Two Meatballs: Explore the Future!

Hi everyone!


The universe is telling us that change is on the horizon and we are going to go with it!!! It’s time.


We got very hooked on a one track path to healthy and now we need to explore our options.  We are both feeling a little defeated, uninspired and overwhelmed!


We are going to take the next two weeks for Sara’s lungs to keep healing, for us find new exciting ways to stay active, find more ways to connect to each other and ourselves and really just looking for the inspiration and drive we need to push us forward.  We are saying goodbye to the “back on track” mentality because we don’t want to go backwards we want to move forward and words are powerful.  We are bored with ourselves


so we know you must be bored with us!!!  Yeah right, we’re adorable!


We also want to be less goal obsessed and enjoy the process and take some of the pressure off.  This is the rest of our lives afterall!


Which brings us to our next topic…the weigh ins!  We love these, especially when things are going well. But, it takes about week out of the month to plan, execute, shoot, shop, edit, upload and write the posts!  That really makes us feel like we only have 3 weeks to show progress and as you know lately there hasn’t been any…so sad!


So we are going to start quarterly weigh ins!!!  We feel really excited to actually see and feeeel some progress and feel less pressure and find the fun again!


Our next weigh in will be November 1st and we are pumped to explore all the world has to offer and get to know ourselves and what we want a little better.  So thank you for everything and we can’t wait to tell you all we’ve discovered on August 4th.  Enjoy your summer and we will see you on Instagram!


Miss you already!


These Meatballs are feeling powerful and inspired!  It feels so nice to feel reconnected and on the same page.   Love wins.


Two Meatballs: I’m Fat Again, Now What?!

I feel like I’m at a crossroads.  I find myself living life in the 275’s.  And somehow it feels like I’m right back at the beginning.  Somehow 275 equals 340. My family beach trip is quickly approaching and I looked back at pictures from last June and I don’t feel like I’m that different from where I was then.


And this is now!


Buuuut, do you know what was so different a year ago?!  I was eating super healthy and I was super active every single day…I lost 5 pounds on vacation!


I was teaching water aerobic classes to my family and doing circuit training everyday.  While everyone else ate shrimp Alfredo pasta, I made Paleo shrimp and girts with mashed cauliflower.  I brought my scale with me and I ran up the stairs every single time.  This weekend at the lake I ate carrot cake, cheese-its, ice cream, burgers, pizza…whatever the fuck I wanted and the most active thing I did was walk to the dock to lay out or climb the stairs to go to bed. #dammmit

Let me just say, I DON’T LIKE THIS FEELING.   When I look back at pictures from this journey, I feel the prettiest and look the happiest when I’m doing the right things.  All of the pictures that I looooove, I am chock full of integrity.


The pictures we’ve been taking lately I find myself picking my body apart…which I’ve literally NEVER done in my entire life.


This was my arm last week!


This was my tiny more defined arm from November. Ahhhhhhhh

I’m fed up.  As per usual, Jenny and I joked today about starting a blog to get healthy and eating and exercising to lose weight.  I don’t know why it gets me sooooo tickled but it really does!  And we came to some freeing conclusions.  I keep wanting to compare to where I was.  For instance, I’m at 275 which would put me back at like an August weigh in.  I have to stop thinking in those terms bc it is devastating to me and somehow not motivating me to move on.  So today begins a new day and a new journey.  I want to let it go (go ahead and sing it…you know you want to and if it makes you feel any better I’m singing it right now…somewhere my nephews are groaning!) and just breath and live meal by meal, moment by moment.  I normally like a big picture.  I want to figure out mathematically how long something will take me to do and with my old plan and no life interruptions and the amazing ability to continue to lose 10 pounds every single month without plateauing I would now be at 220 pounds.  You guys!!!!  That is not what happened and if I don’t let it go and move on, whatever is happening with my subconscious is going to allow me to continue gaining weight until I find myself right back here.


