Two Meatballs: Welcome to Our Lady Garden!!! (Aka the 14th weigh in!)

Knock Knock…Whose there?!  We’re fat again!!!! But today is a new day!  Let’s start off right with some meditation




And a healthy snack of fruit and spa water!


It’s such a pretty spring day!


Lets take this fresh start outside!





Oh Gnome You Didn’t!


Hats and tops off!  How about some coffee to start the day off right?


Now let’s rack up those activity points!


#coachellastyle We’ll scoot across this fairy bridge!


Get a little cheeky!


Always remember to stop and smell the roses!


Become one with nature! #hugthattreegirl


Remember how good it feels to do this together!


And burn some calories while we have so much!



An acrobatic walk #cardiofordays


A quick game of hide and seek before we reveal it all!



No more hiding…how did we do!?


In the spirit of new beginnings, we are literally wiping the slate clean.  We are moving forward with our highest weight from this year.  Our weight gains have been a little debilitating and this is a great mental boost to help us reengage, stop beating ourselves up and start moving forward! Sara, you’re up kitten!


I literally feel like weight has been lifted.  The pressure of losing 90 pounds and gaining 30 in a year was so daunting.  I really needed this fresh start and to keep my numbers small.  I literally just need to lose the next pound, to make the right decision when I’m eating, to go to the gym!  I have done some serious soul searching this month but what I neglected to do was enter my kitchen to cook or step foot in my gym more than four times!  I am lacking action in a serious way.  I am sick of talking and diving deep.  I know what I need to do.  I need to employ my own personal mantra of DO IT to my own life and weight loss journey.  I have unfortunately romanticized the past…I keep asking myself why was it so easy to lose weight before?!  Why am I struggling so hard now.  The truth is that it was never easy.  What was different before was that I was engaged and chock full of action.  So today I recommit, I stop talking and I start sweating.  I am no longer comfortable not living up to my word and I don’t like seeing my body change in the wrong direction.  So here is to the first pound lost on Season 2 Episode 1 of this journey.  This is not glamorous and it’s fucking hard.  So thank you for being right here with us every step of the way. Xoxo, A girl who found her integrity again. Love you Jenny.


Jenny, you’re up bunny!


I love staying positive with this whole weightloss thing………I think I forgot how fucking hard this is!!!!! And how it will forever be an on going balance game.  But I am grateful to be present in my life and aware of all the support in my life.   I am just going to do things my way…..not the way it works for someone else, but what really works for me.   Simple good food.  Roasting and grillng everything!!  I have done so well……I can do it again, not to mention having a new starting point feels less overwhelming and has me excited to pick up again and not think about what I have already lost and obsesse about what I will loss.  Thank you Sara for being in this with me!  Love you.  And thank you Dempsey for the amazing pics love u!!!


We couldn’t do this without each other! #snugglebuddies



Or without you!


We love you guys so much!


And thank you Cara Dempsey for these beautiful pictures!

Final thoughts…this is a journey that we will be on for the rest of our lives, but it feels good to celebrate how far we’ve come!  Hats off to that!


Until next time…


And as always…the outtakes! #imsopale #thatsalotofboob #thispostgotdeletedat651tonightandihadtostartover #fuckyoutechnology #whydowelooksomuchbettteraskids #coachellastyle #fairyland #eveykidsdream #moresuburbannudity #thanksdempsey #isthatpoisonivy #ineedtogetonthattireswing #alwaysdeadonforafullbodyshot #mossybutts #itlookslikeweareshittinginthewoods #notcute #youlooklikeacreep #itsintentional



  1. Courage strength and beauty! You two are amazing. Always remember on DAY ONE of this journey you were victorious in every way! Love you!!

  2. Hi sara!!!!! I love you guys so much! You are both amazing! I’m sorry it’s hard! It’s so true for everyone though! It’s a life long journey! Your meatball nation is behind you!

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