Two Meatballs: When Life Hands You Lemons, Watch #lemonade

It’s no secret that I love Beyonce.  She is strong, sexy, confident, vulnerable and empowering.  I love a strong woman.  So, ever since her new visual album, Lemonade dropped on HBO this weekend, I’ve been hooked. I mean somebody look at her!


Look at how powerful this image is…


She talks about infidelity, self worth, making your own way, she calls out side chicks #beckywiththegoodhair, she says, “Imma keep running, cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”!  I was mesmerized.  I’ve watched it more times than I’d like to admit. So what does this have to do with Meatballs?!  Well I went to see my chiropractor this morning.  I love telling on myself so I told her I’m still really struggling with food.  I’m being lazy and not making good decisions despite my desire to feel healthy again.  We talked a lot about it and she asked me, “what motivates you”?  I answered the obligatory, “my health”.   She said that’s great, but it’s vast.  Keep getting more specific so that you can really latch on to it.  And I laid there and kept trying to distill it down.  Dr. Lauren brought up that when we launched TMGF, we were obsessed with getting on to the Ellen Show.  And we were, it was like a rallying cry, we were consumed with female empowerment and that ANYONE could lose weight.  That feels so far away now…the thought of Ellen, not the desire to make everyone see their own sexy.  And that is when it hit me.  I don’t feel as sexy as I used to. If you are new to the blog…this is a big deal!!!  I am so hot for me typically. But,   I don’t buy cute lingerie for my boyfriend anymore. It’s been a year and a half and I know people say that things slow down and that’s just the way it goes, but it’s not like that with us. We are still all over each other.  We’re both Scorpio’s so the way to my heart is through the bedroom and he gets me and all the intensity that comes along.   He makes me feel incredibly sexy and wanted, which I love.  But I used to make me feel incredibly sexy and wanted.  I have always felt sexy and powerful.  Where has this feeling gone?  I’ve gained weight bc I’m not eating healthy or exercising…two things I actually really enjoy doing!  But I’ve been this big before and still felt desirable.  The thing that has changed is that I really know what it feels like to feel better.  And it’s not just that…all of the integrity of doing what I said I wanted to do…be healthy, lose weight, writing about the struggle that all people face while trying to fight the good fight myself…all of those things made me feel like I was Beyonce.  I would prance around my house or my boyfriends feeling unstoppable.  So that is my motivation.  I want to put the spark back in the sexual relationship with myself.  I want to feel hot in my clothes.  I want my boyfriend to see something new, not just what he comfortably loves.  When I came home today after grocery shopping for healthy food (lazy is a choice), I grabbed my laptop and put on Lemonade.  I found myself instantly feeling that power that I always feel when I hear the queen.  And I thought, what better time than now to reclaim my power. Talk about motivation.


I can feel it changing as we speak.  Love you all.




Two Meatballs: Resolutions Check In!

I love a new year and more than anything this year I love Spring! As long as we can avoid the Easter candy!!!


Spring always feels like a rebirth or an awakening!


It’s time for shorts!!!!


I chopped my hair off for the occasion!


I spent this winter pretending to be a bear who desperately needed to get fat to survive the cold! #check


So now that it is warm outside I thought it would be a good idea to check and see how these bold New Years Resolutions were going!  Here is what I chose to do this year:



1. Be kind and grateful every single day

2. Fight less

3. Use your smarts for good not evil

4. Stay strong and focused

5. Reach my weight goal of 160

6. Keep cooking and stay active

7. Be open to sharing my life with someone

8. Find better coping mechanisms for when I’m overwhelmed

9. Throw yourself into juicing

10. Read at least one book a month…this is my first book recommended by my fab sis Kelly from a fellow blogger…Momastery’s Glennon Melton! #pumped #inspirationfordays


Check in:

1. Ok so I think I am killing it on the kindness front.  I didn’t like the way I was being perceived and as we all know perception is reality so being kind and loving feels a million percent better.  My misplaced passion comes across as aggressive anger and that is not my intention! Yay…starting off on a good foot! All of this makes me feel super grateful! Check #2!


