Two Meatballs: big meaty balls!!!

Weigh in is done!!!!!!!  I think we are both feeling like our selves again.   And as always thank you thank you thank you for all of your support.  This blog keeps us on our toes.  When we may want to give Up  on ourselves,  it never feels like you do!  There are people in our lives who truly want to see us be success with our goals.  I think sometimes  it really blows our minds.  It comes in sweet supportive words and honest….blunt phrases as well.  Our co workers are fantastic.  They are judgment free and full of great ideas all the time.   Even the ones I never thought would be reading the blog….are!!  Amazing.

When I look at this before and after,  I really see the personal growth and change.   This is Jenny by the way!! Haha   I was terrified the day we posted our first weigh in.  I had very stric rules, that the chalk board would cover my body at all times.  And to think this last time we were playing in Dempsey ‘s yard in plain  view of her neighbors…..that is incredible!  I have to say… biggest fear in doing this is London seeing this one day and just being horrified and ashamed of  me putting myself out there for pretty much everyone to see.  But this has all made me a bolder woman, mom, wife, hairstylist, daughter and friend.  The truth is everything.  #theconversationistherelaonship



we haven’t always been modest. This is last month and this month.



wpid-photo_2015-05-04_04-02-14_pm.jpg wpid-photo_2015-05-04_04-04-34_pm.jpg

I would have never done this!!!



it feels great to have some balls!  The weigh In Is so powerful for me because getting naked has not always been my power place. Unlike Sara!  She is the most comfortable.  And just like the numbers don’t lie, the body dosent either…..people know!!!!  And you have to be ok with that.  And I leave feeling more powerful and confident.  And something about being honest just makes you feel gooood.

So how do I keep this meatball rolling, just a day after weigh in?!?!  Take London on a three mile walk for some fro yo!!!




have a senseable meal…..whole foods has these ready to go meals.  This is so good for my crazy mom life.   Pork, collards, Mac and cheese, and a huge salad…..something for everyone in my house.  It was delicious and a perfect meal..I had some pork and a salad.  Thanks whole foods, you keep me happy!!



I’m busy….and that’s great.  It just has to work for me.  And surrendering a couple of home cooked meals for simplicity and well being will work for me.  My brain was fried from work.  Hair color boot Camp again!!!   A total success,  but holy guacamole….I’m tired!  And it is hard when you come from amazing women who cooked every single day.  Those are hard shoes to fill.  But I don’t have to fill them.  I have to make sure I have a happy healthy house.    Things are great right now.   I have full control over my journey!!!  Love you guys and thanks again for stopping by for our weigh in!!! It is already May 5th!!!!!  It’s happening!!  Healthy days ahead!!  Bye bye!!



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