Two Meatballs: Do What You Sayyyyyyyyy

I feel so much better now that I’ve told on myself.  The truth really does set you free am I right ladies!?  After realizing that no matter how much I wanted nuggets, fries, ranch and diet dr pepper and Zebra Cakes and zero exercising to be my gateway drug to weight loss success, it was just was never going to be the case. #dammit


And realizing that this was indeed never going to be easy and that that was ok, I decided that it was time to put my money where my hungry for sweets mouth was.  I woke up Friday morning pumped!  I went to Whole Foods and got my reset breakfast of wakey wakey, eggs and bakey and a cherry chia seed Kambucha for my little Tina (for all you new readers, Tina is my vagina).  Yuuuuuummmmmm.  I’m not sure there is a more satisfying breakfast in this world.  Something in my brain kept saying call your mom, so I did and ended up taking my breakfast to her house.  You guys…I love my mom.  I mean look at her…don’t you just love her!? Anna Beard is the living cutest!


We chatted it up about all the ideas she has for her house as I scarfed down my healthy breakfast. Then we decided we needed to go to Target asap. There are so many fun decorating ideas in Target…it makes me want everything!!!  And then we were off to Printers Alley for ideas for curtains for her craft room. #whendoesthefunend!? #neverwithyourmombestie

Then we picked Chase up from school!


He said, “I saw you and said yessssssss a thousand times!” #swoon #bestillmyheart #triplets

And we took a look at his art show!


What preschoolers get to do a Jackson Pollack like painting…my childhood and current adult fantasy!


Then went to lunch (a healthy salad fro me thank you very much) and played at North Hills and then I took a page from Jenny’s book …lets play hard #activity points at All Children’s Park.


Chase loves the park.  Wyatt always wanted to go to movies but Chase wants to play…and more specifically…SWING.


Look how happy!


He kept saying higher and squealing…ugh I love him! I did a squat with every push…hello upper and lower body; it’s Sara, it’s been awhile! #whatisthisSWEAT!? Then he wanted to go on the tire swing!  He had several demands…go fast, go high, go in circles and spin, be kind of scary but make me laugh and use both hands.  Yes sir!  And here we go…



What a work out!!!  I got him going good and fast and then I stepped in too close and got slammed in the chest!  I’m always trying to sensor myself around the kids so I yelled….Ahhhhhh!!!! A ninny masher.  Well this totally unhinged him and every time he came around I yelled it again…a real Ninny Masher…not my precious ninnies!?  Oh this kid was dying and yelling I’m going to pee!  Then I got hit in the lady, (my downstairs neighbor Tina) and started yelling….right in the nuggets…you hit me square in the front yard.  This went on for at least 30 minutes and we were both dying…and getting a little burnt. #irish So we finally stopped the tire swing…ouch! And he hopped down and instantly ate sand.  That kid went down and was just a giggling.  Time to regain your equilibrium and for Mo to stop sweating!



He loves him some Nana…and who wouldn’t!?  Then we picked up Wyatt and played ball on the porch at Nana and Paw Paws house.  We literally spent the entire day together and had thaaaaa best time.  The next morning I met my parents at the gym for the first time in a longggg time.  It felt great!


Jenny and I both go to the Fitness Connection at Celebration at Six Forks and they are running a great special…$10 down and $10 a month!  Call this guy and come work out with us!!!


Then we parted ways.  But then my mom called and asked me on a coffee date!!!!


I got the Flat White on a suggestion from my client…I added cinnamon and loved it!  We had so much fun talking about our home makeover dreams.

Next we stopped by Whole Foods and I picked up some supplements thanks to some tips from one of my longest time clients, Carol.  She left me a womens essential oil supplement as my tip and I was instantly hooked!  It tastes like a grasshopper!



She said I need a multivitamin and my probiotic had run out!


Sooooo excited about all my new stuff!  I also picked up some vitamin d, oil of oregano bc everyone is talking about it and turmeric oil…its a great anti-inflammatory that I can add to my new juices I’ve been making.  I also picked up some grain free maple bacon granola and greek yogurt for quick and easy breakfasts!



I’m trying to arm and surround myself with healthy things to stay focused and motivated.  And I just love spending time with my mom.  I spent the rest of the day making egg salad and roasting veggies.


Then Jenny came over and we had a fun date!  We had some Haute Cash to spend at Torrid and we had a blast doing it!  Shout out to my friend Christie who we ran into while shopping! Love you!


We love the don’ts jut as much as the do’s!  So much fun!  And we even got a shout out pic on torrid’s Facebook page!


Then we went out to dinner and I just love this girl!  We never stop laughing and that is my dream.  Then Sunday morning was here before you knew it and it was time for cousin Kristina’s baby to turn 1!  I love a kids birthday party…the fun, the family, the presents, the cake face smashing!  Kristina married into the Weeks family and they are a joy.  Three boys with three kids a piece…i thought our family was big!  It has been so long that we all feel like family which I love…so great to see everyone and celebrate!  Seeing all these cousins playing together reminded me of our childhood!



And then came the epic first birthday cake!!!  My favorite part!


Somebody look at this baby!  Trace is the sweetest!!!!  And Harper, the love of my life and a kid right after my own heart did the obligatory face smashing!!!  My dream!


I managed to avoid the cake but I did eat a rice krispy treat!  What a weekend!!!  Glad to be active and eating healthy again!!!


  1. So sweet!!!! You had me dying with your reenactment of the park! Such a fun weekend!
    Google it up!
    I love you!!

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