginmypantiesisalwaysout #cutthatshit #yourenotgoingtolikethatone #sarayoulookdumb #yussssssssss #doyouwantanythingfromstarbucks…yeahacakepopsoundsgood #sittingisntmyfavorite #bubbleguts #jenny’sbreath #imjustgonnadieonthestairs #whatif #isthatwhatmybellylookslikesmashedintotheground #oooooph

wpid-20150127_200709.jpgwpid-20150127_203610.jpgwpid-20150127_200447.jpgwpid-20150127_200713.jpg wpid-20150127_205438.jpgwpid-20150127_184148.jpgwpid-20150127_195833.jpgwpid-20150127_200318.jpgwpid-20150127_200324.jpgwpid-20150127_200854.jpgwpid-20150127_201450.jpgwpid-20150127_210202.jpgwpid-20150127_200447.jpgwpid-20150127_200709.jpgwpid-20150127_200713.jpgwpid-20150127_200844.jpgwpid-20150127_200901.jpgwpid-20150127_200953.jpgwpid-20150127_201005.jpgwpid-20150127_201026.jpgwpid-20150127_201055.jpgwpid-20150127_201545.jpgwpid-20150127_201729.jpgwpid-20150127_201745.jpgwpid-20150127_202049.jpgwpid-20150127_202308.jpgwpid-20150127_202321.jpgwpid-20150127_202225.jpgwpid-20150127_202235.jpgwpid-20150127_202508.jpgwpid-20150127_202518.jpgwpid-20150127_202721.jpgwpid-20150127_210843.jpgwpid-20150127_210917.jpgwpid-20150127_202801.jpgwpid-20150127_202816.jpgwpid-20150127_203746.jpgwpid-20150127_202952.jpgwpid-20150127_203436.jpgwpid-20150127_203456.jpgwpid-20150127_203649.jpgwpid-20150127_204504.jpgwpid-20150127_204546.jpgwpid-20150127_204642.jpgwpid-20150127_204923.jpgwpid-20150127_204806.jpgwpid-20150127_205127.jpgwpid-20150127_205135.jpgwpid-20150127_205857.jpgwpid-20150127_205901.jpgwpid-20150127_210253.jpgwpid-20150127_210300.jpgwpid-20150127_210433.jpgwpid-20150127_210446.jpgwpid-20150127_210741.jpgwpid-20150127_210733.jpgwpid-20150127_200953.jpgwpid-20150127_211139.jpgwpid-20150127_211147.jpgwpid-20150127_211311.jpgwpid-20150127_211315.jpgwpid-20150127_211318.jpgwpid-20150127_211321.jpgwpid-20150127_211325.jpgwpid-20150127_211329.jpg

Love y’all so much…11th weigh in down!!!  See you next month!!! Xoxoxoxoxox.


Two Meatballs: Six Month Strip!!! (aka the 6th Weigh in)

(chanting quiet whisper) weigh in time…weigh in time (getting louder) Weigh In Time…Weigh In Time (YELLING) WEIGHI N TIME….WEIGH IN TIMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!  You guyyys….guess what time it is…BINGO! It’s that time again!!!  Can you believe this is our 6th weigh in?!!?  We have been on this meatball journey for six months and the progress is crazy!  This time we thought we would do something a little different!!!  We changed up the scenery…we blared Beyonce in the background #iwokeuplikethis…we had our makeup done #thankstiffy…we had a different set of eyes #thankscaraandbeth annnnnnnnnd…we put clothes ON! #whoarewe!? Here is a little trip down the oversized dresses of Bobbies past!!!


I mean…they are hanging off of us now!!!



Sooooo we decided to slip into something that fit a little better…


But something was missing…


Our sweet little chalkboard and reppin 6 months harrrrrd…but something still didn’t seem right…


Getting there…





There it is….much better!!!  Then we slipped into something just a tad more comfortable before the big reveal…



We made ourselves at home…


Annnnd finally got down to business…but how did we do!?!


Should we be bummmmmmed!?


Or just suuuuuuper excited?!!


Lets find out…drumroll please…Sara, you’re up!!!



