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Two Meatballs: Nohm You Didn’t!? Ohm Yes I Did!!!!!!!

Yogayyyyyyys!  8 weeks ago, I signed up for the beginners series at Bliss Body Yoga…


and this past Saturday was graduation!!!!  I made it. We Made IT!


I made it to every single class and even got inspired to try new classes and start a new challenge of 20 classes in 31 days! I love these gold stars!


So many things about this make me feel great. #1 I signed up for something different. #2 I started this by myself, way out of my comfort zone #codependent


#3 I really pushed myself #4 I completed the series!!!! #5 I found a spiritual home


#6 I found another community that has whole heartedly accepted me and that I love #7 I have fallen in love with every instructor I’ve had


#8 I’ve met amazing new friends #9 I LOVE YOGA #I have found peace, contentment, breath, honesty, forgiveness, light, love, acceptance, calm, energy, truth, beauty, and how to really be present!


#10 I have found a new way to spend time with the people that I love!


I just feel such a huge sense of accomplishment and also a calling to tell everyone how life changing yoga is!!!  It’s all I talk about and I just want to experience it with everyone together!  My mom and I are starting the beginners series this coming Saturday and I can’t wait to have this time with her.  It has been everything for me and my sister, so I just can’t wait!!!  Nancy, I feel like the universe brought us together and I’m so thankful that I ended up in your class at Bliss Body.I knew from the moment I met you that we were going to kindred spirits #anneofgreengables  I think you are such a wonderful person and your light shines so bright.  I couldn’t be more happy to be starting this series again with you!!!  Here is a little trip down memory lane…


Thank you to Meg, Barbara, Rachel and Kristina for welcoming me into your classes as well! I can’t wait to meet EVERYONE!  So as part of my challenge I found myself at Bliss Body all damn day today and it was heaven!  I started the day with Flow Yoga Basics with sweet Meg!  This was hard but blissful!  So blissful in fact that for the first time EVER I forgot to get a pic! Dammit!  I met my family for lunch #ogbeards at Guacasa and it was great.  I literally felt high from class.  We talked a lot about   just because you may have a misstep doesn’t meant that you have to start from the beginning, you can start right from where you stand, forgiveness of ones self!  Then I met Kelly and my good ol Pure Barre buddy, Lauren for a Sunday Funday, welcome to Barbaras Restorative Yoga…


I cannot say enough about how lovely this class is.  You just melt into the floor and the only thing you need to do it breath…heaven!  She asked us to listen in the silence to what pops up and for me it was a calling to do more.  I have so much and I want to give back more!!!  Here is a perfect opportunity!


Please give if you can, If you have something that you would like to donate I can bring it to the studio for you, or you can come take a class with me winky face!

And I love sharing this restoration with my friends!!!  Then Kelly was signed up for Flow Yoga right after this nap and I decided to face my fears, be brave and try my first full blown, fast paced flow class…and I survived!!!  Thanks Kristina for being gentle with me!!!!  Kristina’s class was all about your 5th chakra which is your throat, your voice, your truth and creating space and length in the neck!


Kellllllly, thanks for always being so supportive!  You guys, it was like sweat pouring off of you hard, buuuut I totally held my own and only had to come out of the poses a handful of times.  It is amazing how much of a difference 8 weeks and the loving embrace of a new yoga studio can make!!!  Are you guys on board yet, have you signed up to get to know yourself and the rest of the word better!?!?!?!?!  In closing, I have officially done my first 3 a day workout, I am a Beginners Series Graduate ( a thank you very much), I survived my first flow class and I am closer to my self and everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of practicing this wonderful gift with.


Look at the difference!!!  If anyone wants to come to a class with me, I WOULD LOVE THAT! Just message me and lets get our bliss on.  I literally love every single one of you and I am grateful everyday that you read our journey.  Through all of the ups and downs of me and Jenny trying to get healthy, you guys have been the one thing that has never changed, and we love you for that.  From my light to yours, namaste.


Two Meatballs: Making up For Lost Time!!!

Me and Jenny have finally really gotten back into the swing of life and started spending time together again…and it has been great!!!!  Like any other relationship, we work best if we make time for each other, which can be incredibly hard to do as two busy adult women.  But the blog and our friendship is always stronger when we are together. This week we spent our Thursday with Sandra as we always do and it was great to be back after vacation!


Lots of chatting and squats…who would have thought we would ever want to get back to that! But we love it and Sandra so much.  Then we got adorable for work…


And busted out collective humps.  Isn’t it funny how when you get your eating and exercising life right, everything else falls into place?!  We are both in a great place with work.  So what now!?  Lets do something nice together for someone else!!!

Guess what you guys?!  Nikki and Matt had their baby!!!


Little Nollie came into the world while I was on vacation, so as soon as I got home me and Jenny signed up to bring these sleep deprived, so in love new parents a yummy and healthy dinner.  Work has not been the same since Nikki went on maternity leave.  So Jenny came over Thursday night (my dream, we spent the whole day together!) and we cooked up a storm.  On the menu, garlic roasted chicken thighs, roasted asparagus and butternut squash puree with sautéed onions and mushrooms!!!  This is such a fall meal, so comfy but so healthy and one of my favorite, easy go to’s!


Everything is fun with this girl!


I look like a fortune teller #fortuneforaquarter #ilovequarters And after work on Friday, we delivered their meal,


got to see sweet Nikki and her adorable mom Jan and finally got to meet/hold/snuggle/cuddle/fall hopelessly in love with baby Nollie!!!! Don’t you just love baby butts and ears and eyebrows and those little hands…and their  toots!  Literally everything is adorable.


Ahhhhhh, so in love!!!  And look at what a great mommy Nikki is!


We got to catch up, hear all about the delivery and how much life has changed.  Nikki is the first person to help anyone and she cares so much.  Talk about someone with a heart of gold and she’s humble to boot.  It felt great to do something nice for her. Giving feels great and it feels even better doing it together!!!  We did not overstay our welcome!  Our stay was short and sweet, just like baby Nollie!  Love you Nikki!!!  Congrats to you and Matt!!! Ps, where did you get that couch/bed?!  That is my next purchase! Love y’all!

Guess what else Friday was…Jenny’s birthday!!!!  We decided to celebrate after we left Nollie by having cocktails…at Starbucks!


How much can two girls lives change?!  Cocktails at Starbucks!!!  I love every moment we get to spend together!   Jenny!!!  Happy birthday.  I appreciate our friendship so much and I’m so glad we are doing this together.  You da best girl.  Hope your birthday was everything. Xoxo And cheers to some sunshine which is supposedly coming out today!  Fingers crossed!!!