2.  I am def fighting less!  I am really trying not to bicker or engage in fights for fun!  #2 check!


3.  This one cracks me up!!!  When I reread it I thought good lord…what were you doing up until now?!  But I think I’ve succeeded on that front as well.  Changing my perspective to wanting to help and being open, loving and empathetic makes it almost impossible to tap into my middle school mean girl! Well, this feels great!


4. Ooooph, well I have been working very diligently on focusing and organizing!  That is a plus!


5.  Ugh!  I have officially gained 20 pounds.  I need to get my mind back in the game…not driving back from the Grand Canyon!



6.  Jenny and I have started cooking again and the gym is no longer a dusty stranger in my life!  Thank God!


7. I’m exploring possibilities 😉


8. Well, this one has been a struggle.  Food has been my coping mechanism and most recently Edible Art strawberry lemonade cupcakes, so this one still needs some major work! #evenbeyahasbaddays


9.  I officially own a real juicer thanks to my client Ruth!!!  It’s go time with this one!  Also, I just ordered a juice cleanse to get myself started from Humdinger!!!  #excited


10. I finished reading Carry On, Warrior and it was so inspirational and amazing.  Now I’m reading a gift from my bestie…Amy Poehler’s Yes Please and it is wonderful, funny and empowering.  Next in line is Lena Dunham’s book!  Can’t wait!!!


Ok so the check in was about 70/100.  I love a grade, I love to know where I stand but honestly folks  its a big fat D and not the kind I like #ayohhhhh. There are some things that def need to change.  I don’t commit to anything unless my mind is right.  As Joelle coined it, it’s the Kinda Sorta mentality.  When I check back in I’m in until I’m not and unfortunately there have been more off days than on days this month.  Whenever I talk about this in real life everyone always tells me to give myself a break. But I think I might be better off clocking back in from break and getting back into the swing of life.  See that’s the thing with a lifestyle change.  You aren’t getting back on your diet, you are actually getting back to your life….which seems way less overwhelming and more motivating.  And right now normal sounds delightful. Jenny and I had a great pow wow yesterday.  We were headed to Edible Art to eat cupcakes and talking about why we were so fat and unmotivated…do you see the irony here!?  Well we got so pumped up to move on that we turned around, she went to the gym and I went to the grocery store!!!  We said no to ourselves.  We are tired of being fat…


We’re tired of being sad about it!


We are happy girls and we know how to do this!


No more bullshit start stops!



Our great pal and fitness guru gave us a hell of a pep talk yesterday! He said just remember how good it felt to be committed! Get yourself back there! Thanks Michael!


So in closing, I thought I would pour on the inspiration…I know I need it and hopefully you will find something in it as well.


Love y’all!  Can’t wait to feel this good again!



Two Meatballs: I Believe I Can Fly!

