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Two Meatballs: Aller-GEEEEEZ!!!!

Sara here!!! (Don’t worry, it’s both of us later on in the post!!!)  About 5 years ago I went and had an allergy test.  The kind where they prick your skin and then you look like a sheet of those candy dots all day!?!  It was fascinating and only mildly uncomfortable.  If you don’t know me yet…I love trying something new even if it hurts or is gross or tastes terrible or ends up being the living worst idea, I live for the experience and the knowledge!  This was no different.  It turns out that I am allergic to mold, dust, grass and most trees!!!  This made so much sense!!!  My Apple grandparents lived in Little Washington near the Pamlico Sound and this town is riddled with mold!!!  Its basically sea level so there is no avoiding it and literally every time I would go there I as a kid wanted to itch my nose clear off my face.  It was always a sick trigger which sucked bc it was also the funnest place ON EARTH!  Anyways with this new found info, I was told I should try immuno-thearpy where they shoot you up with small doses of what you are allergic to in the hopes that you will build up a tolerance.  With where I was in my life then and with my long hours at work, I just couldn’t/didn’t want to make it work.  Instead, I started taking Allegra daily and during high allergy/season change season, I had a nasal spray and two inhalers #areyousoturnedon!? which worked for awhile.  Well, it has popped up again and my mold allergy seems to be the root of my breathing issues!  First let me say, it is a relief to have a new avenue to go down.  Nothing that I took for my lungs was really working and it turns out my lungs were just the loudest byproduct of my intolerance to mold!  And with the upcoming season change, I need to be ready!!! I want to change my relationship with mother nature as I love her so much.


So whats a gal to do you ask!?!  Well, step one: make my house a safe haven!  Since I don’t want to move to New Mexico, the second best thing I can do is have a very clean and healthy home environment.  This makes so much sense!!!  So, I had a specialist come in and check the house for mold and there was some!  It was in my bathroom and it isn’t a ton! Removal and repainting scheduled. Check!  Next I will have someone come in and check all the duct work, my hvac system and install a whole house dehumidifier and air purifier.  Also, I need to take out the carpets upstairs and swap to hardwood (home remodel…hgtv here I come!) and lastly, get some house plants as they are amazing and natural air filters!  I’m am pleased to introduce you to the newest members of the Beard clan:


This tall drink of water is Bill Murray and he lives in my den.  The second triangle shaped cutie is Gilda Radner #roseanneroseannadanna and she lives in my bedroom and lastly, this lanky leafy love is Jane Curtain and she resides in the kitchen!  These are my 3 most used rooms in the house!  Feeling better already.  Now Step 2:  Food.  I don’t think it is any secret that I have not been eating well for months now and I am fully aware that it is not helping my cause.  Bad food makes me feel bad and the weight that I have gained is only exhausting me more.  When you know what it feels like to feel good, moving in the opposite direction feels so much worse. #whenyouknowbetteryoudobetter Thinking about planning a meal, grocery shopping, cooking…it just seemed so exhausting and out of the question for awhile!  But my holistic chiropractor suggested that I go on a sugar elimination plan to achieve two things; one to rid my body of candida and two to see if I have any food allergies!  Spoiler alert, I’ve been on it one day and I can already tell cinnamon and cayenne pepper make it hard for me to breathe!  I love learning!!!  Jenny is going to join me!  We decided to go out with a bang and enjoyed a lovely sushi date together before the cooking segment!


Tasu has hands down the best Merry Role of life!  Then we got deep on the ride home and talked about the concept of focusing our time and energy into being more loving and kind to ourselves.  Then Jenny started writing yesterdays amazing post and I started cooking from our very restrictive list of new acceptable foods.  We can basically eat, chicken, turkey, cold water fish, most veggies (no tomatoes, potatoes, corn…etc) most fruits (no strawberries, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, etc) and then olive oil, coconut oil, unsweetened almond or coconut milk, no dairy, no eggs, it is a very interesting list!  But the guidelines are helpful since all hell has broken loose.  We can also have quinoa which is a fun change and brown rice.  So on the menu is a Quinoa Breakfast Bake in the crock pot and baked chicken and roasted veggies!!!  It actually feels great to be back in the kitchen and making healthy things to put in our bodies!


We always have fun together!


But we were a little rusty!!!  It always comes back quickly though!



