Two Meatballs: It’s a Hair Sherbet Kind of Day!!!

Hiiiiiiiii guyyyyyys!!!!  With all of the changes going on in my life, I have learned that I have very little control!  And slowly but surely, I am finding pleasant peace with that.  Right now the only thing I really felt like I have a modicum of say in is my look!  Which is for sure the funnest thing to be in charge of!!!  #thebrandcalledyou I have overhauled my hair, makeup, clothing(if you haven’t shopped at Mod Cloth drop everything and buy everything) and glasses to project more of how I feel and who I am even if I’m not feeling back to my normal self which is…sunny, bright and a mermaid.


I am a My Little Pony and all my dreams have come true! #peach #modcloth



Now that I’ve taken the plunge, it’s even more exciting to figure out what is next!


The possibilities seem endless and I’m super open to voting!!!!  Lately I’ve also been dreaming a lot and most of my dreams have involved me being in various stages of pregnancy!  Eeeeek #scawwwwwy So my good buddy Robyn googled it (the most trusted source for all of  my most pressing matters) and as it  turns out, dreaming of pregnancy means that you are craving creativity!!!  Well aren’t I the luckiest of girls…because every single day of my life is an opportunity to be creative! I’m literally surrounded by the most inspiring people!!!



I’ve had so many great opportunities to take it as far as I wanted and to learn incredible things from the coolest people in my 13 year career at Samuel Cole!


I love it all, the pretty, the ugly, the editorial, the drunk socialite!!!  Sometimes you take for granted how amazing your career and life are. And with my split schedule between hairdressing and mentoring, I sometimes get so into cheerleading that I forget how cool my life on the floor is.  So a stroll down memory amazing opportunity lane is always a blessing.

So,  today was the perfect day to meet a new bestie/hair soul mate and learn more of exactly what I’m obsessed with right now!!!


We had the absolute pleasure of having Nicole Obert in the salon.  Jenny and I love class so much, we are front row girls for sure and what an awesome view we got today!!! #earlybirdgetsthebestviewofgenius


Nicole is a Wella baby, she is Tabitha Coffey’s hairdresser, she has worked alongside Vaughn, Arrojo and so many other heavy hitters in our industry as well as placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Wella Trend Vision.  But you may recognize her from Season 2 of Shear Genius…only the greatest show to come out of Bravo….ever.  Besides all of that, she is the cutest, most beautiful and super talented stylist and educator.  I love her energy and right away she had you hooked.  I mean look how adorable!


I had the pleasure of introducing her and we had a lively bunch today!


Nicole brought to our salon today the things that have been inspiring her!  We learned a beautiful, layerey razor cut that is life changing, a bad ass shave undercut that is everything


and we also learned a lot about Wella’s revamped Magma which is used to create this!!!


You had me at watermelon and sherbet!!!  Her consultations were on point and collaborative which you know i love, her demos were amazing and I walked away with a hundred take aways!!!!


Her hair painting was flawless


and she was adamant that we all participate which is so exciting in a presentation only class!


Every hairdresser just wants to get their hands in hair!!!


And look at these finished products!!!


I am feeling soooooooooo pumped and engaged and ready to create even more beautiful hair!!!  Thank you so much Nicole, you were an absolute pink dream (did you see what I did there?!)  Lets be friends forever!!!  Can’t wait to have you back in the salon.  To my clients, friends and family…get into the salon and lets play!!!  If you aren’t ready to join my mermaid movement, I’m telling you that razor cut with the face framing is everything!  Xoxo, come play with us!!!



Two Meatballs: The Burden of Having a Fabulous Life!


So Sara and I have the greatest jobs in the world!!!!!  We meet amazing people everyday, we get to be wildly creative, our bosses are fantastic, we love working hard and learning new things, and we have each other!!!  What more could a girl ask for?!?!?  Ahhhhh Mark Debolt!!!!!!!  Mark is a Wella educator who shared his knowledge with the team this week.  AAAAAAAAAmazing!  He is just so damn likable!!!!  He was here back in Febuary this year and we liked him so much our bosses got him back in!!!!


OMG!!!!!  Look how much I have changed!!!! It is amazing to see how far I have come since February!!  love this guys!!  He is so fun to listen to!!  He showed us what we can expect in color trends for 2015!   and guess what ladies?!?!  Ombre is here to stay……..we are just going to constantly see different variations of it.   So Mark just got us super excited about advanced hair painting!!!   So before he started tansforming the models….we took some selfies!!!!!!!


Sara and Laruren looking CRAY!!!!


This reminds me of the famous Oscar selfie!!!


Our awesome team!!


His first Model……… Cutie Chelsea!!!

So Chelsea had a variation of ombre going on.  Her roots were very dark against her blond ends.  Sooo Mark wanted to take ” the layer of Charcoale” of her hair, add highlights and brighten her ends.


Here she is getting Shampooed!!!  And here is our Final Product!!!


Our Second Model………..Carolyn!!!!!

She has beautiful dark hair and was just ready for some natural  dimension and warmth for fall.


I love hair painting!!!  and Anything that is wrapped in plastic wrap!!!  It was a fantastic class,  I feel so inspired to come into work everyday!!!  so fun!  Thank you Mark Debolt! These meatballs love you!

Ok now it is Time TO Work OUT! Here we are being dumb in the parking lot!!!!


Ok Sara…lets do this!!!!


Low Rows on the Trx…already feeling the burn!


Lets do some weights!!  clean press


Bosa Ball push ups!!!!


And Bosa Ball Crunches!!


Back to the TRX for Squats!!!


Bosa Ball…. Hips up and Clean presses!! sexyyyy


Bosa ball burpees, always want to say herpes!!!!


Jump together squats on the TRX!


Weighted lunges


Wall squats with bicep curls!!! woooooof


Lateral lunges on the TRX

wpid-20141113_083146.jpg wpid-20141113_083152.jpg

Bosa Ball planks for a minute!!




kettle Bell swings


weighted abdominal twist


crunches and leg lifts!


What better way to end, then with suicides!!!


We did it!!! Love you Sara!  It is amazing to become emotionally and physically stronger together!!!  So thankful for this experience that we will always share together. Then we both went to our fabulous job!!!  oh hey there friend!!



Hey y’all!!!  It’s Sara!!!  I just wanted to close this piece out with some a workout montage!!!  It’s been 20 weeks with Sandra and we can’t even begin to express our gratitude.  She literally changes our lives every week and here is the proof!!!


Wooooooooooooooow you guys!!!!  These get me soooo fucking pumped!!!  But here is the real kicker!



Ok have a great weekend guys and call Sandra today and start your own before and after! http://www.innovativefitnesstraining.com