Two Meatballs: Splurge!!!! You Deserve It ;)

As you heard from me last week, I will not be defined by a number.  I love the momentum that Jenny and I have created for ourselves lately.  I am feeling so proud of this progress that I want to celebrate.  My refinance went through this week and I shaved off a project from my renovation list so that I could splurge on some smaller sized fall wardrobe pieces…



A new workout outfit…


My dream rain boots and a bag that I’ve been eyeing FOREVER courtesy of our newMarket at  Colonnade neighbor, Dress! (I didn’t totally splurge, this is a consignment piece!)


It feels so nice to buy myself things that I need and to be able to let loose a little.  So no 3rd bedroom turned into a closet, but yes to a revamp for my master bedroom closet…a great swap!  Another way I’m choosing to celebrate is by treating myself to a class at Durham Yoga Company


with my yoga heroes Jessamyn Stanley and Dana Falsetti!!!


I could not wait to be in the same room as these women!!! I mean, somebody like at them!!!


I love powerful, brave women and I can’t wait to soak in every lesson they have to share.  Their message is that yoga is for everyBODY!!!!  I love the idea that one day, with lots of practice, I can work on getting into (and out of haha #pigeonfail #fuckbirds) any one of these poses.  Plus I love their distinct styles!!!!  I am so excited to be going on this adventure with my client and friend, Gabi!!!! You guys, this class was everything!!!  We got there super early bc we both have that unsettling fear of new things; where will we park, what if we get lost, what if we are late!?  This only gave us lots of time to talk and meet new friends!


When I saw Dana and Jessamyn walking towards us, I felt very fan girl!  They greeted us warmly and we went inside to wait for the previous class to end!


And then it was time.  There were only 6 people in class so it was super intimate and just so fucking amazing.  It was everything that I dreamed of and more.  You know me, I asked for a picture right away and Jessamyn kindly obliged!


Look at those yoga pants…jelly as helly!  Then we jumped right in.  They both talked a lot about how sometimes the hardest part about yoga is just getting yourself to the mat.  Then we did wrist exercises like crazy bc little did we know we were going to hit down dog, high plank, chatarunga, up dog over and over and over and over again.  It was great to watch someone in yoga pants and a sports bra do these poses bc you could really see what they meant.  My alignment and body position changed immediately and ultimately made everything, especially my plank 100 times easier.  This was so challenging, it was just as much mental as it was physical.  I for sure got to a point where I thought, there is no fucking way I can do down dog again!!!  But we finally moved on to half moons and warriors and attempted crow on my part haha.  I was pouring sweat.  But it was so fun and just so damn inspiring.  These women are incredible…like every woman I have met on this yoga journey!  All of the sudden, two hours were up, my arms were shaking but I didn’t want to end.  I felt so much closer to Gabi, we have decided to do something fun and challenging once a month since we made such a great team!  #nosharktanksipromise By this time I had made my blogging wants and needs known and everyone totally obliged for the funnest picture sesh!


It is so bonding to sweat and learn with people in this intimate of a setting.  Plus I just love when people are onboard…look at this fun bunch of nuts! #mypeople  And the fun didn’t stop there.


Look how sweaty and in love!  I wanted to be a part of the skins team! #noshirtsneeded


And then we got crazy!


Look at them!!!


Look at us! Hahahahahah!  Sooooo fun!


Gabi!!! Thank you so much for coming with me!!!  I love you so much!  Jessamyn and Dana, I feel so lucky that I got the chance to practice with y’all.  You guys are amazing and I loved every single second of this time together.  I literally can’t wait to do it again. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ps, lets be friends forever!

The next morning my mom and I started Nancy’s Beginners Series at Bliss Body!!!


I thought it would be a breeze considering it was my second go round, silly bird!  It was so fun seeing familiar faces, two of my fellow graduates decided to retake the series!!!  And then my client/bestie Carol and her mom decided to come as well!  This class was packed and I found a whole new family to love.  Mom, this time together means so much to me!!!  Can’t wait for Saturday! Love you.

What wonderful ways to celebrate a healthier me.  Now, time to stop spending money since my renovation starts the first week of November…more things to be excited about and grateful for.  I love all of you and always remember to treat yo’ self!!!!


