Two Meatballs: Sippin’ on Ginger and Juice!

Last year, a woman named Theresa reached out to us through Two Meatballs on Facebook.  She passionately offered to teach us all that she knew about juicing,  Mind you this was long before Ahhhh Juice It Juice it Real Good!  Jenny and I were so excited to try something new but between scheduling conflicts and life in general, it took until tonight for us to finally connect!!!  Along the way, I realized that Theresa used to work with my beloved sister…small world and strangers no longer!  So today, she sent me a grocery list and thanks to my amazing client and love of my life, Ruth, I now have my own juicer. #preparedashell #lovemypeople I got pineapples, carrots, celery, cucumbers, cilantro, spinach, strawberries, beets, ginger, limes, lemons, a sweet potato and apples!  So excited to not be intimidated by my fancy juicer! #knowledgeispower


So at 7:30 sharp, Jenny and our new bff Theresa showed up!!!  Instant friends!


She told us a little bit about her passion for juicing and healthy living…super inspiring!  It’s always so great to meet people who are passionate and want to help others…love at first sight!  We jumped right in with recipe # 1!


Here is the recipe!  It’s important to deseed the apple and cut the tops off of the carrots.  Let the prepping, writing, naming and juicing begin!


Juice number 1 Complete!


So easy and so delish! On to the next one!!!


This one was so refreshing!!!



This one was super refreshing!  Numero trace!

wpid-20150413_205440.jpg wpid-20150413_200816.jpgwpid-20150413_200937.jpgwpid-20150413_201123.jpgwpid-20150413_201130.jpgwpid-20150413_201235.jpgwpid-20150413_201238.jpgwpid-20150413_201446.jpgwpid-20150413_201545.jpgwpid-20150413_201608.jpg


Ummmm yummmm!!!  Next!!!

wpid-20150413_205447.jpg wpid-20150413_202147.jpgwpid-20150413_202327.jpgwpid-20150413_202409.jpgwpid-20150413_202516.jpgwpid-20150413_202628.jpg

I loved this one…this is how Jenny felt about it!


And a bonus #5!  Yummy strawberries!





Theresa!!!!  Thank you so much for teaching me how to use my juicer!!!  And now we have so many yummy and easy options!!! Drinking juice makes you feel so healthy and makes your skin look fantastic.  This is def something I want to become part if my life! Theresa,  You are the living best.  And get this, she left us with an awesome parting gift…a Jamberry sampler!


So fun!!!  Here is her info…you should get something, these things are adorable!!!


Try these juices…shout out to Paul Puckett…here are the recipes I was talking about!  Ok love y’all…get to juicing!


  1. How cool is this!!!!! Hi Sara!!! Hi Theresa!!!!
    Hi Paul Puckett!!! Hi Jenny!!!!
    Love you guys! Can’t wait to try some juice!!!!

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