Two Meatballs: I’m losing IT!!!

You guys!!!!!!! I almost lost my shit this morning!!!!!    It is Jenny By the way!! haha.     So you know my sweet nugget has been under the weather!!!   And all she has wanted to do is snuggle…which I loooooove!!!!  Well we are going on day number five and life is becoming a mother EEFFing struggle!!!!!!   The internal struggle of being nurturing and practical is taking a toll on my mental state!


my go to  stress reliever is to comfort eat!!   We were so rushed this morning, because everything was so drawn out.  From putting clothes on, brushing teeth, brushing hair, Cooking breakfast..(and we had to cook it together,  which again I love but takes double time)  and if you guys didn’t know it, London is A BIG girl and so she wants to turn the lights offs herself,  well I made the mistake and turned a light off, and she lost it for the third time this morning!!!  I always pick Sara up on Thursdays because we meet with Sandra.  So I texted her an let her know I was running late,  Which she knows is my pet peeve!  I got London all the Way to daycare and she realized we forgot her favorite stuffed animal “Brownie”  the cutest little puppy!  And again she lost it!  It’s just one of those dayssss (singing that).
So I finally picked Sara up and tried to explain to her all the emotions I was already feeling this morning!!

wpid-20150319_123422.jpg wpid-20150319_123442.jpg wpid-20150319_123458.jpg

Yes I reenacted my mood at work!!!

So Sara had some good advice……..”Take it out on the gym”

wpid-20150319_080534.jpg   wpid-20150319_080520.jpg

So I did.  Sandra was ready to work this morning, and so were we!!!!

wpid-20150319_080558.jpgwpid-20150319_080633.jpg wpid-20150319_081722.jpgwpid-20150319_081742.jpg wpid-20150319_081850.jpgwpid-20150319_081848.jpg wpid-20150319_082305.jpgwpid-20150319_082334.jpg wpid-20150319_082515.jpgwpid-20150319_082731.jpg wpid-20150319_082746.jpgwpid-20150319_083502.jpg wpid-20150319_083518.jpgwpid-20150319_083914.jpg wpid-20150319_085658.jpgwpid-20150319_085821.jpg wpid-20150319_085951.jpgwpid-20150319_090005.jpgwpid-20150319_090010.jpg

We got to work and I felt GREATTT!!!!    Patience and Hard work feels good!


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