Two Meatballs: Relax, Relate, Release…Restore

As you read, my vacation was everything.  I have set my intentions to be peaceful, open, loving and centered and I truly felt that while at the beach.  I typically feel a little drained when I get home from vacations.  But because of the rain and where I am in my life right now, it really forced lots of quiet, reflective time.  I also really felt like I let the ocean wash my grief away.  I had lots of happy memories of Gigi while on vacay.  Little things seemed to pop up everywhere I went that reminded me of her and made me feel like she was still with us. This was us last year at the same time!


We happily talked about her a lot.

Writing that letter really helped me process my unknown unresolved feelings connected to her passing.  I feel like the loneliness and anger have moved along and were washed out with the tide which feels so peaceful. I ended vacation the same way that I started.  I came home early to go to Class 6 of Beginners yoga with my sister Kelly.  This was great on several levels.  While one vacation I really wanted to relax so I didn’t work out. Coming home to yoga got me back into moving my body.  Also, I had been missing my sister like crazy sooooo I literally couldn’t wait to see her.  Kelly, can i just saw how grateful I am that we are doing this together?!  I didn’t know that we could be get any closer but I really appreciate this time we get to spend together.  I really love you and I didn’t realize how much I was missing being with you, beyond just being gone for vacation. #sohappytogether #gettingevencloser #sharedactivites #cohabitation #whatdopeoplewiithoutsistersdo!?


Nancy was in training this day and Meg was our instructor for the day!


We connected right away.  I asked her if she was into taking a picture and she said sure, which one us is going to do the headstand and which one of us is going to do the split! Hahahahaha, love her.  If you’ve never taken yoga, I can’t tell you enough how life changing has been for me.  First of all I want to thank my client Catrina (who you’ll remember from our Pure Barre date)


for introducing me to Bliss Body Yoga.  I had told her I wanted to get into yoga and she told me about their beginners series and the rest is history!  I honestly cannot thank you enough, can’t wait to see you soon!!!  XOXO

I have really been searching for more spirituality in life and a deeper connection with myself and others.  Every class, you are simply practicing.  Every class is a gift.  And to get to do it with my sister makes me feel even more connected to her.  When your instructor talks, it always feels like she is talking directly to you.  Whatever the lesson, it feels so relevant to everything that is going on in your life.  Meg talked a lot about the juxtaposition of yoga.  How you have to have the foundation to  have the freedom.  How you have the flexibility and the control.  Balance.  The class  was amazing, as always.  We focused on bridges into shoulder stands.  I can’t do a shoulder stand yet but what I love about yoga is that I get to find my own way there.  I get to keep practicing.  There is no expectation, no judgment.  We are all learning together.  They show you the full range of a pose.  It is inspiring and exciting to think of what I’ll be able to do in a year!  I already feel stronger.  I love the control of the poses, the breath used to expand and contract.  I could go on forever about this.  Kelly and I went to lunch at Guasaca (the living best place on Earth)


afterwards and just talked about our life goals and they were very similar.  Ultimately we both want to strive for peace because we feel like everything will fall into place from there.  I took a nap when I got home and did some laundry, but kept the relaxing, reflective time going.  Then Sunday morning I woke up for a Pure Barre class with the amazing and Raleigh famous Maureen!


Everyone I know, knows this woman and what a pleasure it is to know her.  She is Nikki’s client at Samuel Cole and she has read our journey and been a supporter long before I came to Barre.  She always has a kind word and tells everyone to read our blog.  She is just as supportive in class.  She always tells me I’m doing a good job even when I can clearly see that I am in no way shape or form doing what everyone else is doing.  I understand my own limitations so much better now.  I don’t need to compete, I just need to show up and keep striving to get better.  One day I will be able to table top my legs.  One day I will be able to keep both legs in the air and my head and shoulders lifted.  But I’m going to be patient and just keep at it.  I mean look at how sweaty I am.  I love this place, this workout and Maureen so much.  There are a lot of yoga elements in Pure Barre.  We do cat, cow, locust, cobra and lots of other stretching throughout this challenging workout.  It felt great to be back and this was Class 5 out of the Back To Barre 10 Challenge. Almost there!  Then I went grocery shopping and Targeting.  I came home, threw tomorrows meal in a crock pot, cleaned and unpacked then met my sister for Restorative Yoga with Barbara from Bliss Body Yoga.  Who am I…2 a days!?!  Yogaaaaays…this class with a body melt.  Talk about relaxation.  This class is the living embodiment of peace and balance.  You do 4 or 5 assisted, supported poses.  You set yourself up with blocks, blankets, bolsters (oh my) and find a comfortable way to support yourself through a single pose that you hold for 10 minutes. The focus was heavy on the breathing and sending light into your heart.  It was like adult nap time.  Yesterday Meg said people either love savasana or they hate it.  It is a lot of quiet time alone in your head and in your body!  Well, I am in the love camp.  #duh Restorative Yoga was like an hour and 15 minutes of savasana.  This really didn’t feel like heart pumping exercise (because it wasn’t at all), it felt like a calm gift. Our instructor introduced the idea of this kind of restoration as a necessity instead of a luxury.  #imonboard  We did a side pose and had the bolster behind our back.  She said what does it feel like to have your own back. It was very empowering.  I felt the expanse of my breath and I felt so in control and so connected to everyone in this small space and everyone in the world.  It’s that juxtaposition again.  The universe is inside of you, you are yoga.  Yet you are a small being inside of the vast universe and we are all connected.  This will be a part of my life for the rest of my life.  I am hooked on the way yoga makes me feel.  I love feeling like the possibilities are endless and that it will always just be something I practice no matter what my skill level becomes.  Thank you Kelly for wanting to go today.  I love trying new things with you.  It feels amazing to get to know ourselves better together.


