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Two Meatballs: Nohm You Didn’t!? Ohm Yes I Did!!!!!!!

Yogayyyyyyys!  8 weeks ago, I signed up for the beginners series at Bliss Body Yoga…


and this past Saturday was graduation!!!!  I made it. We Made IT!


I made it to every single class and even got inspired to try new classes and start a new challenge of 20 classes in 31 days! I love these gold stars!


So many things about this make me feel great. #1 I signed up for something different. #2 I started this by myself, way out of my comfort zone #codependent


#3 I really pushed myself #4 I completed the series!!!! #5 I found a spiritual home


#6 I found another community that has whole heartedly accepted me and that I love #7 I have fallen in love with every instructor I’ve had


#8 I’ve met amazing new friends #9 I LOVE YOGA #I have found peace, contentment, breath, honesty, forgiveness, light, love, acceptance, calm, energy, truth, beauty, and how to really be present!


#10 I have found a new way to spend time with the people that I love!


I just feel such a huge sense of accomplishment and also a calling to tell everyone how life changing yoga is!!!  It’s all I talk about and I just want to experience it with everyone together!  My mom and I are starting the beginners series this coming Saturday and I can’t wait to have this time with her.  It has been everything for me and my sister, so I just can’t wait!!!  Nancy, I feel like the universe brought us together and I’m so thankful that I ended up in your class at Bliss Body.I knew from the moment I met you that we were going to kindred spirits #anneofgreengables  I think you are such a wonderful person and your light shines so bright.  I couldn’t be more happy to be starting this series again with you!!!  Here is a little trip down memory lane…


Thank you to Meg, Barbara, Rachel and Kristina for welcoming me into your classes as well! I can’t wait to meet EVERYONE!  So as part of my challenge I found myself at Bliss Body all damn day today and it was heaven!  I started the day with Flow Yoga Basics with sweet Meg!  This was hard but blissful!  So blissful in fact that for the first time EVER I forgot to get a pic! Dammit!  I met my family for lunch #ogbeards at Guacasa and it was great.  I literally felt high from class.  We talked a lot about   just because you may have a misstep doesn’t meant that you have to start from the beginning, you can start right from where you stand, forgiveness of ones self!  Then I met Kelly and my good ol Pure Barre buddy, Lauren for a Sunday Funday, welcome to Barbaras Restorative Yoga…


I cannot say enough about how lovely this class is.  You just melt into the floor and the only thing you need to do it breath…heaven!  She asked us to listen in the silence to what pops up and for me it was a calling to do more.  I have so much and I want to give back more!!!  Here is a perfect opportunity!


Please give if you can, If you have something that you would like to donate I can bring it to the studio for you, or you can come take a class with me winky face!

And I love sharing this restoration with my friends!!!  Then Kelly was signed up for Flow Yoga right after this nap and I decided to face my fears, be brave and try my first full blown, fast paced flow class…and I survived!!!  Thanks Kristina for being gentle with me!!!!  Kristina’s class was all about your 5th chakra which is your throat, your voice, your truth and creating space and length in the neck!


Kellllllly, thanks for always being so supportive!  You guys, it was like sweat pouring off of you hard, buuuut I totally held my own and only had to come out of the poses a handful of times.  It is amazing how much of a difference 8 weeks and the loving embrace of a new yoga studio can make!!!  Are you guys on board yet, have you signed up to get to know yourself and the rest of the word better!?!?!?!?!  In closing, I have officially done my first 3 a day workout, I am a Beginners Series Graduate ( a thank you very much), I survived my first flow class and I am closer to my self and everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of practicing this wonderful gift with.


Look at the difference!!!  If anyone wants to come to a class with me, I WOULD LOVE THAT! Just message me and lets get our bliss on.  I literally love every single one of you and I am grateful everyday that you read our journey.  Through all of the ups and downs of me and Jenny trying to get healthy, you guys have been the one thing that has never changed, and we love you for that.  From my light to yours, namaste.


Two Meatballs: Sippin’ on Ginger and Juice!

Last year, a woman named Theresa reached out to us through Two Meatballs on Facebook.  She passionately offered to teach us all that she knew about juicing,  Mind you this was long before Ahhhh Juice It Juice it Real Good!  Jenny and I were so excited to try something new but between scheduling conflicts and life in general, it took until tonight for us to finally connect!!!  Along the way, I realized that Theresa used to work with my beloved sister…small world and strangers no longer!  So today, she sent me a grocery list and thanks to my amazing client and love of my life, Ruth, I now have my own juicer. #preparedashell #lovemypeople I got pineapples, carrots, celery, cucumbers, cilantro, spinach, strawberries, beets, ginger, limes, lemons, a sweet potato and apples!  So excited to not be intimidated by my fancy juicer! #knowledgeispower


So at 7:30 sharp, Jenny and our new bff Theresa showed up!!!  Instant friends!


She told us a little bit about her passion for juicing and healthy living…super inspiring!  It’s always so great to meet people who are passionate and want to help others…love at first sight!  We jumped right in with recipe # 1!


Here is the recipe!  It’s important to deseed the apple and cut the tops off of the carrots.  Let the prepping, writing, naming and juicing begin!


Juice number 1 Complete!


So easy and so delish! On to the next one!!!


This one was so refreshing!!!