As I was peeling the apple, I thought about my Apples!


It felt like a really positive way to connect and spend a thoughtful mental moment together.  They would want me to be healthy and to feel good and you know what they say…an Apple a day…#loveyouguys #missyalleveryday #appleofmyeye

My house smelled so good.  The breakfast porridge as I kept calling it cooked all night and waking up to apples and nutmeg simmering was heaven.  We had a date in my car this morning and enjoyed a hearty oatmeal like thing with more texture.  It was a little bland, more salt next time!



We are so cute!  Later I had the baked chicken which was crazy good and the roasted veggies which are always a hit for lunch!  For dinner I’m going to make a spinach and blueberry smoothie!  I feel so great!!!!  Step 3: Move ya body body!  Exercise has been the hardest thing.  I miss it.  I kept wanting to go back to Sandra.  But even Pure Barre was wearing me slam out.  So, our good buddy Theresa who taught us how to juice, is going to start beginners yoga with me this Saturday!!!  I could not be more excited.  This feels like a nice, low impact, spiritual way to get my body moving and get some energy out without draining all of mine.  I love a new beginning! #yinandyang


It is an 8 week series where they take you through all the poses and it sounds like exactly what the doctor ordered. I love love loved yoga with Lila so I know this will be a hit!


Yay for new friends and new adventures.  I feel so much more grounded and positive and present.  I also feel really relieved to be doing something again.  I was told that i can’t worry about losing weight until I heal myself and these three things seem like a great way to get started.  Thank you for not losing hope in us.  We have both had moments of doubt, but we both know from the bottom of our hearts that we will stay true to our journey, no matter the path and no matter the time.  Who knew you’d find out so much about yourself and the world by taking your clothes off, putting your weight on a chalkboard and putting it out for the world to see.  I now want to be healthy on so many more levels than the number on my scale.  I’m really looking forward to feeling better and finding some healthier outlets…cant wait to share it all.  Sending all my love and deep cleansing breathes of relief your way. Xoxo

Also, our great friend Lauren at Fleet Feet wanted to pass along an awesome opportunity to get healthy in a group and to learn how to get moving and reach that 1st mile.  Here is the info.


Two Meatballs: Activity Points for Days!!!

Hiiii you guys!!!  I am trying sooooooo hard not to gain weight this month.  I’m doing my damndest not to be overwhelmed but I am not really nailing the pre planning thing.  More than a few cake pops have found their way to my mouth.  So what’s a girl to do?!?  Be as active as humanely possible in your extremely limited off time.  And that is exactly what I did.  Friday afternoon I asked if I could pick up Chase from school.  It’s been ages since we had a solo date…and I feel like as a second born myself, time alone with anyone is soooooo valuable.  He is the sweetest boy.  I came to preschool to spring him early…this shot is blurry but he is packing up his book bag like a grown up!


Then he came out and I said what do you want to do today…to which he responded…I know we probably can’t but how about Marbles…to which I responded…we can do whatever you want which ws met with a squeal!!!  My parents made a big deal when we were little about taking us out on solo “dates” and I love continuing this tradition.  I feel like my role in their life is to give them time.  In their normal lives things are rushed and hurried and get dressed, time for bed, brush teeth, don’t do that, do your homework and all of those things are so important.  So when I get them alone I try to never so no.  I let them know the time frame we have and if they want to spend the entire time smelling candy then we gon be smellin some candy(this really happened one time).  We drove down to Marbles and he told me all about his day and how he has Monday and Tuesday off and how he’s gonna visit GiGi…this boy loves to talk. #mytwinny Then we looked for haunted houses and he wanted me to tell him real ghost stories.  Ugh I love him.  Then we arrived and it was on.  This kid knows what he likes!!!


He bounced all over the place…we made and delivered pizza…


Cooked some more…


Learned about money…


Got our sports and exercise on…



But mostly we posted up in the animal center…this kid is obsessed with dogs…


He named his dog Chase and told me I could have a bunny…we named her Foo Foo….


Then we ADHD’ed out hard…


After three hours of playing and exploring we were sweaty and ready to go!  He got some real marbles and a can of Pringles in the gift shop and then this little cutie decided we should hoof it up 5 flights of stairs in the parking deck!!! Ugh, thanks for getting me moving more little bunny.