Since I am finally listening to myself and the universe and finding way to replenish my depleted body, heart and mind, I now have the energy to do the other things that need to get done!  I came home, finished cleaning and unpacking and cooked up a storm.  I spent Sunday getting back into the swing of life and didn’t once feel overwhelmed.


Then on Tuesday, the living best thing happened, my Meatball joined me and Kelly for A Flow Basics class!!!!!  Jenny and I have been really disconnected lately, mostly because of my vacation, but we needed some quality time.  She came over Monday night after I went to Pure Barre and she went to Body Pump.  We really have changed.  No matter what is going on, we keep finding our way back to exercise and each other.


We snuggled on the couch and talked a lot about the future and being present and I told her I was going to join the yoga challenge at my studio!


She said she would love to take a class and it happened the next day…I mean somebody look at all these trees!?!


What a fun way to be together and to do something nice for yourself.  So many of my favorite people in one pic!  Then Jenny and I went and had a healthy dinner date…


And just kept this lovely flow and exchange of ideas going.  We ended up talking half the night.  WE are both in such good places right now and so open to change…to thinking of things in a different way.  So glad you came tonight and so glad to be on this ever evolving journey of self acceptance and health with you Jenny. XO

Lifestyle changes are really something.  Getting things done and being prepared to eat healthy and scheduling ways to keep my body moving have now become so easy since I’ve learned how to really take care of myself.  If you are struggling to lose weight, just know that you have to start with actually getting healthy on all levels; your mind, your heart, your soul and then your body will fall into place.  This will always be more than calorie counting and bootcamps.  But it is possible and it will always be a jounery of ups and downs. We have your back while you try to find out how to have your own. Namaste.


Two Meatballs: NoMo FOMO!!!

Sara here!  For those of you who don’t know, FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out!!!  And girl, I got it bad!!!  My whole life I haven’t wanted to miss a single thing.  I wanted to know what the grown ups were talking about, I wanted to play, I wanted to know the gossip, I wanted to be at the sleepover once I got over being shy.  It carried on into my adulthood.  I never missed a work event.  If people were going out, I was there.  My social, work and family calendars were so jam packed with the funnest things that my personal needs- including but not limited to-sleep, nutrition, exercise, cleanliness of home, personal appointments and so much more; suffered big time!  But who cares, I’m in the know, am I right ladies?!  Now, with my current health situation and my need to find peace inside of my own life, FOMO seems so silly for me.  I am important. I am a priority. I am worth taking care of. I am peaceful.  These are hard things to get on board with when all of life has been about putting others first; either bc you are a giver OR bc you aren’t comfortable dealing with your own needs or both!  But this is where I find myself.  And as it so often happens, when I need to get onboard with something, it just keeps popping up in my life.  In yoga this weekend with the greatest instructor, Nancy…


She introduced the idea of setting intentions.  Joelle and I took a class last year that was a ll about setting intentions and I loved it.  Now it is back and has crept its way into my peaceful yoga practice.  Nancy asked for us to reflect on why we found our way to the mat.  Was it bc we were in pain (physical, mental, emotional, all three?) and we wanted to find relief? (yes) Was it  bc we feel pretty good but want to feel an expansion, to learn more, to gain more with ourselves? (yes) Was it to find a community to grow and learn and share this amazing experience with? (yes) Or was it to find a deeper connection with the Divine? (yes)  As I lay in corpse pose contemplating all of this while practicing my breath and being in the moment, I found that all of those things brought me to yoga! #overachiever  Next, Nancy said, now set an intention.  If you want to be loved, say in your mind, I am loved.  Whatever the want, set the intention as if it were already happening.  So for me, I want peace, so my intention became, I am peaceful.  We talk a lot on this blog about how your own self talk affects you so greatly and let me tell you…this one sentence truly set my intentions and set me up for a very peaceful, very uneventful, antiFOMO weekend.