This one was super refreshing!  Numero trace!

wpid-20150413_205440.jpg wpid-20150413_200816.jpgwpid-20150413_200937.jpgwpid-20150413_201123.jpgwpid-20150413_201130.jpgwpid-20150413_201235.jpgwpid-20150413_201238.jpgwpid-20150413_201446.jpgwpid-20150413_201545.jpgwpid-20150413_201608.jpg


Ummmm yummmm!!!  Next!!!

wpid-20150413_205447.jpg wpid-20150413_202147.jpgwpid-20150413_202327.jpgwpid-20150413_202409.jpgwpid-20150413_202516.jpgwpid-20150413_202628.jpg

I loved this one…this is how Jenny felt about it!


And a bonus #5!  Yummy strawberries!





Theresa!!!!  Thank you so much for teaching me how to use my juicer!!!  And now we have so many yummy and easy options!!! Drinking juice makes you feel so healthy and makes your skin look fantastic.  This is def something I want to become part if my life! Theresa,  You are the living best.  And get this, she left us with an awesome parting gift…a Jamberry sampler!


So fun!!!  Here is her info…you should get something, these things are adorable!!!


Try these juices…shout out to Paul Puckett…here are the recipes I was talking about!  Ok love y’all…get to juicing!

Two Meatballs: Pickled Meatball

Hiiiiiiii you guys!!! How was your weekend?!? My other half left for the beach yesterday!!! I’m so happy for Jenny that she gets to enjoy a week at the beach with family!!!  Soooooo what’s the plan you say?!? I’m going to take over the posts for this week so she can really enjoy herself.  What have I been up to…so nice of you to ask…This weekend I  went to the gym Saturday and Sunday morning…check!





This is my new favorite ritual…meeting my adorable parents and sometimes my sister at gasp…8am at the gym…on the weekend!!!


Oh how my life has flipped, turned upside down (do you see what I did there…fresh prince-in’ it up).  Then we have breakfast at Whole Foods…what could be healthier?!


Just four months ago I would have been so epically over hung from a night out at Saints and Scholars that all I would have been capable of doing was eating Bojangles…main lining Diet Dr Pepper and hiding in my dark , freezing cave of a den…frequently napping and texting apologies to my friends and Victor, the owner of the bar for loud, inappropriate things I yelled and glasses I cheerfully smashed. I have always been a big drinker and quite frankly I never really trusted those who didn’t drink. I’ve briefly touched on this subject before. I don’t know if I’m an alcoholic but I do know without a shadow of a doubt that I have a drinking problem.


I’m your classic binge drinker…like everything in my former life this was just another excess. It’s safe to say that I was always the drunkest person in the room and I think the only reason I still have friends is that I’m a happy, fun drinker.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

I don’t know anyone who had more fun than me in these pictures and in the moment…but the feeling the next day…to quote Jenny and Howard McLaren…wooooooooof!  No one was more unaware of their limits than me! The regret, the guilt, the dress I barfed on in my sink,  the actual hangover, the void in my bank account,  the lack of a voice, the empty Cookout trays, the stranger in my bed, the inability to recover as quickly as I did when I was 18…oops I mean 21! This last picture is from Aruba on my 30th birthday. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times…We literally drank and smoked from 11 am to 3am for a WEEK! When I got home I felt like I was 130. I think my body was trying to prepare me for this ultimate fate…I was hitting rock bottom. But I’m the type of girl who has to put her hand in the fire and at the time I prided myself on not being a quitter…I persisted and just kept partying my ass off! My body had had it and at the beginning of this year I was sick for three months culminating in walking pneumonia…you guys…I GAVE MYSELF WALKING PNEUMONIA! Bc I couldn’t see the correlation between my partying ways and my declining health…probably because I was wasted! So when Jenny and I decided to change our lives, I knew I had to quit smoking (I only smoked when I drank…but I drank all the time!) And I knew the only way that was happening was if I quit drinking. I told myself…just for a month so you can really focus on getting healthy. Well a month flew by and I was shocked to find out two things…one I didn’t miss it…like at all and two I felt one trillion times better! Today is my 120th sober day. I feel amazing…I genuinely don’t miss it and am not bothered or even tempted in the least being around others who are drinking. Who am I?!? I believe so strongly that everything happens for a reason so I’ll close this story with this little coincidence. Last week I decided that I was going to give up drinking for a year.  My boss sent me a link to a blog where a woman my age who I totally relate to gave up alcohol for a year. I hadn’t really started taking about it bc I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit…I had told a few clients and a handful of coworkers…but I still just didn’t know. So Saturday I went to my Mecca…Trader Joe’s. I stocked up on lots of healthy food for the week and even splurged and got some beautiful fresh flowers…fresh flowers are my favorite!


As I was checking out, Jackie whose line I had been in a handful of times, was so pleasant and just chatting it up about everything in my cart. She then slid my new obsesh…raspberry lime sparkling water over the scanner and said don’t you love this!? I felt an overwhelming urge to tell her about my newly found sobriety…so I did. And to my amazement she began to tell me about her own success…she had been exactly a year on her own journey! How cool for her to confide this huge milestone to me…a relative stranger. But this one small exchange between two people helped me solidify my plans for my own year without alcohol. Then she became even cooler and almost made me cry…she leaned over and quietly told me that my flowers had been taken care of by Trader Joe’s to celebrate the good news. So to Jackie…congratulations and thank you soooooo much for opening up to me…it happened at just the right moment, and thank you soooooo much for my flowers!


Who needs another reason to love Trader Joe’s?! But there it is. So many things have happened since Jenny and I started on our journey to health but what keeps getting reaffirmed for me literally everyday is that if you are honest and open…there’s no telling all the wonderful people and stories you will find. Xoxo Jackie! And here’s to the next 245 days of clean living. Love you all!!!!!