Two Meatballs: Get Wet!!!!

Ewwwww…you guys get your head out of the gutter!!!!  Anywho…enough about you, lets talk about getting nominated at 2am for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!?!


Well my first thought was fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  So i texted Jenny in the morning and we obviously decided to accept the challenge and to make a donation to a very worthy cause.  No matter how hot it is outside I do not want to get monsooned with ice cold water, but if you’re going to do it I totally suggest doing it with your best friend! So my parents agreed to help us!  My sweet mom Anna filmed and my dad John was way to excited to torture us! Here was everyone’s general sentiment about the impending freeze out…


But it was gooooo time!


And we nominated my cousin Tim and our adorable coworker and friend Kristi Kessler!!!  But it was time to put up or shut up.  Here is out best before and after to date!!!



If you would like to watch the video, please check our Facebook page Two Meatballs Get Fit…it’s hilarious!

It was sooo cold but so hilarious and it seemed to be happening in slow motion! #slowmotionforme


But it was over!!!  Thanks mom and dad!!!  So what do two little drowned rats do after such good doing!?!  Ummmmm, date night!!!  Jenny came over after work on Saturday and we went shopping…


Jenny is soooooo tiny now that the bras at Torrid are too big for her…she is like a medium in straight sizes!!!!  Sooooo exciting! And I found some real fall winners #pleatherleggings…theclassyones

Then we got ready to go to dinner at Poole’s Diner.  That cute guy I’m always going on and on about is a chef there and I had never been….you guyyyyyyys!!!!  It was soooo goood!


He sent out some of our favorites and then we split the salmon, soft shell crab and swiss chard dishes…ummmmm yummmmm. He even popped out for a minute to say hello even though it was crazy busy #ughdorable #billmurrayshirt  Sooooo everyone should go here like all the time!!! #aaaaandhecancook


Best way to celebrate do gooding ever!!!!  Go to Poole’s and donate to ALS!!!


Later I met back up with that adorable chef and we went to Player’s Retreat…the most hilarious little gem that has stood the test of time in Raleigh.


#mystikal #ineverstoptalking #ughwhyishesooooocute

Then Sunday we went downtown to RibFest….something I never thought I would say.  But you guysssss…its was sooooo fun!  The food was amaze and we split it so not too bad and we were walking all around #actvitypoints #paleoasfuck…



There was a great little band from Wilmington who started off with a Nirvana cover #loooove…


Annnnnd there was even an old school Freak Show…


Annnnnd the company was great…


Hope your weekend was great toooOoooo!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! This is the cutest!!!! You both look fantastic and you & Zan are so damn cute! And look so happy!! # byebyecliff
    I love you!!!!

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