And what a wonderful view of the city I love…


Then it was time to pick Wyatt up..Chase did not want to go…


So I got another opportunity for some solo time.  I walked (more activity points) to go pick Wyatt up from school…


It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood…


And I love to surprise this kid.  It was so sweet to see him so independent and walking with his  fellow 8 year old buddies…


Then he realized he was bleeding profusely from the knee…eek and he started walking like sucha weirdo!


Time for Nana to save the day!


Then it was Monopoly time!!!


And finally Wyatt wanted to show y’all how he prefers to kiss me now…#ihateit


What a fun day with my little nuggies!!!!  Oh how I love my family…what could make this day better and more active?!  A shopping date with my favorite meatball!!!!???? Jenny picked me up and we headed to Crabtree…talk about activity points…


nothing is sweatier than trying on clothes under florescent lights! H&M here we come!!!


#findthemeatballs #landofcrotches

Then we both tried on our dreams…for me a jumpsuit, for her shorts…


#doublefail #cameltoefortheladies!?  We both really struck out tonight…on to the land of age acceptance and a reality check…Forever 21!  This is when it got really sweaty!


annnnnd hilarious, I feel like you can hear us laughing!!!  Get ready for an ill fitting photo montage!!!  Cue clubby music and the judgmental faces of America’s youth…


Obvi we are adverse to stores dressing room policies or ever being apart!!!  #excusemeladies

We both really struck out but had the best time doing it!


We were pooped…time to make everyone at Pottery Barn nervous!


Then it was off to bed to prepare for my ultimate activity point of the weekend…My Fleet Feet Raleigh NoBo 5k training program.  I decided to stay in the walking group but to push myself to go faster today…plus I really loved my coach Jennifer last week!


So I got bundled up and headed out…


I know it is hard to believe but I get situationally shy sometimes and the first 5 minutes of this class every week I revert to a first grader.  I get nervous and feel slightly out of place.  But Carrie led us in some dynamic stretching and it wasn’t quite as cold this week so I started to unshy.  Then I grabbed my name tag


and we were off and on to a different course today!


We went a mile and a quarter over the Wade Ave overpass…I had never been here and it was lovely!



Almost to the halfway point!!!  There were five ladies in our walking group today!!!  Everyone was so nice…I love making new friends!


One of these lovely ladies was Laura, a teacher and my new walking buddy! She set a good pace and we had an awesome chat which always makes the time fly!


Before I knew it we were past the hill of death and headed straight for the finish line!


I love how this program makes me feel…I love being in nature…i love making new friends with this amazingly supportive group of people.  Fleet Feet, thanks again for this opportunity.  I’m learning so much about myself!!!!  Can’t wait to see my walkers again!  Next Saturday we have our 7th annual Bobbies Gala for Samuel Cole Salon and the Saturday after that I’ll be in NYC but the Saturday after that  I’ll be back!!!  Love you guys!!!  Then amazingly enough I found myself at breakfast with my mom, dad Aunt Deb and Uncle Steve…Steve needed new shoes so we took him to the NOrth Raleigh Fleet Feet…obvi I can’t get enough of this place!


Now I’m really exhausted!!!  Time to snuggle with Jenny and discuss all of our problems, what we would like to improve and why I’m so immature in the relationship department…more to come on that later!


What a fun filled, busy weekend…hope yours was the same!!!  Love you guys…here’s some inspiration for the week!







Two Meatballs: Are We Having a Ton of Fun Yet!?!

You guys!!!  We told you a couple of weeks ago that we are partnering with Fleet Feet and participating in their Ton of Fun initiative!!!  We really needed some extra inspiration during the holidays to stay focused.  Also, what better way to stick to your resolution than joining a company driven by fitness!!!  So we met with Carrie from Fleet Feet Raleigh on Monday to hammer out some more details!  Isn’t she the cutest!


Jacob, our marketing guru friend thought it would be a good idea if we met the team and you know we are always game!  Carrie was an adorable gem and we became besties right away! #adultADD  We talked about doing some live chats through their private facebook group for Ton of Fun, continuing to guest blog for them and now the most exciting news of all!!!


