Two Meatballs: Be A Yes Girl!!!

Hiiiii you guyyyyys!!!!  So one of my super amazing clients whom I adore, Kelly Whitley owner of Bear City Fudge in New Bern,NC , invited me and a guest to her husband’s event at 518 West on Thursday night!!!  So I asked my sweet pal Cara to be my date and she said of course!!!  Cara, Jenny and I go wayyy back.  Cara and I actually went to high school together and the three of us used to get ourselves into a fair amount of super fun trouble together as evidenced here!!!


We got dolled up and headed downtown!!!


The event was super fun…look how gorgeous my client is!!!


Her husband made an inspiring speech…


And Cara and I got to hobnob!


Then it was off to dinner at an adorable place that my client Stephen kept telling me about, Plates!!!!


This was me trying to get creative so that we could both be in the shot!!! hahah #fail #orwinwhoknows

We shared a fantastic simple little salad…


and yummy steak with this spicy green tomato relish and we def DID NOT get tempted by the delish looking rosemary bread!


The night was still young so we walked down to one of her favorite haunts…Cornerstone…


where we talked about boys and got a chance to catch up and reconnect!!! It’s so nice to be able to pick back up right where we left off!!!  Thanks for being such a great date Cara!!!  Xoxo. We also chatted a lot about how much things have changed.  I used to loathe going downtown and anything that I viewed as inconvenient!!!  I was a hardcore Nooooo girl. Now I feel so open and I have become a total yes girl.  I think that I always thought that my weight and drinking problem didn’t hold me back but they really did!!!  I was lazy and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get home bc I would inevitably drink wayyyyy too much so I might as well stay in a 5 mile radius of my house!!! In the past I would have probably not made it to this event at all.  I would have been stuck in where would I park…what would I wear…how do i get there…how will i get home after getting hammered…what if we have to walk to a bunch of other places…ugh it’s August and sooooo hot?! All of these questions would have led me to decline. How sad bc I really would have wanted to be there for my client!!!  How many times did I miss out on amazing opportunities due to sheer laziness and slight anxiety!?!…well those days are gone and now I’m so much more open to every new opportunity. In this yes girl spirit and the spirit of reconnecting with dear friends, I then headed over to have drinks (water for me thanks) with the love of my life…Nichole!!!! We were soulmmates from the start…


and talk about not skipping a beat….I love you Nichole!!!  We had such a great time catching up and I hope that we can do it more often!!!


So if you find yourself constantly saying no or letting things hold you back from  joyfully living your own life…you don’t have to live that way!!! Happiness is a choice and it is the living best one!!!  Be a yes girl!!! or fella!  Love you all and thanks again Kelly and Whit Whitley for having us…we had a ball!!!


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