Two Meatballs: Resolutions Check In!

I love a new year and more than anything this year I love Spring! As long as we can avoid the Easter candy!!!


Spring always feels like a rebirth or an awakening!


It’s time for shorts!!!!


I chopped my hair off for the occasion!


I spent this winter pretending to be a bear who desperately needed to get fat to survive the cold! #check


So now that it is warm outside I thought it would be a good idea to check and see how these bold New Years Resolutions were going!  Here is what I chose to do this year:



1. Be kind and grateful every single day

2. Fight less

3. Use your smarts for good not evil

4. Stay strong and focused

5. Reach my weight goal of 160

6. Keep cooking and stay active

7. Be open to sharing my life with someone

8. Find better coping mechanisms for when I’m overwhelmed

9. Throw yourself into juicing

10. Read at least one book a month…this is my first book recommended by my fab sis Kelly from a fellow blogger…Momastery’s Glennon Melton! #pumped #inspirationfordays


Check in:

1. Ok so I think I am killing it on the kindness front.  I didn’t like the way I was being perceived and as we all know perception is reality so being kind and loving feels a million percent better.  My misplaced passion comes across as aggressive anger and that is not my intention! Yay…starting off on a good foot! All of this makes me feel super grateful! Check #2!


2.  I am def fighting less!  I am really trying not to bicker or engage in fights for fun!  #2 check!


3.  This one cracks me up!!!  When I reread it I thought good lord…what were you doing up until now?!  But I think I’ve succeeded on that front as well.  Changing my perspective to wanting to help and being open, loving and empathetic makes it almost impossible to tap into my middle school mean girl! Well, this feels great!


4. Ooooph, well I have been working very diligently on focusing and organizing!  That is a plus!


5.  Ugh!  I have officially gained 20 pounds.  I need to get my mind back in the game…not driving back from the Grand Canyon!



6.  Jenny and I have started cooking again and the gym is no longer a dusty stranger in my life!  Thank God!


7. I’m exploring possibilities 😉


8. Well, this one has been a struggle.  Food has been my coping mechanism and most recently Edible Art strawberry lemonade cupcakes, so this one still needs some major work! #evenbeyahasbaddays


9.  I officially own a real juicer thanks to my client Ruth!!!  It’s go time with this one!  Also, I just ordered a juice cleanse to get myself started from Humdinger!!!  #excited


10. I finished reading Carry On, Warrior and it was so inspirational and amazing.  Now I’m reading a gift from my bestie…Amy Poehler’s Yes Please and it is wonderful, funny and empowering.  Next in line is Lena Dunham’s book!  Can’t wait!!!


Ok so the check in was about 70/100.  I love a grade, I love to know where I stand but honestly folks  its a big fat D and not the kind I like #ayohhhhh. There are some things that def need to change.  I don’t commit to anything unless my mind is right.  As Joelle coined it, it’s the Kinda Sorta mentality.  When I check back in I’m in until I’m not and unfortunately there have been more off days than on days this month.  Whenever I talk about this in real life everyone always tells me to give myself a break. But I think I might be better off clocking back in from break and getting back into the swing of life.  See that’s the thing with a lifestyle change.  You aren’t getting back on your diet, you are actually getting back to your life….which seems way less overwhelming and more motivating.  And right now normal sounds delightful. Jenny and I had a great pow wow yesterday.  We were headed to Edible Art to eat cupcakes and talking about why we were so fat and unmotivated…do you see the irony here!?  Well we got so pumped up to move on that we turned around, she went to the gym and I went to the grocery store!!!  We said no to ourselves.  We are tired of being fat…


We’re tired of being sad about it!


We are happy girls and we know how to do this!


No more bullshit start stops!



Our great pal and fitness guru gave us a hell of a pep talk yesterday! He said just remember how good it felt to be committed! Get yourself back there! Thanks Michael!


So in closing, I thought I would pour on the inspiration…I know I need it and hopefully you will find something in it as well.


Love y’all!  Can’t wait to feel this good again!




  1. Not the kind of d I like!!!! Bahahaha!!!!
    I totally get the kinda sorta mentality! Joelle is so smart!!!
    We’re all rooting for you!!!!
    Love you!

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