In very normal conversation leading up to this wonderful holiday weekend of Labor Day, everyone was asking me what I had planned.  It is so deeply in my nature to plan.  Partly bc I’m disorganized and it helps me stay focused, partly bc I love having things to look forward to, partly bc I overcommit so planning and putting in my calendar prevents that and mostly bc I used to love to be busy all the time…less time alone with my own thoughts I guess.  So, in total opposite of usual Sara fashion, my response was NOTHING!  For once, I had absolutely nothing planned .  No trips out of town, no committed social engagements, I didn’t even have anything planned with my family!  I made this weekend about myself.  I went to beginners yoga at Bliss Body Yoga as you read above, my new favorite Saturday morning ritual!


I went to Pure Barre….three times this week!


I saw my mom and dad and went shopping for an adult coloring book!


I ordered some new cookbooks and read them cover to cover!


I made these brussel sprouts with crispy shallots from Nourish!  They were amazing!


And bc I didn’t over schedule myself and I live with a little more flexibility now, I was able to hang out with the fam (mom, dad, Kelly and Chase) on Sunday for a healthy cookout


and arts and crafts with my twinny!


I thought it would be fun to paint…with our hands and you guys, it was the living funnest!


Which ultimately became paint Chase!!!! #murderers #justbutcheringcowsoverhere He is so much fun, we explored the attic, went for walks, spied on people, made up games, he let me play his legs like a musical instrument, we were zombies,


then we came together for a weird indoor ball game and story time!


There was so much laughing and so much fun!  Wyatt was at a movie with a friend which was a bummer, but with two nephews, you hardly ever get alone time with them!!!  Chase!!!  You are a ball of sunshine, energy and creativity.  I was worn out in the best possible way.  Time with family is such a gift.  I spent the rest of the weekend going to see my chiropractor and acupuncturist which always leaves me feeling rejuvenated and totally relaxed.  So unlike any other holiday in my left, I am starting this work week without a hangover, feeling healthy and nourished and well rested.  Adios FOMO hello Namaste.  Hope your holiday was lovely and full of love and peace.  See you all tomorrow! XO  Here are a few closing memes that I’m obsessed with!


Two Meatballs: Kitchen Cousins!!!

You guyyyyyys, Just call me Julia…Childs over here!!!  Ever since I started this allergy/food elimination plan, I have been cooking up a delicious storm in my neck of the woods. What’s that sound you ask…oh that’s just my smoke detector going off like errrrrrrry 5 minutes #sensitivesally but the ear piercing screeching has all been worth it!   I basically can’t eat out at all for the next 30 days and there are so few things I can eat, I have to get really creative so I don’t lose my mind with the disgusting breakfast porridge I made!  It has also been a really fun way to be with family and have really healthy dates!  Friday night my sister came over and I made a butternut squash stew with chicken, brown rice, zoodles, roasted broccoli and cauliflower!  Sooooooooooooo good and comforting in a healthy way.  We also had sea salt, pepper and turmeric (a natural anti-inflamatory) roasted asparagus and a shredded brussel sprout salad with an avocado basil dressing!  All homemade! I have been educating myself on leaky gut syndrome and with the help of my chiropractor/health guru/nutrition enthusiast, I plan on healing mine!


So healthy and so good!  If you ever want to feel amazing, cook something for Kelly!  She is so appreciative and complimentary.  It feels like 1 million dollars! She likes to say yummmmm over and over and it makes your new to cooking experimentation heart soar!  We spent the rest of the night talking about everything on earth…all the things we’ve been learning, and working on and wanting to change and achieve.  Look at how cute we are!  We are both in a good place with wanting to eat healthy and exercise.  I feel like our time together is so positive when we are both putting healthy things into our bodies and moving more.  Love you did.