If you are free Saturday, January 3rd from 10-2 please come to the Wade Ave (Ridge Rd Shopping Center) Fleet Feet and join these meatballs for the Ton of Fun  launch event….at our OWN table!!!!  We get a little booth at this event…this thought had never occurred to me and now it is my obsession!!! I’m thinking an adorable table cloth, fresh flowers, glitter, before and after pics, R+Co products to raffle off and I’m currently obsessed with the idea of a life size before cut out!!!  Can’t you just see it now looming behind us!!!??? Or maybe a giant paper that we can run through our former fat selves…a la Sally Jesse Raphael!!!??? This is us later on dreaming up all the possibilities on Jenny’s couch!


If you know how to make this happen let me know!!! This day is going to be sooooo fun though!!!  Come see us, there will be a group walk at 10 am, a group training session at 12, lots of cool sponsors and raffles!  Join us and lets lose weight together in the new year!!! Look at this amazing partnership! http://www.fleetfeetraleigh/tonoffun JOIN US!!!


Soooooo…don’t forget and come hang out with us…even if we don’t know you yet, we would love to meet you and for y’all to join us and Fleet Feet to lose 2000 pounds together!!! Raleigh UNITE (think Braveheart battle cry).  Next…you guys, I wore heels today!!!  This was a painful first!  Heels were so uncomfortable for me before bc I was super fat and also bc my big toe bone is an inch lower than most peoples and so it creates an incredibly painful arch!!!  But comfort be damned…these looked amazing.  And you guys, get this…I was like soooooo tall!


So sexual!  I don’t know why this was so hard for me to capture alone! #whatareyounewatthis!? Lately Jenny and I have felt so much freedom with fashion…my dream is to be able to shop in ANY store and I’m getting closer everyday!  Look at us killing life lately!


Ok so how are we going to fit into even more clothing…working out with Sandra!!!  What will we do today?!  Well I know this with absolute certainty…it will be so motherfarting hard!  So I woke up this morning after eating so clean yesterday…up a pound!!!!  Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmit!  So I was a real pill when this cutie came to pick me up this am.  I expect immediate results people.  If I eat healthy I lose a pound right!?!  No…ok!  I’ll pull it together!


We talked it out on the way and then did our usual…car selfies!


Thennnn…look who cut their hair!!!  Sandra, I didn’t know it was possible for you to look hotter!!!!


Time to bust ass…treadmill warm up!


Today was 2 separate 4 round circuits!  Mission one starts shoulders and chest with clean and presses…12 of these with 15 lb weights


Then lateral side raises 12 reps with 12lbs


Then push ups to exhaustion…I made it to 30!!!


Then front raises with 10 lbs…12 of these


Then bent forward side raises 12…5lbs


This circuit ended with wall sits and “steer the car” with a 5lb weight, this was 30 reps (a spin spin equals one)…


This was a real sob…then we did this whole thing 4 times…byt the end we dropped the weights down a bit.

Ok then we died…jk it was time for part 2!!!  We started with low rows on the trx…12 of these!


Then this thing where you plank or get into modified push up position elbows on mat, then shift to hands…plank up downs…10 of these starting with a right arm push up lead then 10 starting with the left arm lead!  These were hell.


Then 7bicep curls starting in the up position to mid way down, then 7 starting from the bottom position to half way up, then 7 full bicep curls with no swing…15 pounds!


Then we did these shoulder row things where you leaned back and then pulled yourself up with a wide stance…it went kind of like a circle…12!


Then diamond pushups…12 of these


Then roll over to the back and tricep extensions 12 of these…


We did this for 3 or 4 rounds…I honestly can’t remember!!!  Then we really died…


You guys, it’s our last workout with Sandra for the year!!!  Can you believe it!???


We’ve come sooooo far…one pound isn’t the end…it’s just a bad day!!!


Ok y’all!!!  Have a great weekend…see you at the Ton of Fun launch and try this workout, or better yet…go see Sandra for yourself!  The new year is coming!!! And one last image so we don’t look like drown rats! Xoxoxox


Now it’s time to get our asses handed to us at work…it’s the holidays y’all!!!!




Two Meatballs: Six Month Strip!!! (aka the 6th Weigh in)

(chanting quiet whisper) weigh in time…weigh in time (getting louder) Weigh In Time…Weigh In Time (YELLING) WEIGHI N TIME….WEIGH IN TIMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!  You guyyys….guess what time it is…BINGO! It’s that time again!!!  Can you believe this is our 6th weigh in?!!?  We have been on this meatball journey for six months and the progress is crazy!  This time we thought we would do something a little different!!!  We changed up the scenery…we blared Beyonce in the background #iwokeuplikethis…we had our makeup done #thankstiffy…we had a different set of eyes #thankscaraandbeth annnnnnnnnd…we put clothes ON! #whoarewe!? Here is a little trip down the oversized dresses of Bobbies past!!!


