Two Meatballs: do you wanna build a snowman??? Yesss!!!

Hey guys….I meant to post this last week before our weigh in!!!!! But with the power out my electronics failed me.  so here is a blast from last weeks past!!!!  So we lost power after this snow!!!!!! It was freezing in our house this morning.  Brandon woke us up around 5:15 am and wanted to  make sure we were at my moms house before he headed into work. So in the dark I was throwing anything I could into a huge bag.  Snow suits….Socks, underwear, leggings, shoes, anything comfy!!!  I was completely overwhelmed in that moment…and I could tell London was getting hyped up from all the commotion.  Not to mention I did the typical grocery shopping the night before a major snow fall.   So in a mad panic I needed to take the food out of the refrigerator and bring that to my moms as well!!!!  Around 7oclock I was starving……we had some eggs and fruit and we were ready to get out there and start playing.


London wanted to build a snow woman…a mommy olaf!!  so weird……I love it!!   So Project  Mommy Olaf began!


I was getting so tired!!!!!!!!!   I was soooo hungry!!!!  The snow does really bad things to your diet!!!    I wanted a sandwich, hot chocolate and a nap!!!  I tried my best to shut those wants down and finish our snow woman!!!


Time for some sledding!!!!! AKA more cardio!!!


We were all DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   and wanted to get some more sleep!!!!!!!!!!


When we woke up!!!!  Brandon came over to join in the snow day fun!!!!!!!


I am so over this weather and February!!!!  We had lasgnga for dinner and watched frozen and slept like a bunch of rocks that night.  Ready and looking for motivation to kick back in!!!  The struggle is real!!!!!!!


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