I never felt fat back then, because I wasn’t trying, I expected nothing out of myself ever.  I had no idea what the word integrity meant in my personal life…I left that hard work at work.  I will not go back there…do you hear me!?  I WILL NOT GO BACK THERE.  Even being here feels terrible on every single level…physically, mentally, emotionally.  It’s harder to get around.  I got used to being 25 pounds lighter than I am right now.  And laziness begets laziness.  Now the gym sounds like a crazy pain in the ass…and who has time am I right ladies?!  I am out of control.  Jenny and I went so far from center and  for so long and then tried to send ourselves packing back to strict paleo and 5 times a week at the gym that it was a little doomed to fail.  So our intermediate plan is to meet in the middle.  We are going to add greek yogurt, a minimal amount of cheese and quinoa into our eating lifestyles.  My vagina desperately needs more probiotics than I’m getting from KambuCha and pills and this will also give us a trillion more options while still being super healthy.  And the hope is in a few weeks, we won’t even want that stuff anymore. #babysteps We are both excited about juicing and all the healthy benefits….even when we accidentally add in too many beets.


We need to start having our breakfast/business meetings again…look how cute and fun and healthy we look!


You guys…boxed water IS better!

We are going to continue doing yoga with Lila.


#mybey-beeboo #canthaveapostwithouther #sitdownkanye

I am going to ease myself back in at the gym.  I’m going to start slow so I don’t hurt myself and find the joy in being physically active again and shake off the “burden” it has become lately. I’m going to stop lying to myself that what I’m doing is fine, or that I can start back tomorrow, or that sex is enough of a workout, or that 25 pounds isn’t that bad.


25 pounds is horrifying on this journey, but it is not the end of the world.  But it is the end of the sentence and the last time I let things get this out of control. I’m tired of hearing myself say the same things but this is reality.  It is a lesson that I will keep learning and I don’t have to like it but I do have to respect it.  It is so easy to gain it back…all that hard work can vanish in the blink of an eye…and it was hard work and it will continue to be. But I’ve never been scared of a challenge.


Now I’m going to stop tormenting myself an just fucking do it.




I’m going to start laughing again and we are going to find our way back to fun! That is when we are at our best.


These are my inspiration photos to help me remember how much more I liked 250 and actually losing weight.


Look how happy and teeeeeeeeny!!!  I cannot deny that that felt a millionty times better.  And lastly I’m going to remember how much I have loved this journey with my best friend.  We will be good for one another again!


In closing I want to remind you and myself how grateful I am to be able to do this.  To have a platform to share my feelings and struggles and victories and to have such a supportive community standing with us is so incredibly empowering.  Thank you for your patience in this very real slice of time.  We love you every single day.

Two Meatballs: Meet Me in the Gymacafetorium!

This week/weekend was literally filled with my baby boos!  My sister told me that my oldest nephew Wyatt was receiving an award and low and behold…I had a break in my day, so I was able to go Thursday.  We met at my sisters and walked to the elementary school…


…on the most humid day of my life!  #isthatyourhairorareyoujusthappytoseeme


We packed into the gymacafetorium just in time to see all the second graders file in.


Kids are the living cutest.  The energy was at a fever pitch.  The super sexy principal came out to acknowledge all the students who worked hard all year!  The awards were so cute… A great friend to everyone, Friendliest smile, Great improvements in math…adorable.  And my little nuggy won Most Improved Writing!



Look how grown up and tall and handsome!!!  #literallytoocoolfroschool  And how fun to be back on an elementary school campus.  Congrats Wyatt….Mo is soooo proud!  Then on Friday morning I met Kelly and the kids for breakfast, we took Wyatt to school and then headed downtown for a Natural Science Museum filed trip…with a sea of preschoolers….SOOOOO MUCH FUN!  It is rare for me to see the kids with their friends.  And honestly what is cuter.  Chase talks about Cam and Henry all the time and to see the three of them together was so flipping cute I could have keeled over dead on the spot #theyrethethreebestfriendsthatanyonecouldeverhave  Also, the teachers and parents were so kind to warmly accept the weird tag along aunt!  Thanks y’all!  First we walked through the Capitol on the way to our destination..but not before coffee and a cookie!