I mean…they are hanging off of us now!!!



Sooooo we decided to slip into something that fit a little better…


But something was missing…


Our sweet little chalkboard and reppin 6 months harrrrrd…but something still didn’t seem right…


Getting there…





There it is….much better!!!  Then we slipped into something just a tad more comfortable before the big reveal…



We made ourselves at home…


Annnnd finally got down to business…but how did we do!?!


Should we be bummmmmmed!?


Or just suuuuuuper excited?!!


Lets find out…drumroll please…Sara, you’re up!!!



You guyyyyyyyssss…I was soooo worried about this month!!!  I started August out so rocky with missed gym visits and eating out all the time!  But I rewrote my plan to adjust to all the new great things and it really paid off!!!!  I am sooooo capable of change and I feel so great that I don’t ever want this feeling to end.  This is the most weight that I have ever lost consecutively and it is really empowering.  I have a long way to go but I have honestly never felt so good, committed and completely capable.  Thank you to everyone for their encouragement and support.  Your love means the world and we feel the same about you! xoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxox ps….I look and feel soooooo tiny!!!!!  #wahoooooooooooooooo


Jenny…it’s go time!!!


I feel great you guys!!!!!  I wanted to get to 50lbs this month but I am so excited to be this close.  And I have never felt better.  I can’t believe it has been 6 months!  3 is about all I can handle usually, but this is starting to truly feel like lifestyle!  And that is my biggest goal out of this really, to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.  I have a month before my birthday, so I wanna give it my all before I turn 30!!  I couldn’t be happier or more excited for it.  I have to thank Sara for always being my go to girl! And Brandon for all of his constant support! I love you!!  And thank you Sandra for taking us under your wing!  I have learned so much!  The support from the blog is just incredeable so thank you for always being there!!!!!  I could not do this alone!



One more weigh in down!!!!



It is sooo nice to go on this journey with someone that you love sooooo much…

_DSC2929_DSC2928 _DSC2874_DSC2873


#success #literallycouldntdoitwithoutyou


Can’t wait to see you next month!!!!  As always…here are the outtakes!!!


Love y’all so much!



Two Meatballs: #progress

You guyyys!!!!  You know what day it is…workout with Sandra day!!!!  But first we wanted to show you guys another little progress report of our workouts!!!  Sandra Axman of Innovative Fitness Training reached out to us in April and our first workout was 24th!!!  We were weak and out of shape and I think we both thought we were going to legitimately dieeeeee after our first session.  But Sandra’s enthusiasm was enough to hook us and we knew that working out was going to have to be a huge part of this new life. Here are some photo collages!!!!


We look sooooooo different!!!!  But I think it is hilarious and ironic that we are wearing almost identical outfits!!!  Ok on to todays ass whipping.  Today was all about agility and endurance….two words I didn’t know that I hated until today!  Winky face Sandra…sort of! So we were locked out when we pulled up and made our own fun in the parking lot!


This is how I felt about being locked out…


But the weather was sooooo nice!!!


We did a little pre workout balance beam…


Played a rousing game of find the meatball!



Then a scary rape van pulled into the parking lot and right next to us.  I instantly went into fight mode(I have no flight, just fight) and my don’t eff with us aura made them pull right back out. #noharrasmentneededsir #nomeansno But just in case they didn’t get the message Jenny sent a new one!


I wouldn’t mess with her! #powerfulthighs #thatfaceisnotintimidatingjenny

Then we finally got let in and walked into an obstacle course.


The 4 in me thought wahooooo, the 3 in me thought, oh shit!


So for round 1 we did every station for 1 minute 15 seconds.  There were 12 stations.  Did you read that…..TTTTTWWWWWEEEEELLLLVVVVEEEE stations.  I just wanted to make sure that was clear. Here is a little walk through courtesy of Sandra.

