Two Meatballs My Kinda, Sorta life!

helllloooo   You guys know my amazing  friend Sara right?!?  You know when you are with your best friends and you get in super deep conversations……that happens a lot with us.   Not only is Sara a great friend of mine, she is also my mentor at work.  So needless to say, we talk a lot!! And I love it.  We are always digging deeper and deeper to reach our personal and professional goals.   There are no filters and no judgement.    I came to an amazing conclusion .   I am living a kinda sorta life!!!!  I’m kinda sorta committed to everything.  And it is not really working out that well, because I find I am committed to nothing!!!  Funny thing,  I feel best about myself  when I give anything 110% effort.  Why am I afraid to commit to my own health?  Or my super fun, limitless career? I desperately want a promotion…….and guess what, I know exactly what I need to do to get it.   Why am I standing in my own way of success?  I can eat a perfect paleo lifestyle all day long and then kinda throw the whole day away with a sweet treat at the end of my day!!!!!  It is so frustrating!!!!   When I am engaged, I am limitless,  but as soon as I find another “priority” I lose focus of my goals.  I’m committed to being a wife and mom.  My goal is to make sure I empower myself to live a full life, full of commitment.  I deserve it.  I don”t wanna keep saying, I’m kinda sorta paleo,  im kinda sorta going to put away the laundry,  I’m kinda sorta working towards a promotion.  Sooooo I know Claire underwood from house of cards is a total bitch at times,  but she dosent kinda sorta anything!  She makes things happen, and I’m obsessed with her!! And her entire image in general!




So this is what I’m working on.  Always being stronger and more committed  to personal growth and my own success.  # momguiltisreal  #robinwrightobsessed

anyway…….I comimitted to take London to meet Anna and Elsa from frozen this weekend.  Check……did it and it was adorable!!!



Cooked up up a healthy meal for the fam…….check



Paleo sweet treat!!!! Check cocunut crack bars!

1 cup of shredded coconut

2 tbs coconut oil

1/4 cup agave

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup coconut cream

and a handful of chocolate chips

refrigerate for a couple of hours






Me time…..check!   Working out always keeps me on track. And shopping, even if I don’t buy, it is just great alone time,  and  kinda creative thinking to me.





Thanks for for letting me vent!!!!  Xoxo


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