two Meatballs: Raising the BARRE!!!

wpid-20150421_162014.jpgunfortantley, we did not meet with the amazing Sandra this week.   So I  decided to do something new. Everyone has been talking about purre bare.   It sounded like somthing I would not be into.  It is a ballerinas guide to health and fitness.  have you guys met me???   I am the stalkiest little dancer you will ever meet.  What the hell……. let’s give it a go.  So at 4:15 I met up with cara at the pure Barr studio.


When u get in the first thing you need for this class is a pair of the official pure Barr nonslip socks. Done. Check.  Cara set me up with all the things I would need for class



I was was not sure what to expect with this class. At times I can be really cocky and thought I could do this….no problem.   Well this was different then anything I had ever done.  This is more about smaller movements and Having a lot of body control.

wpid-screenshot_2015-04-23-21-30-08.png wpid-screenshot_2015-04-23-21-23-17.png






My my body was really hurting today.   This kicked my ass.   It was really hard work to get trough this.  But now I feel great and more committed,


. Cara was great to go with.  She already had a great understanding of the class and the flow, so it made it easy just to watch her!!!  But I would love to do this again!!



And i I got to finally meet my co workers 5 day old  fainting goat!! Penelope!!   So cute!!



Have agreat weekend!! Xoxo

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