Two meatballs: Get Fit?!?! Haha

It’s our favorite day of the week!!! We work out with Sandra today!!!yay.  She is the living best.  Our workouts are different every time.  Keeping things fresh and exciting is important to both Sara and I!  So thanks Sandra…..done and done!!! Here is our car ride  to Sandra!!!

wpid-20140821_074848.jpg   wpid-20140821_074843.jpg


Getting pumped for this workout.  We have to constantly remind ourselves to conserve energy and stop horsing around. #momrefrence.

So here we go….. We warmed up with doing jumping jacks withe the weighted ball.  And  twisting withe ball!!

Soooo on to the warm up….jumping jacks with a weighted ball and twisty turns?!?

wpid-20140821_080217.jpg wpid-20140821_080151.jpg

Then we did four different thingsfor 12 reps consistently for 20 mins.

first we started laying on the ball and did crunches combined with  chest


Then moved to squated tricep rows.



I dont don’t know what this is called!  We lift then curl the weights up and extend back.




And then hen heavy weights over the head.



Break!!!!!!! Time for our cores!!!! Sorry no pics ….. Crunches, side heel taps, and then high sit ups.

after that a new sequence .

start out laying down and bring up weights and legs at the same time!


Then lunges with weights and arms out like a W, like a bird!!!  Sara and I both kinda sucked at this one !!! Haha


Then dead lifts and triceps


Amd then with weights bring arms up, palms down, arms slightly bent, no higher then shoulders!


It was an awesome workout as usual, with our amazing cheerleader and trainer Sandra at Inavative fitness!! After our workout we did our usual Starbucks run!!  #feelinggrateful



Cant wait for our weigh in next week!!!!!! Love you guys!!!





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