I love you Kelly, can’t wait to do it again!  Then Saturday, I went and saw my new zen bff, Nancy at Bliss Body Yoga and got my Warrior  and Chair pose on!


Yoga has me filled with so much gratitude.  I think it is the first thing that I have ever done that isn’t so goal oriented.  Yoga asks only that you be in the moment.  I think that is something that we are all so disconnected with.  We are obsessed with our phones.  I remember one time I was hanging out with my nephew bunnies and they were both like NO MORE PICS!  They just wanted to play and for me to pay attention to them and listen to them.  That is the least I can do.  There is literally nothing on Facebook more interesting than their sweet faces and I need to remember that more.  It was another wonderful class.  This woman I found on instagram is my inspiration with yoga. #oneday


After yoga, I packed up a ton of fresh ingredients and headed to my cousin Kristina’s house to cook her a late birthday dinner!


Kris is a great food experimenter and she loves to cook too so what better way to spend time together and to celebrate than making healthy, delicious food for her family.  What’s cooking good looking?!


On the menu tonight was: Rustic garlic chicken with gravy, zucchini with mint, basil and pine nuts and whipped parsnips!!!  It was pure chaos in this kitchen!  It is so hard to stay organized when you are volleying between three recipes on pinterest! (If any of these dishes sound good to you, they are on Twomeatballsgetfit under the Kristina date board)  But we managed and caught up on life together.  I just adore her and spending time together is the gift.


After an hour of sweating and laughing and playing with the kids,


this was the finished product!


I had the leftovers later than night with the salad from my Kelly date!  Heaven!


Cheers Kristina…lets make this a monthly thing!  I love trying new things with you and I just love you so much!


Even the kids loved it!


Her kids eat so healthy you guys!  It blew me away…talk about setting your kids up for success!  Buddy, I love you so much.  The parsnips won the night!  So f-ing good!  The next morning I went to Pure Barre and it was a Paige class.  She is the cutest and she said, y’all are going to hate this and no you cannot leave!  My new pb pals, Camilla and Melissa were there and it’s so nice to  be able to chat before class.  I even met a new friend, Kristen!  We had a blast and I got my Pure Barre ledge kicked!


Then I heard Jennys voice in my mind.  She always talks about how you feel like being more active when you stay in your workout clothes and it was so true.  I went to Target and Trader Joe’s.  I cooked some more and organized my spice cabinet and ended up cleaning the house!!!  I was also craving something sweet so I made some shredded coconut, nut, apple and cashew butter cereal with unsweetened coconut milk!


Totally hit the spot.  Then I made some crock pot coconut turmeric chicken thighs, shredded them and added brown rice!


I also roasted some asparagus and made my meals for the next two days.  This was super comforting. Then I capped off the beginning of the work week with a lovely family dinner OG Beard style.


We cooked together and laughed the night away.  I think for most families, food will always be the center of the heart.  But this heart will be healthy. #robinS #communisT #sarayourdressistooshort #iloevALLofyou


I have really found that I can still find comfort in food but that it can be healthy and I can feed my body the things that will ultimately heal what ails me.  I can feel a real change.  I haven’t felt this good all year and it really feels like a blessing. I can finally breath and that means so many things.  I feel like my face is less bloated and my skin looks good again.


Jenny has so many amazing non smiling faces and I’m always trying to pull one off, but the truth is I look better when I smile and why not!?


But seriously that skin!?!?!  Why do I ever stray???

It is nice to feel so connected to my body and my mind and everything in between.  Instead of mindlessly shoveling pad thai into my mouth and trying to fill a void that will never be filled with processed food.  I love cooking and thank goodness for that.  More yummy recipes to come. And don’t worry, a total mess was made every.single.time.


Love you all.  Feed your bellies and your minds. XO

More exercising and cooking together tomorrow!


Two Meatballs: Yoga-taaaa Be Kiddin’ Me!!!

You guyyyys….ummmmm have you tried yoga cause it’s amazing!!!!  One of my lovely, long time clients, Lila, is training to be a yogi so we were lucky enough to be her guinea pigs!  Jenny and I got our zen on, grabbed our yoga mats and headed over to the most gorgeous home of sweet Lila.


