Two Meatballs: It Takes a Village!

You guys, I love a team.  Everything about it appeals to me; the collaboration, learning to work with and respect others who approach things differently than you, being inspired by others talents, learning new things, having a project and working together towards a shared goal, getting to know people better and getting to know myself better in the process and how the entire process brings you closer together if everyone is open! I am a true extrovert and I get my energy refilled by being with others.  I’m getting inspired just talking about it. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

So I basically ended up in the most amazing career, at the best salon with the best opportunity for me to  help craft a position as the director of mentoring.  It is such a collaborative job.  I work with stylist to help them achieve all of their work dreams, while being coached and constantly learning from my own mentor!  I get to cheerlead for an awesome group of talented stylists. #patonthebackkickinthebutt We get to tackle obstacles together, celebrate the victories, laugh, cry, get promoted, overcome adversity and we both learn so much in the process. I want for my team to feel lifted up and supported when they leave my “office”. I am beyond grateful to have found my calling at 19 and to still love my career at 32. #thankskristina There will always be room for me to learn, grow, serve others and change for the better and I can’t get enough of that.  I also feel like I get to share this team/cheerleader mentality with the education team at the salon and even my clients.  #solucky My relationship with my clients has become so much more than hairdresser/client.  We know each other so intimately. I want for my clients to come in and feel fully taken care of on every level and I want them to be thoroughly entertained. No matter their mood when they come in I want them to leave feeling loved, feeling better and looking fabulous. We work together to achieve the most beautiful look that makes them feel amazing!  But on a deeper level, we really connect.  I love being there for my clients through the good and the not so good, all of life big events and I feel like they are there for me too.  I have a care takers soul and a giving, teaching heart and I love this group of amazing people I get to be surrounded with everyday.  Talk about grateful.

My client Lisa whom I adore posed this question to me today…Soooooo, who do you go to when you want to feel better?!  What a great question Lisa! #xoxo #gingerandmaryanne #impersonationsinging #imjayz  If you read the blog regularly, you know that I seek out my bosses Jack and Joelles advice/counseling/free hugs/bangs counseling on the reg!  I also go to my family and friends when in need.  But she meant who do I seek out professionally…duh!?  So, I’m so excited to share the incredible team of people who make me feel better and make me feel like a client!


First, I see a woman named Terri for structural integration and energy healing.  This lady is the love of my life.  We are so different but kindred spirits on every level.  I trust her and look forward to every single torturous/enlightening/uplifting/discovery driven session because I know she will make me feel better in every way possible (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually).  She does so much more than move my connective tissue back where it’s supposed to be!  I would highly recommend her if you are open to all that life has to teach you.


Terri also moonlights at my next health mecca…Verve Holistic Health.  She referred me to the owner, Lauren Scott who is hands down the most passionate holistic health care provider.  She is a chiropractor by trade, but she has taught me more about nutrition and living a healthy life all around than anyone else I’ve encountered.  She knows her shit.  She can look at me and say, titled pelvis and, damned if I don’t have a tilted pelvis!  I love her next level care.


Terri also referred me to Hedy at Verve Holistic Health.  I love that my people all live in the same space!  I just saw Hedy for the first time this week. She gave me an incredibly in depth consultation and looked deeply into every aspect of my health.  We worked specifically on my lungs with acupuncture and cupping.  All three of these women indulge all of my curiosity, they all answer my questions and explore deeper with me and I love the idea of moving into a more holistic path for my health and wellness!



I can’t say enough about these wonderful women.  This is a deeper connection than just looking at my chart and working on me.


When I do need a physical or a good ol’ doctors visit, I see my beloved client Heidi Doyle at North Hills Internal Medicine.  She is lovely.  She also indulges all of my questions and I feel like she really works with me and makes things personal.  I love you Heidi!


