Two Meatballs: Call it magic!

London turned 3 on March 20th!!!!!   So I we started the day with paleo sprinkled pancakes!!!  Uhhhh my favorite?!?!?   Haha, London  loves these just as much as me!!!!




When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, all she would ever say was PINK!!!!  If it is pink and adorable and girlie, she wants it.  Ok!!!!  I can get into that!!   So what better way to celebrate a 3 year olds birthday then with pink non-paleo cupcakes!   And she wanted to be a part of the whole thing.   P.s.  Aunt kitty is the best!! She loves a party and is such a big help for this working mom!!!!


months ago we decided we were going to take the whole family out for Londons’s birthday to the DPAC to see. Mickeys Magic Show!   Already, at such a young age, London loves going to  a movie/theater show.  She gets so excited when the lights go down and the music begins.  I love that we have this in common!!!  I love our movie date.  And I hope these are things London will always remember!!!

love this girl!!




So the 21st was the day of the show, and London was so ready!!



Brandon wrote a Funny song “I’m not gonna poop my pants today!!!”  about being a big girl and using the potty before we left to meet with our family!!  He is the sweetest daddy.  He is silly and London can’t get enough of him!!!




We met up with everyone.  London loves when all of her people are all together!!!



So so we celebrated with some paleo bloody Mary’s?!?!?!?  Haha noope



We we had the best time at the show. Totally adorable!!! And loved having everyone there!!!  Ahhhh I look like an awkward middle schooler in this pic!!!!



And of of course with all these grandparents here, we didn’t leave without a souvenir!!!!



We Came home and had a pink party!!!



Yes.  I had a cupcake.  I tried not beat myself up about it and just enjoy these moments.  Londons’s birthdAy was worth it!!!!!!  We had a great day. I love her and our family so much .  Thanks for celebrating with us!!!  Tomorrow is a new day, full of paleo meals and treats!!!!! Weigh in is just about here!!!


  1. So sweet Jenny!!!! What a great birthday! London is the living cutest!
    PS I love your sister’s hair!
    Love you!!

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