You guyyyyyyyssss…I was soooo worried about this month!!!  I started August out so rocky with missed gym visits and eating out all the time!  But I rewrote my plan to adjust to all the new great things and it really paid off!!!!  I am sooooo capable of change and I feel so great that I don’t ever want this feeling to end.  This is the most weight that I have ever lost consecutively and it is really empowering.  I have a long way to go but I have honestly never felt so good, committed and completely capable.  Thank you to everyone for their encouragement and support.  Your love means the world and we feel the same about you! xoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxox ps….I look and feel soooooo tiny!!!!!  #wahoooooooooooooooo


Jenny…it’s go time!!!


I feel great you guys!!!!!  I wanted to get to 50lbs this month but I am so excited to be this close.  And I have never felt better.  I can’t believe it has been 6 months!  3 is about all I can handle usually, but this is starting to truly feel like lifestyle!  And that is my biggest goal out of this really, to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.  I have a month before my birthday, so I wanna give it my all before I turn 30!!  I couldn’t be happier or more excited for it.  I have to thank Sara for always being my go to girl! And Brandon for all of his constant support! I love you!!  And thank you Sandra for taking us under your wing!  I have learned so much!  The support from the blog is just incredeable so thank you for always being there!!!!!  I could not do this alone!



One more weigh in down!!!!



It is sooo nice to go on this journey with someone that you love sooooo much…

_DSC2929_DSC2928 _DSC2874_DSC2873


#success #literallycouldntdoitwithoutyou


Can’t wait to see you next month!!!!  As always…here are the outtakes!!!


Love y’all so much!



Two Meatballs: Get Wet!!!!

Ewwwww…you guys get your head out of the gutter!!!!  Anywho…enough about you, lets talk about getting nominated at 2am for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!?!


Well my first thought was fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  So i texted Jenny in the morning and we obviously decided to accept the challenge and to make a donation to a very worthy cause.  No matter how hot it is outside I do not want to get monsooned with ice cold water, but if you’re going to do it I totally suggest doing it with your best friend! So my parents agreed to help us!  My sweet mom Anna filmed and my dad John was way to excited to torture us! Here was everyone’s general sentiment about the impending freeze out…


But it was gooooo time!


And we nominated my cousin Tim and our adorable coworker and friend Kristi Kessler!!!  But it was time to put up or shut up.  Here is out best before and after to date!!!



If you would like to watch the video, please check our Facebook page Two Meatballs Get Fit…it’s hilarious!

It was sooo cold but so hilarious and it seemed to be happening in slow motion! #slowmotionforme


But it was over!!!  Thanks mom and dad!!!  So what do two little drowned rats do after such good doing!?!  Ummmmm, date night!!!  Jenny came over after work on Saturday and we went shopping…


Jenny is soooooo tiny now that the bras at Torrid are too big for her…she is like a medium in straight sizes!!!!  Sooooo exciting! And I found some real fall winners #pleatherleggings…theclassyones

Then we got ready to go to dinner at Poole’s Diner.  That cute guy I’m always going on and on about is a chef there and I had never been….you guyyyyyyys!!!!  It was soooo goood!


He sent out some of our favorites and then we split the salmon, soft shell crab and swiss chard dishes…ummmmm yummmmm. He even popped out for a minute to say hello even though it was crazy busy #ughdorable #billmurrayshirt  Sooooo everyone should go here like all the time!!! #aaaaandhecancook


Best way to celebrate do gooding ever!!!!  Go to Poole’s and donate to ALS!!!


Later I met back up with that adorable chef and we went to Player’s Retreat…the most hilarious little gem that has stood the test of time in Raleigh.


#mystikal #ineverstoptalking #ughwhyishesooooocute

Then Sunday we went downtown to RibFest….something I never thought I would say.  But you guysssss…its was sooooo fun!  The food was amaze and we split it so not too bad and we were walking all around #actvitypoints #paleoasfuck…



There was a great little band from Wilmington who started off with a Nirvana cover #loooove…


Annnnnd there was even an old school Freak Show…


Annnnnd the company was great…


Hope your weekend was great toooOoooo!!!!

Two Meatballs: Did You Guys Know That I Have a Sister Or That I’m Dating The Cutest Guy!?

