Two Meatballs: Paleo, Periods and Peppa pig!!


Have I ever mentioned my shitty period?!?!  So the older I get the worse it is getting.  Growing up my period had little to no effect on my daily life. I was pleasant , active,  and pain free!  I took so much pride in my none existent friend.  Brandon use to think I was the “cool” girl, with rational emotions and always logical decisions.  Well…….things have slightly changed!!!

I am exhausted,  and full of cramps!!!




I feel extra fat



And last but not least………



this shit does not help with my plan to get healthy.   I have allowed myself to give into these “needs” for too long.   And I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired of myself!!!!    I am always at my worst when I am tired.  The voice in my head says,  “microwave peeps with chocolate and put it over cool whip and cover it with sprinkle!!!  I’m fucking Elf you guys!!!!!!


I can control myself!! I think?!?!  I have to.  I want to lose weight again, and I am disappointed that I have given into all my child like wants!   I have to paleo it up!  Paleo is full of good fats,  this can be satisfying.   So I started the morning with eggs  and bacon!!!!



Ummm delicious.  So far…..project Crush period with Paleo  is going well.

I had a fast work lunch, so I have no pic, I had tuna and avocado, which a lot of people think is odd, but it is great!!  #avocadosalldayeveryday

I had an internal struggle all day.  I tried to talk myself out of going to the gym all day.  I went.



Then I came home and made spaghetti!!!



But I didn’t eat it!!!!!  I roasted veggies and put them over meat sauce.



Then I got some play time in with London.









This girl loves her Peppa pig.  #britishcartoons #obsessed #muddypuddles



Then the chocolate cravings started to set in.  So coco coconut cream it is!!


It is important that the can of cocunut milk has been in the fridge for 12 hrs.  And then separate the cream into a bowl and add 1/3 cup of the water to it. A tsp of vanilla



Add 1 tbs of dark baking coco powder and a tbs of honey and blend



Amazing.  How did I forget how great Paleo can be?!? I feel like I enjoyed it more  then my typical cool whip binge because it was Paleo.  It was guiltless.  A total mind fuck.



the day is over and I had a successful Paleo period day.  I am totally celebrating this small success.  It is all just a reminder that we can do this.  We can get back on track even when we are feeling like shit.  I plan for tomorrow to be as successful as today!!! #backtobasics.





  1. Love it Jenny!!! Microwaving chocolate peeps with cool whip and sprinkles is hilarious!!!!!
    An iud is the best thing that ever happened to me! Virtually no periods and I’m only a glass case of emotion once every 3 months!!
    Love you girl!!!

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