Station 1: Fireman’s ladder side to sides…


Station 2: Box Jumps or for me Box Step Up Crunches (this is actually Jenny)


Station 3: Planking


Station 4: Kettle Bell Dead Lifts


Station 5: Push Ups


Station 6: Alternating Crunches and Sit Ups:


Station 7: Bicep Curls


Station 8: In In Out Outs on a Step


Station 9: Tricep extensions


Station 10 Bosu Ball Burpees with overhead Crunches


Station 11: Pushing the Sled


Station 12: Pulling the Sandbag


So here is what it looked like when we did it. This happened for two rounds, but on round two each station was only a minute.

wpid-20140717_081650.jpgwpid-20140717_082900.jpg wpid-20140717_083333.jpgwpid-20140717_081829.jpg wpid-20140717_081951.jpgwpid-20140717_081704.jpg wpid-20140717_082130.jpgwpid-20140717_081835.jpg wpid-20140717_082252.jpgwpid-20140717_081959.jpg wpid-20140717_082435.jpg wpid-20140717_082318.jpg wpid-20140717_082427.jpg wpid-20140717_082912.jpgwpid-20140717_082546.jpg wpid-20140717_082725.jpgwpid-20140717_082738.jpgwpid-20140717_082729.jpgwpid-20140717_083023.jpgwpid-20140717_083043.jpgwpid-20140717_083100.jpg wpid-20140717_083020.jpgwpid-20140717_083037.jpg wpid-20140717_083207.jpgwpid-20140717_083243.jpg wpid-20140717_083202.jpgwpid-20140717_083357.jpg


Can you feel the utter exhaustion!?  I thought I was going to blackout!  But we finished and we’ve come sooooo far!!!  Now the time has come…for us to be dumb.  I seriously don’t know where the energy for this comes!!! Take me for my chariot ride!!!




Cheersing our sips of water so we don’t barf!


We love you Sandra!!!  One more week behind us and now we are stating the countdown to the next weigh in!!!!


Have a great weekend y’all!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox times a mil! Ps have you called Sandra yet!?!  www.innovativefitnesstraining.com






Two Meatballs: Fireworks, F@%$ Ups and a Fat Crushing Workout!!!

First off….HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! #merica We hope your weekend is full of sparklers, fireworks, bodies of water, cookouts, family and friends.


#kelseyisthecutestever #butsooooisdustin #salonpatriotism#mericanails #leeisthebest

This weigh in felt epic! We hit 20,000 views on Facebook for Two Meatballs: Grin and Bare it!!!


Holy shit!!!  We feel great, we are getting a million compliments and together we’ve lost almost 100 pounds!!!


So what have we done…gotten cocky and started getting a little slack! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I did better on vacation than I have this week…who does that?!!  Jenny and I made a pact on Tuesday morning to give up our personal vices for one week.  She said goodbye to dark chocolate and I said adios to pistachios (NOOOOOOOOO)!!!


Thank you Nikki and Jack for the immersion therapy! #canyoutelljackiseatingpistachioandnikkiiseatingdarkchocolate #masicsm

So we started this month with great intentions.  Then we posted the weigh in and the praise and compliments came pouring in (thank y’all so much) and that little voice in the back of our heads (not blue cross blue shield) said….YOU’VE ARRIVED!.  Surely we must be done right?!  We look great, we  feel great…time to eat! We went to Ale House Wednesday night to celebrate..again with great intentions…what’s more Paleo than WINGS!? But then I ordered onion straws and we both ate our weight in bleu cheese. Woooooooof… We felt so awful when we left…I felt stuffy and like I had a cold and we both felt hungover and can you say BLOATED.  What a way to celebrate right!?  Lesson learned.   BUUUUUUT then I met up with some girlfriends last night that I hadn’t seen in a million years and we went to Coquette. Love you Robyn and Ellen!!!


