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Two Meatballs: Are We Having a Ton of Fun Yet!?!

You guys!!!  We told you a couple of weeks ago that we are partnering with Fleet Feet and participating in their Ton of Fun initiative!!!  We really needed some extra inspiration during the holidays to stay focused.  Also, what better way to stick to your resolution than joining a company driven by fitness!!!  So we met with Carrie from Fleet Feet Raleigh on Monday to hammer out some more details!  Isn’t she the cutest!


Jacob, our marketing guru friend thought it would be a good idea if we met the team and you know we are always game!  Carrie was an adorable gem and we became besties right away! #adultADD  We talked about doing some live chats through their private facebook group for Ton of Fun, continuing to guest blog for them and now the most exciting news of all!!!


If you are free Saturday, January 3rd from 10-2 please come to the Wade Ave (Ridge Rd Shopping Center) Fleet Feet and join these meatballs for the Ton of Fun  launch event….at our OWN table!!!!  We get a little booth at this event…this thought had never occurred to me and now it is my obsession!!! I’m thinking an adorable table cloth, fresh flowers, glitter, before and after pics, R+Co products to raffle off and I’m currently obsessed with the idea of a life size before cut out!!!  Can’t you just see it now looming behind us!!!??? Or maybe a giant paper that we can run through our former fat selves…a la Sally Jesse Raphael!!!??? This is us later on dreaming up all the possibilities on Jenny’s couch!


If you know how to make this happen let me know!!! This day is going to be sooooo fun though!!!  Come see us, there will be a group walk at 10 am, a group training session at 12, lots of cool sponsors and raffles!  Join us and lets lose weight together in the new year!!! Look at this amazing partnership! http://www.fleetfeetraleigh/tonoffun JOIN US!!!


Soooooo…don’t forget and come hang out with us…even if we don’t know you yet, we would love to meet you and for y’all to join us and Fleet Feet to lose 2000 pounds together!!! Raleigh UNITE (think Braveheart battle cry).  Next…you guys, I wore heels today!!!  This was a painful first!  Heels were so uncomfortable for me before bc I was super fat and also bc my big toe bone is an inch lower than most peoples and so it creates an incredibly painful arch!!!  But comfort be damned…these looked amazing.  And you guys, get this…I was like soooooo tall!


So sexual!  I don’t know why this was so hard for me to capture alone! #whatareyounewatthis!? Lately Jenny and I have felt so much freedom with fashion…my dream is to be able to shop in ANY store and I’m getting closer everyday!  Look at us killing life lately!


Ok so how are we going to fit into even more clothing…working out with Sandra!!!  What will we do today?!  Well I know this with absolute certainty…it will be so motherfarting hard!  So I woke up this morning after eating so clean yesterday…up a pound!!!!  Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmit!  So I was a real pill when this cutie came to pick me up this am.  I expect immediate results people.  If I eat healthy I lose a pound right!?!  No…ok!  I’ll pull it together!


We talked it out on the way and then did our usual…car selfies!


Thennnn…look who cut their hair!!!  Sandra, I didn’t know it was possible for you to look hotter!!!!


Time to bust ass…treadmill warm up!


Today was 2 separate 4 round circuits!  Mission one starts shoulders and chest with clean and presses…12 of these with 15 lb weights


Then lateral side raises 12 reps with 12lbs


Then push ups to exhaustion…I made it to 30!!!


Then front raises with 10 lbs…12 of these


Then bent forward side raises 12…5lbs


This circuit ended with wall sits and “steer the car” with a 5lb weight, this was 30 reps (a spin spin equals one)…


This was a real sob…then we did this whole thing 4 times…byt the end we dropped the weights down a bit.

Ok then we died…jk it was time for part 2!!!  We started with low rows on the trx…12 of these!


Then this thing where you plank or get into modified push up position elbows on mat, then shift to hands…plank up downs…10 of these starting with a right arm push up lead then 10 starting with the left arm lead!  These were hell.


Then 7bicep curls starting in the up position to mid way down, then 7 starting from the bottom position to half way up, then 7 full bicep curls with no swing…15 pounds!


Then we did these shoulder row things where you leaned back and then pulled yourself up with a wide stance…it went kind of like a circle…12!


Then diamond pushups…12 of these


Then roll over to the back and tricep extensions 12 of these…


We did this for 3 or 4 rounds…I honestly can’t remember!!!  Then we really died…


You guys, it’s our last workout with Sandra for the year!!!  Can you believe it!???


We’ve come sooooo far…one pound isn’t the end…it’s just a bad day!!!


Ok y’all!!!  Have a great weekend…see you at the Ton of Fun launch and try this workout, or better yet…go see Sandra for yourself!  The new year is coming!!! And one last image so we don’t look like drown rats! Xoxoxox


Now it’s time to get our asses handed to us at work…it’s the holidays y’all!!!!