I had a lot of revelations this weekend. This is Sara!!!  Hiiiiiii! Generally speaking I am a confident person.  I don’t generally feel like I limit myself.  I feel capable of so much. But, recently I have realized that I’ve gone through life thinking…wow, everyone else really has their shit together and that I was doing alright but def on the struggle bus for a lot of things. Normal life things seemed a little tougher to me. To me, it always seemed like things came very easily to others…like organization, eating healthy, exercising, school, becoming a grown up through the “normal” channels of getting married, having babies, having a pet, cooking, domestic issues, keeping a tidy car, not murdering people who won’t move up in the Starbucks line in a timely manner and finances.  But in reality, everyone is fighting their own battles and struggling with their own demons.  Most people aren’t as open about things that aren’t going well, bc it’s scary to put things that aren’t perfect out into the world…it’s easier and for sure more fun to talk about what is going right!  I think that that is what felt so isolating to me.  I always felt upfront about airing my imperfect laundry and when no one else chimed in, I assumed that their silence was further confirmation that these things were not a problem for others and that I was indeed a total mess of a child.  But, that just isn’t the case.  Which to me is the most freeing thing!!!!!  I don’t have to do things in this unrealistic Martha Stewart perfection way I’ve convinced myself is right!  I just have to find something that works for me and stick to it…or switch it up when things are no longer working. #freedommmmmmmmmmm Now that I know that everyone struggles, I can shelf that shackle that has been holding me back.  I have also realized that my words to myself are very powerful.  I have lots of truths that I tell myself….I’m not an outdoors-y girl, I’m not responsible enough for children, I’m a bad driver, I’m not athletic, I’m not very domestic, I’m intimidating, I’m not a runner, I’m not a pet person, Maybe I’m meant to be single…the list of my self evident truths is endless.  I don’t want to have limiting beliefs.  My boss Joelle always says, if I don’t know how to do something, it’s not that I can’t do it, I just need to learn how.  Well….genius.  So this weekend I really got outside of my box and signed up for Fleet Feets No Boundaries 5k program.  You guys, this sentence includes so many things I’ve always told myself weren’t a part of my life, like leaving my house…before 8 am on a Saturday…. when it’s 25 degrees…to go be outside…for an extended period of time…to exercise with strangers…to learn how to run…3.1 miles.  I can’t stress enough how much has changed in a year!!!!!!!  I was beyond nervous and soooo ready to bail…especially bc Jenny works Saturdays and she couldn’t be my codependency partner in health.  But I went to Target the night before with Jenny and got a new warm hat, gloves and hoodie, went to bed early and told myself, you signed up for it…you have to go.  And I did. First I put on every single item of clothing I own. #couldibewearinganymoreclothes!? #iliveforlegwarmers



Then I met my sweet pal Karen…doing something with a friend is genius…you are so much less likely to bail! #meatballsub


And we stood outside learning about all the different training groups for the 5k program! I actually saw a lot of familiar faces from the Ton of Fun event and simultaneously lost all the feeling in my toes!


It was fahhhh-reezing balls…then we met with our mentor, Jennifer.  Karen and I being total novices chose the walking group!


And we were off!


Today was just a mile…kind of a get to know the program and each other day!  Our mentor Jennifer was so great and inspirational.  We walked together and told each other our stories.  She told me how she had gone from never running in her entire life to being a mentor for Fleet Feet.  She got me really pumped and we did a nice, fast paced mile  together and between the conversation and me trying not to become hypothermic , the mile was over in no time! It also gave me the confidence to next Saturday move into the walk to run 2 group!  Jennifer…it was the living best meeting you..thanks for motivating me and to help me believe that I can do this!


Karen and I survived!!!!  And we had all of our limbs when we came back!


Then it was weigh in time for Ton of Fun!!! Da na Da na Da na!!!


Karen lost 4 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooooooo!


I gained 1.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More on that later in the week!!! Haha I love you Karen!!!  So glad we are getting healthy together!!!  So on my car ride home was actually when I had all of the above revelations.  As I was pulling onto the Wade Ave exit I thought…how many other things have you held yourself back from bc you decided before you even tried it that it “wasn’t for you”?! I am notorious for telling people…not with that attitude!!!  If you come to me and say I can’t meet my numbers this month I will always say not with that attitude!!!!  But you guys, why wasn’t I saying it to myself?! From now on, I’m changing my story and telling myself I can do anything…and if I don’t know how to do it, I simply have to learn.  Bye bye shackles…I no longer want to be the one holding myself back from all that life has to offer.  Thanks to everyone at Fleet Feet who reached out to these Two Meatballs!  Y’all came into our lives at the perfect moment and the opportunities that y’all have given us have motivated and empowered me to feel capable of more that I ever knew possible.  So, if you find yourself with a bunch of truths…re-evaluate them!!!!!  Maybe you are more than you give yourself credit for.  Last lesson of the day…GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! Love y’all.