Like most boys, Chase is obsessed with anything Army…guns, dog tags, bayonettes, grenades…you get the gist!  Look at the pure joy here…


We finally made it to our meet up spot in front of the museum!


Reunited and it feels so good!!!  Look at these happy boys!


Scavenger Hunt time!!!  Let the fun begin…my new 50 millionth dream job is a photographer!


I don’t know if pictures are doing this friendship enough justice…they were inseperable.  And so sweet to each other and giggly and they ran everywhere!!! And of course there is always silly time with Mo!


On to more exploring!


After a thousand years of coming to this museum, the sloth was finally out!!!!  Snack time!


And finally, on to the main event…the Discovery Room!  I don’t know who was more excited!?


Chase was such a little participator and such a good listener…he wasn’t afraid to chime in and volunteer…bestill my heart!  Too much cute for one day.  But this pic is my favorite and I think sums up the day the best!


Chillin in a Dino footprint!  Today was a huge realization that I have trained the kids to be on for photos at all times! When I asked the boys to act scared in the mouth of jaws, Chase lit up but Henry and Cam needed time to warm up!  Adorable #familyofablogger  Some last minute pics with my baby before we part ways!


On to part two of the best day of my life…a date with Wyatt.  You know when you know a kid just needs to be sprung from school!?  Wyatt and Chase are going through growing pains and Wyatt seemed to be having a tough day.  So I asked Kelly if it was ok if I took him out of school early on Friday.  I felt like a fugitive.  I walked into the office, sweating.  I asked if I could sign Wyatt out for a doctors appointment….I almost threw up.  I just kept imagining him walking into the office and being like ” i don’t have a doctors appointment and if I did, she would’t be the one taking me!”  So when he walked in and saw me (and that face lit up, I could have bawled right there) I just said get out…lets go, don’t talk!  He backed out of the office and we set about our day.  He was red faced and sweaty from a new game him and his friends made up at recess…something about hugging a pole and running.  We made it all the way to the car before he said, Ummmm whats going on!?  I said, you looked like you needed a break and he gave me a hug…bestill my heart part deux!  We went to Coquette bc this kid shares my affinity for steak frites.  We got fancy and dined al fresco!


Pinkies up!  HE is so grown and polite.  And he talked my head off.  I just kept saying, I couldn’t love you more Bubba and he kept patting my arm.  Oh how I love these kids.  Our lunch was amazeballs…then we walked over to the movies and watched Home…so sweet and funny!


We talked a lot about Gigi, it was her birthday on Thursday and she would have been 81.  We talked a lot about everything and nothing.  He is such a joy.  I couldn’t be a luckier auntie to have these two sweet babies in my life.  They are just growing up so fast and time with them is my favorite way to spend a day. Plus they are just so damn funny. #bleepbloopS Unbeknownst to us, it was National Siblings Day and I’d say Kelly and I hit it out of the park….literally!



Man do I love this girl.  She is such a joy, she always has a smile and a belly laugh and looves to dive soooooo deep and solve all the worlds problems…it feels like being with Gigi.  So we woke up extra early to continue our new yearly tradition of weekend day trips to the beach.


It was so warm and sunny in Raleigh.  We had breakfast and then headed out.  about an hour into the trip it got real dark…which for the first time prompted us to look at the weather….DAMMIT!  Windy, rainy and cold.  Well we were already halfway there so Kelly said the sun would bust right through those clouds…thats a thing! So we DJ’ed it up, sang our favorite songs and had so much fun.  Two uninterrupted hours together alone….word!!!  So we made it to Wrightsville and it was pretty shitty out.  But we changed into our bathing suits in the parking lot and sun screened it up #youcanneverbetoocareful #irishashale and trekked down to the ocean.  Beach Please…it was miserable but we weren’t ready to accept defeat quite yet!


