Two Meatballs: Celebrating the President of The Meatballs Fan Club!!!

Before we celebrate my sweet sister,


hows about a look back over the last year?! Most of our transformation posts are exciting and uplifting and this one just doesn’t feel that way.  I thought about not doing it, but you know that just wouldn’t be us or true to our journey.  WE have to embrace the ups and the downs.  And lets be even more honest…sometimes it’s nice to be reminded sooooo visually that you don’t want to go back to where you started.  This is what I felt like all month…


Last month I obsessively looked at our pictures.  Everything was so pretty…the colors, our outfits…our smaller bodies.  This time felt…heavy, chunky, and I think I found all 11 of my pounds in my back fat. Ugh.  So, here is the 12 month progression.  We are both very much looking forward to the next weigh in and proving to ourselves that we can get back on track and feel really good again! Thanks for the support and love.  We love you that much also!

I’ll go first…




Now, its your turn Jenny!



Now the better together montage!



It really helps me to see where we started.  We both had a bit of a setback this month, but when I look at where we started the pride comes back full force and the motivation we need to get our asses in gear suddenly appears…


But on to more exciting things.  Jenny named Kelly the President of the Meatball Fan Club and I couldn’t agree more.  From day one Kelly has cheered us on…


She has literally commented the most on the blog other than Jenny and I responding to everyone!


She shows up for all of our events and is on almost every single blog I write!



She was the first person to buy a Meatball Nation tank!


And she has even shot 3 of our weighs ins, including this last one.  She was so much fun and always got beautiful shots!



I’m not sure if Kelly has any idea how much we truly appreciate her!  She is so loyal and so supportive and such a champion for us. She has taken Jenny in as another sister and is just as committed to her journey as mine.  She never holds back a compliment and always shares her feelings and passions about our journey.  She is innovative with the shoots and she really cares about our progress.  She is also one of the funnest people on earth and her laugh will change the world.  So how do Two Meatballs thank someone who so tirelessly supports us!?  Well, with food of course.  We took Kelly out to dinner last night at Firebirds.  There was actually a wait so we sat down and Jenny said…you guys haven’t changed a bit since you were kids…which spurred us to do a picstich recreation!




Bahahahahahah!!!  I love it!  Jenny and I are back on paleo #thankgoodness so we ordered some healthy salads…


And laughed the night away.  The great thing about Kelly is she can do it all.  She is hilarious and supportive and caring and she loves diving deep and discussing everything.  She is always down for a good time and an opportunity to get closer.  All of my friends and coworkers love Kelly…and lets be honest…what’s not to love?!


We talked about every single thing on earth and laughed soooooo hard!!!  What a fun night!  Kelly we love you so much.  Thank you will never feel like enough….but thank you soon much for all that you do and for all the love and all the encouragement and all the ideas and your mad picture taking skills and literally everything you sweet baby angel.


To quote myself, if you don’t know Kelly, you are really missing out!


To get to know this gem better, you may enjoy such posts as Two Sisters, Two Very Different Bodies, 1000 Practical Ways to Avoid Cleaning Your Closet, Did You Guys Know That I Have A Sister…,Team Apple Makes Christmas Candy and the list goes on!  Her favorite blog is Two Meatballs: The Voices Inside My Head.  She is so fun and so deep all at the same time…and so flipping game for anything!  Your first friend=your life long best friend!


KELLLLLLLLLY (yelling)….it isn’t even possible for us to love you any more!!!!  Thanks times a mil!


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  1. Yes!!!!!! Love all the pictures (especially the picstitch recreation). Congrats Kelly, you make a great president!!!!!!! Good luck this month meatballs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aaaand I’m bawling! This is so sweet YOU GUYS!!!! thank you so much! I’m truly touched! I’m the lucky one!!!!!!!
    Those damn hash tags! It is truly a gift to have me bawling crying and dying laughing all at the same time!!!! No one ever said two time’s a charm! That’s not a thing!!!!! Flat penis! Ahhhhh god I’m dying! Thank you for always being so supportive of me Sara….what would I do without you???
    I love you both! Like every day!!!

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