Two Meatballs: Would You Get A Look at Those Yams!!! (aka the 9th Weigh In)


Oh, we didn’t see you there!!!  Come on in and make yourself at home…we’re just perusing the cookbooks trying to find something to make for a nice holiday dinner??!!!


Time for a coffee break before we get to work!!!


Ok, time to tidy up before we cook the big meal!


Let’s slip into something a little more comfortable and get to cooking!



Time to set the table…


Lets get dressed for dinner!


And carve the chicken (is that a thing!?) and make our plates!


Uh-oh…food fight time!!!


Thank gah we didn’t have pies…this would have gotten really messy!!!  Now it’s just time to wait for Santa!!!


What was that coming from the chimney!?



Oh!  Just Jenny…awkward family photo time!



Let’s warm up before we take it all offffff!!!


Ok enough foolin’ around…Jenny, you’re up kid!


I lost zero and I couldn’t be happier!   Who knew these were hard months?!?!  Oh everyone.   Well maintaining my weight lost thus far is a success!!!! I really hope to lose some weight next month!! I’m still feeling extremely focused.  I’m so aware when I’m not sticking to my diet….my budget falls off and I avoid the scale.  So it was a pleasant surprise I did not gain.  I still worked out, which kept me engaged.  Christmas is defintely my favorite holiday. SO I need to prioritize my celebrations this month . I’m still learning the lesson, I can not do it all!  I can tell myself no…I think!  Integrity feels better then any food cheat. Sleep deprivation has the worst effect on me, so I am really going to try and stay rested on and go to bed more thoughtfully.  My family is amazing and  couldnt do this without them and I defintely couldn’t dO this without My bestie, love you sara!


Alright Sara…you’re up kitty!



Sooooo, it wasn’t my best month but it certainly wasn’t my worst.  Surviving my birthday and flippin Thanksgiving and still managing to lose 2 pounds really does feel great.  Now if I could only have been as dedicated as I was this last week of November, alllll month, I really would have something to celebrate!  I am feeling super pumped about December.  We have our big company party, The Bobies, in January and  I really want to be down 100 pounds by then!!!  I love a goal…now NO MORE SUSHI for awhile at least.  I have never felt better and I never want this feeling to end. I’m entering my 10th month of being sober and who knew it would feel this great.  No turning back.  I genuinely love all of you and I’ll spend the rest of my days trying to show you how grateful I am to have y’all on this journey with us. Xoxo to the moon.


We survived another weigh in…together!!!


We love you guys!


And thanks so much to Natalie and Krystal for hair and makeup and Cara Dempsey for taking our pics again!!!  We love y’all!!!


And as always… get ready to laugh…I know we did!!!


Here are your outtakes!!! #idrewunderwearonmyselfcanyoufindthepics?! #ginagotabigolbutt #crotch #allofmyassisout #ghostfacekilla #weareneveronthesamepage #amibeyonceyet #weliterallydidntwearpantstheentiretime #yonceashell#iknowyoucare #smackitsmackit #imgoingtoridethepigs  #imscaredimgoingtobreakthepigs #crotchwatch#greenbeantothedome #smack #iheardnoiseinthechimney #itsamirrorthewritingisbackwardsyoudumbass #you’reinmyshot #allllloftheseareblurry #dempseyselfies


See you under the mistletoe next time!!!

Two Meatballs: Confessions of a Cheating Meatball!!!