After almost an hour we packed up and went to lunch at The Oceanic…yum!!!  And we stupidly sat outside. #wedontlearnlessons The view was gorg!


We were far-reezing!


Lunch was great and the company was even better.  Did I love you like woah and honestly lesson learned, we will check the forecast next time.  Mother Nature 1 Beard Girls 0 But the conversation is the relationship so Beard Girls 1,000,000!!!!  Love you Kel!!!  We then drove home and watched the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco #suckabutt and died laughing.  Greatest weekend of all time!!!  Hope yours was! Xoxox



Two Meatballs: Celebrating the President of The Meatballs Fan Club!!!

Before we celebrate my sweet sister,


hows about a look back over the last year?! Most of our transformation posts are exciting and uplifting and this one just doesn’t feel that way.  I thought about not doing it, but you know that just wouldn’t be us or true to our journey.  WE have to embrace the ups and the downs.  And lets be even more honest…sometimes it’s nice to be reminded sooooo visually that you don’t want to go back to where you started.  This is what I felt like all month…


Last month I obsessively looked at our pictures.  Everything was so pretty…the colors, our outfits…our smaller bodies.  This time felt…heavy, chunky, and I think I found all 11 of my pounds in my back fat. Ugh.  So, here is the 12 month progression.  We are both very much looking forward to the next weigh in and proving to ourselves that we can get back on track and feel really good again! Thanks for the support and love.  We love you that much also!

I’ll go first…




Now, its your turn Jenny!



Now the better together montage!



It really helps me to see where we started.  We both had a bit of a setback this month, but when I look at where we started the pride comes back full force and the motivation we need to get our asses in gear suddenly appears…


But on to more exciting things.  Jenny named Kelly the President of the Meatball Fan Club and I couldn’t agree more.  From day one Kelly has cheered us on…


She has literally commented the most on the blog other than Jenny and I responding to everyone!


She shows up for all of our events and is on almost every single blog I write!



She was the first person to buy a Meatball Nation tank!


And she has even shot 3 of our weighs ins, including this last one.  She was so much fun and always got beautiful shots!



I’m not sure if Kelly has any idea how much we truly appreciate her!  She is so loyal and so supportive and such a champion for us. She has taken Jenny in as another sister and is just as committed to her journey as mine.  She never holds back a compliment and always shares her feelings and passions about our journey.  She is innovative with the shoots and she really cares about our progress.  She is also one of the funnest people on earth and her laugh will change the world.  So how do Two Meatballs thank someone who so tirelessly supports us!?  Well, with food of course.  We took Kelly out to dinner last night at Firebirds.  There was actually a wait so we sat down and Jenny said…you guys haven’t changed a bit since you were kids…which spurred us to do a picstich recreation!




Bahahahahahah!!!  I love it!  Jenny and I are back on paleo #thankgoodness so we ordered some healthy salads…


And laughed the night away.  The great thing about Kelly is she can do it all.  She is hilarious and supportive and caring and she loves diving deep and discussing everything.  She is always down for a good time and an opportunity to get closer.  All of my friends and coworkers love Kelly…and lets be honest…what’s not to love?!


We talked about every single thing on earth and laughed soooooo hard!!!  What a fun night!  Kelly we love you so much.  Thank you will never feel like enough….but thank you soon much for all that you do and for all the love and all the encouragement and all the ideas and your mad picture taking skills and literally everything you sweet baby angel.


To quote myself, if you don’t know Kelly, you are really missing out!


To get to know this gem better, you may enjoy such posts as Two Sisters, Two Very Different Bodies, 1000 Practical Ways to Avoid Cleaning Your Closet, Did You Guys Know That I Have A Sister…,Team Apple Makes Christmas Candy and the list goes on!  Her favorite blog is Two Meatballs: The Voices Inside My Head.  She is so fun and so deep all at the same time…and so flipping game for anything!  Your first friend=your life long best friend!


KELLLLLLLLLY (yelling)….it isn’t even possible for us to love you any more!!!!  Thanks times a mil!


