Two Meatballs: Hold on to your butts!!!!!

We really needed this workout today!!!!   Sara and I are desperately looking for food, workouts,  even shame to keeps us on track.  So on our drive to meet with Sandra we talked about her and I spending some more time together, getting back to basics and cooking!  Our dream, more time together!  Why aren’t we neighbors yet?!? Being prepared and organized is  what we believe is missing from our lives these days.  #stopbeinglazy

Anyway our workout with Sandra was really different today then anything we had done in the past.   Love that about Sandra…..still so dedicated to these two balls!!! 🙂 haha

warm up on the treads as usual!!



I saw saw thes things and had to try them out!  #hungarianarmsareback







Then then we did a shit ton of rowing today.



These balls were rough, all this stuff just worked our butts!!!



More balls



Working  the core!



Ohhhh here comes the happiest shame!! #moneyshot


What a pain in the butt, literally, my butt   Huuuuurts!    We were there for an hour, I promise, even though this looked like a little workout.  I just woke up and my body is in pain today….kinda love that!!!  #switchitup

Love you guys!! We aren’t going to stop!!!!!(yelling). Ahhhhh see you guys at weigh in!!!



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