Two Meatballs: We use to be really fat….and now we are less fat!!!

Hellllooo!!!   So on our journey to getting recommitted, why not have a Ton of Fun Finally meeting at Fleet Feet with all our favorite buddies.  Being around all of these other committed healthy life seekers was so inspiring.  Sara and I always enjoy talking to people and hearing there personal journey.  So this was just a total love fest of everyones hard work!


And our buddy Carrie (Event Coordinator) at Fleet Feet made us feel welcomed as always!!


The store was full of energy. Costumers were greeted by MEATBALLS!  and we couldn’t get enough of it!!

wpid-2015040895174734.jpg wpid-2015040895181014.jpgwpid-2015040895181004.jpg wpid-2015040895181950.jpg wpid-2015040895174443.jpg wpid-2015040895173510.jpg

Sara and I are always excited to hear that people actually read our blog.   It really helps us be better!  I know I left last night ready to rewrite the last three months!!

And Asiscs were thee again!  I love my shoes.  So wanted to try on every pair!!


So I went out into the world to see what a power walk in these bad boys felt like.


And they gave the Meatballs some cute gym bags! looooove.


Here are our raffle winners!!!   You guys know we work at a salon right!  Well we decided to raffle of some amazing products from the salon.  A little bit of Oribe!!!  and Bumble and Bumble products!


And here we are jackassing around


We had the best time.  Looking forward to seeing all of the Ton of Fun participants again!


Well now that we are bubbling with recommitment why not Start the next morning with a little bit of Sandraaaaa!!!!!


This workout was probably the hardest workout we have done in a long time.  We were sweating our asses off!  it hurt so good sandy!!!

We started with a lot of squats and lifts!!

wpid-20150409_081425.jpg wpid-20150409_081454.jpg wpid-20150409_081625.jpg

we then did a 20 secs on 10secs off of sprints


Crunches with presses, and butterfly lifts


push ups


this was FFFFing awful,  planks with weights!  When Sandra does it first to show us, it looks like no big deal.  hahah  Im so dumb!!


ropes!!!!!!  20 secs on 10 secs off!


Tricep push ups!!  These feel crazy!


At the end of a sequence Sandra would tell us to do a 30 sec burn out and basically that is doing what ever you were just doing but just doing it in small pulses.  Sweaty!

We did crunches with 5 lbs punches up and down!!!


Lunges for days!!! I look like a crazy woman!!!  So beefy


It felt so good after we finished this hard ass work out!!!  feeling proud!  Thank you Sandra for always pushing and believing in us!!







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