Two Meatballs: Mommy’s night out!!!!!

Sooooo helllloo,  it is officially  weigh in count down!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhh. I’m excited!  Anyway…………a much needed night out presented itselfs last minute so I took it!!   I met up with Sara and Kelly after work for dinner at Winston’s !


I was so excited to see these girls!!!!!!


Arent we cute!!!!!!

wpid-2014081695203438.jpg   wpid-2014081695203617.jpg

Eating outside on summer nights is my favorite thing!

And I heard about  Sara’s and Kelly’s day full of coffee and shopping my fav!!!!!!! I ordered the yummiest salad!  Steak and ginger salad!!!!! Omg sooooo gooood.

after that amazing dinner I was ready to have a drink at our regular place Saints and Scholars!!!


So I had a drink!!


And I was just having the best time ever!!!!   So we also had to stop by North ridge Pub!  We have spent so many nights in the past at this place!!!  It was so fun catching up with our old bartender buddy Keyvin!! And the shots started! Eeeekkkkk Xoxo

wpid-20140816_233136.jpg wpid-20140816_225707.jpg


I love Kelly! She is falarious!  And a huge supporter, so grateful for you Kelly!  Muuuahhhh and she was my drinking buddy that night, and  Sara was the DD!!!!!!!  The perfect night!!!!  After this we went downtown!!!! Flash house?!?!?! Yup. And we met up with funny Lauren and sweet Kristen!! Love these girls!!! I was realllllly feeling these drinkkkks!  Ahhhhhhh

wpid-20140817_002848.jpg   wpid-20140817_004533.jpg wpid-20140817_003221.jpg wpid-20140817_003742.jpg

So then the best thing happened……….that I don’t remember……..I….met……Zan!!!!!!!!

wpid-20140817_020920.jpg   wpid-20140817_020903.jpg

And then we did this


Zannnn…..I can’t wait to meet you!!! Haha, I wasn’t blackout but I was definitely brown out! I don’t remember talking to you at alllllllll!     Awkward!!!!!!!   So excited to see you soon! This night out was so needed.  And don’t want to drink like that for a long time. I got my fix…,.thanks ladies!!!!





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