Two Meatballs: Babies, birthdays and…….tenderloins???

Hey guyyyyys,  after my night out with Sara and getting completly drunk, there’s nothing better then topping off a hangover with a babies 1st birthday party.  But who are we kidding, I loved it!   Gotta love a baby, am I right ladies?!?!  Our friends, Kara and Kevin, making the sweetest kids ever!!!!  So here is the sweetest birthday girl, Ryann!!!

wpid-20140817_1432570.jpg wpid-20140817_143239.jpg

And London was so excited. This girl of mine loves a birthday party.


She loved running around the yard with all the kids, chasing bubbles, going down the slide and coloring with chalk!

wpid-img_9295.jpg   wpid-img_9284.jpgT

time for cake!!!!!

wpid-20140817_141554.jpg    Adorable!!!

presents!!!!!!  Who’s in that bag????? London!!!!!!


And all my work buddies were there!!!!


We had a Greta time as always!  Thanks for having us Kara!  Love you and your babies!  Now it’s time to cook and forget about amazing birthday cupcakes.  Hey Sara!!!!!!!lets start cooking!!!!!  On the menu for this evening……..Lemon garlic roasted pork tenderloin with carrots , asparagus and fingerling potatoes!   So easy, one dish just about fits all!!


And jackassing around as you know us to do!

wpid-20140819_205735.jpg   wpid-20140819_203113.jpg wpid-20140819_202833.jpg  wpid-20140819_202822.jpg

Taking our first bites of pork…….. Amazing!

wpid-20140819_203737.jpg   wpid-20140819_203717.jpg

Here is the tenderloin recipe.   I just placed the carrots and potatoes around the pork on the same baking pan.

wpid-screenshot_2014-08-20-21-24-22.png   wpid-screenshot_2014-08-20-21-25-53.png


And we made the most amazing dessert.  Paleo apple crisp!!

wpid-20140819_203421.jpg wpid-20140819_204324.jpgwpid-20140819_204432.jpg wpid-20140819_204450.jpg wpid-20140819_202450.jpgwpid-20140819_205750.jpg  wpid-20140819_205150.jpg wpid-20140819_204511.jpg  wpid-20140819_205801.jpg


Omg I am such a messy worker!! There was shit everywhere!!!!

wpid-20140819_205122.jpg   wpid-20140819_205849.jpg

So we had to clean up before we ate the most amazing apple crisp ever!!!!!




Heres the recipe!!! Enjoy 🙂 xoxo. Seriously goooooooodddd!!


wpid-screenshot_2014-08-20-15-49-33.png   wpid-screenshot_2014-08-20-15-49-37.png




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