Two Meatballs: Meet Me in the Gymacafetorium!

This week/weekend was literally filled with my baby boos!  My sister told me that my oldest nephew Wyatt was receiving an award and low and behold…I had a break in my day, so I was able to go Thursday.  We met at my sisters and walked to the elementary school…


…on the most humid day of my life!  #isthatyourhairorareyoujusthappytoseeme


We packed into the gymacafetorium just in time to see all the second graders file in.


Kids are the living cutest.  The energy was at a fever pitch.  The super sexy principal came out to acknowledge all the students who worked hard all year!  The awards were so cute… A great friend to everyone, Friendliest smile, Great improvements in math…adorable.  And my little nuggy won Most Improved Writing!



Look how grown up and tall and handsome!!!  #literallytoocoolfroschool  And how fun to be back on an elementary school campus.  Congrats Wyatt….Mo is soooo proud!  Then on Friday morning I met Kelly and the kids for breakfast, we took Wyatt to school and then headed downtown for a Natural Science Museum filed trip…with a sea of preschoolers….SOOOOO MUCH FUN!  It is rare for me to see the kids with their friends.  And honestly what is cuter.  Chase talks about Cam and Henry all the time and to see the three of them together was so flipping cute I could have keeled over dead on the spot #theyrethethreebestfriendsthatanyonecouldeverhave  Also, the teachers and parents were so kind to warmly accept the weird tag along aunt!  Thanks y’all!  First we walked through the Capitol on the way to our destination..but not before coffee and a cookie!


Like most boys, Chase is obsessed with anything Army…guns, dog tags, bayonettes, grenades…you get the gist!  Look at the pure joy here…


We finally made it to our meet up spot in front of the museum!


Reunited and it feels so good!!!  Look at these happy boys!


Scavenger Hunt time!!!  Let the fun begin…my new 50 millionth dream job is a photographer!


I don’t know if pictures are doing this friendship enough justice…they were inseperable.  And so sweet to each other and giggly and they ran everywhere!!! And of course there is always silly time with Mo!


On to more exploring!


After a thousand years of coming to this museum, the sloth was finally out!!!!  Snack time!


And finally, on to the main event…the Discovery Room!  I don’t know who was more excited!?


Chase was such a little participator and such a good listener…he wasn’t afraid to chime in and volunteer…bestill my heart!  Too much cute for one day.  But this pic is my favorite and I think sums up the day the best!


Chillin in a Dino footprint!  Today was a huge realization that I have trained the kids to be on for photos at all times! When I asked the boys to act scared in the mouth of jaws, Chase lit up but Henry and Cam needed time to warm up!  Adorable #familyofablogger  Some last minute pics with my baby before we part ways!


On to part two of the best day of my life…a date with Wyatt.  You know when you know a kid just needs to be sprung from school!?  Wyatt and Chase are going through growing pains and Wyatt seemed to be having a tough day.  So I asked Kelly if it was ok if I took him out of school early on Friday.  I felt like a fugitive.  I walked into the office, sweating.  I asked if I could sign Wyatt out for a doctors appointment….I almost threw up.  I just kept imagining him walking into the office and being like ” i don’t have a doctors appointment and if I did, she would’t be the one taking me!”  So when he walked in and saw me (and that face lit up, I could have bawled right there) I just said get out…lets go, don’t talk!  He backed out of the office and we set about our day.  He was red faced and sweaty from a new game him and his friends made up at recess…something about hugging a pole and running.  We made it all the way to the car before he said, Ummmm whats going on!?  I said, you looked like you needed a break and he gave me a hug…bestill my heart part deux!  We went to Coquette bc this kid shares my affinity for steak frites.  We got fancy and dined al fresco!


Pinkies up!  HE is so grown and polite.  And he talked my head off.  I just kept saying, I couldn’t love you more Bubba and he kept patting my arm.  Oh how I love these kids.  Our lunch was amazeballs…then we walked over to the movies and watched Home…so sweet and funny!


We talked a lot about Gigi, it was her birthday on Thursday and she would have been 81.  We talked a lot about everything and nothing.  He is such a joy.  I couldn’t be a luckier auntie to have these two sweet babies in my life.  They are just growing up so fast and time with them is my favorite way to spend a day. Plus they are just so damn funny. #bleepbloopS Unbeknownst to us, it was National Siblings Day and I’d say Kelly and I hit it out of the park….literally!



Man do I love this girl.  She is such a joy, she always has a smile and a belly laugh and looves to dive soooooo deep and solve all the worlds problems…it feels like being with Gigi.  So we woke up extra early to continue our new yearly tradition of weekend day trips to the beach.


It was so warm and sunny in Raleigh.  We had breakfast and then headed out.  about an hour into the trip it got real dark…which for the first time prompted us to look at the weather….DAMMIT!  Windy, rainy and cold.  Well we were already halfway there so Kelly said the sun would bust right through those clouds…thats a thing! So we DJ’ed it up, sang our favorite songs and had so much fun.  Two uninterrupted hours together alone….word!!!  So we made it to Wrightsville and it was pretty shitty out.  But we changed into our bathing suits in the parking lot and sun screened it up #youcanneverbetoocareful #irishashale and trekked down to the ocean.  Beach Please…it was miserable but we weren’t ready to accept defeat quite yet!


After almost an hour we packed up and went to lunch at The Oceanic…yum!!!  And we stupidly sat outside. #wedontlearnlessons The view was gorg!


We were far-reezing!


Lunch was great and the company was even better.  Did I love you like woah and honestly lesson learned, we will check the forecast next time.  Mother Nature 1 Beard Girls 0 But the conversation is the relationship so Beard Girls 1,000,000!!!!  Love you Kel!!!  We then drove home and watched the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco #suckabutt and died laughing.  Greatest weekend of all time!!!  Hope yours was! Xoxox




  1. It was the best weekend!!! Thank you for being the best aunt anyone could have!!! You help me more than you’ll ever know! The boys and I are so lucky!!!!! All of the pictures are amazing! Wyatt’s sweaty joyful little face and chase smiling so big he has to shut his eyes!!! I love it! Thank god you’re a blogger!!! To quote you back to you, you’re the love of my life!!!

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