Bahahahahahahaha jk times a million!!!  Of course you know these things bc I never shut up about them!!!!  So my sweet sis…you guys she is the living best!!!  I am soooo thankful to have her in my life…everyone should be this lucky!!!  I was still feeling super ick from my no air trauma Saturday morning and this little cutie showed up at my house with some Starbucks!!!  And we decided to gallivant all around town.  Since I told her that I felt not so hot she came in jorts and a crappy t-shirt and for once in my life I had options for her to wear!!!  #progress So we played a little game I like to call…two sisters…one shirt!


Then I tried on her t-shirt #fail!!!


She settled on the Mouse tank which it turns out that this tank looked good with everything #whoknew and I rocked my #Meatballnation tank (thanks Kristen)!!!  Get yours today !


Then, we hopped into the car and headed to Torrid…coffees in hand!


All of my clothes were getting a little baggy so it was time to shop!!!  First we decided to try on jumpsuits #failparttwo! #dumpinthepants


#oooooph!  Then I tried on some jorts myself and honestly they were so rednecky and trashtastic I couldn’t commit to a pic! I know its hard to believe based on the hideous pics that we put on here but this one was shameful! #ijudgedmyself But I had a revelation that I went down a size!  These were 22’s and they were HUGENORMOUS!


Then we tried EVERYTHING on!!!! #ilivefortwinning


I joyfully spent some money reinvesting into my wardrobe!  Then we hopped down to DSW!


One win…one intentional fail!!!!  Then it was off to lunch at super yummy super healthy Neomonde’s where we ran into one of my first client’s ever, Johanna and her friend who had just come from a bike ride!!!  I love this girl!



We both got the living yummiest, no guilt lunches and sat outside soaking up all this great weather!!! I had the chicken and steak kabob platter with fatush and corn salad!!!


Then we went to Forever 21…bc who do we think we are!? #youbitchesareinyour30’s


One set of wins, one set of fails!!! And then I found these adorable shorts!!!


Mama’s got a new workout outfit!!!! I wore them later in the week and honestly…look how cute! #walkofnoshame

We could literally paint fences together and we would have fun!!!! Sooo, we spent the whole day together and ate super healthy and got tons of walking exercise and lets be honest…nothing gets you sweatier than trying on clothes!!! #goodforeachother #bestdecisions Then we put on our new shoes…


And hoofed (did you see what I did there) to Chilli’s for Uncle Marty’s birthday!!!! Look at this sweet family!


I can’t really make a good decision at Chilli’s so we came and enjoyed the company and celebration and a heaping glass of water and then met up with my little meatball for actual dinner! Nothing makes me happier than all of my friends and family getting along! We went to Winston’s and had the yummiest salads!!! I’m going to leave this night here and Jenny is going to write about her Mommy’s Night Out on tomorrows post!!! #thefunnestdontmissout


Soooooo…onto that cute guy I’m seeing…have I mentioned him yet!?!! #duhhhhh We had the funnest Sunday Funday!  We had brunch at Beasley’s Chicken and Honey.  You guys are not going to believe this but he knew like errrrryone there. #popular  #solikeable!  Brunch was so yummy I forgot to take pics…have you guys been to Beasley’s!?!  You should go…so goooood….I had The Silver Plate which was scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries…he had something that looked amazing with cornbread, eggs, collards and gravy!  And his sweet friend at the restaurant sent out the living best churros…I only had two bites #guiltypleasure Then we walked to the history museum and learned sooooo much.


#beardinoutwithblackbeard #heytheresoldier

Then we walked around the Capitol #itwastreeemendous and perused the shelves at Barnes and Nobles #americangirldollmagazine watched a lot of Law and Order SVU, he made a yummy little dinner of chicken fajitas #annnnndhecancook and topped the night off with Inglorious Basterds my all time fav movie…


So in a nutshell…best weekend ever!  Tune in tomorrow and see what Jenny has to say about all the places we went Saturday night!!!! #youragoodgirl  We love y’all!




Two Meatballs: meatBALLS OUT!!! (aka the 3rd Weigh In)

You guyyyyyyyyysssssss…….


the time has come…

_DSC1604 _DSC1776

To bare it all….



And show you how we’ve done…


No more hiding…


The numbers are in…


And we are flying high…


Soooooooo the big question…


Did we funk it up….