You guysssssss….it’s Sara!  I have really been flirting with the boundaries of my paleo and exercise lifestyle lately!!!!  I don’t know if it is because I feel sooooooooooo amazing that it’s making me feel cocky and I’m forgetting that it took being super diligent,  focused and disciplined to get me here or if I’m just bored!!!  But between never being home anymore #heyohhhhhh #newrelationship and just not cooking as much and traveling a lot, room service and eating out all the time and skipping some gym visits…I feel like I REALLLLLLLY need to reign it in. #outofcontrol  I feel sooooo much better talking about it bc then it doesn’t feel like  it’s a dirty little secret!  Everyone hits bumps in the road but this bump has been like a good month.  Swaying from my routine is always a bad trigger for me but I’m excited about everything that is happening right now so I just need to remap this plan and not just say fuck it. Luckily I haven’t gained any weight but I certainly haven’t lost any either.  I have to refocus…stop eating gd steak frites every other day…stop eating out so much and recommit to my gym schedule and I don’t know…maybe get some sleep!?!  I feel soooo committed to my end goal!  This is hard work and it’s not going to get easier annnnnnd it’s a lifestyle change!!!!!  Gosh this feels really good to get it out!!!!  Jenny is oooooh sooooo great about letting me vent but we made a commitment to be super honest with you guys so I needed to get this off my chest! Ok so Jenny is headed over right now to do a cooking segment which means we will eat healthy this week!  I already have my gym bag packed for the morning since I skipped it ALLLLL  weekend long!  No more eating out while I’m at work!  I went to Trader Joe’s today and stocked up for the week!  I am feeling super empowered and refocused.  I am capable of starting new things without derailing myself.  Tonight I’m going to get an epic night of sleep and stick to my budget this week.  My breakfast and lunch are laid out for tomorrow!


I have a plan so I’m going to plan to succeed not fail.  The next weigh in is around the corner and I am going to keep on marching towards my ultimate goal of being healthy!  This is a total rant…thank you for letting me get it out and thanks so much for going through all the ups and downs of this with us!!!!  We love you!!!!!  I’m going to do a montage to keep myself motivated!!! This is my new facebook profile pic and I feel amazing!!!  Look at those little arms…they will not stay little or get smaller if I keep straying from this path!  Next to it is a profile pic from the year before! This segment is called…what a difference a year (or several months) makes!


My latest date with Chase vs a year ago…


My latest sleepover with Wyatt vs a year ago!



The three of us recently and a year ago!


Our first weigh in until now!!!



One of our first workouts with Sandra vs now!






The differences are awesome and we’ve worked so hard!


And it’s worth celebrating even a year later! #lovethatwatch



Our  bff necklaces that we used to wear as  bracelets bc they were toooooo tight!



Look at how far we have come…I’m not turning back from the Grand Canyon!


Here are some final images that I really love and some that always really inspire me or just make me laugh…



When we first started talking about who we saw the other as in our fittest selves.. I saw her as Mila Kunis and she saw me as Julianne Hough! So I found these images in my phone from when we first started this little adventure!



I’m feeling super pumped!!!  Onto the rest of our lives!  Love you guys!




Two Meatballs: Fireworks, F@%$ Ups and a Fat Crushing Workout!!!

First off….HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! #merica We hope your weekend is full of sparklers, fireworks, bodies of water, cookouts, family and friends.


#kelseyisthecutestever #butsooooisdustin #salonpatriotism#mericanails #leeisthebest

This weigh in felt epic! We hit 20,000 views on Facebook for Two Meatballs: Grin and Bare it!!!


Holy shit!!!  We feel great, we are getting a million compliments and together we’ve lost almost 100 pounds!!!


So what have we done…gotten cocky and started getting a little slack! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I did better on vacation than I have this week…who does that?!!  Jenny and I made a pact on Tuesday morning to give up our personal vices for one week.  She said goodbye to dark chocolate and I said adios to pistachios (NOOOOOOOOO)!!!


Thank you Nikki and Jack for the immersion therapy! #canyoutelljackiseatingpistachioandnikkiiseatingdarkchocolate #masicsm

So we started this month with great intentions.  Then we posted the weigh in and the praise and compliments came pouring in (thank y’all so much) and that little voice in the back of our heads (not blue cross blue shield) said….YOU’VE ARRIVED!.  Surely we must be done right?!  We look great, we  feel great…time to eat! We went to Ale House Wednesday night to celebrate..again with great intentions…what’s more Paleo than WINGS!? But then I ordered onion straws and we both ate our weight in bleu cheese. Woooooooof… We felt so awful when we left…I felt stuffy and like I had a cold and we both felt hungover and can you say BLOATED.  What a way to celebrate right!?  Lesson learned.   BUUUUUUT then I met up with some girlfriends last night that I hadn’t seen in a million years and we went to Coquette. Love you Robyn and Ellen!!!


