Two Meatballs: From Our home to Youueeerrrs!!

We are cooking!!!!!   These meatballs are really trying hard to stay focused!! It so hard with our crazy, busy lives……So we try to take advantage of any down time and spend it together meal planning!   So Sara called me on the fly , Tuesday afternoon, and before I knew it she was at my house and cooking was in full swing!!

On the Menu tonight ( keeping it super basic) …………Zucchini Noodles and peppers, Chicken Sausage and sweet potato fries!!!!

here we goooooo……..  prep time.

Cutting, chopping and slicing


throw the peppers in to the skillet with Zucchini noodles!!  Which I have decided are my favorite of all the veggie noodles.


Some shallots!


now just wait and stir!!!


don’t forget to add your chicken sausage!! Love this brand.  They are pre cooked so all you really have to do is warm them up and get them golden brown on the outside… I love idiot proof cooking!


Sara just got off of work….and needed a lazy moment!!! right in Londons Laundry!!!


Gotta put the fries in the oven……25 minutes at 425!!


and done!!!! Healthy dinner for this fam!!!!


While all that was sautéing, Sara and I really wanted a paleo sweet treat…. And It just so happened I had some frozen bananas in my freezer……um ICE CREAM!!!

So all you need is

4 frozen bananas

1 tbs cocoa powder

1/2 cup of water

and blend the shit out of it……..I have a little bit more of a sweet tooth so I added a tbs of honey to mine….yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

wpid-20150323_155927.jpg wpid-20150323_160202.jpgwpid-20150323_160143.jpgwpid-20150323_160339.jpg wpid-20150323_160205.jpg

my blender was struggling to make it!!! #ismellyourengine


finally it happened, we had icream and it was great!


our favorite look!!!


More adventures in cooking next week!!! love you guys!! muuuah!



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