Two Meatballs: Ah…Juice It…Juice it Real Good!!!

Get it!?!?!?  Hahahahaha Salt and Pepa for life!  Gah I’m funny…or is it just me!? Anywho, I so desperately needed a restart button and it came in the form of a 3 day Humdinger Juice Cleanse.  Have you heard of this amazing company?!  I am a person who needs a very literal recommitment.  I had seen some of my clients drinking their juice and then found out the the company was local…then I found out that the founder of the company was on One Tree Hill.  Ummm, where do I sign up!?  So on a day filled with empowering moves of saying no to ourselves and our rallying cry speech from Michael Knight, I went online and ordered a three day juice cleanse….what better way to start fessh?!  It was a bit of an investment, which I also need to get serious…I need a literal buy in!  The next day a cooler with 18 juices appeared on my front door. Yippee!


I did this so on the fly that I didn’t read or do any of the pre work…ie: cutting out meat and sugar, upping my water intake, cutting caffeine, and adding hot water with lemon to my daily routine!  Whoopsie Daisy! These juices are very perishable so pre work be damned.  I said so long to chewing, woke up Thursday morning and had my first juice…Glow, before our workout with Sandra!


Y’all, it was so good!  There was pineapple, apple, filtered water, mint and lime!  So refreshing!  The workout went great!


Then I got home and had my second juice…Balance.  It reminded me of Green Machine from Whole Foods!


I got ready for work and packed my bag with three more juices.


I drank tons of water and lemon water that day!


In between clients at three hour intervals I would slam another juice!


Because by the third hour I was starving!


And getting a little tired and weak!


That afternoon, my spirit animal and mentor Joelle brought me into her office for a Fierce Conversation.  I am always game to dig deep.  She wanted to talk about my spiral out of control and confronted me with the most devastating thought…what if nothing changed in 6 months.  How much weight could I gain back…ugh!!!!  All of it!  I was already in a good place with getting back on track but she helped me see that I needed to find another tag line…a rallying cry to keep myself on track.  So my new line is what does 33 look like?  I really want to be very close to my goal weight of 160 by my next birthday.  She also made me realize a couple of other things which we will get into on a later post.  Joelle…I love you!  Work came to a close and so did my eyes.  The fatigue was a lot!  So I went home and had my 6th and final juice of the day, aptly named Calm.  Now I must say, and you all know that I judge books by covers, this juice was milky white and just looking at it gave me gas.  But, it ended up being my absolute favorite!  It had vanilla, maple syrup and cinnamon!  Yuuuuuuuum!


I literally passed out a few moments later bc I’ve literally never gone an entire day in my life without chewing something!

I slept like a champ…10 hours!  I woke up very tired and they named this a cleanse for a reason.  Me and my bathroom have a new relationship…and I blew through an entire book.  It’s just juice so it runs rigggght through you…like every ten minutes!  Thank gahhhh I was off this day.  I started out my day with and this may shock you…a  juice!


And no joke, my skin looked amaze and I already felt less dense…a little lighter.  This was quite possibly from the never ending diarrhea!



I headed off to get a mani/pedi with my buddy Lee…this was about all the energy I could muster!



Then it was back home for more low key non movement, juice and pooping.


I was starting to really food porn fantasize about eating…anything!  I did the meanest thing to myself.  I started watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives while pinning a hundred thousand paleo recipes on Pinterest!  One thing is for sure…I’m going to appreciate Paleo so much more on Sunday.  I had to get out of the house.  My bestie Katie is home from DC and my sister got two baby chicks for the boys…the perfect get together! So I went and picked Katie up!


And it was off to my sisters! Somebody look at these chicks and my chicken nuggets!

wpid-fb_img_1426906044507.jpgwpid-fb_img_1426906051263.jpgwpid-fb_img_1426906071031.jpgwpid-fb_img_1426906062595.jpgwpid-fb_img_1426906066862.jpgwpid-fb_img_1426906056996.jpgwpid-fb_img_1426906075259.jpg wpid-20150320_191058.jpgwpid-20150320_190958.jpgwpid-20150320_191047.jpgwpid-20150320_191118.jpgwpid-20150320_191238.jpgwpid-20150320_191244.jpgwpid-20150320_191321.jpgwpid-20150320_191400.jpg

I asked the boys to show me a chick face and this is what I got…ha!


Due to my fear of death by salmonella, this was my reaction and proximity to the fowl birds! Get it!? There I go again…being hilarious 😉


There is always time for snuggles…after these dirty birds washed their hands #aintnobodygottimeforsalmonella


Then we asked Wyatt to take a picture of the girls…#faileo



Then Auntie Katie and the boys played and she told my favorite story of all time!



They named the chicks Jelly and Duck duck I think…at one point there was an Oy Fishy…#oyvey  Katie and I were of us literally…so it was time to go!  Another day of juicing down!


But I had a dinner to go to the following evening and I was responsible for dessert, so what a fun test this was!  Thanks Whole Foods for looking so tempting!!!


I’m starving…so bedtime for sure. The next morning brought…more juice!!!  I felt a little more energy this day and again I slept like a damn champine!  Today was the land of a million birthdays!  First off…my other meatballs little Londy! But first…a juice!


Jenny will post more on this but it was a sea of delicious smelling cupcakes!  Gah you assholes, don’t you know I’m on a juice cleanse. Jk…what kid doesn’t want a birthday full of cupcakes! And honestly nothing is better than the cutest little girl yelling your name when you arrive!




But I stuck to the rules. I really needed this to prove to myself that I could commit and keep my word! #success Love my Jenny and her amazing family.  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this special day!



Back to my house for a rest before party number two…and another juice #officiallyoverjuice!


Then it was off to my bestie’s house for an old school Mine Valley Reunion/Celebration of Gigi/Sunny Jim (Katie’s Dad)’s birthday!  What a fun night reuniting with everyone!  We were a rag tag group.  Mom has been battling with crippling tooth pain so she wasn’t able to go and Wyatt had a cold and Chase had a fever!  Geez!!!  But we rode together #duh and instantly had a blast!  Welcome to Tedrow-land.


The Tedrow’s have an awesome pool table/ping pong table…so it was on!


Then we had a group moment for Gigi and all of our loved ones who have moved on!


And then it was dinner time!


None for me thanks! #worsttimingever!  I’ll just cuddle with sweet Chase and juice it up!



Time to celebrate Sunny Jim’s birthday! #areyaone?!


Then it was game time!!!  Go Pack!!!!!


What a great game….we won!!!!!  Best night ever!!!!  Love you Tedrows and Reedys!!!! So great to see my Katie Nana….


And thankfully the juice cleanse is finally done! #hallelujer Time to masticate…get your head out of the gutter, and read a book! hahahahahahahahaha


I made it and I feel wonderful!  If you are in need of a health project, inspiration and just a dose of integrity you should google Humdinger Juice stat!!!  Look at the difference!


I feel less bloated and off of my sugar obsesh days.  I feel fresh and springy and literally empty 😉  I’m baccccccccccccccckkkkkkkk!!!!  Love y’all!  Spread the love and health and support a local business!!!!



  1. I blew through an entire book!!!!!
    Do you like it when I quote you back like everyday??!!!!
    You are so gd funny! And my favorite!!
    Can’t wait to read about your conversation with Joelle!!
    Love you!!!!!!

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