Two Meatballs: Oh Snow You Didn’t!!!! (aka the 12th Weigh In)

Can y’all believe it’s our 12th weigh in?! We really let ourselves go this month…


So let’s just jump right in the deep end.  Jenny, you’re up bunny!


I feeeeeel faaaaaat!!!!  Not really, but I don’t feel proud.  I have a lot of excuses for why I got here but the bottom line is I ate a lot of shit. It was so easy and I loved it for a brief moment, but looking at these pictures right now…I hate it!  My body feels different.  I haven’t seen Sandra in a month.  It’s crazy how I felt so much better about myself 4 weeks ago…that is such a short amount of time.  I’ve been so disconnected from Sara, we have the busiest schedules, we did’t cook at all this month.  I literally didn’t do anything right this month.  Well, actually I that’s not entirely true.  I worked out at least 2 to 3 days a week and completed a 5k this month.  It just goes to show you though when it’s not all working, it just doesn’t work.  Diet is a huge part of my success.  I’m still really happy though, I love this journey. I still feel very committed. And I’m excited to not feel like this ever again.  My family has been amazing.  I love Sara…I hope we can be together more this month.  It’s just a minor setback! Love you guys!


Alright Sara…you’re up Kitty!



Ugggggg….I don’t like excuses…but here they are! haha  I know exactly how I got into this situation.  Between pneumonia and being put on steroids, extreme exhaustion, snowmagedon and my super best buddy, Gigi’s death…food became the hug I wanted.  I spent an entire month without having the energy to exercise. Survival mode kicked in and instead of fueling my body with things that would have made me feel physically better I chose things that made my emotions feel better, but they were all conscious decisions that I made.  The guilt, the grief and the exhaustion were crushing and for whatever reason food made me feel temporarily better and became my new/old routine. I gained 11 motherfucking pounds. Last time I was on steroids I gained 20 pounds so I’m thankful that I didn’t go that far!  I don’t feel defeated, juuuuuuuuuust disappointed!  I think I will always find comfort in food, but my hope is that the amount of time I stay in the comfort will continue to become less and less.  I had a very human month.  I do not enjoy losing weight that I have already lost.  Conversely, I don’t enjoy dwelling on the past, and that is precisely what February is now…the past.  I am allowed to rewrite my story at any time.  This is a bump.  I am not striving for perfection, I’m striving for progress. #shakeitoff #literallyyoucouldburnsomecalories This isn’t the story I expected to write but it is exactly what happened.  I’m so looking forward to March and spring. This month, I’m going to the gym and cooking my own food. #backtobasics #hittherestartbutton Thank you all again for the support you give us.  We really need it!!!  Love you all.  Jenny, this is our month!  We deserve to continue on the path to health and I’m so glad I get to do it with you. Xo


Now, how did we get ourselves in this chubby boat?!


First…we both got sick and a little bed ridden!


Then we literally fed our inner children and comfort binged…



Ohhhhh, the belly aches and the regretttttt!!!!




And the cold weather called us to snuggle on the couch and be lazy and watch endless hours of tv!

wpid-20150228_190214.jpgwpid-20150228_190207.jpgwpid-20150228_190220.jpgwpid-20150228_190226.jpgwpid-20150228_190226.jpgwpid-20150228_190234.jpg wpid-20150228_190243.jpgwpid-20150228_190258.jpg

All the dramatic facial expressions and laughter in the world couldn’t burn the calories that we consumed!  So what are Two Meatballs going to do to fix this?!


Let’s get physical! Fancy meeting you here!


Outfit change!


We’ve made a pact and we’re going to get serious again!


We are going to hit the gym so hard!


And bye bye cake pops!



Thanks for shooting us Kelly! We love you soon much. Your support means the world and you take such pretty pictures of us!!! #fanclubpresident


Hang in there with us and don’t give up hope!  Tomorrow is a new day and we have found our motivation.  This is the half way mark for both of us and we have no intention of ever turning back.  We will reach our goals and have so much fun while doing it!!!!  I keep jokingly asking Jenny is she wants to start a blog where we get healthy! Hahahahahahah We love y’all!!!! Xoxo



And just for our own motivation here is a look at the beginning to now!


And as always…here are the outtakes!!! #ineedyoutosmellgoodformepleaeshower #deoderantisamust #shouldwedresslikekids!?  #innerchildwinsagain #Marachinocherriesmakemedryheave #iliterallychokedonwhippedcream #thaticecreamwasgoodashell #shouldiwearthissweater #youlooklikeagreandma #youlooklikeacleaninglady #shouldiwearthis?! #NOOOOOOO #okthen #saranadjennymakethesamface #ihurtmyback #whatthehellisuppwarddog #canyoutellimnotplanking #faaaaaaat #sarayourentirebuttisoutisthatwhatyouaregoingfor #chrisfarley #timetogetbackontrack #loveyoukellly #dancepartytime #themostcaloriesiverburnedallmonth #lastmonthlookedsomuchbetter #backinthegame #whippedcreambeardfail #chocolateteethrevisted



We love you guys so much!  Fingers crossed for better results next month! Xoxo Tune in to see Brandon’s results this week!



  1. Your reenactments completely cracked me up!!!! And ya know, you girls have been at this for a year, you are going to have setbacks… that’s life!! They key is picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and getting right back at it… which you are doing!!! And the extra weight hasn’t been on you long enough for it to be anything other than easy for it to come off… It will be gone in no time!!!! Keep up the great work!!! That being said, I was trying to blow off my workout tonight, and now I’m inspired not to! So thank you both!!!!

  2. I gotta tell ya, you still look sexy and sure of yourselves ladies. Good on you for being you and owning your month and the life that happened to you. Looking forward to what you bring us next month girls!

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