Or did we totally nail it?! You be the judge…Drum roll please!!!





_DSC1644_DSC1645_DSC1650 _DSC1658_DSC1659_DSC1663_DSC1670

OHHHHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you guyyyyys! I made it under 300!!!!  I feel so amazing and I’m never going to see that 3 again. That plateau was very humbling and so finally making it onto the other side felt like one fazillion dollars. I really cant explain how torturous it was to lose those last 6 pounds to get under my next big goal…but it’s done!!!! The ups and downs of losing weight have proved to be more emotional than I thought…turns out I feel more  than just happiness and anger haha!  #igetsoemotionalbaby You guys are so amazing to send your love and support the way y’all have.  We adore you and we love going on this journey together. Thanks again for being the photographer Brandon…xoxo!




I am so grateful I am down LBS!!!!!   I am feeling sooooo gooood.   I am definitely  starting to see changes in my body.  My endurance is getting stronger and stronger each day! I am constantly looking forward to workouts!  I have to keep this momentum up.  30 pounds is just about when I start relaxing and rewarding myself.  I have to constantly remind myself this is my personal journey, different from anyone else, I have to do what’s best for my body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I am pumped for June and feeling completely committed!!!  The support from everyone keeps me on my toes.  Thank you so much!!  And a big thank you to Brandon for always being so supportive and just amazing! He is my biggest cheerleader!! Love you!  Here we go month number 4!!!!



_DSC1788 _DSC1794


We love you!!!! Please share this link on Facebook!

Here is a little comparison of our first three weigh ins…look how far we’ve come and we’ve only just begun!

1st weigh in April 1, 2014



2nd weigh in May 1, 2014


3rd weigh in June 1, 2014


As always thanks so much for your support…you are really helping us get healthy!!!!  Our gift to you are these heinous outtakes!  #yourwelcome #nojudgement?! #youstillloveus #sorryforthetotempoleitlookslikeimhavingmywaywithher #getitrightgetittightbahahahahahahahahahahahaha

_DSC1617 _DSC1618 _DSC1622 _DSC1593_DSC1818_DSC1817_DSC1809_DSC1808_DSC1789_DSC1780 _DSC1597_DSC1599


_DSC1603 _DSC1605


_DSC1611_DSC1752_DSC1746_DSC1735_DSC1717_DSC1691_DSC1688_DSC1686_DSC1665_DSC1653_DSC1646_DSC1643_DSC1639 _DSC1766_DSC1776_DSC1613_DSC1661 _DSC1615

Two Meatballs: Does This Make My Butt Look Big?!


From December '13 to May '14...what a difference!

From December ’13 to May ’14…what a difference!

Soooooo, we had the big weigh in last week!!!!  You guyyyys!  Your support and love made our successes that much sweeter!  We both had our goals in mind going into this big weigh in.  The first big goal that Jenny wanted to knock out was to get under 200lbs….BOOOOOM.  She made it in at 194…wahooooooo!  My big goal was to finally move past the obligatory 30 lbs…BOOOOOM. I lost 31, finally past that dark cloud!  We feeeeel ah-mazzzzzing!!!! Normally we would have celebrated with a ridiculously decadent dinner, and tons of drinks and 1000 cigarettes until 3 in the morning.  But this called for something new.  How do we celebrate now!?!  So we decided that the greatest/healthiest thing we could do for ourselves would be…A SHOPPING SPREE! We both desperately need new clothes that actually FIT us! So we trekked it out to Cary and went to Torrid.  If you are a plus sized girl, you should totally know about this place because it is great!  So here is a little sampling of the gorgeous clothes that we found!!!

Torrid Shopping Spree

Different body shapes

Obviously we shared a dressing room…everything is more fun together!!!  But this is the exact same shirt in two different sizes….its amazing how totally different clothes look on us!









As you can tell….we had sooo much fun and we found 1000 things that we loved and needed immediately if not sooner.  Our sales associates were super friendly and totally helpful.


So it may not have been super budget friendly, but I think that we have found a new way to treat yo’ self.  Here’s what we came home with!  Yay for new clothes and retail therapy!!!



As always ….here are the outtakes. #yourwelcome