All of my weight has settled right into my back fat y’all!!!  And as Jenny and I always do, we had an awesome, deep convo in the car on the ride over.  She said something that really resinated with me.  We were talking about why it’s so hard to be good over the holidays and why its so tempting to do what you are not supposed to do…she said, we’ve relapsed!  I know she shared with you on Tuesday her addiction to sugar.  We both lived a really unhealthy lifestyle for so long….for me nearly 30 years.  We have completely changed our lives over the past year BUT we have experienced a relapse lately.  Mine has been on and off for three months.  Naming it with “relapse” gave me so much insight, so much acceptance and the power to simply move on.  I am an addict…in ohhhh  so many ways.  Changing your life and giving up your unhealthy vices doesn’t happen over night.  And sometimes you slip back into old patterns.  But what has changed is that it doesn’t feel as good anymore.  Now when I eat pad thai, I feel like a junkie shooting up heroine in a gas station bathroom…and it really doesn’t feel that different.  The guilt is overwhelming because I want to get this right this time.  I don’t want to waste any more time. The thought of gaining this weight back instantly reduces me to tears and the disappointment is too much to bare.  What if I gained all of the weight back?!  It just isn’t going to happen.  I know better and that is why I don’t feel as fulfilled as I used to when I gave in to my momentary cravings.  Sure the Robin’s Eggs on Easter were good, but the guilt wasn’t and to be honest…they just aren’t worth it.  I feel my best when I embrace this new life that I’ve signed up for. I want to stop rebelling against it.  I feel my worst when I try and shove myself back into my old life bc it just doesn’t work for me anymore.  This may not be my last relapse and I am positive that I will always be a recovering addict and that I can’t strive for perfection, only for progress.  This is going to be a day by day thing and it’s hard dammit.  I want to think that I am stronger that this and I believe that I am.  A relapse is not the end of the world, it is an opportunity to reevaluate and become even more committed to a future that I know I want.  Thank you Jenny for saying exactly what I needed to hear, at the perfect moment. I was stuck in a disappointment cycle and I couldn’t seem to find my way to the surface, but your words gave me perspective and so much clarity.  I am so thankful every single day to have met you and to embrace this new challenge side by side.  Side by Sidebar complete…back to Lila’s…


This is Lila!  She is fantastic…and so is her home.  We took every opportunity to explore…I can’t focus until I have tour!


Love this house!!!  Ok…time to get spiritual!


Let me just say, Lila is the living best teacher, she has the perfect yoga voice and I was instantly relaxed.  She had us sit like her and close our eyes and she just said a lot of really powerful things.  we had to identify where our balance point was.  I chose my heart.  I love a visual.  Then she started talking about being rooted to the ground, breathing in, lengthening our bodies, letting go, being in the moment, forgiving ourselves, breathing through the tough poses and how we can use all of these things in real life to cope.  Ummmmmm, talk about relevant to the situation.  As I sat there and as we moved into the poses…ps yoga is serious y’all, I was sweating up a storm…I let got of the weight gain and disappointment.  I decided to live in the moment and start fresh.  You can always clean slate it.  My heart is my balance point.  We kept moving through the poses and she gave us so much inspiration and the visualization was so empowering.


She really let us be ourselves and laugh when we needed to be silly, but both of us really needed this reconnection to ourselves and time to be quiet and with ourselves.  Learning how to breath and stretch and ask more of your body while being kind to it felt so good.  She really catered it to us and played music and taught us modifications but also asked us to push ourselves.  She carefully explained each pose and when to breath.  Then we ended on the floor quietly connecting with ourselves (and each other haha) and experienced some quiet time to reflect as she helped us to stretch and relax more.   She read us a story from Eat, Love, Pray and I think both of us almost cried.



She gave us a little parting gift of rosemary, incense and the story that she read us.


Soooooo thoughtful!!!! But Lila, you gave us a much bigger gift.  We so appreciate your time, the time you put into preparing something for us and the gift of experiencing yoga.  I feel a deeper connection with myself, Jenny and you Lila!  You have found your calling.  This was such an incredible hour of enlightenment and exploration.  I am always capable of more than I think.  I need to spend more time connecting to myself and taking care of myself.  You are such an amazing person with a kind and giving spirit.  You made this so fun and easy to understand.  I never felt intimidated and I felt incredibly well cared for.  Thank you thank you thank you.  You have made us Yoga Believers and we literally cannot wait to do it again!  Big shout out to Lila’s husband A for taking these pics!!!


Everything happens the way its supposed to and if life were easy it wouldn’t be worth it.  Change is hard work and you have to put in the effort every single day.  I feel so much more connected, grounded and balanced.  What a gift!  Until next time! We most definitely felt the love and we love you that much also Lila!