(919) 855 8911

When my feelings hurt worse than my body, I see my therapist!  You guys, this woman is so positive.  I think it is so important to click with any provider.  I’m looking for high end client experience everywhere I go and I just love Christine!  She is so positive.  The perspective that she gives me is so mind blowing because of its simplicity.  I feel more balanced and accepting of life and myself when I leave her.  I wish that I could sit in her lap while she listened to me, but I understand that other people have space issues! Hahahah.  Also, she has an adult coloring book in her waiting room…make your appointment like yesterday. I believe every single person should have someone that is impartial in their lives to listen to them.  Very rarely do we get to talk about ourselves in a safe environment and have someone truly listen to us.  It is cathartic as hell.



You know our friend and trainer, Sandra well!  She has helped us feel so great and helped us learn how to move our bodies and feel so powerful.  I know so much more about healthy exercising now than i ever did, plus she is so fun and funny and really motivating!  Being with her is a gift and anyone who helps you build a strong body is def an allay!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know I’m obsessed with Pure Barre.  I needed a lower impact alternative to high intensity interval training and Pure Barre is the living funnest.  Also, as you know, I love a team.  And this team of women is wonderful and encouraging and fun and funny and just the best!  The bumping’ music is a total bonus!  Love my new family!


(919) 846 7090

Feeling well is so important and this is my bad ass group of women who make me feel unstoppable!  But sometimes a girl just wants to look amazing, which in turn makes you feel amazing!  So when I want to feel more beautiful than I could ever imagine, I go see Krystal Lehman at MAC in Crabtree Valley Mall!  She is an artist and a genius and I trust her implicitly.  And she has a higher level of service, not only can she make me look beautiful when I come in, she took the time to teach me how to make myself feel as good everyday!  She has taught me so much about makeup and application.  I literally cannot say enough things about this woman.  I love her and consider her a lovely friend of 10 plus years!


(919) 789 8757

Let me just say again, I work with the most talented group of people!  I am happy when I leave anyones chair and just excited to feel like a client for a minute. Lately I have been on a hair color adventure.  No time like the present and lately I have wanted nothing more than to be a mermaid!  So  my first thought was my teammate and love, Cara Harrison.  She first took me platinum and now pinky purple.


I trust her.  Her talent speaks for itself. And we’ve known each other since high school, so i love the history we have together!  I literally couldn’t love my hair more, and who has ever looked so natural as a pink head!? #dreamsdocometrue #dear7yearoldsarayou’relifeisnowcomplete She is an incredibly well rounded stylist. I do hair for a living and have for the past 13 years and she still teaches me knew things all the time, especially when it comes to different products for my angry but fine hair.  She excels at everything; cut, color, style, editorial, education, leadership…you name it, she’s got it!


(919) 845 0098

I love getting my nails done and I love spending time with my baby boo, sweet Lee!  She works right next door at Bella Nail Spa and I know every 2 weeks I will get a chance to sit calmly and be a client.  It’s  creative, I love picking out my color and what I love the most is that Lee will tell me if she thinks its ugly and then suggest one that I inevitably love 1 million times more.  She is fast, efficient and so friendly.  I love her, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing her so often.  I love supporting our little group of businesses as well! #shoplocalwinkyface



I used to have a picture of Lee but I can’t for the life of me find it!  Call her, go see her!

(919) 846 8286

And finally, I just started going to Good Looks two doors down from us.  I needed an eye exam and I love convenience. I was pleasantly surprised that I love this place since it is so convenient!  I ended up getting glasses that were perfect for me thanks to the amazing Larry Pyle!  I don’t even wear glasses, I am a contact lover!  But this gentleman went above and beyond and his honesty was lovely.  He helped me see that the glasses that I loved were the right shape but that the color totally washed me out.  He showed me how another pair brought down my face.  So finally we ended on the living most perfect pair of glasses that my face has ever seen!


I’m such a child I had to come back over to the salon and show my bestie, and she is so fun she had to try them on. #matchmadeinheaven


The entire team was amazing and I highly recommend that you visit our neighbor!


(919) 977 0303

Hope this was helpful and obvi I think you should see everyone on this list immediately!  All of these people make me feel great! We love you all! Xoxox





  1. Hi Sara!!!! Last night was the best!! I love spending time together always!! And I’m so excited for all your new wisdom and life goals!! Embers not Forrest fires and wading into the ocean!! I love you more than I could ever say!

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