Let me say…Coquette had some really great options…there was a pan seared duck breast and even my fav…scallops!  But do you know what I ordered!?!?!?  STEAK FRITES!  For those of you like my sister that struggle with French (#haricotvertshahahahahahahaha) its steak and FRIES!  Like French fries you guyssss…white potato, fried shoestring French fries.  And I know French so this wasn’t like oh whooopsies…I didn’t know what frites were!  But they were delish and it happened.  So then I woke up the next morning before our work out with our super best buddy Sandra Axman ( caaaaaaaaaallllllll her!) and adorably hopped on my scale as if I were going to see a loss and you are never going to even believe this shit y’all….I GAINED 3 POUNDS. Duhhhhhhhhhhh Sara!  Anyways I got dressed and went downstairs and sweet Jenny picked me up!  And she was in a mood…a mood that much reflected how I was feeling.  Neither one of us felt like exercising, we were both being bitchy and super irritated…it’s the craziest thing when you stray from what works how quickly your mind goes to fuck it mode. Sooooo we had a little counseling sesh on the drive to the gym.  We both have been too slack…eating too much, eating out, not eating the right things, not getting enough sleep, being slack with water and for me skipping my normal workouts.  She said I’m going to use all this anger in our workout today…#genius!  A workout was just what the doctor ordered.  How can you be mad when you are so physically exhausted and so proud of what you just accomplished!?  And by the by…Sandra you are the greatest human…thank you for forcing us out of our funk and always being so encouraging, positive and energetic.  You are a ray of sunshine that both of us desperately needed this morning and your commitment to our journey and end result is something that we are so grateful for!!!!!!!  We love you to the moon and back.  On to the workout…these first few pics we were still deep into bitch mode.


But we half heartedly tried to get over it!


But we really just wanted to go back to sleeeeep!


We went inside and the tom foolery began…lets be honest nothing makes us feel better than acting like children!


Then Sandra asked the question that we have heard 1,000 times this week…”have you guys been measuring?”  Nooooooo we are idiots!  Why didn’t we measure …that would be an awesome way to track progress!  So we started today! We also got our BMI and some other important number using a Gameboy like hand held device


Aaaaand now on to the workout for real!  This was both of our favorite workout ever!!! It was HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and we did Tabata which involves doing a particular exercise at high intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest.  It’s repeated 8 times for a total time of 4 minutes! (Explanation courtesy of Sandra)  First we did the dumbest cardio ever(this is Sara speaking…I hated this damn band)…it involved a small thick band that went around our ankles  and then you stepped up and over a step aerobic step (#howmanytimescanyousaystepinonesentence) and we did a Tabata here.


Take a closer look at why I hated these…my poor fat ankles…my cankles/calves got eaten by rubber!


Then there were two stations both with two different exercises each. The back station you were kneeling on a BOSU ball doing reverse chest press (pull down) And at the chest station you did a  chest press on a bench and we did these for 8 rounds…


Then we did the second exercise at our stations.  At the back station you switched to standing trx rows and at the chest station you switched to chest fly’s!


Then we got onto our mats and did Tabata ab work…with two different exercises working two different areas.  First was upper abs with crunches for 8 rounds then lower abs with leg crunches (laying flat and bringing your bent legs to your chest and then extending them back out) for 8 rounds. (There were no pics of this so we recreated this at work! #yourwelcome #mybackissoooohairynow)



Then we did a cardio thing back on the step with one leg stationary with the other leg being brought up with the knee bent and tapping the ground and bringing it back up again for 8 rounds…holy burn batman.


Then we switched stations and whoever did back went to chest and vicey versey!

Did you breath a sigh of relief and think that we were too but WRONG! haha

Next was two different stations one for biceps and the other for triceps.