Let me say…Coquette had some really great options…there was a pan seared duck breast and even my fav…scallops!  But do you know what I ordered!?!?!?  STEAK FRITES!  For those of you like my sister that struggle with French (#haricotvertshahahahahahahaha) its steak and FRIES!  Like French fries you guyssss…white potato, fried shoestring French fries.  And I know French so this wasn’t like oh whooopsies…I didn’t know what frites were!  But they were delish and it happened.  So then I woke up the next morning before our work out with our super best buddy Sandra Axman (www.innovativefitnesstraining.com caaaaaaaaaallllllll her!) and adorably hopped on my scale as if I were going to see a loss and you are never going to even believe this shit y’all….I GAINED 3 POUNDS. Duhhhhhhhhhhh Sara!  Anyways I got dressed and went downstairs and sweet Jenny picked me up!  And she was in a mood…a mood that much reflected how I was feeling.  Neither one of us felt like exercising, we were both being bitchy and super irritated…it’s the craziest thing when you stray from what works how quickly your mind goes to fuck it mode. Sooooo we had a little counseling sesh on the drive to the gym.  We both have been too slack…eating too much, eating out, not eating the right things, not getting enough sleep, being slack with water and for me skipping my normal workouts.  She said I’m going to use all this anger in our workout today…#genius!  A workout was just what the doctor ordered.  How can you be mad when you are so physically exhausted and so proud of what you just accomplished!?  And by the by…Sandra you are the greatest human…thank you for forcing us out of our funk and always being so encouraging, positive and energetic.  You are a ray of sunshine that both of us desperately needed this morning and your commitment to our journey and end result is something that we are so grateful for!!!!!!!  We love you to the moon and back.  On to the workout…these first few pics we were still deep into bitch mode.


But we half heartedly tried to get over it!


But we really just wanted to go back to sleeeeep!


We went inside and the tom foolery began…lets be honest nothing makes us feel better than acting like children!


Then Sandra asked the question that we have heard 1,000 times this week…”have you guys been measuring?”  Nooooooo we are idiots!  Why didn’t we measure …that would be an awesome way to track progress!  So we started today! We also got our BMI and some other important number using a Gameboy like hand held device


Aaaaand now on to the workout for real!  This was both of our favorite workout ever!!! It was HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and we did Tabata which involves doing a particular exercise at high intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest.  It’s repeated 8 times for a total time of 4 minutes! (Explanation courtesy of Sandra)  First we did the dumbest cardio ever(this is Sara speaking…I hated this damn band)…it involved a small thick band that went around our ankles  and then you stepped up and over a step aerobic step (#howmanytimescanyousaystepinonesentence) and we did a Tabata here.


Take a closer look at why I hated these…my poor fat ankles…my cankles/calves got eaten by rubber!


Then there were two stations both with two different exercises each. The back station you were kneeling on a BOSU ball doing reverse chest press (pull down) And at the chest station you did a  chest press on a bench and we did these for 8 rounds…


Then we did the second exercise at our stations.  At the back station you switched to standing trx rows and at the chest station you switched to chest fly’s!


Then we got onto our mats and did Tabata ab work…with two different exercises working two different areas.  First was upper abs with crunches for 8 rounds then lower abs with leg crunches (laying flat and bringing your bent legs to your chest and then extending them back out) for 8 rounds. (There were no pics of this so we recreated this at work! #yourwelcome #mybackissoooohairynow)



Then we did a cardio thing back on the step with one leg stationary with the other leg being brought up with the knee bent and tapping the ground and bringing it back up again for 8 rounds…holy burn batman.


Then we switched stations and whoever did back went to chest and vicey versey!

Did you breath a sigh of relief and think that we were done..me too but WRONG! haha

Next was two different stations one for biceps and the other for triceps.

At the bicep station we did bicep curls while sitting on an exercise ball to engage our core!  At the tricep station we had a stretchy thingy with two handles attached to an elliptical machine for stability and we had to do tricep extensions (Huge shout out to Michael for helping me figure out workout jargon…he is not responsible for the dumb shit I make up but for the correct terminology!)


Then before we switched stations we did a cardio/quad blaster back on the aerobic step. You start with your right foot fixed to one spot on the step and then do speed skaters for 8 rounds. After each round you alternate the leg that is stationary.


Then we switched bicep and tricep stations…


Annnnnd that was all she wrote!  This workout felt ahhhh-mazing!  Then we had to jackass around again!


And do a little homage to sweet dead Fat back Friday!


We just can’t keep our clothes on now!  But look how much smaller!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

And finally Sandra (yelling this) WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  To everyone reading this…if you are struggling to find the motivation to work out of just don’t know what you are supposed to do, this woman will educate and inspire you and help you get to your goal 1 squat at a time! Look at the difference she has made in our lives!?!?


She is LITERALLY the living best!




Enjoy your holiday weekend!!! XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOOXO!