Two Meatballs: The Living Best Excuse!

You guys know how I love a full plate (this means two things lately wink face #nofatno) and lately my plate has been very full…and will continue to be until the middle of next month…..and then if we are being really honest with ourselves…FOREVER.  I have found myself lately saying things like; I’ve just got to get through this week…as long as I make it to Tuesday night…ugh when is this month over!?  And you know what!?


I don’t like it.  I don’t like wishing time away and I am turning a new leaf today.  I no longer wish to wish my time away.  Kait, one of my co-managers at the salon #heymary #tripodofmanagment


and I were talking about this very subject today and it has really stayed with me. How does one cope!? Being overwhelmed is not a good place for me and I heavily influence that feeling with my choice of words and the spin that I have put on it.  It is hard to appreciate the daily joys if I am allowing myself to wallow in my self appointed busy-dom. I mean…everyone is busy.  Not to mention, I am a happy and joyful person who loves to have fun, my goal is not to be a martyr people.  Soooooo, whats a gal to do!?  Normally, this would be the perfect excuse to really eat my feelings…to give myself an excuse to be too busy to cook, too busy to exercise, ultimately too busy to take care of myself or make myself and my health a priority.  But that is not going to send me back down the scale is it?!  I was 277 when I woke up this morning.  I am officially closer to 300 than I am to 250 and this just cannot be.  I cannot cope with my stress by eating and letting myself and all my hard work fall apart.  The perfect excuse is really just a lie I tell myself to justify what I want and completely ignore what I need. #youjustlyintoyourselfdummy  So here is what I am going to do.

I am going to acknowledge being overwhelmed.  I don’t have to like feeling that way but I don’t have to ignore it.  Sometimes just saying it out loud and then letting it go feels amazing.

I am going to focus on the most pressing matter and then move on to the next thing when task one is complete.

I am going to ask for help when I need it.  I am not an island. #hikrisitna #jkloveyoucuzzy

I am going to remember that no one knows what my plan is.  If things don’t go as planned, no one knows if I don’t tell them, move on. #byefelicia

I am going to make the best decisions I can when it comes to food.  I am strong enough to not give in to myself bc I didn’t plan well while in a constant state of busy. #getoveryourself

I am going to remember that I LOVE being busy…I thrive with a full plate.

I am going to remember that I asked for all of this responsibility…nay, begged for it.  So I am going to be grateful that I get to live the life that I asked for and that I have earned.


I love my life, I love what I do, I love my family and the people I am blessed to be around each day


and I don’t want to miss a single second of the joy that surrounds me bc I got the life I asked for.  Man, that felt like a mic drop moment for myself.  Who complains about living their dream?!  Not me anymore.  I am grateful and I never want to forget that.  So, now what do I do about my weight!?  Joelle #soulmate once again swooped in and saved my life with this new catch phrase…you know I love a tag line…You just have to get to 276.  You just have to get that needle to move 1 pound.  That is all you need to worry about.  I have been so obsessed with 25 pounds but it’s more than I can bite off. #punintended I always want the end game and today I just need to think about making the best possible decisions that I can and move that needle (in my case digital number from my scale) down by 1.  That is not overwhelming!!!!  That feels so doable.  Bc at this point I have done more than enough talking…it is action time.  More plans to get right again…be active always.  I helped move around some furniture in my sisters house on Monday night…I’ve been running up the stairs at work…I park further away everywhere I go….I started going to the gym again!  Tonight I stopped by my parents house to see that completed project; they had it painted #gorg


And my mom and I went on a date to B.Good and I ate so healthy and loved it.  #loveyoumomanddad  At work my most pressing matter is Color Boot Camp which is a two day seminar that Carolyn and I birthed and teach and it all goes down Monday!


We have decided to give our baby a facelift and restructure our  class so that it constantly stays relevant and easy to understand.  I love this class, I love seeing the lightbulbs go off, I love perfecting our genius, I love the labor of love this has become and how much time I get to spend with Carolyn fine tuning it, I love watching Alley, Jenny and Natalie teach and our students soak it all up!  You can’t get too overwhelmed when there is this much perspective huh!?  I have time blocked out to finish up the last portion of the power point tomorrow.  The mannequins are ordered.  The invites have gone out. Check!  This weekend is Chase’s 5th birthday!!!  We are going to Chuck.E.Cheese it up with all his sweet little buddies!  Then, it is Chase’s first year of my very favorite tradition…the hotel birthday sleepover with Aunt Mo! North Hills get ready!  Look at this angel!



He is so excited and so am I!!!  The next morning Jenny and I have our weigh in shoot (it will post Monday night at 8!) at Dempseys house.  I don’t know how I’m going to get ready but it will be fine, then we have a work brunch at Humble Pie.  Then I will need to edit, upload and write the weigh in blog. Monday brings the end of my fiscal month at work and I should probably  go in Sunday night to do all of my paperwork and get my numbers in to Laura for the salon meeting since  Monday from 8-6 I will in color boot camp!  Then Monday night I’ll post the weigh in and promote it (obsess over the views).  Then Tuesday 8-6 will be round two of CBC.  All of these things are so exciting.  I am not going to get lost down the rabbit hole and bullshit of being busy.  I’m not going to miss a minute of all these fun things.  I will remember to have fun and shake off that pesky overwhelmed feeling bc it’s not doing a damn thing for me.  Alright you guys.  Thanks again for being here for us.  We need you now more than ever.  Xoxoxoxoxoxxo!  Time to get busy 😉



  1. I felt myself hyperventilating at the end!!!!! Girl you are busy as f!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love everything you said though!!!! I have been so completely overwhelmed this last month!!! Like barely holding on but they were all in preparation for the biggest blessings ever!! I found myself constantly trying to remember that these were all good things and worth all this worry and stress!!! It would be so lovely to handle being stressed and overwhelmed with grace and not let it ruin all we have to be grateful for!!!
    Love this and you!!!!!

  2. Loved this post. Why don’t you write a book, Mo. Many things you said hit home. Keep striving buddy. You will get there. Love you.

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