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Two Meatballs: Inspiration for Beys!!! (did you see what I did there!?)

Another weigh in down!!!  Another holiday down!!!  A few more pounds down or at least none gained!!!  Jenny and I both have really learned our Achilles heel is not planning.  We both did so well on Thanksgiving because we actually planned and brought with us healthy, paleo food. Buuuuut for the rest of the month we both struggled to remember all the things that brought us to our current, healthier lives!  So note to self…plan plan plan plan!!!!  Also, we’re almost at 1000 likes on Facebook…so if you haven’t liked us yet it’s Two Meatballs Get Fit!!!


You know I love a photo montage so here we go.  Also, thanks so much to everyone for their support!!!! We are going to kick this off with our third meatball, Brandon!!!  You are doing so well sweet friend!!!

wpid-dsc2841.jpgwpid-20140902_203358.jpgwpid-20141002_213606.jpg wpid-20141104_224104.jpgwpid-20141203_064157.jpg

Awesome!!!!  Your progress is so amazing!!! Love you Brando.

Here is Jenny and her amazing journey!!! You look so amazing my sweet meatball! #literallyshrinking


Ok my turn!!! #byebyefatface


I have never felt hotter!!!  Ok here are the big ones!


Who are we!?! And here is the everything is better together montage!



Look how far the three best friends that anyone could ever have has come…



Ahhhhhh…this feels so good and empowering!!!  We really went for a different shoot this time to keep it interesting!  I love stockings and we both love a little 50’s housewife vibe!  This was my inspiration shot…


And this is what sweet Katie Hu sent me last night…it’s so true right!?


You cannot tell me that I am not now Bey…



As evidenced by my outfit yesterday! #shortshorts


I just want to brag about my favorite makeup artist on earth again!!!  Krystal Lehman at the MAC outpost in Crabtree is the living greatest person….she is so flippin talented…and funny…and hot and so much fun and she makes you look and feel amazing!!!! #ithappened



I love you Krystal…thank you so much for making me feel amazing for every wedding, bobbies, photo shoot, birthday…major life event!  You are my favorite!!!  Ok so now that weigh in is over…how do we start this month out right!?  Remembering what works!?  Cooking at home!?  I have been having an irrational craving for Chinese food…so I crock potted some beef and broccoli…and you guys!!!  It was everything I dreamed it would be!!!  Here is the recipe…


What is easier than a crock pot meal!?  To top it off I did some Cauliflower rice from my living favorite cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen. If you guys don’t have this you should get it immediately, literally everything we’ve made is to die for!!!!…


And some roasted veggies with pancetta!


Everything was amazing and hit the craving spot.  Speaking of favorite things…I’ve found some can’t miss items that I have to share. Number one…my Life Factory shatterproof glass water bottle…


This bad boy helps me stay on track with my water throughout the day and its not plastic or tinny!!! Next, my RUME reusable grocery bags…


So cute and totally functional and easy to clean!!!  I have three and I loooove them. Next, I’ve been craving cereal #imnotpregnantiswear and this hit the spot!


Also…my go to snacks right now…


These coconut chips were introduced to me by my amazing client Lila and they are the perfect little bite of spicy, almost chip like…and Jenny introduced me to the Whole Foods Lime sparkling water and I swear it’s Sprite!!!  Next my comfort food soup…again from the living best cookbook of alllllll of life!!! Ps…add wayyyyy more spices than necessary to give this soup a more warming affect!


My new doormat…makes me laugh and smile!!!



Our new aprons from Anthropologie…who doesn’t want to cook in these?!


And lastly…my new mental montra (how do you spell that word!?)




Hope you fall in love with some of these as well!!!  We love y’all and don’t forget to watch us tomorrow on WRAL at 5:50 on Bill Leslie’s Good Things…then you can say you knew us before we were famous!!! Haha xoxo!!!



Also, our first guest blog has posted on Fleet Feet’s sight…check it out!


Ahhhhhh, soooo exciting!!!