At the bicep station we did bicep curls while sitting on an exercise ball to engage our core!  At the tricep station we had a stretchy thingy with two handles attached to an elliptical machine for stability and we had to do tricep extensions (Huge shout out to Michael for helping me figure out workout jargon…he is not responsible for the dumb shit I make up but for the correct terminology!)


Then before we switched stations we did a cardio/quad blaster back on the aerobic step. You start with your right foot fixed to one spot on the step and then do speed skaters for 8 rounds. After each round you alternate the leg that is stationary.


Then we switched bicep and tricep stations…


Annnnnd that was all she wrote!  This workout felt ahhhh-mazing!  Then we had to jackass around again!


And do a little homage to sweet dead Fat back Friday!


We just can’t keep our clothes on now!  But look how much smaller!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

And finally Sandra (yelling this) WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  To everyone reading this…if you are struggling to find the motivation to work out of just don’t know what you are supposed to do, this woman will educate and inspire you and help you get to your goal 1 squat at a time! Look at the difference she has made in our lives!?!?


She is LITERALLY the living best!




Enjoy your holiday weekend!!! XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOOXO!

Two Meatballs: meatBALLS OUT!!! (aka the 3rd Weigh In)

You guyyyyyyyyysssssss…….


the time has come…

_DSC1604 _DSC1776

To bare it all….



And show you how we’ve done…


No more hiding…


The numbers are in…


And we are flying high…


Soooooooo the big question…


Did we funk it up….


Or did we totally nail it?! You be the judge…Drum roll please!!!





_DSC1644_DSC1645_DSC1650 _DSC1658_DSC1659_DSC1663_DSC1670

OHHHHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you guyyyyys! I made it under 300!!!!  I feel so amazing and I’m never going to see that 3 again. That plateau was very humbling and so finally making it onto the other side felt like one fazillion dollars. I really cant explain how torturous it was to lose those last 6 pounds to get under my next big goal…but it’s done!!!! The ups and downs of losing weight have proved to be more emotional than I thought…turns out I feel more  than just happiness and anger haha!  #igetsoemotionalbaby You guys are so amazing to send your love and support the way y’all have.  We adore you and we love going on this journey together. Thanks again for being the photographer Brandon…xoxo!




I am so grateful I am down LBS!!!!!   I am feeling sooooo gooood.   I am definitely  starting to see changes in my body.  My endurance is getting stronger and stronger each day! I am constantly looking forward to workouts!  I have to keep this momentum up.  30 pounds is just about when I start relaxing and rewarding myself.  I have to constantly remind myself this is my personal journey, different from anyone else, I have to do what’s best for my body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I am pumped for June and feeling completely committed!!!  The support from everyone keeps me on my toes.  Thank you so much!!  And a big thank you to Brandon for always being so supportive and just amazing! He is my biggest cheerleader!! Love you!  Here we go month number 4!!!!



_DSC1788 _DSC1794


We love you!!!! Please share this link on Facebook!

Here is a little comparison of our first three weigh ins…look how far we’ve come and we’ve only just begun!

1st weigh in April 1, 2014



2nd weigh in May 1, 2014


3rd weigh in June 1, 2014


As always thanks so much for your support…you are really helping us get healthy!!!!  Our gift to you are these heinous outtakes!  #yourwelcome #nojudgement?! #youstillloveus #sorryforthetotempoleitlookslikeimhavingmywaywithher #getitrightgetittightbahahahahahahahahahahahaha

_DSC1617 _DSC1618 _DSC1622 _DSC1593_DSC1818_DSC1817_DSC1809_DSC1808_DSC1789_DSC1780 _DSC1597_DSC1599


_DSC1603 _DSC1605


_DSC1611_DSC1752_DSC1746_DSC1735_DSC1717_DSC1691_DSC1688_DSC1686_DSC1665_DSC1653_DSC1646_DSC1643_DSC1639 _DSC1766_DSC1776_DSC1613_DSC1661 _DSC1615